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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 60
Needs: hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and pantry food. leggings, T shirts 3/4 length sleeves and jewel neck (said her neck is short) panties (briefs) and a black hoodie (so she can wear it with anything.

Sizes: leggings 18/20 panties 8 T shirts 18/20

About: She is an elder with diabetes....lately she has been gaining weight and can't wear what little clothes she has...She would really appreciate any help she can receive. She said she often runs out of food and hygiene articles and is really struggling. She would also love a sponsor who could help her and be a friend. She is 5'2".....

2 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: Clothing for her grandchildren, hygiene articles and cleaning supplies. About: this grandmother is raising her grandchilddren and is having a hard time. She is living in a house not in good condition - but says she is making it work. She called and asked if we could help clothing them. Her grand daughter she just got custody - as since her mother died she had not been getting the help she needed. She has had her grandson since the death of his father. Neither child had a Christmas this year - so a little something special would be great.
3 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: skinny jeans, t shirts, hoodie, panties, sneakers and sock and a winter coat She has not have one.

Sizes: Jeans 12 tops 12/14 Shoes 4 1/2 hoodie 14/16 Children sizes

About: She has just come to Grandma's to live and came with very little. She is really happy - because she misses her Mom and grandma is like her Mom. She is in the second grade and she loves to play with barbie dolls and color..... Would love a sponsor
4 Grandson
Age: 17
Needs: slim black or grey joggers, T shirts darker colors Hi tops

Sizes: sweats or joggers - size mens 32 inch waist Mens Med T shirts Hi tops 9 Hoodie mens large

About: He is in need of new clothing - He has lived with his grandmother since his father died. He has grown alot and nothing fits him....He would love hi tops as he loves basketball but had to stop this year because of an injury, He is an A/B student - his favorite subjects are math and science. His favorite colors are grey and blue. He is a 10th grader.

5 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for grandchildren, hygiene articles for children and also adults. hair accessories, , pull up 4 and 5, baby wipes and baby lotions, bath towels, laundry detergent, toilet papers Also twin bedding sheets and blankets for the two girls About: She had been living with her Mother but when she died she could no longer stay in the house......She is currently looking for permanent housing and is staying with a relative.
6 Granddaughter
Age: 4
Needs: leggings or jeans, tops, panties, sneakers and socks, hoodie, winter coat back pack Pull ups.

Sizes: jeans or leggings 6 tops Shoes 10

About: She turned 4 in mid July and she too might like a belated B day gift. This year has been hard and they have not got much. Her favorite colors are red, orange, purple - she loves color.
7 Granddaughter
Age: 6
Needs: jeans or leggings, t shirts, panties and under shirts, socks and sneakers, hoodie, and a winter coat and a back pack

Sizes: Jeans 8 Tops 10 Sneakers l Winter coat 10

About: Her favorite color is blue, pink and purple....As you can see she needs all clothing. Her birthday was mid Oct so she might love a birthday gift.

8 Family

Gender: F
Age: 35
Needs: Hygiene articles for family . cleaning supplies - clothing for children, and pantry food. About: This family is struggling and did not know where to go to get help. Had been looking everywhere. She heard about the Okini List and is really hoping someone one will help her. She often runs out of food......
9 Daughter
Age: 6
Needs: SHE JUST GOT A SPONSOR - SHE IS SO HAPPPY. About: This 6 year old who is turning 7 towards ends of month is hoping that maybe she will get a birthday present. she is a first grader this year. Her favorite color is pink and she loves barbies. She would also love a sponsor
10 Son
Age: 14
Needs: bookbag, joggers , dark colored T shirts, hi tops, socks, boxers, and a pull over hoodie

Sizes: Joggers mens XL Tops 2XL Hi tops 13

About: He is a big boy who loves sports, He is planning to play football this year, He is going to a technical high school so he can hopefully find a job on graduation.....
11 Son
Age: 4
Needs: All clothing, sneakers, zippered hoodie, briefs, socks bookbag for head start to carry things.

Sizes: Clothing size 6/7 Sneakers 12

About: This 4 year old little boy started head start this year and he loves it. He loves to play with cars and trucks and is very active. Would love a sponsor.

12 Family

Gender: F
Age: 36
Needs: Clothing and school supplies for children, hygiene products and pantry items. About: Single mother doing her best would appreciate "any" help.

Previously donated: M7: jeans F9: sneakers, panties, socks, 2 leggings, 2 tops F4: 8 panties F17: top

13 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: Leggings, top, hoodie, panties sneakers and socks. book bag and some crayons.

Sizes: sneakers 10 toddler sneakers , Pants 4 tops 5

About: she is a very pretty little girl but has basically no clothing to start Pre school. Her Mom is hoping someone will help her.

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies 8 panties

14 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: leggings, tops, Hoodie, sneakers and socks In need of school supplies. hygiene supplies

Sizes: leggings ladies large, Tops XL Hoodie XL Sneakers 8 1/2

About: She is a 9th grader this year.. She is a tall girl who likes to look nice. she tries to help her mother with the younger girls.

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies top

15 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: leggings, T shirts, panties sneakers and socks, and a hoodie school supplies, going into 4th grade. and a book bag

Sizes: leggings 10/12, Tops 12/14 Sneakers 6 1/2

About: She will be a 4th grader and is looking forward to school. She is worried though as she has very little clothes that fit her and is hoping that someone can help her and maybe some hair ties too.

Previously donated: school Supplies Promised sneakers, panties, socks, 2 leggings, 2 tops

16 Son
Age: 7
Needs: Istraight leg jeans or joggers, tops. socks and sneaker s and a hoodie School supplies for lst grade and a book bag

Sizes: jeans or joggers size 10 child, tops 10/12, shoes

About: He is the only boy in the house but he says he is okay with that. He loves to play outside.

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies promised jeans

17 Family

Gender: F
Age: 65
Needs: NEEDS MET - MUCH THANKS. About: She is raising her grandbabies who are twins....She said they are as cute as the dickens but boy are they hast. She would appreciate help with clothing them. She would really love for them to get a sponsor - either together of singularly.

18 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Pair of 8.5 tennis shoes needed for 8th grade student. She would prefer leather sneakers since there are dirt roads where she lives.
19 Daughter
Age: 6
Needs: Going into first grade and could use size 5/6 outfits, size 12 shoes, school supplies/backpack.

Previously donated: 9/4 F6: backpack & supplies, pants & top, slippers for cold weather

20 Son
Age: 1
Needs: In need of size 5 diapers for 18 month old. 24 Month clothing, size 8 toddler shoes.

21 Family

Gender: F
Needs: She is asking for clothing for the children she has custody of and also the grand children who live with her and their parents. Pantry items, hygiene articles and cleaning supplies would be greatly appreciated. If possible she would love a pair of 10 wide hi tops and socks.. She walks everywhere and hers are totally worn out.

Sizes: hi tops 10 wise

About: She is a tradionalist and is proud of her heritage and the Lakotas. She tries very hard to raise her children to follow their heritage. Dorothy has a large garden and has chickens to help make it easier for the family food needs. She tries very hard to live off the land...Including going into the hills to get wild turnips. She and her grandchildren are desperate in need of shoes and socks....

Previously donated: snowsuit

22 Granddaughter
Age: 1
Needs: Pampers #5, Enfamil w. iron, All clothing and baby care items

Sizes: clothing size 12 - 18 months

About: She is the youngest in a very large house.....She has outgrown her clothing and needs clothes for now and coming season.

Previously donated: 9/5 - enfamil and diapers clothing ----- snowsuit

23 Son
Age: 33
Needs: hi top Sneakers & socks

Sizes: Sneakers 12

About: His sneakers are worn out and he would really appreciate if someone could help him. He said they are being held together with tape.

Previously donated: M28 - mens size 11.5

24 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: skinny jeans, t shirts, panties, hi tops for basketball, socks, & hoodie

Sizes: jeans 5 tops med. sneakers 7 hoodie med. or large

Previously donated: 9/6 school supplies

25 Granddaughter
Age: 18
Needs: school clothes - joggers, tshirts, hoodie, panties, socks and running sneaker and a sweat suit or jogger set

Sizes: joggers large Shirts large Hi tops 9 1/2

About: This girl is going into the 12th grade. She loves to bead when she has beads, do crafts and work on puzzles She a little bit of a tom boy but still wants to look nice. she would love more than anything to have a jogger sweat suit set.

Previously donated: 9/6 school supplies

26 Grandson
Age: 16
Needs: joggers med T shorts mens large, boxers, hoodie

Sizes: Hi tops 10 joggers med, T shirts lg. hoodie large or XL

About: He is all boy and loves sports ...His hi tops are falling apart too.

Previously donated: sneakers, boots and school supplies

27 Granddaughter
Age: 18
Needs: T shirts, skinny jeans, sneakers hoodie panties & socks Book bag and supplies for 11th grade. bookbag and school supplies for her senior year. #2 pencils, glue sticks, white glue, pink and white erasers, markers, scissors, pencil case 5 pocket folders, 2 pks. lined paper, l pkg. plain paper, red and blue pens, ruler. 1 inch binder, calculator, pencil sharpener, highlighter, planner, mechanical pencils and lead

Sizes: Sneakers 8 T shirts size 5 Jr. or (med) Pants 3

About: She is part of a large family - and while it is nice she would really love to have some clothes to feel special in and look nice in......She is a teen and this is always not a easy time. She loves art - drawing, paint, and loves to read and do sports also. And all around girl.

Previously donated: 9/6 school supplies

28 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for children About: She is calling in for help in getting clothing for her children.
29 Daughter
Age: 10
Needs: sneakers - black with a star, mens jeans 32/32 or cargo or baggy pants, T shirts

Sizes: lPants ladies 10 or jeans 32/32, tops ladies large , shoes 10 ladies

About: She is a 6th grader this year.
30 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: crocs or white nikes leather, sweatpants or leggings tops 10/12. hair accessories and hair ties

Sizes: Shoes 11.5 , clothing 10/12

About: She is in pre K and likes going to school
31 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: wants only white crocs, skinny jeans or cargo pants and T shirts

Sizes: crocs 10 Jeans 12 Tops large

About: She is 13 years old and is the 8th grade
32 Daughter
Age: 15
Needs: baggie jeans or cargo pants

Sizes: shoes 8 wants only purple crocs, Pants 13, tops large

About: She is 15 years old and is in the 9th grade this year

33 Family

Gender: F
Age: 38
Needs: pantry, hygiene items and clothing and bookbags and clothing for children. About: This family of 5 is currently living with another family member. They lost most of their belongings when the house they were staying in was condemmed and all their belongings were thrown out. They were unable to save very much.
34 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: joggers, skinny jeans, tops large, panties, lo sneakers 8 1/2, trunk shorts for vollyball hygiene articles, book bag and school supplies

Sizes: jeans 14 ladies joggers 14/16 ladies tops x- large, lo sneakers 8 1/2

About: she is in the 9th grade this year. she loves to play vollyball. Her favorite colors are blk and dark colors . She needs a pair of trunks (shorts) to play basketball.

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies promised

35 Son
Age: 15
Needs: cuffed joggers 14/16 . slim jeans or skinny jeans 16 boys, T shirts, hoodie , boxers, socks & hi tops, bookbag and school supplies for 8th grade.

Sizes: joggers 14/16 boys jeans 16 boys t shirts and hoodie mens med. hi tops 7 men

About: He will be in 8th grade this year. His favorite team is the blue devils, and favorite colors are blue or black

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies promised

36 Son
Age: 2
Needs: All clothing plus hoodie and sneakers and socks pull ups, backpack for headstart

Sizes: Clothing 3 T sneakers size 10 T

About: He is the baby of the family and will be going to headstart for the first time.....

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies promised

37 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: skinny jeans, T shirts, sneakers and a hoodie plus bookbag and school supplies for 9th grad

Sizes: skinny jeans 7 jr. T shirts large sneakers 7 1/2

About: she and her twin are starting high school this year and are excited......

Previously donated: 9/9 school supplies promised

38 Family

Gender: F
Age: 28
Needs: Tennis Shoes, Jeans/capris, undies, s/s tops, hoodie, hygiene articles and pads/tampons. She only has two sets of clothes with her and her shoes are falling apart. She would really appreciate some assistance.

Sizes: tennis shoes 9 1/2 jeans or capris 14 ladies, Tops 14/16. Hoodie SL Undies 7

About: Native daughter in another state for medical treatment/nursing rehab. She is hoping to be back with her family for the holidays.

39 Family

Gender: F
Age: 84
Needs: Needs help with lawn care items to control front yard. If interested I will have her ASC explain to you what exactly she needs. About: This elder who is 84 years young - is trying to take control of her yard. If you can help her with a gift card to Menards Hardware or speak to her ASC and she can explain what she needs....she would really appreciate your help.

40 Family

Gender: F
Age: 34
Needs: clothing for children..hygiene articles and cleaning supplies About: She and her husband are raising their children and living with extended family....she tries very hard to stay traditional and they try very hard to make it on their own. This year is super hard and they are not going to get their children ready for school. She is hoping someone will open their hearts.

Previously donated: F4: backpack, crayons, leggings, 2 tops. M12: 5 boxers M16: 3 boxers, 2 tees F11: hair accessories, 2 tees

41 Son
Age: 7
Needs: this little boy needs clothing and a hoodie He needs everything - big for his age bookbag and school supplies - 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue stick, l glue bottle, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colored pencils scissors and # 2 pencils

Sizes: jeans 8 joggers 8/10 Shirts 8/10 sneakers 4 W

About: Mom says he is growing fast and has outgrown everything. He use to be the baby of the family but now he is a first grader. And he can't wait for school to start. he is the typical little boy who loves nerf guns, dinosaurs, cars and trucks.

Previously donated: 9/11 - school supplies promised

42 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: She needs sneakers and socks...leggings, T shirts, panties and a hoodie plus book bag and crayons.

Sizes: Sneakers 3T Leggings 5 T shirts and hoodie 6

About: she still is a bundle of joy but she is 4 years now and they just love her to death. She has outgrown her clothing and need clothing for now and this fall.. she is the youngest child in the house hold.

Previously donated: F4: backpack, crayons. Leggings, 2 tops. Jeans 5T

43 Son
Age: 12
Needs: needs sweats, t shirts, hoodie, socks, boxers, book bag and school supplies for 6th grade. Bookbag - 12 # 2 pencils, 1 glue sticks, l glue bottle. 2 pink erasers, l white eraser, , 8 Markers, , scissors, pencil case, 2 pks. lined paper, 1 pk. plain papers 4 spiral notebooks, blue and ren pens, ruler 24 crayons, 1 inch binder calculator, pencil sharpener, hi lighter and calculator.

Sizes: joggers or sweats 12/14 T Shirts 14/16 boxers Hoodie 14/16 basketball sneakers or hi tops 9

About: He's a boy and like his brothers he has no clothing. He is currently wearing his cousins clothes....He just is so happy to have found a home.

Previously donated: backpack, school supplies, 2 shirts 5 boxers

44 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: leggings or skinny jeans, t shirts, sneakers (would love hi tops), sport type bras, hair accessories. socks, hoodie book bag and school supplies for 6th grade. Bookbag - 12 # 2 pencils, 1 glue sticks, l glue bottle. 2 pink erasers, l white eraser, , 8 Markers, , scissors, pencil case, 2 pks. lined paper, 1 pk. plain papers 4 spiral notebooks, blue and ren pens, ruler 24 crayons, 1 inch binder calculator, pencil sharpener, hi lighter and calculator.

Sizes: jeans 12, leggings 12/14 skinny jeans 14 shirts 14/16 hi tops 5 1/2

About: this little girl loves to fix her hair and tries to look nice. .Her hair is very long and it is waist length. She loves to read, paint and draw

Previously donated: 2 tees, hair accessories 9/11 - school supplies promised hair accessories, 2 tees

45 Son
Age: 16
Needs: joggers, boxers,

Sizes: joggers 29 inch waist. T shirts mens XL , hoodie mens XL hi tops 10

About: The sole fell off his senakers and he has no shoes. He told his Mom he doesn't want to wear sneakers that are taped together. He has no clothes to start school or supplies...

Previously donated: High top shoes, socks, hoodie, for oldest boy, school supplies 3 boxers, 2 tees

46 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Mom in need of school clothes for her children.
47 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: Going into Kindergarten. In need of 8/10 clothing, 12.5-1 shoes.

Previously donated: 2 shirts and 2 pants

48 Son
Age: 10
Needs: Going into 4th grade. In need of L/XL boy's clothing, 5.5-6 shoes.

Previously donated: 2 shirts and 2 pants