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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 53
Needs: Warm zip up hoodie ), joggers, jeans, panties and tops and socks she is about 5'4" -


About: She is always there for her children and her grandchildren. She will do without so she can help her children - her health has not been good and she has been really afraid of catching the virus....It would be wonderful if someone would help her. It is getting cold there and is already snowing. This grandmother lives in a small house which was heated by wood stove They have no running water and heat all the water on the wood stove.......that they brought in from the well. But amazingly she keeps smiling.

Previously donated: dog food, hygiene and cleaning supplies 1 pair womens jeans

2 Husband
Needs: needs mens jeans 34/30, T shirts Large, sneakers size 9 1/2, briefs 34 Mens hygiene articles

Sizes: Mens joggers large or size 34 JEANS SIZE 34/30 Tshirts large hoodie Large XL Briefs 34 ssneakers 9 1/2

About: He and his wife have devoted their lives to their family and have very little for themselves. He really needs some new it would be wonderful if someone could help. Winter is here and they live in the country.

Previously donated: 34 x 30 jeans, 1 pr mens XL joggers

3 Family

Gender: M
Age: 30
Needs: Father of six finally approved to move into their own home and requesting help with household items to make their new home ready for them to move in soon. Items requested are Cleaning supplies, pots & bowls to cook, dishes, towels, dish rags, lamps, blankets, and hygiene supplies. About: Young man is new to okini, starting a new home of their own and requesting help to fill the family's home with its necessities.
4 Son
Age: 2
Needs: pajamas,socks, shoes
5 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: pajamas, socks, shoes

Sizes: Toddler 5T shoes 9

6 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: pajamas, night light for new bedroom, socks, shoes

Sizes: girls size 6, shoes 11

7 Daughter
Age: 8
Needs: pajamas, night light for new bedroom, socks, shoes

Sizes: girls 10/12 shoes 4

8 Son
Age: 10
Needs: pajamas, night light for new bedroom, socks, shoes

Sizes: big boys 14/16 shoes 6

9 Daughter
Age: 0
Needs: Newborn baby girl- Pampers size 1, baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby lotion, and receiving blankets

10 Family

Gender: M
Age: 55
Needs: Double bed or blow up mattress and beding - updated 5/29/21 Needs T shirts (s/s), socks and hi tops Personal hygiene articles - shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste and toiletpaper and pantry food.

Sizes: Jeans 34/34 T shirts Medium hi tops 10 1/2

About: He would really appreciate if someone could help him - he is currently sleeping on the floor and has been sick. He really needs a double bed or a blow up mattress he is also in need of some clothing.....He is trying to make it selling crafts - but there are virtually no visitors due to Covid.
11 Son
Age: 30
Needs: Hi tops and socks, jeans, T shirts, Boxers and socks

Sizes: Hi Tops 10 1/2, jeans 36/36, Shoes 11 1/2 Boxers 36

About: He is doing volunteer work - trying to help is people and is currently wearing flip flops......and has virtually no clothing...

12 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: This elder is on dialysis and other medical problems and lost everything in a house fire. She will be moved in with her son to be closer to dialysis. She is requesting help with Cleaning supplies, Hygiene Supplies, and large (30 gallon) trash bags Grandmother is asking for help with shoes for grandchildren (Children sizes 1, 2, & 4) & son(size 12) for shoes and socks

Sizes: pants and shirts, women's large shoes women's 7 1/2 wide

About: This Grandmother has survived a lot of health issues yet she still makes star quilt tops to help get her to dialysis three times a week. She is one of the grandmothers here who always has her grandchildren by her side so she has plenty of company. Her voice is so quiet and she sends her appreciation.