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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: Dog food for 7 large dogs and 5 little dogs, Rabbit food for 2 funnies and bird food for finches. They are running out of all food for animals - please help. About: This elderly mother and her family would really appreciate a helping hand. People are always dropping of Dogs and she tries to help them but lately she does not have the food. She says people know she won't let a dog go hungry but she has a hard time feeding her family. They live in the country and walk everywhere. She says if she does not feed them and try to find homes for them they will starve.

2 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Grandmother with extended family living with her needs some help with hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and diapers . Need size 4, 5 and 6 diapers. Socks for toddlers, kids, men and women. Dog food - all size dogs - numerous dogs in house and those who come looking for food. There are alot of people (and dogs) living in this house from babies to adults. Pantry food/snacks would be an added bonus.

3 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Mom/grandmother with four grandsons and a son in her care asking for Laundry and household supplies. Hygiene items, toilet paper, dish soap, bathroom cleaner, bleach, pine-sol, scrubbers. Pantry food/snacks would be greatly appreciated.
4 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: In need of size 14 summer clothing, size 5Y shoes, pajamas, socks,

Sizes: 14 clothing, 5Y shoes

5 Grandson
Age: 2
Needs: In need of pampers size 6, 4T summer clothing, pajamas, 7 Toddler shoes, socks.

Sizes: 4T, 7 T shoes

6 Grandson
Age: 7
Needs: Boy's summer clothing size 10, shoes 2, socks, pajamas.

Sizes: 10 clothing, 2 shoes

7 Grandson
Age: 8
Needs: Size 12 Boy's summer clothing (shorts and tees), pajamas, socks, size 4 shoes.

Sizes: 12 clothing, 4 shoes

8 Son
Age: 16
Needs: In need of warn weather clothing. Size 12 shoes, 6X T Shirts, 4X joggers or basketball shorts, 3X boxers or briefs. He is a big help in his community and someone said that he would love a set of headphones.

Sizes: 12 shoes, 6X shirts, 4X joggers/shorts, 3X boxers

9 Family

Gender: F
Age: 70
Needs: Clothing for herself... Mens jeans = black or cordoroy, black or dark colored t shirts, Windbreaker (black), sneakers and socks and panties hggiene and cleaning supplies would be greatly appreciated.

Sizes: Jeans 32/30 Panties 7 Tshirts or Windbreaker XL Sneakrs 8 1/2

About: This grandmother and great grandmother is in need of clothing. She takes care of a household full of children and her clothing is almost non existent from wear. She would really appreciate any help.

Previously donated: propane

10 Family

Gender: F
Age: 21
Needs: At least two families are living in the household. They are at least five miles away from any resources and find it difficult to obtain items for the families. Hygiene products and pantry food would be a blessing. In need of Medium Jacket. M tops

Sizes: M jacket and tops.

Previously donated: Walmart order: 1# ham, 8# pintos, 18 count applesauce cups, dish soap. M4: sneakers To PO box: M4: zip up hoodie F cousin: shoes M5: shoes M11: 3 tees M19: 3 tees

11 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: Size 8 women's shoes, 6 undies, M tops, socks

Sizes: Size 8 women's shoes, 6 undies, M tops, socks

Previously donated: 2 panties, 10 pr socks

12 Brother
Age: 2
Needs: 4T outfits,7 T shoes, 3/4 Pullups

Sizes: 4T outfits,7 T shoes, 3/4 Pullups

13 Cousin
Age: 4
Needs: Just placed with this family. In need of 5T clothing, 13 shoes, socks, jacket. Only has a pair of sandals that are WAY too big for him.

Sizes: 5T, 13 shoes

14 Cousin
Needs: In need of 13/14 pants, l/XL tops, size 8 shoes

Sizes: In need of 13/14 pants, L/XL tops, size 8 shoes, socks

15 Mother
Age: 50
Needs: In need of size 13/14 pants, size 8 shoes,
16 Brother
Age: 5
Needs: Size 8 pants and tops, small boxers, size 1 shoes, socks

Sizes: Size 8 pants and tops, small boxers, size 1 shoes, socks

17 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: In need of a warm blanket, size 6 diapers, 7 T shoes, 3T clothing.

Sizes: 3T

18 Daughter
Age: 14
Needs: Women's 8.5 shoes, M tops, socks

Sizes: Women size 8 shoes, M tops, M sweatpants, socks

19 Son
Age: 11
Needs: Men's L boxers, Lg Basketball shorts, L tops, socks, 7.5 men's shoes, L Hoodie

Sizes: L tops and sweats, 7.5 shoes, L jacket or Sweatshirt

20 Brother
Age: 19
Needs: In need of Large jacket and shirts, socks

Sizes: Large Jacket, shirts

21 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: In need of size 6 shoes Juniors size 13/15 pants , L tops, and Jacket, socks.

Sizes: size 6 shoes, 13/15 Juniors pants, large tops, L jacket

22 Family

Age: 3-18
Needs: The center is working on Grass Dance Outfits and dance regalia. They will be working on a quilt as well. In need of: masking tape, bonding tape, fabric, yarn, beading thread, needles, graph paper, sewing machine oil. About: In need of supplies listed above.

23 Family

Gender: F
Age: 60
Needs: joggers, t shirts,, hoodie, sneakers hygiene arciles

Sizes: clothing 3 X Shoes wide

About: She is living with her sister and really needs a helping hand.

Previously donated: 6 tops/t-shirts, 2 activity books, 2 dishtowels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hairbrush/comb, deodorant, 3 handcremes, 5 hot choc packets.

24 Family

Gender: F
Needs: 2X sweats, 42-44 sports bra, 8.5 tennis shoes, socks, shampoo, body wash, would love Cocoa Butter lotion,

Sizes: 8.5 Shoes, 42-44 sports bra, 2X sweats

25 Family

Gender: F
Needs: tennis shoes, a pair of slides, panties capriis, T shirts and a sweater or a hoodie.... Bath towels, face cloths, 2 sets of twin sheets, blankets She also needs hygiene articles and pantry food

Sizes: tennis shoes size 9 panties 8 capriis 16,,,,, Tshirts XL

About: A young mother is having a hard time....they live in the country and they walk everywhere...she is struggling..... This family is living in a bedroom in the family home which is filled to the brim and are trying hard to provide for their family.

Previously donated: 3 pairs s2 womens t-shirts sizes medium, 1 hoodie medium; 2 womens t-shirts sizes XL;

26 Daughter
Age: 6
Needs: Needs summer clothing and clothing for school. and a pair of strappy sandals.'' STILL NEEDS SANDALS, SOCKS AND MAYBE SNEAKERS

Sizes: shoes 13 Summer clothing 7 T shirts 7/8

About: She has outgrown everything and has no summer clothing for this year. This child has very little everyday clothing She is in kindergarten. She loves pink and she will need a dress for kindergarten graduation....and a pair of shoes. She loves to draw and pant.

Previously donated: jean shorts, top, play dress shorts and t shirts pink graduation dress, pink skirt, 3 pair shorts, 1 leggings, 2 t-shirt shoes

27 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: Needs all types of summer clothing and strappy sandals, sneakers and socks. leggings, T shirts, panties, hoodie still needs sandals, sneakers and socks

Sizes: shoes 11 Clothing 5

About: The family is really having a hard time. The mother feels bad that she can't get her little one any clothes she needs so badly. She likes the color red and goes to head start - she really needs some clothes for school.

Previously donated: panties and tops shorts and t shirts 3 pairs shorts, 2 t-shirts, 1 leggings;

28 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: Shorts, capriis, leggings, T shirts, panties. socks, sneakers (lo), hoodie

Sizes: Shoes 7 adult size pants 14/16 tops ladies med.

About: She is 5th grade, has long hair, loves to go outside and play vollyball. Her favorite colors are blue and purple. She just had a birthday and would love a present. She is a girly girl.

Previously donated: lo sneakers, 4 pr socks

29 Family

Gender: F
Age: 37
Needs: Mother/grandmother asking for a twin and full mattress for bunk beds, clothing for her family.

Previously donated: M 9 - 1 joggers, 2 shorts, 7 tshirts, 1 ls shirt. M 3 - 5 shorts, 6 tshirts. F 0 - 8 ss onesies (short), 3 ls onesies, 3 pants, 1 sleep sack, 1 sweater, 1 baby towel.

30 Grandson
Age: 6 months
Needs: Just got out of ICU. In need of 6-9 month boy's clothing.
31 Grandson
Age: 6 months
Needs: 12-18 month boys clothes
32 Son
Age: 5
Needs: sweat pants and sweatshirt, pull on shorts, T shirts and tank tops, sneakers and socks

Sizes: Clothing size 7 and sneakers size 1

33 Son
Age: 9
Needs: Basketball shorts, joggers, sweatshirt, T shirts and tank tops, sneakers and socks.

Sizes: Sneakers 6 child clothing size 16/18