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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 32
Needs: Winter clothing, coats/boots for her children, pantry food, hygiene and cleaning supplies About: This single mother of 2 children reaches out for help. She has no source of income but does receive food stamps for the kids. She stocks up to make sure that the children do not go hungry. She is living with others so that she has housing. Her husband died a few years ago.
2 Son
Age: 10
Needs: jeans, t shirts, zip hoodie, briefs, socks, sneakers, coat and snow boots, scarf, mittens.

Sizes: Jeans 34/30 T shirts mens med.. Shoes 9 1/2 wide Coat mens med.

About: He is tall for his age and he in in the 4th grade. His favorite subject is math. He loves legos and nert guns and like all boys play video games.
3 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: Winter clothing, pants or leggings, t shirts, socks, panties, hoodie, winter coat and snow boots

Sizes: pants 6/6x tops 6/6x shoes 9 child diapers size 4

About: This 5 year old loves barbies, paw patrol, kittens . She is a happy little girl and she can really use some nice clothes.

4 Family

Gender: F
Age: 22
Needs: Queen and King warm blankets or comforters... need approx. 5 hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and pantry food and clothing..
5 Nephew
Age: 4
Needs: joggers with cuffs, t shirts, sneakers, socks, briefs, hoodie, snowsuit, snowboots

Sizes: Clothing 6T Shoes 11

About: He is a big boy and is all boys.....and a bundle of energy and fun.
6 Nephew
Age: 3
Needs: all clothing , hoodie, sneakers and socks and wintercoat, hat & gloves

Sizes: clothing 18 24 mos. winter coa 24 mos

About: yes there are two little boy close in age and act like a pair of twins. They are the same size.
7 Sister
Age: 23
Needs: Jogging set or joggers and tops

Sizes: Ladies XL

About: She is a young Mom and would really love some sweats to wear. She lives in the country but has very little clothing...
8 Niece
Age: 9
Needs: skinny jeans, t shirts, hoodie, panties, training bra, sneakers, socks, snowboots and a winter coat

Sizes: skinny jeans 10/12 shirts 12/14 shoes 3

About: It is hard being her age - too old to play with the older kids but to young for her sisters She would love to feel pretty and have hair ties, and things to fix her up. her favorite color is pink .. She would probably some craft s and things to play with.
9 Niece
Age: 3
Needs: warm leggings, t shirts, hoodie, coat, snow boots hat and gloves

Sizes: clothes 5T Shoes 8 T coat 6 T

About: She is a cute little girl who loves play with her sister and would love a baby doll.
10 Son
Age: 1
Needs: Baby need all clothing has very little and a pair of shoes and socks, And a hoodie - baby hygiene, snacks and diapers size 6

Sizes: 18 - 24 months Size 6 shoe winter snow suit 24 mos.

About: He is the youngest in the house and he always has someone to hold him.

11 Family

Gender: F
Age: 73
Needs: shoes slip on, winter coat 3/4 length, warm swweater, quilts or blankets, pots and pans. panties size 6, socks, T shirts size 16, hygiene articles

Sizes: Winter coat 14/16 shoes 9 wide T shirts 16 Warm open fronted sweater 16

About: This elderly grandmother rarely asks for her self. She is blind and is taking care of her great grandson. She would greatly appreciate if someone could help her. Life is not easy but she still cooks for her family. This elder is blind and still helps her family.

12 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: hygiene articles, cleaning supplies, jeans, T shirts, panties, sneakers, socks, hoodie and gloves and a hat.

Sizes: Jeans 14 (she is 5'3") , T shirts s/s XL Sneakers 8 1/2 Hoodie (zip) XL panties 7

About: She has a large family that live really close. There is no running water in this house. The whole family live together and she is the one who keeps this family together. She always help everyone and it would be nice if someone helped her.

13 Family

Gender: M
Age: 27
Needs: Just scraping by with a part-time job. Asking for some food, laundry soap and hygiene products. A Sonic coloring book and crayons, or "anything Sonic" for the little boy. About: He is raising his nephew on his own and more than anything he would love for him to have a sponsor. He lives in an area where there is very little offered.

14 Family

Gender: F
Age: 43
Needs: Mom in need of toilet paper, paper towels, laundry items and cleaning supplies.

15 Family

Needs: Boy 7 needs 3.5 shoes, 8 pants, sweatshirt, jacket, socks and underwear.... Girl 12 needs black shoes size 3 Y (has tiny feet) size 10/12 tops (sweatshirt), pants, underwear and jacket, in desperate need of socks and shoes.... Boy 5 needs size 10 shoes, 5 pants and tops, sweatshirt, jacket, socks and underwear....... Boy 8 needs size 4 shoes, 8 pants, sweatshirt, jacket socks and underwear..... Girl 6 needs size 13 shoes, 6/7 pants and sweatshirt, jacket socks and underwear... Also asking for hygiene products. About: Lots of kids in need in her community. These children are in dire need of clothing and will be listed as needs come up. Thank you in advance!

16 Family

Gender: F
Needs: hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and clothing for her grandchildren About: she tries very hard to take care of her grandchildren but often finds it hard to get them clothing.
17 Grandson
Needs: joggers, t shirts, sneakers, hoodie and snowboots, and socks

Sizes: joggers ;7/8 shirts 8 Shoes 13

About: He is in kindergarten this year and he is all boy. He also likes to play with trucks and cars.
18 Grandson
Needs: Joggers, T shirts, Sneakers, socks, hoodie and snowboots

Sizes: Pants 7 shirts 7/8 shoes 12

About: He is not in school yet and is a big boy He tries hard to keep up with his brother.
19 Granddaughter
Needs: skinny jeans, shirts, panties sneakers and socks, hoodie

Sizes: skinny jeans 1 Shirts large or XL child shoes 3

About: She loves school, gymnastics and dancing. Her favorite color is orange.
20 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: joggers or sweats (dark colors), T shirts, Sneakers, low socks, panties

Sizes: Joggers Med. T shirts large Sneakers 7 1/2

About: she is in the 9th grade this year and her favorite subject is sciene. She likes to read si fi bookds

21 Family

Gender: M
Needs: Dog Food for a police dog, large cowdogs (3) and a small elderly dog. Cleaning supplies, hygiene articles and pantry food. Clothing above ankle construction boots waterproof, t shirts dark colors s/s, jens, and a warm hoodie

Sizes: jeans 36/30 T shirts 3x Hoodie 3 X Constructions boots 10 1/2

About: He lives alone in the country and has raised his dogs since they were little. He said he trust them and they trust him and he does not want to have to get rid of them for lack of food. He really loves his dogs....He is really struggling.

Previously donated: dog food, pantry items

22 Family

Needs: Hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and clothing for children About: She and her husband are raising 3 boys - times have been tough but they are trying hard to keep their children happy and well.

23 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for children, house hold items - dish soap, clorox, toilet paper, Sanitary pads, paper towels, paper plates, laundry soap, shampoo & conditioner tooth brushes & tooth paste - these items are hard to come by.. Pantry food would be very appreciated to. About: She is the birth mother of 11 children which includes a set of twins. Her life revolves around her children and she is trying hard to do everything possible she can. Please try to help her. she says hygiene and cleaning supplies are really hard to come by. The children range in age from infant to 19 years old....Please note that she has only ask for the kids with the kids in real need.
24 Son
Age: 2
Needs: joggers, t shirts and socks and footed pajamas

Sizes: 2 t clothing size and socks for size 9 shoes

About: He is the apple of everyones eye.....Hopefully someone will be able to help him with some clothes. His Mom says he d has outgrown all of his clothing.

Previously donated: 1/21 - outfit promised 1/31 M, 2 - 4 pants, 6 ls shirts, 2 ss shirts, 4 briefs, 2 footed pjs.

25 Daughter
Age: 3
Needs: She needs SKINNY leggings & T shirts, hoodie, warm sleepers with feet socks,

Sizes: leggings & t Shirts 5t hoodie 6

About: This little girl is always happy. She is tall for her age and is a little chubby. She has outgrown all her clothing..... and needs clothing.

Previously donated: 1/17 outfit promised, 3 panties 1/21 - outfit promised1/30 1 girls outfit size 5/6 3 pair girls underwear size 5/6 1/31 F, 3 - 4 pants, 4 ls tops, 2 footed pjs.

26 Son
Age: 6
Needs: needs socks and briefs and joggers and t shirts

Sizes: joggers and t shirts 10/12 Socks for a size 1 shoe

About: He like all little boys loves playing with trucks with his brother... He is a chunky little boy who is also always happy His mother would very much like him to have a sponsor. His older sister just got one.

Previously donated: 1/21 outfit promised 1 boys s/s tshirt size 10/12 1/31 M, 6 - 1 joggers, 1 pants, 1 shorts, 2 ls shirts, 4 ss tshirts, 1 pjs, 4 briefs.

27 Family

Gender: F
Age: 29
Needs: cleaning supplies, hygiene articles, laundry detergent and pantry food. Diapers #5, wipes, 3T pull ups, socks for 2 boys that wear size 8 & 9 mens shoes. Socks for a little girl who wears 3 shoe and two little girls who needs for size 10 T & 7 T shoes. About: A young mother of 6 is overwhelmed trying to take care of her children. She has no source of income and is unable to work because she has no one to watch the children. She did not ask for anything for herself. She is very appreciative of everything sent for her and is hoping someone will send her children clothing and shoes. She said they appreciate everything. This family often is short on food. DESPERATE FOR DIAPERS and socks

28 Family

Gender: F
Age: 71
Needs: cleaning supplies, hygiene articles, pantry food, towels queen blankets, Queen blow up mattress or bed., Pampers #6 and baby wipes About: Kathy still needs help with baby clothing and things...and household items....She lives in a large household and when the baby was brought to her she felt she had to do it......and knew while they did not have much - they had plenty of love.

29 Family

Gender: F
Age: 37
Needs: hygiene products, cleaning supplies and clothes for childdren. About: This single mother of 4 little girls is in need of some help. She has no income and only receives food stamps. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
30 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: black zip up hoodie , black skinny jeans, T shirts black with skelton if possible , panties, gray ankle socks and black sneakers

Sizes: Hoodie Med skinny jeans l Jr. T shirts 14/16

About: This little girl is in need of clothing ....she is a teen and has her specific likes to look like the rest of the kids.
31 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: she is in need of skinny jeans, black t shirts, black hoodie, hi tops white, ankle socks black bras 16 pink

Sizes: Skinny jeans 16 stretchy Shirts 16 panties 16 hi tops 5 1/2

About: She loves being with her Mom and sisters
32 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: zip up hoodie , skinny jeans stretchy t shirts with fireworks design if possible, sneakers black ankle socks. bras size 14/16, turquois hoodie zip up

Sizes: skinny jeans 14 T shirts 14 Hoodie 16 sneakers 6

About: . She likes to color and draw things.
33 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: Black hoodie pulliver, black hi tops, black ankle socks black basketball shorts and a head band, black skinny jeans, black sports bra combat style boots (flat) black

Sizes: skinny jeans 9 Jr. Hi tops 9 hoodie XL adult

About: This 5th grade girl would love a hoodie in black or some t shirts in Black or with a design. She loves to do crafts and draw and color things.

34 Family

Gender: M
Age: 71
Needs: Cleaning supplies, hygiene articles and pantry food. About: Elder still in need for a few things for his family. Things have been very hard on the people of Pine Ridge...Prices are unbelieveeable high and they get very little food stamps. Plus food stamps don't cover cleaning supplies....

35 Family

Gender: F
Age: 68
Needs: A grandmother is asking for help. She is trying to be self sufficient she is asking for snowboots and leg warmers. Would love coffee and pantry food.

Sizes: Snow boots 7 or 7 1/2 and leg warmers

About: This grandmother tries to support herself and be self sufficient.. She is a traditionist and often walks thru the woods to keep attune to the past and her culture. Even a broken hip has not stopped her from going into the hills of her tribe.

Previously donated: coffee, pantry items, hygiene and cleaning supplies

36 Family

Gender: F
Needs: UPDATED LIST FOR FAMILY Sports Bras - no wires or padding sizes adult XL, Med, & LARGE BRA Cleaning Supplies and dog food About: She lives in the country and says she never hears about things till after the fact....There are 11 in house from newborn infant to elders.....They would really appreciate if you could open your hearts. She knows Xmas has past - but some of kids got gifts and others didn't...and it really bothers her. The little girl who wants my little pony's -keeps jumping up and down asking for one.

Previously donated: Dog food From Walmart-diaper caddy, size 1 diapers, wipes, baby bath, baby lotion, feminine pads, PERT shampoo, body wash, 3in1 kids shampoo. Other: womens socks, hair binders, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste. Layette for baby boy - 4 onesies, 4 sleep n'

37 Family

Gender: F
Age: 69
Needs: Silverware, plates, bowls, coffee cups, plastic glasses. soup pots, pots large frying pan, towels. also can use hygiene and cleaning supplies. About: An Elderly grandma is taking care of 6 school aged children, babies and other family members. - They don't have enough housewares and would really appreciate some help. This family has gone thru alot of hardship and loss these past years - but together they are staying strong. There is a total of 16 in this house but in this total are about 4 young children.

38 Family

Gender: M
Age: 36
Needs: Hygiene articles, cleaning supplies, pantry food, towels,King size blankets, full size blankets & sheets, blanket and double blow up mattress. About: they just moved into a trailer and are trying to fix it up. They consider themselves lucky to be able to have their own home. They are in need of help

Previously donated: 2 heavy blankets, one jacket for mom, 2 pair pajamas and jacket for middle son 2dish towels and 2 kitchen utensils.

39 Son
Age: 13
Needs: JEANS, S/S T sHIRTS, Mens Winter Coat, Hoodie, hi tops 10 and socks


About: He is in the 7th grade and he loves math and reading...his favorite books are action, cowboy stores. His favorite teams is the Dallas Cowboys and his favoirte colors are blue & Black

Previously donated: 1/17 - 2 s/s shirts 1/17 winter coat. 2 PJS

40 Significant other
Needs: loose jeans, t shirts, hoodie, sweater and winter coat. curtains for the windows.

Sizes: skinny jeans 5 Jr. T shirts,,,,Med Wintercoat Med.

About: This family has 3 boys and each other and are trying hard to make their trailer a home...

Previously donated: 1/15 = winter coat 2 heavy blankets, one jacket for mom

41 Son
Age: 2
Needs: joggers, T shirts, Hoodie, winter coat, winter boots, sneakers and socks

Sizes: Clothing 5T Shoes 11

About: He is the baby of the family and is loved by all. I was told he was always a happy little boy.
42 Son
Age: 7
Needs: jeans, t shirts, hoodie, winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: Jeans 8 T shirts 10, Shoes . Winter Coat 10/12

About: He is a first grader and likes going to school He likes to play with GI Joes, cars and farm animals.