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1 Family

Gender: M
Age: 80
Needs: All needs have been promised and ordered - Thank you all for what you did....

Sizes: \

About: This Elder who is in his 80's is in need f a winter coat, scarf, hat and gloves. A 3/4 length coat would be better rather than a ski jkt and a few other things.. He is not in good heath and really needs a warm coat. - he does not have one.

Previously donated: ONE MENS XL HOODED WINTER COAT, BLUE ordered

2 Family

Gender: F
Age: 45
Needs: toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, laundry & dish soap, toothpaste, tooth brushes, body wash and lotion, household cleaning supplies and clothing for family About: This single mother is raising her four children with only food stamps. She would greatly appreciate some basic items for her family.
3 Son
Age: 14
Needs: T Shirts, joggers or sweatpants, sneakers, underwear, socks

Sizes: Shirt size Mens 3XL sweat pants Mens 3 XL L Shoe size 11 boxers 3 XL

About: This e boy loves to play football and has grown over the summer annd could really use clothes and shoes that fit him.
4 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: leggings, T shirts, sneakers, panties and a warm hoodie

Sizes: Shirt size 2XL women Pant size 16 Sandals size 10 hoodie 2XL

About: This high school student would love some clothes and shoes that fit her. She has grown out of her clothes over the summer she enjoys reading, music and coloring.
5 Daughter
Age: 19
Needs: Underwear, socks, sports bras, sneakers leggings, T shirts and a hoodie

Sizes: Leggings 16 tops size- 2XL Shoe size 10.5; Underwear size 8 sports bras size 2XL

About: Since graduating High School she has been helping her mother at Home.
6 Son
Age: 22
Needs: Underwear, socks, t shirts, sneakers, T shirts and Sweats or joggers and hoodie

Sizes: Joggers 3XL T shirts 3XL Sneakers and hoodie 3xl

About: He needs clothing - all his are worn out. He is working day labor until he finds a full time job - but it is hard to work even in day labor.

7 Family

Gender: F
Age: 49
Needs: Clothing for her grandchild.....and her nieces and nephews. Also hygiene articles and snacks for kids. About: They are being raised by their grandmother and great grandfather. These children have very little and really like to look nice - they have very little clothing and would like to look nice when they go to school.
8 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: socks, hoodie, skinny jeans, s/s T shirts winter coat, mittens & hat

Sizes: Pants 14 T shirtts Xl Hoodie 14/16 Winter Coat 14/16 and snow boots 5

About: She is living with her grandfather on the rez and he really needs help in clothing her her. He says she is a very sweet child who appreciates anything that is done for her. She loves to draw doodles with color pencils and markers - would love some and paper too.
9 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: skinny jeans, , S/s T shirts, Pull over hoodie, winter coat, hat, gloves and scarf and snowboots

Sizes: snowboots 4 jeans 14 Shirts 14/16 Winter coat 14/16

About: She has outgrown all her clothing and her grandmother is having a hard time finding clothing for her. She loves to color in color book with markers and colored pencils...and also to draw abstract dooles
10 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: socks, boxers, t shirts s/s, joggers. warm hoodie pullover all weather construction type boots 7 1/2

Sizes: boxesr XL boys T shirts Meds Med. Hoodie mens large joggers XL child all weather construction type boots 7 1/2

About: His favorite colors is Blue ...he is living with and being raised by his relatives. he a boy who is always happy...He loves basket ball, football and loves the New Orleans Saints. He loves to draws pictures of cars... Some colored colored pencils and paper would be great.
11 Granddaughter
Age: 14
Needs: hoodie , joggers or sweats, panties, socks ankle for shoe size 8, Winter coat, hat, gloves, scars and snow boots

Sizes: joggers XL child Hoodie jr. or ladies large coat adult large snowboots 8

About: She like her sister she is in need of clothing.....Her favotire sport is basketball and she loves to play it and is really good at it.... her favorite color is grey.....she likes to color in adult coloring books...

12 Family

Gender: F
Age: 52
Needs: Pantry foods, cleaning supplies, hygiene articles and clothing for the 5 grandchildren that she is raising. About: she is raising these 5 grandchildren on her home and she is asking for help - as the children are desperate for clothing, shoes and winter wear.
13 Grandson
Age: 2

Sizes: cLOTHING 4t Coat 4 Shoes 10

About: He is a big boy and a little chubby...He always has a smile on his face.....and loves to push cars and trucks around.
14 Grandson
Age: 6
Needs: Joggers, T shirts, sneakers briefs hoodie winter coat hat & gloves

Sizes: Joggers 7 T shirts 7/8 sneakers l hoodie or coat 8

15 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: skinny jeans T shirts Hoodie Hi tops, panties Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: skinny jeans 14 T shirts 14/16 Hi tops 8 1/2

About: She is the youngest girl in the family. she is in the 7th grade. She too likes sports. Her favorite color is Red. She likes to draw and also is starting to bead.
16 Granddaughter
Age: 14
Needs: skinny jeans, T shirts, 1 pair of joggers, panties, hi tops and socks Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: Skinny Jeans 3 Joggers Small T shirts Large Shoes 8

About: She is being raised by her grandmother. This year she is in the 8th Grade She loves sports - especially vollyball, basketball and cheerleading. That why she needs the joggers and hi tops for sports. When she is home she loves to draw. Her favorite color is purple
17 Granddaughter
Age: 14
Needs: skinny jeans, T shirts, 1 pair of joggers, panties, hi tops and socks Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: Skinny jeans 3 Jr. Joggers small T shirts Large Hi tops 8

About: She is the same size as her sister and is in the same grade. Her favorite color is Blue and she loves to do crafts and has started making bracelet with beads. She loves the same sports as her sister....

18 Family

Gender: F
Age: 36
Needs: Hygiene articles for household and clothing for children About: She is a single mother who is working but is having problems keep in with her daily expenses such as rent, car pahment, electric and heat. There is virtually nothing left over for clothing. She asks for nothing for herself - just her beautiful children.
19 Son
Needs: 2 pc. outfits, joggers and tops, shoes, 2 pc. snowsuit

Sizes: clothing 18 - 24 months snow suit 24 months shoes 4

About: He is a cute baby that was born with some health problems but he is doing better now and is a lucky little boy who has a family that loves him to pieces.
20 Son
Age: 6
Needs: joggers with cuffs, t shirts, Hoodie 14, sneakers and socks and a winter coat, hat & gloves, snowboots

Sizes: aJOggers 12 T shirts 12 Hoodie and winter coat 14 (Probably a skit jkt would work best so it is not too long)

About: He is a chubby little boy who loves school. His favorite subject is science. He always like to work science project. He favorite action figure is Iron man....

21 Family

Gender: F
Age: 41
Needs: Winter coats, hats, gloves and snow boots

Sizes: size large coat snowboots 9

About: She is a single mother with two children and is also looking out for her children, nieces and nephews who she is helping raise...She use to work but she was laid off. She was doing Advocacy work....She is hoping that she can go back to work - said she is not afraid of hard work....She also helps take care of nieces and nephews as their situation is hard.

Previously donated: winter coat for 7 year old girl , 11 year old girl and 5 year old boy plus snowboots

22 Niece
Age: 9
Needs: She would love a bright pink winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: GIRLS coat 12/14 snow boots 5

About: she is in the 3rd grade and is a girly girl. She loves to do her nails and fix her hair with bows and clips.

Previously donated: 9/29/ winter coat

23 Nephew
Age: 5
Needs: In need of winter clothes, winter coat, boots, hAT & GLOVES

Sizes: winter coat size 5 snowboots 12

About: He IS in Kindergarten and loves spiderman

Previously donated: 9/29 winter coat

24 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: winter coat, hat, gloves and boots She would love a bright pink coat

Sizes: winter coat 8 snowboots 1

About: Like her brother she has no winter clothes and it is already getting cold. She is a first grader and her favorite color is purple...She loves to draw.

Previously donated: 9/29 pink cpat

25 Niece
Age: 10
Needs: She is a tom boy so nothing too girlish - would love a dark purple winter coat

Sizes: Coat 14 snowboots 6

About: she is a 4rd grader and can't wait...Her auntee said she loves to play cards and is quite good at it.

Previously donated: promised winter coat

26 Son
Age: 8
Needs: winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots

Sizes: Winter coat 10/12 snowboots 3

About: This little boy has no winter clothing at all. ....He is in second grade this year and his Mom says he is all boy....
27 Nephew
Age: 13
Needs: In need cuff joggers, winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots

Sizes: Winter coat - child size 16 or 18 snow boots 7 joggers 14/16

About: He is going to be a 5th grader this year and again can't wait for school to start....Then he can see his friends...Like his brother he likes to play ball.
28 Nephew
Age: 16
Needs: In need of winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: winter coat XL snowboots 11

About: He is om the 9th grade this year and is really happy to be back in school. He loves basketball.

29 Family

Gender: F
Needs: hygiene articles for family and clothing for children About: A mother is asking help in getting clothes for her children. The sizes are correct they are big kids. She can not find clothing on the rez in the rummage sales for them. She is asking for help.

Previously donated: F Age 6: Four pair leggings, size 14-16, Four Long sleeve shirts, size 14-16, one dress size 14-16. Barbie, Crayola Crayons, Pencils, small paint by number, Toothbrush, paper dolls, play doh with cutters

30 Daughter
Age: 6
Needs: needs complete - Thank you.

Sizes: leggings 14 16 - can use plus sizes shirts 14/16 plus size Shoe size (? ) Size is correct

About: This child is extremely chubby and is active.....she has been on a special diet to lose weight but it is not working.....The family is struggling to find her clothes.......She is now in the first grade. Her favorite color is purple and she loves to play with lol dolls and Barbies.

Previously donated: 9/23 Four pair leggings, size 14-16, Four Long sleeve shirts, size 14-16, one dress size 14-16 promised Dau, 6 - 4 leggings, 1 14/16 plus ls top, 2 14/16 ls tops, 1 ss t-shirt

31 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: leggings, T shirts Sneakers 10 T Hoodie

Sizes: leggings 7/8 T shirts 7/8 Shoes 10 T

About: she is chubby like her sister and she loves playing with her.... Mom says she is a really happy baby.

Previously donated: promised 9/28 3 leggings, 5 ls tops, 1 hoodie

32 Family

Gender: F
Age: 28
Needs: Pantry Food (urgent) canned food, ramen noodles, canned fruit, hygiene articles and cleaning supplies. Children are really desperate for clothing. About: A young mother of 6 is overwhelmed trying to take care of her children. She has no source of income and is unable to work because she has no one to watch the children. She did not ask for anything for herself. She is very appreciative of everything sent for her and is hoping someone will send her children clothing and shoes. She said they appreciate everything. This family often is short on food. DESPERATE FOR DIAPERS #6

Previously donated: 2 cans corn, 12 cans peas, 12 cans green beans, 24 creamy chicken Ramen, 12 chicken Ramen cups, 12 beef ramen cups, 2- 48 Oz applesauce, 6 cans Vienna sausage, shampoo & conditioner, 2 body wash, 72 Oz instant rice, 10 lb pancake mix, 2 - 20 pk strawberry oatmeal 2nd walmart order - 32 Oz elbow mac, 8 lb pinto beans, maxi pads, 6 cans potted meat

33 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: school clothes, leggings or jeans, T shirts, panties, socks and sneakers and a hoodie or a sweater

Sizes: pants 12 shirts 12 Shoes 3

About: She has outgrown everything and urgently needs new clothing for school. The clothes she does have her tight and she really wants to look nice.

Previously donated: 9/23 PROMISED - Toms sneakers size 3 9/23 - 5 panties.

34 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: diapers size 5 - all clothing, sweater or hoodie shoes and socks, and baby wipes

Sizes: Size5 diapers, Clothings size 2 T Hoodie or sweater 3T Shoe size 7

About: she is the baby of the family has no clothing. What was saved for her from her sisters is either worn out or the wrong season. Please her ....

Previously donated: 9/23 pants & top.

35 Daughter
Age: 3
Needs: Urgent need for pull ups 5T, leggings, T shirts, sweater or hoodie, socks and sneakers.

Sizes: Size 5T or 6 T clothing, shoes 10 pullups 5 PROMISED 9/23 pants & top.

About: Desperately needs new clothes! She has outgrown everything and really needs everything.

Previously donated: F2: top & pants. F3: top & pants. F9: 5 panties. M11: tee, 1 pr socks. M12: tee, 1 pr socks.

36 Son
Age: 12
Needs: Urgent need for back to school clothing - joggers, T shirts...T shirts 12-14 Hoodie XL briefs and sneakers and socks

Sizes: Size 10/12 pants,14 T-shirts, shoe size7 1/2

About: Has outgrown everything and needs new clothes!. Plus what he has is worn out......He is in 7th grade this year and his favorite color is blue too.

Previously donated: 9/23 PROMISED - sneakers size 7.5 - PAIR OF SOCKS & T SHIRT

37 Family

Gender: F
Age: 56
Needs: She is asking for clothing for her grandsons and bookbags and school supplies. grandmother needs some socks, tied tennis shoes, sweat pants, blouses, sweater or hoodie

Sizes: sweat pants 2x blouses 3x shoes 8 1/2 sweater of hoodie 3x

About: Like many families on the rez she is having a hard time.. If anyone could helpshe would really appreciate it. This family has very little.

Previously donated: All supplies for 3 boys ordered, 48 crayon, 6 eraser, 2 glue stick, 2 glue, 3 pencil box, 2x 20 markers, 2X 12 color pencils, scissor, 2x 24 pencil, 2x 10 pen, , 4 highlighter, 4 college ruled notebooks, 12 wide ruled notebooks, 2 x looseleaf, 6 pocket folder, 2 pencil sharpener, 6 mechanical pencil, small binder, 1 basic calculator, 1 scientific calculator

38 Grandson
Age: 18
Needs: bookbag - pencils, pens, mechical pencil, calcultor, loose leaf papers, note books, folders and a small binder, high lighter

Sizes: jeans 30/32 T shirts XL Basketball shoes 10 1/2

About: He is a junior in High School and says school is okay but his passion is basketball....He would love to have some nice clothes as his are falling apart. He is trying to decide whether he wants to go to college or join the service. He has been raised by his grandmother since he was oneand she is the only parent he know.

Previously donated: bookbag -school supplies

39 Grandson
Age: 7
Needs: needs jeans t shirts 8 Hoodie 10 shoes 2

Sizes: Shoe 2 Pants 8 T shirts 8/10 Hoodie 10

About: he loves his grandma and he is happy he is with her...He is in the lst grade and loves to play with match box cars and action figures. He has lived with his grandmother since his parent died.

Previously donated: bookbag - all school supplies

40 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: socks (mid height) and hi tops and pants -- joggers or jeans t shirts socks book bag and school supplies - pink erasers, glue, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colored pencils 24 # 2 pencils, pens, highlighters, 4 notebooks, loose leaf paper. 2 pocket folders, pencil sharpener

Sizes: Jeans 14 Hi tops 6 1/2

About: He is in 5th grade and like his brother he loves basketball. he loves all sports and loves to play outside.. He is being raised by his grandmother and his father has died....His birthday is the beginning of June.

Previously donated: bookbag - school supplies

41 Family

Gender: F
Age: 29
Needs: She has just moved in with her mother and her girls really need clothes....When they moved their all their clothes were taken in the move. She really needs the help. About: A young mother who lives in the country with her husband and child is asking for help with clothing....She said it is really pretty and you can see horses in the pasture next store....

Previously donated: Girl 12- hooded winter jacket, leggings, sweat pants, 3 tshirts, l/s hooded top, light weight hoodie, top

42 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: She is in need of clothing - skinny jeans, leggings, T shirts panties, sneaker, socks & a hoodie NEEDS MET THANK YOU.

Sizes: Pants 16 Shirts 15 sneakers 3

About: She is a pretty little girl who just came back to live with her mother....and sister....Her Mom says she is a Techy girl and she also loves to watch TV. They are lliving with her grandmother and the neat thing is their other grandma is down the road.

Previously donated: hooded winter jacket, leggings, sweat pants, 3 tshirts, l/s hooded top, light weight hoodie, top

43 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: skinny jeans and leggings, T shirts, panties, sneakers and socks. and a hoodie

Sizes: pants 12 shirts 14 shoes 2

About: She just came back to Wounded Knee and all her clothes were gone. she really needs everything. She likes where she is living and loves to go to pow wows with her sister and Mommy....She dances in them with her sister....

44 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for children, hygiene supplies, pantry supplies and cleaning supplies About: This family has faced really hard times with the loss of loved ones....They are struggling and trying to make sense of everything....HOpefully people will show that they are cared about....These boys are available for sponsorship.

Previously donated: For each boy, One winter jacket, one pair gloves, underwear and socks. For oldest boy one shirt, for younger two a pair of sweat pants for each. Gift of oven mitt and matching utensils and chocolate for Mom. Candy and rice krispy bars.

45 Son
Age: 11
Needs: a few shorts, joggers, s/s t shirts, socks and hi tops and a hoodie for school. book bag and 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue stoicks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, fiskar scissors, high lighters, 3 spiral note books, loose leaft paper, 2 pocket folders pencil sharpener

Sizes: joggers or shorts 10/12 s/s t Shirts 10/12 Hoddie 14 and hi tops 5

About: He will be in the 4th grade this year and he loves to play outside with his brother.....He think he has the worlds best brothers.

Previously donated: 8/20 - pants and sneakers8/30 school supplies 9/23 1 pants, 1 tee. Winter jkt., gloves and socks

46 Son
Age: 8
Needs: a few shorts, joggers, s/s t shirts, socks and hi tops and a hoodie for school. book bag and 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue stoicks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, fiskar scissors, high lighters, 3 spiral note books, 2 pocket folders pencil sharpener

Sizes: Clothing 8/10 Hi tops 4 hoodie 12

About: He is going into the 3rd grad - but he is keeping up with his brothers. He can't wait till start school and be able to see his friends.

Previously donated: promised size 4 Nike sneakers, 3 pair long athletic pants, keychain - school supplies 9/23 2 tees.............../Winter Jkt. gloves, underwear and socks

47 Family

Gender: F
Age: 32
Needs: A young mother is in need of shoes for her sons and daughter.... About: She tries very hard to make it on her own but sometimes just can't ....Would really appreciate some shoes for her kids...Right now they are going to school in borrowed shoes. Life has been challenging for her as one of the children have health problems.
48 Son
Age: 8

Sizes: SHOES 2

About: THIS little boy has out grown everything and needs clothing for school. The mother has reached out asking for help for him. They have just started going back to school and he does not have the proper clothes, He is in kindergarten, loves to play with dinosaurs and would love a anew stuffed animal.

Previously donated: SNEAKRS PROMISED

49 Son
Age: 4

Sizes: Sneakers size 11 C

About: Mom says he is a beautiful little boy who is growing really fast.....He is in need of shoes for him...nothing fits him He is in head start.

Previously donated: SNEAKERS PROMISED

50 Family

Needs: Baby bottles Diapers and wipes Receiving blankets and quilts or blankets Layettes items - clothing size new born and 3 month Baby shampoo, wash and baby powder Formula. Most used here is Similac or Enfamil Baby hats Baby socks Laundry basket or bsby tub yo put baby items in About: One Spirit is working with this of people on Pine Ridge that are giving new mothers that are registered with them layettes with things every new mother needs for her baby.....They have a beautiful welcome ceremony for the the new mother and baby welcoming them and celebrating their birth. Their is a great need on the rez. for this.

Previously donated: 2 swaddle blankets for 0-3 months, 2 long sleeve fleece sleepers for 0-3 months, baby blanket, baby blanket with stuffed toy,

51 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: She is asking for school clothes and bookbags and supplies for her children. About: She called up and asked if she could ask for help with getting her children some BACK TO SCHOOL clothing and supplies....She tries very hard to pay the necessities of life - such as, rent, elect., heat and food but there is never any money left over for other things.....She is hoping that someone will open their hearts and help her them.

Previously donated: 1# almonds F13: jeans, hoodie, 3 tees. M14: polo shirt 2xl tall, 3 pr ankle socks.

52 Son
Age: 14
Needs: Joggers, s/s T shirts, socks, hi tops, boxers STILL IN NEED OF CLOTHING AND HI TOPS

Sizes: T shirts XXL Tall joggers XL tall Hi Tops 12

About: He is a very tall & big boy and has outgrown everything. He loves learning and going to school. He is over 6 feet tall. He graduated 8th grade at the top of his class and one the principles award.

Previously donated: BACK PACK, school supplies & joggers hOODIE promised - xlt hoodie & HI TOPS PROMISED 9/24 2XL tall polo shirt, 3 pr ankle sox.

53 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: she is in need skinny jeans, jean shorts, and T shirts and a pair of hi top sneakers. SHE IS REALLY IN NEED OF CLOTHING - SHE HAS RECEIVED NONE.

Sizes: Jeans or shorts 9 Jr., T shirts lg.. adult, hi tops 8

About: she loves school like her brother and enjoys going. She is growing up and likes to look pretty. None of her clothes fit from last year. Her wish is she someone will send her some nail polish, eye make up. - she is a girly girls

Previously donated: bookbag school supplies eye shadow xlt hoodie womens med (sz8) hoodie 2 prs jeans for teen girl one sports bra maxi pads one fleece for teen girl PROMISED 9/24 jeans, hoodie, 3 tees.

54 Family

Gender: F
Age: 22
Needs: Clothing for children, pantry food, hygiene supplies and cleaning supplies LAYETTE FOR BABY BOY DUE IN NOVEMBER. About: she is a young mother who live with her children and extended family. She is struggling to keep her children clothed and have enough food for them. She is pregnant with her 3rd child which is due in Nov. and it will BE A BOY

Previously donated: Baby boy clothes: 1 fleece sleeper, 6 sleepers, 4 undershirts, 1 top, 3 pants, 1 baby towel. M 1 - 4 pants, 5 ls tops, 3 ss t-shirts, 1 toddler shoes size 7. M 7 - 3 pants, 4 ls shirts, 1 sneakers. From Amazon - 144 size 6 diapers.

55 Son
Age: 2
Needs: one and two piece outfits, diapers, shoes and socks

Sizes: 34 months or 2 T 6 toddler Diapers #6

About: He is growing by leaps and bounds and has outgorwn his l8 month size. Mom sure hopes someone can help.

Previously donated: promised 2 pair long pants 2 long sleeve shirts 10 pairs of socks

56 Son
Age: 7
Needs: joggers, t shirts, briefs, hoodie, sneakers and socks

Sizes: Pants 8 Shirts 8 shoes 1

About: He will be a first grader this year and is happy about going to school and being with the other kids.

Previously donated: promised - Son (7): 2 pair jeans 2 long sleeve shirts 10 boxer briefs 10 pairs of socks

57 Family

Needs: hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and clothing for her children.

Previously donated: shoes and socks for each child

58 Son
Age: 13
Needs: jeans, basketball shorts, joggers, s/s/ t Shirts, socks and hi tops

Sizes: jeans 8 reg., T shirts 10 Shoes 5 Sizes correct.

About: He is the typical little boy who loves to skateboard and play outside. He will be going into the 6th grade this year......

Previously donated: 2 s/s tops, 2 l/s tops, 2 books., book bag and school supplies 4 shirts & 2 jeans