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1 Family

Gender: M
Age: 51
Needs: jeans, Bib overalls for work, work gloves, hat., s/s T shirts, Briefs, socks, construction boots (no steel toe), snowboots, hoodie

Sizes: T shirts 2XL Jeans 34 x 32 Hoodie and coat 2 XL Shoes 12

About: This gentleman works part time and therefore does not qualify for any assistance. He is the sole provider for his family on what little he brings in. He would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your support! During the winter he was layed off but can get a job cutting wood - but needs proper clothing. He is hoping someone will help him so he can start taking care of his family. He has not asked for help in a long time. He is always appreciative of anything he receives.

2 Family

Gender: F
Age: 77
Needs: In need of Pants size 14, boots for mud and snow size 8.5, socks and underwear, winter coat, size large, warm tops M or L. Pantry food would be a blessing, especially soups. Also in need of hygiene and cleaning supplies.

Sizes: 14 Pants 8.5 shoes L Jacket M-L Tops 8/L underwear

About: This Elder lives out in the country. Her daughter moved in recently to help her and they have difficulty navigating dirt roads in snow/mud.
3 Daughter
Age: 51
Needs: In need of jeans size 16, tall boots to walk through deep snow/mud size 9.5/10, XL tops, XL underwear and socks

Sizes: Jacket; 2XL. Boots; 9/10 Size 16 pants XL Tops

About: Ths lady has moved in to care for her mother after her brother and father passed away over recent years.

4 Family

Needs: Queen size blow up mattress, sheets and a warm blanket or comforter Towels Hygiene Articles About: She has moved in to be with her Aunt and is sleeping on the floor. She would love to have a blow up mattress to sleep on....She is a young mother and is trying hard to make a new life for herself.

Previously donated: 1

5 Family

Gender: F
Age: 24
Needs: jeans, t shirts, hoodie, sweater, panties, socks, sneakers, winter coat, snowboots hat & gloves Also hygiene articles, pantry food, 2 queen size blankets and towels STILL IN NEED OF DIAPERS (SIZE 7 & 5)

Sizes: jeans 20 tops 2X shoes 11

About: This young mom and her little boys are living in a trailer and her Mom is staying with her. they have outgrown all of their clothing or they are just plain old. The mother has no winter clothing. She is reaching out for help. Any assistance will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Previously donated: F24: sweater, 4 panties, top, hat F47: 2 tops, 1 pants, hat

6 Mother
Age: 47
Needs: Jeans, sweats, sweater, tops, winter coat, hat, gloves, sneakers and snowboots

Sizes: Jeans 14 or XL Tops XL Shoes 7

About: She is living with her daughter and really needs a helping hand.
7 Son
Age: 0
Needs: 24 month or 2 T clothing. winter coat, PJs with feet, mittens, and a sleeping bag for a little boy

Sizes: 0-3 months

About: He is in need of all clothing - he has outgrown everything.
8 Son
Age: 5
Needs: This little boy has outgrown all of his clothes. He's in need of pants, l/s t-shirts/sweatshirts, winter coat, snow boots, tennis shoes, socks, diapers size 7. Sleeping bag with a superhero or cartoon design.

Sizes: Sweats with cuffs 8/10 tops 10 coat 10 shoes 3

About: He is a big little boy and a little on the chunky side....His Mom says he is a sweet boy and always happy.

9 Family

Gender: F
Age: 68
Needs: Winter Coat, gloves, scarf, would love a pair of skechers as they are comfortable and fit well, S/s T shirts, Long socks, panties, warm hoodie Pantry food ---- macaroni, meats, mayo, pickles any thing she can cook and make large quanities of food.

Sizes: sneakers 8 1/2, Winter Coat XL Pants 34/32 mens jeans orin a corduroy material Panties 7 T shirts XL -

About: The family is going thru a very hard time lately and really would appreciate any help they can get. They are going thru an emergency situation and she needs food to feed them. There is 16 people plus adults and children living in the house. She is hoping someone will help her....She is really struggling.
10 Great Grandson
Age: 11
Needs: joggers, t shirts, hoodie, hi top sneakers, Winter coat, snow boots, socks, and gloves

Sizes: Pants 14 T shirts and coat 14/16 shoes 6 1/2 Winter coat 16

About: This little boy lives with his great grandmother. He really needs some warm clothes, coat and shoes. Its freezing on the reservation, please help. It would be wonderful if someone could send a basketball or board game or jenga
11 Great Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: socks, boxers Mens med., hoodie, & snowboots

Sizes: snow boots 9 or 9 1/2 Hoodie Mens Med. or large

About: This little boy lives with his great grandmother. His grandma says he is a good student who loves to read...He would also love a monopoly set.
12 Great Granddaughter
Age: 5
Needs: 2 piece outfits, winter coat, hat, mittens, warm sweater and PJ's Would love an outfit with LOL or some popular design

Sizes: clothing 6/7 Shoes 5

About: This little one is going thru alot lately and it would be wonderful if someone could also send her a stuffed animal or an LOL Doll....along with some cute clothes.

13 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: Winter coat, hat & gloves for grandmother, snow boots , Sweats or joggers, socks, panties, Sweat shirts or l/s tops, Hi top sneakers l0 Wide (for support) hygiene articles - hand sanitizer, disinfectant and N 95 masks and pantry food Blankets - 3 Twin and 2 full/queen Towels

Sizes: Winter Coat 2XL Shoes 10 Wide snowboots 10 Clothing 2X Coat 2X

About: Linda and her grandchildrlen are living in a basement of a building. She is homeless and is waiting for housing.....She has use of a kitchen.......She is having a hard time but has a positive attitude. She is asking for help for herself and her grandchildren who were placed in her custody. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
14 Granddaughter
Age: 18
Needs: Jeans, joggers, tops, panties, socks, warm hoodies, personal hygiene products, Hi top sneakers to wear to school

Sizes: Shoes 9 1/2 Pants 9/10 - stretchy Tops Large Warm hoodie size Large.

About: This teen is living with her grandma - she is trying to get her GED. She would probably like some beauty care items.
15 Granddaughter
Age: 13
Needs: pants, shirts, socks & shoes and a winter coat, hat & gloves.

Sizes: Leggins or jeans size 5 junior or 16 child,,,, shirts Med. Juniors Shoes 7

About: She is with her grandmother now who she loves alot. She has hardly any clothes and could really love some. She would love some nailpolish and a little bit of makeup.
16 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: hi tops - joggers would love black ones, skinny jeans, hoodie and socks and tops coat 8th beading

Sizes: hi tops 9 jeans 9jr Hoodie large

About: She is in the 8th grade this year and is now living with her grandmother. They are living in temporary housing - so things aren't easy - but she is happy to be there. she loves to bead and would love some beads and the earring wires. Her grandma says she is talented. She would love the skinny joggers.
17 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: Needs joggers,, shirts, socks, warm hoodie & hat, gloves, hi tops or construction

Sizes: Jeans or joggers 10 hoodie 12 shirts 8/10 Shoes 5

About: He just arrived at his grandmothers. He has no clothes. He is in 4th grade. He loves the wrestler mania and wish he had some. He is in 4th grade. He is a tall and slender lad.
18 Granddaughter
Age: 7
Needs: Winter coat, hat & gloves, pants, shirts, hoodie, sneakers and socks, snowboots and slippers

Sizes: Pants size 8/10 chld shirts 8/10 Shoes 2

About: She is in 2nd grade and is far behind. She needs flash cards for math, basic words and maybe a workbook - for kindergarten. The grandmother will work with her.

Previously donated: bar brats

19 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: hygiene articles, cleaning supplies, pantry food and dog food for medium sized dog and would love some warm socks.. - About: She is always there for her children and her grandchildren. She will do without so she can help her children - her health has not been good lately and she has been really afraid of catching the virus....It would be wonderful if someone would help her. This grandmother lives in a small house which was heated by wood stove They have no running water and heat all the water on the wood stove.......that they brought in from the well. But amazingly she keeps smiling.

Previously donated: 4 pairs of warm socks 1 33-lb bag of dog food

20 Family

Gender: F
Needs: clothing for the children - STILL NEEDED. oTHER NEEDS MET - MUCH THANKS. About: She is hoping that someone will help her The chickens are freezing to death and are also getting froze bite - so hopefully someone will be able to help them - they depend on the eggs.... She is a tradionalist and is proud of her heritage and the Lakotas. She tries very hard to raise her children to follow their heritage.

Previously donated: For 2 Year Old: 1 winter jacket, 1 red hat, mittens, 1 snowsuit, toddler sneakers size 10 For older children: warm socks, 1 jacket for 9 year old girl.

21 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: needss all clothing - WARM LEGGINGS, TOPS, SWEATER OR HOODIE socks, sweater

Sizes: clothing size 3T Shes 2 T

About: she still is a bundle of joy arrived though she is getting old- and they just love her to death. She has outgrown her clothing and need clothing for now and this winter. she is the youngest child in the house hold.
22 Grandson
Age: 14
Needs: Warm Hoodies, hi tops and snowboots and gloves

Sizes: Shoes 8 1/2 hoodie mens med. (warm one please)

About: He has outgrown his clothes and he would really needs some things He lives in the country and his always outsdie. He tries hard to help his family.
23 Grandson
Age: 14
Needs: joggers, T shirts socks & and a hoodie

Sizes: Pants 14/16 Shirts Mens Med Hoodie Mens Med.

About: He is all boy and loves sports and reading and is will be a 9th grader.... He has very little clothes and could really use some - what he has is wearing out.

Previously donated: Fleece lined hoodie 1/26.............

24 Great Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: Winter coat

Sizes: Coat 10/12

About: She is a lovely little girl who really needs a winter coat, hat and mittens. Hopefully someone will send her one.
25 Grandson
Age: 5
Needs: Clothing sweat pants, T shirts, hoodie, briefs, socks, sneakers winter coat, hat & mittens and snowboots

Sizes: Boots 5 Jackets 7 sweat pants 5T T shirts 7

About: He has come to live with grandma and he has very little clothes.... If would be wonderful if someone could get him some clothes and maybe a few toys

26 Family

Gender: F
Needs: shampoo/bodywash, at least two Queen size comfortesr and blankets, sleeping bag, 2 pillows & cases and 4 towels....She would love some warm ankle socks About: She and her adult son are living together....Their house is cold and she really needs bedding. There bedding is worn out and they really need help. She never ask for anything unless there is a real need.

27 Family

Gender: F
Age: 80
Needs: Elder in need of toilet paper and pantry food. She does not have a car and cannot access transportation often. Has children living with her. About: Elder lives in a remote area.

Previously donated: Toilet Paper - Eco Friendly Bath Tissue with Soft, Quick Dissolving 2 Ply Sheets (300 Sheets Per Roll, 24 Double Rolls) Rice 18 Pounds - Iberia Jasmine Long Grain Fragrant Rice, 18 Pounds Click image to open expanded view Iberia Jasmine Long Grain Fragrant Rice Hunt's Tomato Sauce Carton, Keto Friendly, 7.4 oz, 24 Pack Knorr Rice Sides Dish, Cheddar Broccoli, 5.7 oz, Pack of 4 Iberia Black Beans, Dry Beans 4 lbs, Bulk Dry Black Beans Bag Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Instant Oatmeal, Apple and Cinnamon, 20 Packets BARILLA Blue Box Penne Pasta, 16 oz. Box (Pack of 12), 8 Servings per Box Zatarain's Red Beans and Rice,Original, 8oz Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Original Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25 oz (Pack of 6) Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds, Heart Healthy, Whole Grain Cereal, 18 Ounce Box

28 Family

Gender: F
Age: elder
Needs: Food, Blankets full/double, Sheets, towels and hygiene articles Sweats - tops and bottems and depends

Sizes: Medium tops and bottems

About: SHE HAS NOT RECEIVED ANYTHING AND REALLY NEEDS HELP They are basically out of food. She had been very sick with covid and really needs some help... Her daughter came to take care of her....and the family is struggling. She would probably love a warm sweater and a comfy throw.

Previously donated: baby cereal pancake mix syrup 4 toddler food pouch cooking spray

29 Grandson
Age: 1
Needs: Clothing sweat pants with cuffs, shirts, winter coat, hat & mitten and socks Diapers # 6 Some toy suitable for an 18 month old child

Sizes: Clothing 5 T He is 40 pounds

About: He and his Mom have come to live at grandma;s to help take care of her. The Mom said he really puts a smile on grandma's face. She is desperate for diapers

30 Family

Gender: F
Age: 51
Needs: K 95 face masks - she would really appreciate any help. She also needs blow up mattresses - king if possible and a twin or double. About: HER MATTRESSES HAVE BEEN INFESTED WITH BED BUGS AND SHE THREW THEM OUT - SHE NEEDS BLOW UP MATTRESSES - ONE HER DAUGHTER WHO IS A TEEN AND THE OTHER FOR HER AND HER LITTLE GRANDKIDS SHE SLEEPS WITH. They have to wear FaceMasks - the one child can't to vaccinated because of health problems and the family is afraid for other too as they are siblings. The doctor said get N 95 masks but she can't get them on rez - can anyone help.

Previously donated: 2 packages of N95 masks package of N95 masks

31 Grandson
Age: 9
Needs: Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: ski jkt. mens large

About: - He is a tall Little boy and chunky he really needs a winter coat

32 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Grandmother with extended family living with her needs some help with hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and diapers . There are alot of people living in this house from babies to adults. About: Her daughter is desperate for diapers. she has very few and does not know what she is going to do.

Previously donated: toothpaste, toothbrushes, 2 sleep n play. 2 l/s tees. tee & flannel shirt

33 Grandson
Age: 0
Needs: 3-6 month clothing for twin boys
34 Granddaughter
Age: 0
Needs: 3-6 month girl's clothing.
35 Granddaughter
Age: 5
Needs: Size 6/7 girl's clothing
36 Grandson
Age: 6
Needs: Size 5-6 boys clothing
37 Grandson
Age: 1
Needs: Size 3T boys clothing
38 Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: size 11/13 Juniors. 36C Junior's bra.
39 Great Grandson
Age: 2
Needs: size 4T boys clothes

40 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Blankets for family, towels, hygiene articles AND A layette for a baby boy due in March - she needs everything. About: she is asking if anyone could help her and her family. She is the mother of 5 children - who luckily have sponsors. She and her husband are teenage sweethearts and have been together a long time. This baby is an unexpected bundle of joy. She is hoping that someone will be able to help them.

Previously donated: Clothes, 0-3 mos.: 7 outfits; 5 undershirts; 2 nighties; & NEW 3 piece 6 mos. outfit; two: 0-6 mos. Pascifers & two 6-13 mos. Pascifers. 1 Nuby toy; 72 Baby Wipes; 2 bars Dove Soap; 18 Tampons.

41 Family

Gender: F
Age: 62
Needs: Winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots clothing for grandchildren and some hygine and pantry items.

Sizes: Winter coat with hood if possible 2X snowboots 6

About: This grandmother is in dire need of winter coat and snowboots...What she had either does not fit or is worn out. she is hoping someone will be able to help her and her family.

Previously donated: 2x hooded lined jacket, fleece pants, cuddle duds wool beanie, socks, winter scarf, washcloth, chapstick, hair conditioner, 3 canned hams, size 7 snow boots

42 Granddaughter
Age: 4
Needs: warm leggings, tops, panties, socks and hi top sneakers. and a warm sweater and mittens

Sizes: leggings 5T tops 5/6 Hi tops 1

About: She is being raised by her grandmother and they live in the country. She loves to play with dolls and play outside too -- some warm mittens would be perfect.
43 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: skinny jeans, tops, socks and panties and a warm hoodie

Sizes: jeans l jr. Tops Med.

About: she is being raised in the country by her grandmother. She is very slender and like all teen girls she loves make up... If someone would like to send some to her she would love it.
44 Daughter
Age: 39
Needs: Winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: Winter coat XL Snowboots s7

About: She tries to help her Mom in this large household - but it is really hard when she takes the kids out and she has no warm clothing.

45 Family

Gender: F
Age: 38
Needs: hygiene articles, household supplies,s jeans, tops, socks, panties, hoodie, snowboots

Sizes: boots 9 Jeans 6 Shirts Med.

About: She is living with extended family and is asking for help for herself and her son and daughter. She works tanif but does not get much and finds it hard to cloth themselves.

Previously donated: men's 3/1 wash, 3 toothbrushes, sanitary pads. For Melinda: 2 pr jeans, 3 pr socks, 3 pr panties, zip-up oodie.

46 Daughter?
Age: 12
Needs: joggers, l/s t shirts, hoodie, socks and panties Shoe 9 hygiene articles

Sizes: Joggers XL Tops XL Shoes 9

About: This 7th grader is in need of clothing....Everything is old and she would like to look nice for school. Her favorite colors pink and black.....Likes to talk with her friend in her spare time.
47 Son
Age: 20
Needs: Hi tops, sweats, T shirts, hoodie

Sizes: hi tops 10 Sweats Med., hoodie large

About: He is in 11th grade and really needs clothing for school. He loves basketball....Favorite team Golden State Warriors