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1 Family

Gender: F
Needs: clothing and hygiene articles

Sizes: leggings 3/ 5 Panties size 6 pants 5 shirts s/s Med. bra 34B sweater med

About: She is living with her mother in law and their was a fire in the basement. Her clothing was in bags waiting to be washed and the bags melted and caught fire. She has basically no clothing to wear and would really appreciate if someone could help her.

2 Family

Gender: F
Age: 56
Needs: hygiene articles - toothpaste, toothbrush, bar soap, BODY WASH. shampoo & conditioner hand sanitizer. lotion Cleaning supplies - pine sol cleaner..TOILET PAPER, 30 gal. trash bags and tall trash bags. laundry and dish soap, bleach, Sanitizer wipes, lotion, Window Cleaner Ankle socks for size 10 shoe smf 3XL t shirts - hand me downs preferred. About: She has many health conditions that keep her from working - has kidney disease, covid and other problems where she has been in and out of hospital. . She is in the process of trying to find out what is wrong. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. hygiene and cleaning supplies can not be purchased with food stamps and she is basically living on food stamps. She stopped paying rent so she could buy cleaning and hygiene supplies but she has to pay rent or else she won't have a home.. Thank you!

3 Family

Gender: F
Age: 49
Needs: Clothing for her grandchild.....and her nieces and nephews. Also hygiene articles and snacks for kids. About: She is struggling to provide for her little girl who has some learning disabilities......The child likes to look nice and all her clothes are too small. She is now also raising her nieces and nephew and they have very little.
4 Grandson
Age: 13
Needs: joggers, hi tops, socks, boxers, basketball shorts and T shirts and slides

Sizes: joggers and shorts mens med. Mens Med. S/s T shirts Hi tops 5 1/2 slides 6

About: His favorite colors are red and black...he is living with and being raised by his Auntiee. She said he is always happy...

Previously donated: M11: 2 s/s tshirts, 1 tank top, 2 pair Bshorts, shoes, socks to share. Suave kids 3in1.

5 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: In need of leggings, shorts, S/s T shirts, sneakers and sandals

Sizes: Sneakers 3 1/2 Sandals 3 1/2 Pants 14/16 Shirts 14/16

About: She has outgrown all her clothing and her auntie is having a hard time finding clothing for her.
6 Granddaughter
Age: 13
Needs: Needs T shirts, joggers or sweats, basketball shorts, hi tops, s/s t shirts

Sizes: Sneakers and sandals 5 1/2 sweats or joggers Large ladies T shirts Large

About: She like her sister she is in need of clothing.....Her favotire sport is basketball and she loves to play it.

7 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, clothes for her children About: She is having a hard time making ends meet and would really love if someone could help her.

Previously donated: M1: 2 - 12.4oz cans powder Similac Advance Optigro formula, 4 s/s tshirts, 2 pair shorts, 2 pair pants. M8: 5 pair boxer briefs, 2 s/s tshirts, 1 tank top, 2 pair Bshorts, shoes, socks to share. M11: 2 s/s tshirts, 1 tank top, 2 pair Bshorts, shoes, socks to share. Suave kids 3in1. From toothbrushes, toothpaste, Dawn, Tide, Pert, body wash, Mr. Clean, TP.

8 Nephew
Age: 1
Needs: Clothing - has outgrown everything and hygiene and baby care items

Sizes: Clothing size 18 months..... Simalac Adv. Topti grow

About: He is the youngest in the family and he is dearly loved. They are having difficulty getting formula for him so if any one has any it would be wonderful.

Previously donated: M1: 2 - 12.4oz cans powder Similac Advance Optigro formula, 4 s/s tshirts, 2 pair shorts, 2 pair pants.

9 Nephew
Age: 8
Needs: joggers, basket ball shorts, s/s T shirts, sneakers and slides, briefs.

Sizes: Clothing size 10/12 Shoes 4 1/2

About: He is in the 3rd grade and besides playing outside he loves to draw and play with legos. His favorite color is Blue

Previously donated: M8: 5 pair boxer briefs, 2 s/s tshirts, 1 tank top, 2 pair Bshorts, shoes, socks to share.

10 Nephew
Age: 11
Needs: joggers with cuffs, basketball shorts, s/s/ t Shirts sneakers

Sizes: BPants or shorts 14/16 Tops 14/16 sneakers 5

About: He has outgrown all his clothes. His favorite color is red....He loves to draw and play football with is friends....

11 Family

Gender: F
Age: 51
Needs: hygiene articles for family, cleaning supplies, pantry food About: A grandmother is reaching out for help for help. There was a flood at her house and they lost alot of their clothing but the kids have grown alot. She does receive a small monthly income but that doesn't go far...keeps the lights on. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
12 Grandson
Age: 9
Needs: Started 4 th grade this year. Low sneakers, basketball shorts, joggers, T shirts, slides , socks

Sizes: mens large shirts, mens joggers medium Sneakers 9

About: He loves to play basketball,water guns & build models. He is in 4th grade
13 Grandson
Age: 5
Needs: This little boy is in desperate need of r clothing, sneakers, joggers, shorts,T shirts, sneakers and socks

Sizes: Clothing sizes:7 shoes 13

About: He loves to play with his brothers and loves to play with cars and trucks.
14 Grandson
Age: 6
Needs: This little boy is in desperate need of clothing, sneakers, joggers, basketball shorts, T shirts, sneakers and socks, and slides.

Sizes: Shorts 14/16 shirts shoes 4

About: He loves sonic the hedge hog...He did not start school this year because of the but off date but can't wait to start school.
15 Grandson
Age: 13
Needs: joggers, basketball shorts, t shirts, sneakers (loves Nike's but not necessary) and socks.

Sizes: joggers L mens T shirts XLarge sneakers 9 1/2

About: This young man is in need of clothing. He is in the 7th grade and his favortite sports are basketball, archery, skateboarding.
16 Granddaughter
Age: 2
Needs: This precious one is in need of clothing and pull ups, ssneakers or sandals & socks They must be stretchy - shorts, leggings, t shirts and panties

Sizes: clothing 6 Shoe 9 T

About: She is a chubby little girl who always is happy. She is almost potty trained. She loves baby dolls

17 Family

Gender: M
Age: 49
Needs: NEEDS MET - THANK YOU SO MUCH. - HE REALLY APPRECIATES EVERYTHING HE HAS RECEIVED. About: He has raised his children on his own. They recently broke into his house and took his pots and pans & dishes & radio.... He appreciates any help he can get.

18 Family

Gender: F
Age: 53
Needs: sweats, s/s T shirts, panties, socks & sneakers Light weight jkt. hygiene articles, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, clorox. dish soap canned meant, chicken, spam, chunky soaps, stews, oatmeal, etc. She needs chicken feed for laying hens

Sizes: jeans 12 sweats or joggers 12/14 - tops XL -- shoes 8 1/2

About: UPDATE She has lost her husband and is taking care of her daughter. They live in the country and are struggling. they would really appreciate a helping hand. They have very little and often run out of hygiene ariticles, cleanings supplies and food. She asked if possible if anyone could send chicken feed - they depend on eggs and don't have the money to buy any/

Previously donated: For daughter- easy spirit shoes, 2 pair socks, 2 panties, 2 ruby ribbon bras, flannel pj bottoms, Seahawks top, 3 s/s tops, 2 chapstick, floss, flossers, 3 # steel cut oats, washcloth

19 Daughter
Needs: jeans or sweat, straight leg jeans, s /s tops, panties, Bras, socks and hi tops and would love a pair of cowboy boots

Sizes: Pants 17 Tops 1X Shoes 9 1/2 Bra 44 C

About: She and her mother live together in the country. They have a few farm animals and are trying hard to make it. Life is not easy and they have very little...

20 Family

Gender: F
Age: Elder
Needs: She is asking for help for clothing for her grandchildren. These children would really benefit from a badmitten set, nerf ball and bat, baseball and bat, basketball. and a soccer ball. They live in the country and there is little to do. About: she is raising 16 grandchildren and great grandchildren and making it work...She did not want the kids to go into care - she wanted them to be with family and have a chance. They don't live in a big house or have much but they are making it work - and the kids are doing well....but running low on food is really scaring her.... The kids love puzzles and games if someone want to do that.

Previously donated: Ball pump -eta 5/11 Basketball, soccer ball -eta 5/12 Nerf bat and ball - eta 5/13

21 Grandson
Age: 9
Needs: sweats,basketball shorts, tank tops, s/s t shirts, sandals (sllde on ), sneakers, Would love a baseball and bat

Sizes: shorts 14 T shirts 14/16 shoes 5

Previously donated: 2 size 14 shorts 1 slide 3 sport T shirts Boy, age 9 1 pr shorts, 1 tank top, 1 T-shirt 2 tops and shorts

22 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: All clothing, sweats, capris, shorts, s/s shirts, tank tops and strappy sandals.

Sizes: Clothes 12 shoes 4 Girl, age 9 1 pr shorts, 1 pr capri leggings, 1 top

About: She likes colors too and enjoys looking pretty. She and her sister have no summer clothing..

Previously donated: l t Shirt, l s/s top 3 tops

23 Great Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: All sweats, capriis shorts, s/s shirt, tank tops and a pair of strappy sandals.

Sizes: Clothes size 12 Shoes 4

About: This little girl love colors - so any colors are fine.

Previously donated: Girls - 2 sz 12 shorts, 2 sz 12 Capri, 4 sz 12 leggings, 8 sz 12 s/s tee, Girl, age 8 2 prs shorts, 2 tops, lightweight jacket, T shirt

24 Granddaughter
Age: 17
Needs: legging or pull on Carpriis, socks, panties, T shirts, tanks, sandals

Sizes: leggings or capris large Shirts XL Sandals 8

About: she has very little clothing but says she is lucky then everyone loves and cares each other. she likes darker colors or greys

Previously donated: 2 capriis l leggings Sandals

25 Granddaughter
Age: 8
Needs: shorts, tops, and sandals with tops

Sizes: Girls size 14 shoes 4 1/2

About: she loves the summer and to be able to play outside and also loves arts and crafts.

Previously donated: 2 sz 14 shorts, Girl, age 8 2 prs shorts, 2 tops, lightweight jacket, 9 pk girls underwear, sz 14

26 Grandson
Age: 8
Needs: sweats, basketball shorts, tank tops, ss shirts. Sandals with straps

Sizes: clothes 8 shoes 2 1/2

About: He is the typical little boy and would love a soccer ball or some cars to play in the dirt with.

Previously donated: l basketball shorts, l shorts, l t shirt, 2 shorts 3 vehicle t shirts Boy, age 8 1 pr shorts

27 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: sweat pant (no cuffs or elastic at bottem, basket ball shorts, boxers, s/s t shirts, tank tops. basketball sneakers, socks, and slide sandals.

Sizes: Sweat 16 tops 16/18 Shoes 5 1/2 or 6

About: He is in the 5th grade and he loves to run around outside play with his family.

Previously donated: l l/s t shirt, 3 gaming t shirts Boy, age 10 1 pr sweat pants, 1 T-shirt

28 Granddaughter
Age: 13
Needs: Capris, joggers, t shirts, tank tops and sandals (slideon)

Sizes: large Junior and size 7 1/2 slide sandal

About: she is 13 and in the 7th grade and a new school this year. she loves to read sci fi and young romance books.

Previously donated: 2 size 14 Girl, age 13 2 tops

29 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: joggers or basketball shorts, s/s tops, tank tops or sneakers Would love a basketball and a pump

Sizes: Boys 14/16 Shoes 6

About: He is the typical boy who loves to play basketball.

Previously donated: 3 size 16 shorts. 5 boxers, l slide

30 Granddaughter
Age: 17
Needs: Leggings or pull on capri length pants, s/s tops, tank tops, slip on sandals

Sizes: Jeans 16 Shoes 7 tops XL

About: She likes the colors White, grey or black

Previously donated: l capriis, 1 T shirt XL, , 3/4 sleeve top

31 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: Pull on leggings or capri length, s/s tops, tank tops, slip on slides

Sizes: Pants large ladies, tOPS xl slip on sandals 71/2

About: Her favorite colors are navy or darker blue, grey or black

Previously donated: 1 capriis

32 Granddaughter
Age: 16
Needs: leggings and capris. T shirts, slip on sandals

Sizes: leggings and capris XL XL top shoes 7 1/2 (slip on)

About: She is in the 8th grade and can't wait to start playing basket ball. She is graduating this year. She needs Navy blue pull on slacks and a lght grey or pearl color l/s sweater type or knit top.....for graduation a pair of black flats. Favorite colors black and gray - she only likes simples clothing..
33 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: stretchy capris, pull on shorts, tank tops, s/s/ t shirts and sandals

Sizes: Shoes 6

About: She is in the 6 th grades and she likes school and can't wait till the sports programs open up. She also loves doing arts and crafts.

34 Family

Gender: F
Age: 31
Needs: Family is requesting help with cleaning/household supplies, pantry food, clothes and shoes for children. Pantry food/snacks would be a blessing. About: Single mom just moved to area to be closer to family and they are struggling..
35 Son
Age: 8
Needs: XL basketball shorts and T-shirts, men’s 9.5 shoes

Sizes: Clothing size XL child shoes 9 1/2

About: He looks up to his big brother and want to look like him....
36 Son
Age: 12
Needs: Size XL basketball shorts ( that’s all he wears), XL t-shirts, size 10.5 mens sneakers/tennis shoes.

Sizes: mens XL clothing shoes 10 1/2 mens.

About: He is a big boy and would love some new basketball shorts and T shirts. His are worn out and he would love to have some new ones so that he looks nice.
37 Son
Age: 1
Needs: 2-T boy’s clothing, size 5 toddler shoes.

Sizes: clothing size 2T shoes 5T

About: He has outgrown his clothing and needs clothing for spring and summer.

38 Family

Gender: F
Age: 43
Needs: Urgent need forcleaning supplies, personal hygiene items and clothing for her children About: This single mom reaches out for help with some basic necessities. She is struggling to keep her two boys clothed on her own.....
39 Son
Age: 18
Needs: In need of S/s t shirts (solid colors red, black or white. slim fitting joggers basketball shorts Tank tops and his dream sneaker is Nike Hi tops......

Sizes: Joggers and shorts Large T shirts xl or L Hi tops 13

About: He is a senior in High school and is applying to colleges....He has a wide range of interests - He loves basketball and skateboarding.
40 Son
Age: 6
Needs: This little boy is in need of clothing - jogger, t shirts, shorts, socks and sneakers

Sizes: pants or shorts 7 T shirts 8 shoes 13

About: He is growing up and his big brother is his idol. He loves Minecraft, titanic and likes trains so any T shirts with that design would be wonderful.

41 Family

Gender: F
Age: 24
Needs: Hygiene articles and cleaning supplies CLOTHING FOR HER CHILDREN About: She is a you mother with 2 young children and has just got custody of her Sister. They have very little and her sister has very little. She would appreciate if people could help her sister and her children. They all need everything.
42 Sister
Age: 11
Needs: skinny jeans and joggers, some shorts, t shirts, panties, hi tops & socks

Sizes: pants 5 Jr. shirts Med. sneakers 8

About: Her sister stepped in and is raising her. ..She really needs a helping hand...She is in the 5th grade and loves to do crafts and like all girls loves nail polish
43 Daughter
Age: 1
Needs: summer clothing, light weight jkt. and diapers size 5 and maybe some head bands with a bow.

Sizes: all clothing 2T shoe size 4

About: She is a beautiful baby girl and has outgrown all her clothing... A few baby toys would be appreciated also.
44 Son
Age: 2
Needs: llght wgt joggers, shorts, T shirts, sneakers and sandals, socks, and a lght weight jacket, diapers size 6

Sizes: Clothing 4t Shoes 8/9 diapers 6

About: As most babies do - he is now a toddler and has outgrown everything.....Hopefully someone will be able to help this young mother. As all little boys he loves cars and trucks.