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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 30
Needs: Needs clothing for her children, self and the childrens DAD Her needs are sweats, T shirts. sneakers and sandals and pants

Sizes: Sweats XL TShirts XL Pants 15 Shoes 8 1/2

About: Life has been hard for her family - She has been looking for housing and can't find any permanent housing. She moves from place to place. She is currently back at her Moms but the house is very crowded. Her children are her life and she said if it was a choice between her and her children - please send things for her babies.

Previously donated: 24 mo. size - 7 shirts and shorts and 2 rompers

2 Significant other
Age: 27
Needs: jeans, s/s t shirts, socks and sneakers

Sizes: Pants 34/34 Shirts 2XL Shoes 12

About: This young father is looking for work but it is hard to find. He has very little clothing and needs a helping hand.
3 Son
Age: 2
Needs: summer clothing, socks, sneakers and Pampers size 6 please as he is still not potty trained.

Sizes: Clothing 5T Shoes 8 or 9 C Pampers size 6

About: This little boy is alot bigger than last year and nothing fits.....He has very little clothes and will has nothing that fits him. He is having a birthday this month and a toy for him would be wonderful. Like all little boys he loves cars and trucks.....
4 Daughter
Age: 1
Needs: Summer clothing, blanket, baby care

Sizes: 24 month clothing Shoes 3C Pampers #4

About: This little girls has very little clothing and it would be wonderful if someone would help her.

5 Family

Gender: F
Age: 50
Needs: sneakers, sandals, socks, leggings, shirts, a sweater or a hoodie

Sizes: leggings 18-20, tops 2XL, shoes 10

About: A single grandmother who is battling cancer and has developed severe spinal problems where she may need surgery or they will try shotss firs, is reaching out for help. She had been working before Covid but since her health is declined she can't work at present and is really struggling.

Previously donated: 2 shirts and one sandals

6 Family

Gender: M
Needs: clothing for emergency placement of grand children and hygiene articles About: He just received emergency custody of his two grandchildren - they were dropped off with not clothing, hygiene articles and toys and he his hoping that someone may be able to help him.
7 Grandson
Age: 7
Needs: He just arrived at his grandfathers with the clothes on his back...He needs basketball shorts, t shirts, joggers with cuffs and underwear, socks and sneakers

Sizes: Shirts 14/16 joggers 14/16 shorts 14/16 Shoes 3

About: This little boy has just arrived at his g randfathers and really needs some clothes....He loves Fortnite and minecraft toys.
8 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: leggings, shorts, t shirts socks, panties and pull ups

Sizes: Pants and shorts 6 Shoes 11 Shirts 6 Pull ups 5

About: she just arrived at grandpa's with the clothes on her back. She really needs summer and fall clothing and maybe a few toys.....She loves Elsa and littlem mermaid dolls and also barbies. She has nothing.

9 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: She is asking for a layette for her new baby being born 7/4/21 and clothes for her twins. Nothing for herself. About: She is a single Mom raising her children on her own.....Life is not always easy for her but she says her children always come first and has her devoted her life to them. She asks for nothing for herself - she just wants her children to have enough clothing. She is having a new baby and has absolutely nothing for it. she is hoping someone can help her. She does not know the sex - wants to be surprised.

Previously donated: 4 newborn outfits and a blanket. - donated and 7/7 twin boy - 2 outfits, twin girl 3 outfits, 3 onsies and l - 3 - 6 mo. outfit.

10 Son
Age: 2
Needs: summer clothing = nothing fits desperate for Pampers size 6

Sizes: clothing 5T Pampers #6

About: He and is twin love to play together - and are in to everything.....They are really growing fast and really need clothing.

Previously donated: 3 dresses

11 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: needs summmer clothing all types needs diapers size 6 - desperate

Sizes: clothing 5T Pampers Size 6

About: This two year old little girl is as pretty as a picture and she tries very hard to keep up with her twin.. She would love some girly clothes

Previously donated: 2 outfits

12 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Dishes, pots & pans, tubberwear, silverwear, knives, coffee pot, toaster, towels bedding - full & queen - pillows - beds if possible twin, full or queen Some make up for 21 year old and books for 10 year old girl - whimpy kid diaries, harry potter, drawing supplies About: this mother and her two daughters lost everything in a house fire. The fire gutted the house and they have nothing left. People donated them clothing so they are alright at present but they are trying to get things for their home when finished which should be a month to 6 weeks. Hopefully people will help - they are really in need.The social worker called for them asking for help.

Previously donated: Toaster & Coffee Maker, 4 Pillows, 1 queen size Blanket

13 Family

Gender: F
Age: 30
Needs: Mom of two little ones, living with her mother and sister. She is asking for help with clothing for the children. Tina also hopes for a sponsor, especially for the little girl.

Previously donated: cancelled

14 Son
Age: 10
Needs: shorts and tops sneakers (low)

Sizes: size 16 tops 16/18 size 8 shoes (men) mother says correct size She said he is tall

About: He is all boy and loves to play outside......he has very little clothing He is in the 4th grade and is extremely tall
15 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: shorts and dresses and pull ups

Sizes: Shirt and pants, size 4 T pullups 4T

About: Like all two year old little girls who is almost 3 , she is growing fast and has outgrown all her clothing. she has very little clothing and they are hoping that someone will be able to help.

16 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Needs bedding & towels (Queens & Twins) for large household, hygiene articles for family and clothing for children. About: This family is only asking for help for the two children that do not have sponsors....They would appreciate any help they could get for them. It would also be wonderful if anyone could help with bedding and towels.

Previously donated: 4 boys XL t shirts 5 boys basketball shorts 2 queen bedding sets 1 twin bedding set

17 Daughter
Needs: summer clothing, shoes, socks, pampers, wipes and baby care items.

Sizes: 18 months Shoes 3/4

About: she is the youngest in the family and is loved by her parents and siblings.

Previously donated: 6/29 - clothing, baby shampoo, wipes and snacks

18 Son
Age: 10
Needs: basketball shorts, tops, socks and desperate for sneakers or hi tops

Sizes: shorts 14/16 shirts XL or mens med. Shoes 6

About: This fourth grader is all boy and loves to play outside, His favorite toy is cars. He is the only boy in the house. His favorite color is blue. He really needs sneakers.

19 Family

Gender: F
Age: 58
Needs: wrapped candy to be given out at parade THEY REALLY ARE HOPING THEY WILL BE ABLE TO GIVE OUT CANDY - IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT THE CHILDREN ARE NOT DISAPPOINTED. STILL NEED MORE = THERE ARE ALOT OF CHILDREN AT PARADE. About: A grandmother called for help with getting candy to give out off the Wounded Knee parade float. THE PARADE IS IN THE VERY BEGINNING OF AUGUST. - EXACT DATE COMING. The community of Wounded Knee work together and make a float to mark the start of the POW WOW. Children and adults from around the reservation line up on the parade route to look at the floats and the children hope to be able to catch a piece of candy. This is truly a time when the reservation get together and bring their children to see the floats and hope they will be lucky enough to get some candy.

Previously donated: 100 oz of candy 400 pieces.