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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 51
Needs: Clothing for her grandchildren that just came to live with her. hygiene articles for children and pantry food. About: Emergency placement of grandchildren and she is really struggling....She isn't getting any help and the children need clothing for now and winter clothes....They are really struggling to feed and cloth the children....She would appreciate any and all help.

Previously donated: 14 various food items, spices, tooth brushes and paste, baby wash, diaper ointment, notebook, paper, pencils, sharpener, crayons, colored pencils, pacifiers, baby toy, lotion - 1 cake mix, jar sphaghetti sause and noodles (3_

2 Grandson
Age: 3
Needs: Urgent need of all clothing, plus hoodie, winter snow suit (2 pc), hat, and gloves He has out grown everything and has no clothing.

Sizes: Clothing size 4T

About: This little boy is special needs and really needs some new clothes, he only has 1 pair of pajamas right now.

Previously donated: 2 - PJ's, 1 outfit

3 Granddaughter
Age: 0
Needs: Still Needs - diapers , hygiene articles and winter coat or snow suit and a warm baby blanket

Sizes: 9 months

About: The baby is safe with her grandparents and is being taken care of in a loving home but she really needs help in clothing her and baby care items.

Previously donated: 4 onies, 5 long pants, 2 shirts, l fleece jkt., l vest, l pj, o coverall 2 - 9 month outfits, shirt and hat.

4 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: skinny jeans ( she would love), t Shirts, panties, socks, hoodie, sneakers, Winter coat, hat gloves and snow boots. Bookbag and school supplies for 3rd grade.

Sizes: Pants 10 shirts 12 Shoes 6 1/2 or 7

About: she arrived at grandma's with basically nothing and really needs everything....She is having a birthday at the end of the month and she is hoping for a present.....maybe someone could send a cake mix. for grandma to make.

Previously donated: 1 - jeans

5 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Maternity tops, sneakers and socks and a warm sweater hygiene articles for family, cleaning supplies Layette for baby boy due 1/11/22

Sizes: Tops Med. Sneakers 6 1/2

About: She is asking for help for her family - they have just came back to rez. She is waiting for housing. They are being blessed with another baby and they are very excited.
6 Son
Age: 0
Needs: all clothing and winter outerwear - he has none.

Sizes: Clothing 18 Mo. winter coat 18 month

7 Son
Age: 10
Needs: t shirts, cuffed sweats, lo sneakes and socks and a hoodie backpack and school supplies for 5th grade.

Sizes: 2X SWEATS 2x shirt 10 1/2 WIDE SNEAKERS

About: He is very tall for his age 5'8" - he is a big boy He lIKES VIDEO GAMES, FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL He is in the 5TH GRADE this year.

Previously donated: backpacks & school supplies for 10 year olds.

8 Son
Age: 6
Needs: Warm clothing (jacket),sneakers, socks, jeans and T shirts and a hoodie backpack and school supplies for lst grade

Sizes: shirts 9 pants9 9 jacket 9/10 sneakers 11 1/2

About: Winter is coming up and is in need of warmer clothes due to the fact that he has out grown his clothes from last year.

Previously donated: backpacks & school supplies - 5 pr sox for 6 yr old. 2 bars soap.

9 Husband
Needs: T shirts, boxers, socks and wide sneakers

Sizes: T shirts 3 XL tall - he is very tall Boxers 3Xl sneakers 13 1/2 wide

About: He is commited to his family and is trying hard.....He tried moving off the rez - but it did not work out. He is hoping someone will be willing to help his family.

10 Family

Gender: F
Age: elder
Needs: Pantry food - they are low on food . Hygiene articles - shampoo, conditioner, Cleaning supplies - clorox, dish soap, disinfectant About: An elder grandmother called up asking for help with food, cleaning supplies and hygiene articles....there are many family members living in the house along with small children and she is so afraid with the virus.....She is living on food stamps and can't get alot of items needed. .....She has been as careful as she could with what she has - but has totally run out. Hopefully someone will help her. She rarely asks for help. SHE IS VERY THANKFUL FOR WHAT IS SENT. She lives in the country and has to walk everywhere.

Previously donated: 7 pkgs. from Target

11 Family

Gender: F
Age: 20
Needs: I want to say Thank you for everything that was sent - she can't believe the kindness of the people who cared... Her ASC asked if at all possible could someone send her a French press, fruit tea and Gardetto Chips About: This 19 year old young lady applied for a scholarship toGeorgetown University of NY and got it. She is now a Freshman at Georgetown University. What an honor and a lot of hard work it took to get there. We should all be so very proud of her. She was brought up in a tiny village on the rez. and it would be wonderful if she could feel she has many people who care and support her. Please consider sending her care pkgs.....her cousin asked if we could help support her.

Previously donated: snacks and notepad 4 pair socks 2 pair gloves 1 fleece throw 1 small notebook 1 small mirror fruit gummies

12 Family

Gender: M
Age: 19
Needs: clothing for his children. hygiene articles, laundry soap About: He is a young father who has been looking work but has been unable to find any. He is living with his family and the children mother. He would appreicate any help that someone could give his beautiful children.
13 Daughter
Age: 0
Needs: All clothing and a winter coat or snow suit.

Sizes: all clothing 18 months Winter outerwear 24 months

About: She is a beautiful baby girl and has outgrown all her clothing... A few baby toys would be appreciated also.

Previously donated: PJ's, winter coat, shorts, pants, socks 3 pants, 4 shirts, 3 pajamas

14 Son
Age: 2
Needs: pants, shirts, shoes, hoodie, winter coat and diapers size 6

Sizes: Clothing 3t winter Coat 4T Shoes 9 diapers 6

About: As most babies do - he is now a toddler and has outgrown everything.....Hopefully someone will be able to help this young father.

Previously donated: 14 pcs. clothing. 3 pants, 3 shirts

15 Family

Gender: F
Age: 52
Needs: school clothing for her grandkids. About: This grandmother called up and asked for some school clothing for her grandchildren.....She likes them to look nice for school and some clothing for younger children.

Previously donated: ll wide sneakers and leggings lX

16 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: REALLY NEEDS school clothes - pants, t shirts, socks, sneakers, panties. Her sneakers are falling apart.

Sizes: shirts 16/18 womens Jeans 16/18 (ladies or juniors) 11 wide sneakers

About: This little girl is learning disabled but loves to live with grandma. She is a little chunky but has a beautiful smile. Would love a pair of jeans with a little stretch to them.

Previously donated: ll wide sneakers and leggings lX

17 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: Cute Outfit, hoodie, socks and shoes

Sizes: 6T clothing shoes 11

About: The youngest girl in the family and she really needs clothing.
18 Granddaughter
Age: 11
Needs: Needs skinny jeans, t shirts, hoodie, socks and sneakers

Sizes: skinny jeans 12/14 t shirts 12/14 shoes 6

About: Needs everything.
19 Grandson
Age: 0
Needs: cute outfit, socks, sneakers and hoodie

Sizes: clothes 3t Shoe 6

20 Granddaughter
Age: 4
Needs: Needs all clothing - pants, shirts, hoodie, sneakers and socks

Sizes: pants 6 slim shirts 6 sneakrs 10

About: she has outgrown everything.
21 Grandson
Age: 5
Needs: jeans or joggers, t shirts, hoodie, sneakeres and socks

Sizes: Clothing size 7/8. Shoes 12

About: He is in need of clothing - has outgrown everything.
22 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: jeans or joggers, t shirts, hoodie, socks and sneakers

Sizes: jeans 16 slim or joggers T shirts 16/18 Shoes 10 men

About: His grandmother says he is a good boy and is always looking after the younger children.
23 Granddaughter
Age: 13

Sizes: skinny jeans 14/16 shirts 16 shoes 8

About: SHE HAS GROWN ALSO - AND NONE OF HER CLOTHES FIT. SHE REALLY WANTS TO LOOK NICE - all of her pants are too short. This little girl loves to run as fast as the wind.
24 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: cute outfit, hoodie, socks and shoes

Sizes: clothing 5T Shoes 10

25 Granddaughter
Age: 8
Needs: all clothing, shoes, socks Hoodie

Sizes: pants 10 slim shirts 10/12 shoes l

About: In need of clothing
26 Granddaughter
Age: 5
Needs: All clothing, hoodie, socks and shoes

Sizes: Panties 8 girls (she is chubby) and socks for size 13 shoe

About: She has grown and is in need of clothing..
27 Grandson
Age: 4
Needs: clothing, hoodie, shoes and socks

Sizes: clothing 6T shoes 10

About: In need of all clothing.
28 Grandson
Age: 8
Needs: jeans or joggers, t shirts, hoodie, sneakers and socks

Sizes: clothing size 10/12 shoes 5

About: He is in need of all clothing.

29 Family

Gender: F
Age: 74
Needs: SILL NEEDS - There are alot of people who sleep in house and she does not have enough blankets and sleeping bags. Queen and Twin winter blanket, sleeping bags She want to thank the person who sent the donation to her. she is very greatful and thankful. About: An elderly grandmother who has helped many of her family and extended family and her grandchildren come and stay with her when they are in need. Needs help keeping them warm when they sleep on the floor. She does not have enough blankets and sleeping bags. She says many do not have permanent housing and she tries to help them as much as she can.

Previously donated: 2 x twin sherpa blankets 1 x queen blanket 8 x bath towels 2 x men's deodorant 3 x men's body wash 1 x men's razor w/ 4 blade refills 1 x men's shaving soap

30 Family

Gender: F
Age: 36
Needs: Clothing and hygiene articles for children, CLEANING SUPPLIES AND PANTRY SUPPLIES About: Edith takes care of 11 children/grandchildren - She would really appreciate any help she could get....They live off food stamps and they can't get everything they need. They live in the country.
31 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: SHE JUST GOT A SPONSOR - SHE IS SO EXCITED. About: She is a happty little girls who loves to play outside and run with the wind. She does not have a favorite color but loves any color.
32 Son
Age: 15
Needs: cuffed jeans, T shirts, hoodie, boxers, sneakers and socks backpack for 9th grade.

Sizes: Pants 16, T shirts 18/20 or mens med. Hoodie Mens Med. Sneakers 7 1/2

About: He is excited to be able to go back to school this year. He really missed going. He loves to play video games and basketball.

Previously donated: l 18/20 l/s T shirt 1 size M shirt toothpaste/toothbrush Deodorant

33 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: leggings, t shirts, panties, sneakers and socks and hoodie backpack and school supplies for 3rd.

Sizes: Pants 14/16 Shirts 14/16 Shoes 3 1/2 Hoodie 14/16

About: she is a chubby little girl who is always happy....Her favorite color is purple and she is really happy when she get to draw. Some drawing supplies would be grat.

Previously donated: 1 14/16 jacket, panties

34 Son
Age: 0
Needs: needs all clothing

Sizes: 18 month clothing and a winter coat.....diapers 5T

About: He is the baby of the family and is very loved.

Previously donated: long pants, 2 shirts, 1 fleece jacket, 1 vest, 1 sleepwear, 1 overalls. 3 t shirts, 3 shorts

35 Granddaughter
Age: 4
Needs: skinny jeans, t shirts, panties, socks and sneakers and a winter coat

Sizes: Clothing 4T Shoes 8 hoodie 4T winter jkt. 5T

About: She is going to headstart and really needs some clothing. All of her clothes either don't fit or are worn out.....A couple of hair accessories would be nice too.....

Previously donated: 1 fleece hoodie, one sweater.

36 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: pants, T shirts, panties, socks and sneakers, hoodie back pack and school supplies

Sizes: Pants 5 Jr. Shirts med. jr. Shoes 6 Hoodie med. jr.

About: She is a girl who can't wait to go back to school and see her friends... She would love to look nice and would love some hair accessories. Her favorite colors are blue and black. She is a good student and loves to do crafts.
37 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: skinny jeans, t shirts, panties, socks and low sneaker, hoodie back pack and school supplies for 6th grade

Sizes: pants 10 Tshirts 12 shoes 2

About: She is a petite young lady who like her siblings is excited to finally be able to go back to school. Her favorite colors are black or blue. She loves to paint and draw and would love some art supplies.....
38 Son
Age: 10
Needs: cuffed jeans or cuffed twill pants, T shirts, boxers, socks and lo sneakers Backpack and school supplies for 5th grade.

Sizes: Pants 12, T shirts 14/16 Shoes 3 1/2 Hoodie XL

About: He loves to play outsdie and when in the house he loves his video games. His grandma is happy that he will be going to school and be able to see his friends.

39 Family

Gender: M
Age: 65
Needs: Pantry food items....canned meats/vegetables/fruits, rice, dried beans, pasta & pasta sauce, etc., hygiene articles Really needs T shirts, 3 X , Jeans 36/32 diabetic socks Hoodie, warm winter coat and hand soap.

Sizes: Jeans 36/32 Shirts 3X winter coat 3X socks - diabetic Shoes 12 (is diabetic and feet swell - maybe a wide)

About: This elderly gentleman lives on a very tight budget as it is and his rent was just raised making it even more difficult for him to purchase everyday necessities. He would be most grateful for the assistance. He is almost out of food and does not have enough clothing. Thank you!

Previously donated: eans, 4 tees, 1 long-sleeved thermal tee, 1# lentils

40 Family

Gender: F
Age: 78
Needs: UPdate - the kittens love the wet food - they were getting skinny but they are chowing down big time. Update - an iron would be great - she makes dolls to make money and her iron died. Cat food and kitten food - she has alot of cats and kittens and so does her neighbor. The kittens are still nursing a bit. also cleaning supplies and pantry food. About: A 77 year old elder is asking for help with cat Food and kitten food.. She worries about feeding them. She is struggling and says she tries very hard to be self sufficient but she has run out of cat food and doesn't have any way to buy any. She is also feeding the strays in the area. She would greatly appreciate if someone could help her. Also if any one know of a group that neuters animal - she and her neighbors would love to know. They can't afford to take them to vet to be neutered.

Previously donated: 48 cans of fancy feast cat food

41 Family

Gender: F
Age: 48
Needs: Clothing for her grandchild..... About: She is struggling to provide for her little girl who has some learning disabilities......The child likes to look nice and all her clothes are too small.

Previously donated: one pair legging, one tshirt

42 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: leggings, jeans, T shirts, hoodie , sneakers and socks Backpack and school supplies for 6th grade

Sizes: Pants 12 T shrits 14 Hoodie 14 sneakers 3

About: She is living with her grandfather on the rez and he really needs help in clothing her her. He says she is a very sweet child who appreciates anything that is done for her.

43 Family

Gender: F
Needs: clothing, school supplies and back packs for her children. About: She called up and asked if she could ask for help with getting her children ready for school....She tries very hard to pay the necessities of life - such as, rent, elect., heat and food but there is never any money left over for clothing....She is hoping that someone will open their hearts and help her them.

Previously donated: for 6yo daughter - 2 shirts, 3 pj pants for 12yo daughter - 5 shirts, 3 pants for 13 yo son - 3 shirts, 1 pant, 2 thermal pants for mom - housecoat

44 Daughter
Age: 6
Needs: jeans, t Shirts, sneakers and socks book bag and supplies for Kindergarten

Sizes: Clothing 7 Shoes 1

About: she is looking forward to going to school....she is a sweat young girl who always is smiling.
45 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: school clothes - skinny jeans and t Shirts. , sneakers low, socks, hoodie bookbag and school supplies for 7th grade.

Sizes: skinny jeans 7 jr. T shirts Med. Sneakers 7

About: She is a tall young girl who can't wait to be able to go to school this year.....she really missed going last year. She would love some skinny jeans, and low sneakers. (dream sneaker Nike), Her favorite color is blue At the moment she is counting the days to school starts.
46 Son
Age: 13
Needs: needs sweats, t shirts, hoodie, socks and hi top sneakers He prefers the sweats to be black and his dream sneaker is a Nike hi school supplies for 8th grade and back pack

Sizes: sweats XL, T shirts & hoodie mens x large Hi tops 11 1/2 Jeans 32/34

About: He is a very tall & big boy and has outgrown everything. He loves learning and going to school. He is hoping someone will sponsor him soon but he would really love if someone could send him clothes for School. His favorite brands are Nike and Champion.

47 Family

Gender: F
Age: 28
Needs: She is asking clothing for her daughters and hygiene articles for the family. About: A young mother with three little girls is asking for help getting them clothing for school. she asks for nothing for herself - she just wants her girls to be taken care of.
48 Daughter
Age: 3
Needs: Still Needs a hoodie Thank you for the clothing sent.

Sizes: hoodie 3T

About: She is a pretty little girl who is trying hard to keep up with her sisters. She is starting headstart this year so she is really excited.

Previously donated: ize 3T girls: 2 pr. jeans; 4 shirts; 6 leggings; 2 flannel pants; 3 sweaters; 1 dress; 1 jacket

49 Daughter
Age: 1
Needs: All clothing, warm hoodie, and outwear and sneakers and socks

Sizes: 18/24 months Shoes 4

About: she is the baby girl of the family and she is starting early head start.....She will need clothing for this and she is growing fast.

50 Family

Gender: F
Age: 31
Needs: A young mother is in need of clothing for her sons and hygiene articles. About: She tries very hard to make it on her own but sometimes just can't ....Would really appreciate some clothes for her boys. Life has been challenging for her as one of the children have health problems.
51 Son
Age: 3
Needs: Clothing for fall and winter - sneakers and hoodie

Sizes: Clothing size 4T Shoes 9T

About: Mom says he is a beautiful little boy who is growing really fast.....She is in need of clothing for him...nothing fits him from last year or summer.
52 Son
Age: 7
Needs: school clothes - joggers, , t shirts, , hoodie, sneakers & socks Back pack and school supplies for 2nd grade

Sizes: joggers 7 shirts 7/8 Shoes 13

About: THIS little boy has out grown everything and needs clothing for school. The mother and his grandmother have reached out asking for help for him.

Previously donated: M7: backpack & school supplies, 5 pr socks, pants & shirt

53 Family

Gender: F
Age: 51
Needs: WARM BLANKETS FOR A KING SIZE MATTRESS hygiene articles for a large household, cleaning supplies Wilma wants to thank the person that sent king size mattress and sheets....she is very grateful. About: This grandmother is raising her grandchildren and also have several other families living with her....She always appreciate everything that is done for her Wilma is sleeping in the basement with her two grandkids and it is getting cold down there and would really appreciate if someone could help her with very warm blankets..

Previously donated: 1 King size inflatable mattress, 1 set of bed sheets, 1 extra pillowcases.

54 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing and things for her three children. About: This mother is having a hard time but is grateful for extended family who took her in to live with them The children are the light of her life and is hoping someone will be able to help them.

Previously donated: 3 hoodies, 9 t-shirt, 4 jeans, 1 jacket, sneakers, and panties for F14yo 3 onesies (2 w/legs), 3 shirts, hoodie, 3 pants, and snowsuit for M 0yo 5 shirts, 4 leggings, sneakers for F3yo

55 Son
Age: 0
Needs: All clothing and a sweater of a hoodie. snow suit and a jolly jumper Plus Simalac Adance

Sizes: Clothing 12 months Snowsuit 18 months.

About: He is a healthy little boy who weighs 16 pounds. His Mom would love for him to have a jolly jumper - her daughter use to have one when she was a baby and she just loved it....

Previously donated: M0: 3 long-sleeved tops, 2 pants

56 Daughter
Age: 3
Needs: lelglgings, shirts, hoodie or sweater, socks & sneakers

Sizes: leggings 6X shirts 6 X Shoes 12T Sizes are correct.

About: this little girl is a bit of a tomboy - she loves to play with trucks and cars - says they are more fun thatn dolls....She is very sweet and is always happy.

57 Family

Gender: F
Age: 36
Needs: clothing for her children - she is really hoping someone can help her family. Hygiene articles for family. PLEASE HELP About: A mother called asking for her children to start school. They really need clothes to go back to school.

Previously donated: 9yo: hoodie, backpack & school supplies

58 Son
Age: 16
Needs: hi tops to play basketball and socks His SHOES ARE WORN OUT AND HIS TOES ARE COMING THRU - joggers, hoodie, boxers, T shirts, socks & hi tops

Sizes: Hi tops 11 1/2 mens skinny joggers - waist 32 shirts .XL Hoodie XXL

About: This tall young teen boy really needs some sneakers - he has outgrown his sneakers......He would be so happy if if could have hi tops as he loves to play basketball He is starting the 10th grade this year and would love to look nice and he also needs skinny joggers, book bag and school supplies for 10th grade. His favorite color is blue.

Previously donated: Son age 16: 2 T-Shirts, 1 lslv. Shirt, sneakers 2 shirts, l bodywash, toothbrush and toothpaste

59 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: sneakers - would love low vans or converse sneakers , socks and skinny jeans or joggers hoodie and panties

Sizes: hi tops size 10 1/2 --- pants 9/10 panties size 6 T shirts med/ large hoodie Large

About: This senior grader is into sports, and loves to work on the computer when she goes to school. she is bright, intelligent and really loves to play basketball. She also likes chicken soup books and teen novels

Previously donated: Dau. age 17: Jeans, 5 prs. no show Socks, T-Shirt, sneakers

60 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: sneakers, skinny jeans, t shirts, hoodie , sneakers and socks bookbag and school supplies for lst grade.

Sizes: sneakers 3 (child) skinny jeans 10 slim T shirts 10/12

About: This little girl who loves to play with LOL dolls. she is the typical little girl. She really needs some clothes for school.....She wanted everyone to know that she loves school and can't wait to go back.

Previously donated: Dau. age 9: Jogging set (Pants & lslv. Jersey), 6 prs. Panties, T-shirt, Denim Pants., sneakers

61 Son
Age: 4
Needs: boxers and some joggers with cuffs, shorts , hoodie, T-shirts and socks. bookbag and some supplies for head start. All clothing

Sizes: clothing 6 T Shoes 1 child

About: This little boy is 4 years old could really use some clothes He keeps growing and has grown out of everything......He will be going to head start this year.

Previously donated: Son age 4: 2 Hoodies, sneakers

62 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for herself (leggins or sweats, shirts, sneakers, socks & panties) and her 2 daughters, cleaning supllies and hygiene articles

Sizes: leggins 14 Shirts XL Sneakers 8 1/2 panties 6

About: A young mother is living behind her mothers in a trailer with no running water. The water comes from a pump. She really needs help and would be so thankful for any help she could get. she has had alot of illness in the house and is really trying to keep the house clean.

Previously donated: Mary 3 shirts, 1 pant F2 2 leggings, 2 pants, 2 t-shirts, 1 shoe F1 1/2 1 leggings, 2 pants, 5 shirts, 1 hoodie, 1 shoe

63 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: Needs leggings, shirts, hoodie or sweater, socks and sneakers. REALLY NEED CLOTHING AND CHILD CARE ITEMS

Sizes: Leggings size 5T shirts 5T Shoes size 8 sIZES CORRECT SHE IS CHUBBY/

About: she is chubby little girl who always has a smile on her face. The size is correct. She has outgrown everything and really needs some clothing.
64 Daughter
Age: 1 1/2
Needs: clothing - everything - leggings (only) , sshirts, socks, sweater or hoodie, sneakers REALLY NEED CLOTHES AND BABY CARE ITEMS

Sizes: leggings 4 T Shirts 4 T sneakers 6 T (sizes correct - child is chubby.

About: she has grown alot in the past few months and nothing fits.... It would be wonderful if she could get some new clothing that fits her.