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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 35
Needs: Pantry food, hygiene articles and diapers # 5& 6 About: This young mom of 4 precious boys is reaching out for help for some clothes and baby care items for the baby she just had. She was hoping for a girl - but the Baby is a boy.....She says that is wonderful.. She is asking for nothing for herself - but really needs help with food, diapers and hygiene articles
2 Son
Age: 13
Needs: This young man is in need of clothing for school - he has outgrown everything. He would love a pair of lo sneakers....and a hoodie for school. He is going into 8th grade and needs school supplies and a book bag

Sizes: joggers XL or jeans 38 Tops 2 X Sneakers 8

About: He is turning 13 in July - he loves to read sci fi books and books with chinese characters....His Mom says he is really a good boy that helps with his siblings. He is a very busy boy.

Previously donated: school supplies 8/4 - back pack, 2 hoodies, 2 s/s t shirts, size 8 sneakers

3 Son
Age: 11
Needs: This young man is in needHe would love a cheap phone, not flip top, under $50. Can be purchased at Walmart or any other discount store. the kids use the phone to play games on it and other things thru Wi Fi - they can not be used for calling....This is something rez does - I don't really understand it - but the grandmother said all the kids do it.. of basketball shorts or cut offs, tops, sneakers or sandals

Sizes: BOYS SIZES: shorts & tops 14-16, shoes 6 - sneakers or sandals

About: He is in need of summer clothing he has none....He loves to plays with legos and would really like some water guns to play with with his brother.

Previously donated: School supplies, 8/4 - 2 s/s t shirts, sneakers size 6

4 Family

Gender: F
Needs: There are a lot of children in this household. Mom(s) are asking for size 5 and 6 diapers- Huggies or Parents Choice and some newborn/ size one diapers. One mom is being induced to give birth to twin boys a week from Friday. They would greatly appreciate any assistance.

Previously donated: 5 newborn onesies, 1 blanket, 1 swaddle tie

5 Family

Needs: She is asking for help for clothing for her grandchildren and daughter, hygiene articles

Previously donated: Nike running shoes for 17 yr old girl, Size 11

6 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: Sweats or joggers, T shirts and sweatshirts, hoodie (would love a Nike) & sneakers (low)

Sizes: Sweats or joggers 16/18 Tops Mens Med. Hoodie Mens Med. or large Sneakers 8 wide

7 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: SWEATS, SHIRTS, HOODIE, SOCKS, WOULD LOVE A PAIR OF NIKE SNEAKERS She has had a pair for close to two years and they are worn out..

Sizes: Sweats XL tops s XL Shoes 11 womens

About: She loves to listen to k pop music and the Korean BTS boy Band
8 Granddaughter
Age: 7
Needs: pants, shirts, shoes, socks, snowboots, winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: Pants 10/12 Shirts 10/12 Shoes 13

About: She is a good little girl and loves doing what most 7 years like doing.
9 Grandson
Age: 6
Needs: pants, shirts, shoes (construction or hiking boots), socks, winter coat, hat, gloves & snowboots

Sizes: Pants 7 shirts 8 shoes 12

About: He is the youngest child in the family and can't wait till he grows big like his brother.

10 Family

Gender: M
Age: 30
Needs: Pantry food that is prepared to eat... Raditor and food promised. Refrigerator promised About: He is a young man and is a paraplegic from the waist down. He has very limited use of his hands...He lives alone and generally in the dark because he can't get to the Wall switch. He is having a rough time.......hopefully someone will help him.

Previously donated: 1 Microwave 1 Hillsboro Farm Meat and Cheese gift box 4 cans Beef Stew 6 cans Corn 2 cans Fruit salad 2 boxes crackers 1 jar Peanut Butter 3 packs Tuna Salad with crackers 12 bags microwave popcorn 6 packets instant oatmeal 1 canister strawberry lemonade mix 1 box Apple granola bars 15 count oats and honey granola bars 1 package rice 22 packets Carnation Instant Breakfast Shelf Stable Hornel Compleats meals - 2 Mac and cheese 2 Spaghetti and meatballs 2 Roast beef and mashed potatoes 1 Chicken Alfredo 1 Meatloaf and mashed potatoes 1 Chicken and Dumplings 1 Chicken and Rice

11 Family

Gender: M
Age: 29
Needs: Clothing for his children that he is raising..

Previously donated: n these boxes are winter coats for the boys and girl, one boys hoodie, shirts for the girl, snowboots for the girl, mitten and glove sets for the boys.sent a small gift set for the little girl placed that in the snowboots for packing.

12 Son
Age: 5
Needs: Sweats, tops, hoodie, Snow Boots, Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: clothes 8/10 Shoes 3 Winter Coat 10

About: He has grown alot since last year and nothing fits.....He really needs some clothing to keep warm in. He lives in the country.
13 Son
Age: 5
Needs: Warm winter clothes. - sweats, tops, hoodie, Snow boots, winter coat, hat & Gloves

Sizes: clothes 8/10 Coat 10 Snowboots 3

About: This little boy really needs some warm winter clothes. His Dad tries so hard. He and his brother are outside alot trying to help Dad.
14 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: Winter clothes. - leggings, tops, , hoodie, winter coat, hat & gloves and snow boots

Sizes: leggings 10/12 shirts 10/12 Winter coat 12 Shoe 3 1/2

About: She is a little girl who lives with her Dad and brothers who she loves alot - but she still is a girl and like to look pretty.

15 Family

Gender: F
Needs: snow boots and Cleaning supplies would be very helpful as well!

Sizes: Ladies size 2X winter jacket, size 8 snow boots

About: She is running low on everything and could really use a helping hand! She helps take care of her 2 teenaged nephews and young grandchildren so food is always running out, especially now that they are home from school. She is very appreciative of anything!

Previously donated: Box Maypo (hot cereal) & sm. Maple Syrup, Hair Ties; 22 sm Candy Bars; 40 Hand Sanitizer Wipes. Dau.: Hat; 2 prs. Boot Socks Dau.: sz. 9 Merrill Boots & 2 prs. Boot Socks; Hat. Grndd. 8: warm Joggers; 5 Panties; Coloring Book; Twistables; Hat Nephew 17: warm Hat. HOLIDAY GIFTS for Nephew 18: Art Box for: 12 colored Gel Pens; 10 Pencils; 24 Colored Pencils; 2 Blk. Gel Pens; assorted Pencil Sketch set (erasers, sharpeners, charcoal & graphite pencils); Sketch/Notebook; 2 (50) page Sketch Pads; sm Hand Sanitizer.

16 Daughter
Needs: Sweats XL Hoodie 2X Hiking type boots 7 1/2 and socks

Sizes: Sweat pants XL Hoodie 2X Hiking boots 7 1/2

About: She is doing a work/study program and in urgent need of winter items
17 Daughter
Needs: Winter jacket and snow boots

Sizes: Ladies size 2X jacket, size 9 sneakers or snow boots

About: She is taking college courses and needs some new winter items
18 Granddaughter
Age: 8
Needs: sweats and tops, panties, socks

Sizes: clothing 10/12

19 Nephew
Age: 17
Needs: Joggers either grey or black, Hoodie Grey or black, High socks, sneakers, boxers

Sizes: Vans skate shoes if possible 11 joggers Med. Boxers Med.

About: He is in 11th grade, He likes to play video games but can't play often as he often because only one TV for a large family.....He likes to read hot rod books and national geographic magazines. and Harry Potter
20 Nephew
Age: 18
Needs: Sweats, T shirts, socks, Hoodie, Boxers XL, hi tops - black, grey or red.

Sizes: Sweats XL Tops 2X Hi tops 10

About: He is going to the technical college center and is trying to decide what he wants to major in.

21 Family

Gender: F
Age: 22
Needs: skinny jeans, s/s & l/s shirts, sneakers hoodie, winter coat, hat & glove, snow boots

Sizes: jean 9 - 11 shirts 9 shoes 8 1/2 coat size large

About: This new mother is living with her grandma and is hoping soon to get her own place. She is hoping to find a job as soon as she has the baby on a bottle. She loves the outside and is looking forward to being able to take baby on long walks.

Previously donated: Boy- Clothes, snowsuit, socks, blanket, toy Mom, Two pair of jeans, two sweaters, snowboots, coat, gloves Grandmother, Scarf, blanket, bath and body lotion

22 Son
Age: 0
Needs: All baby clothing, bottles, hygiene articles, baby blanket and snow suit. binky with a small blanket

Sizes: Infant 6 - 9 mos.

About: He is the very loved baby boy and is the first child of his Mom. She thinks he is the most beautiful and perfect baby.

23 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: full/queen blankets, 3 inch screws and nails, heavy duty plaastic , stables and stable gun, oil filled heaters, caulking and caulking gun, pantry food, cleaning supplies, home first aid kit... electric skillet and electric hot plate and toaster oven sweat pants, sweatshirts, winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: clothing size XL snowboots 9 1/2 and snowboots 10 1/2

About: This young mom and her daughter moved into a trailert recently. They are trying to make it livable but have a bit of a mold problem. Also there is no working cook stove . They are trying to make it liveable and any creative thinking would be wonderful. They have no running water or furnace - and only have electric. All their windows were smashed.. . Any donations will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Previously donated: 2 Queen comforters 2 dish towels candy

24 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: In need of sweat pant, t shirts, , winter coat, snow boots, socks, sweaters/hoodies, underwear.

Sizes: all clothing XL women's snow boots 10 1/2

About: She is trying hard to help her Mom and can't wait to have it finished.....

25 Family

Gender: F
Age: 56
Needs: snowboots that are good for walking, winter coat, hoodie, hat & gloves nightgown and slippers. (warm and fussy) Dishes

Sizes: shoes 8, coat Large, hoodie large, flannel night gown large, & warm fuzzy slippers.

About: This grandma is reaching out for winter clothing and footwear for herself & little granddaughter. She has no real source of income and would very much appreciate a helping hand. Thank you!

Previously donated: Black Joggers, Thinsulate Gloves, Hat, Detangling Comb, 3 prs. blk. Socks, Hand Mirror, 2 Toothbrushes & T/pste, 2 bars Olay, 7oz. Dawn, 4 Correll Plates, assorted Candy Bars Grandd. Fleece Unicorn Coverlet, 5 prs. Panties, warm Shoe/Boots, Hand Mirror, Hat, 3 prs. Socks, Thinsulate Gloves, child Shampoo/Conditioner, Hair Clips & Hair Ties.

26 Granddaughter
Age: 7
Needs: In need of jeans with elastic waist or warm leggings , panties, PJ's and slippers, socks & shoes, snow boots, hoodie, winter coat and hat & gloves. . Has outgrown everything from last year. Bed in a bag with unicorn and a fuzzy blanket.

Sizes: jeans size 8 - 10 (not skinny). shoes size 2, winter coat 10,,, hoodie 10

About: She is in first grade and has had a big growth spurt. she loves unicorns. her favorite color is pink and purple.....She is granma's little helpers. Grandma said she is quite a little artist.

27 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: hygiene articles - toothpaste, toothbrush, bar soap, BODY WASH. shampoo & conditioner hand sanitizer and lysol cleaner..TOILET PAPER, 30 gal. trash bags and tall trash bags. laundry and dish soap, bleach About: She has many health conditions that keep her from working. She is in the process of trying to find out what is wrong. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. hygiene and cleaning supplies can not be purchased with food stamps and she is basically living on food stamps. Thank you!

Previously donated: body wash

28 Family

Gender: F
Age: 61
Needs: Winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: Winter coat with hood if possible 2X snowboots 6

About: This grandmother and some of her family members are in dire need of winter coat and snowboots...What they had either does not fit or is worn out. she is hoping someone will be able to help her and her family.
29 Husband
Age: 63
Needs: Winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: Winter coat 4X Snowboots 12

About: He has no coat, snowboots or gloves and he is really in need of some. He does all the work outsdie and it is really cold.
30 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: Winter jacket and snowboots

Sizes: Winter Jacket size 16 child and snowboots 5

About: all she has is a hoodie and they live in the country and she is cold.
31 Granddaughter
Age: 6
Needs: snowboots - hat and gloves

Sizes: snow boots size 1

About: She was left at her grandmothers and the grandmother is going to raise her - she is in desperate need for clothing.

Previously donated: c

32 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: snowboots

Sizes: snow boots size 13

About: She has a warm winter coat but really needs some mittens and snowboots.
33 Daughter
Age: 39
Needs: Winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots

Sizes: Winter coat XL Snowboots s7

About: She tries to help her Mom in this large household - but it is really hard when she takes the kids out and she has no warm clothing.

34 Family

Gender: M
Age: 55
Needs: Metal bed frame for double bed and a oil filled heater Personal hygiene articles - shampoo, soap, lotion, toothpaste and toiletpaper and pantry food. About: ..He is trying to make it selling crafts - but there are virtually no visitors due to Covid.

Previously donated: Small Plug-in Wall Heater/Fan, Suave: Shampoo, Conditioner, 2 bars Soap, 4 oz. Hand Sanitizer, 6oz. Toothps., 2 Toothbrs., 2.5 Aveeno Lotion, 12 sm. Candy Bars, 6 Granola Bars, 1 can: Corned Beef Hash, Pasta Sauce, Peas.

35 Family

Gender: F
Age: 63
Needs: Oil filled heaters, Sweater that opens in front, Warm PJs, Shoes

Sizes: Sweater 3 X PJ's 2 X Shoes 8 1/2 wide

About: This large family is in need of help with clothing during the long cold winter months ahead. Several members had COVID recently but are doing better now.

Previously donated: Violet 8 yr old granddaughter - size 10 underwear (5 pack) 1 pack M and Ms

36 Grandson
Age: 11
Needs: joggers, hi tops , T shirts, zipper hoodie

Sizes: Pants size boys 12 -14 , t shirts size boys 14/16 , , hi tops sneaker size 6 1/2 Hoodie 14/16

Previously donated: sneakers, 3 pants, 3 shirts

37 Grandson
Age: 13
Needs: Joggers, T shirts l/s, hoodie - socks & hi tops.

Sizes: XL clothing (mens) Hi tops 10 1/2

About: He is an 8th grader he loves to lisen to music and watch TV
38 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: Leggings and l/s T shirts, hoodie, Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: size 5

About: She is an adorable 3 year old and the light of grandma eyes
39 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: Joggers, T shirts, Zippered hoodie

Sizes: Boys size 16/18 pants and shirts Hoodie 18

About: He is 7th grade - Favorite subject in school is reading.....
40 Granddaughter
Age: 8
Needs: Winter Clothing- leggings, tops, hoodie, Winter coat, hat & gloves

Sizes: Clothing Size 10 Coat 10

About: She is in 3rd grade - she loves to play with her toy phone and her favoirite color is pink.
41 Grandson
Age: 8
Needs: joggers, T shirts, hoodie, socks, Winter Coat

Sizes: Boys size 1 12/14 and shirts 12 - 14 Winter Coat 14

42 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Pantry food, hygiene articles and a BLACK hooded winter coat and gloves

Sizes: Coat size large

About: This single mum/grandmother is bringing up her son and grandchildren. She really needs some help with pantry food, she is struggling to feed the children. This family have no running water, so some bottled water would be really helpful.

Previously donated: Laundry Soap, 9 toothpaste, 20 soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, 18 TP, 2 dish soap, 1 lotion , 4 child toothbrush, 8 washcloth, 2 towels, 1 dishpan, 5 Oats, 12lb rice, 12lb bean, 1 barley, 1 raisins

43 Grandson
Age: 3
Needs: he has no car seat - he weighs about 30 pounds and growing. About: This toddler is in need of a car seat - they do not have one that fits him and his baby brother is in his old one.

44 Family

Gender: F
Age: 57
Needs: Oil Filled Heater and a Winter Coat. winter boots King size blanket because grandson hogs blankets pantry food and hygiene articles.

Sizes: Winter Coat XXL & Winter boots size 9 WINTER COAT AND KING SIZE BLANKET PROMISED

About: An elder is in desperate for a heater - her home is cold and a winter coat.... She is raising her grandchildren on what little money she gets on a monthly basis but is struggling at the moment. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Previously donated: Box of pancake mix, small bottle of Hungry Jack syrup, salt free seasoning, poultry seasoning, small cooked ham, cashew macadamia trail mix, 2# brown rice, can diced tomatoes, jar of ground cinnamon, 3 rolls lifesavers, 3 lollipops,

45 Grandson
Age: 10 years
Needs: Winter Coat, Hat, gloves, snow boots, jeans, t shirts, hi tops, briefs and a sweater

Sizes: coat 12, shoes 3 jeans 10 briefs 10

46 Family

Gender: F
Age: 34
Needs: Young mom asking nothing for herself, and only winter jackets/coats for older children, clothing and diapers for newborn Hats and gloves would be wonderful too. About: She asks nothing for herself, only for her children. She would be grateful for any help getting her children ready for winter. Thank you!

Previously donated: 11/3 XL Coat

47 Son
Age: 12
Needs: men's large winter jacket

Sizes: men's large jacket

Previously donated: lg. coat

48 Daughter
Age: 10
Needs: This girl has a sponsor. If the sponsor is not able to help , a request will be posted later.

Sizes: GIRLS SIZES: shirts/sweater 10-12, pants 10, shoes 3(high top tennis shoes) 10 girls Girls underwear

49 Son
Age: 7
Needs: Winter jacket/coat size 8

Sizes: BOYS SIZES: pants/tshirts/hoody size7/8 shoes 1 (high top tennis shoes)

50 Son
Age: 13
Needs: Winter jacket size men's large

Sizes: jacket men's large

51 Son
Age: 0
Needs: New baby boy. Needs size 6-9 month warm clothing, blankets, bottles, diapers size 4-5

Sizes: baby boy 6-9 months

52 Family

Gender: F
Age: Elder
Needs: Cleaning supplies , toilet paper, hygiene articles and pantry food, towels and queen or king blankets, pillows and some cases Grandmother would love a winter coat, gloves and snow boots.

Sizes: Winter coat XL - black with hood if possible snow boots 7 1/2

About: This Grandma needs some help with household supplies and clothing, She is raising her children and extended family - she loves and cares for all these children.

Previously donated: Men's boots, wool socks, gloves and hat for Loretta's brother

53 Great Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: All clothing, sneakers, winter coat, and snow boots

Sizes: Clothes size 12 Shoes 3

54 Grandson
Age: 8
Needs: sweats, tops, Red Hoodie, coat, sneakers, snowboots

Sizes: clothes 8 shoes 2 Coat 10

About: He is starting Kindergarten this year and is behind because of covid.

Previously donated: coat

55 Brother
Age: 63
Needs: winter coat & snow boots

Sizes: boots 8 Coat XL

About: Elder in Urgent need of Boots and clothing. His current boots have holes and are falling apart!
56 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: All clothing, Winter coat & Snow boots, socks and sneakers and a hoodie

Sizes: Clothes 12 shoes 4

57 Granddaughter
Age: 7
Needs: sweats, t shirts, socks, sneakers, winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots

Sizes: Girls size 12 shoes 4

58 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: school clothing and shoes, winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots

Sizes: Boys 14/16 Shoes 6

Previously donated: coat

59 Granddaughter
Age: 15

Sizes: jeans 16 LADIES tOPS xl sHOES 7

60 Granddaughter
Age: 16
Needs: skinny jeans, socks, panties, T shirts, socks, sneakers and snow boots

Sizes: Jeans 18 (womens) Shirts l X SHes 8

About: she has very little clothing but says she is lucky then everyone loves and cares each other.
61 Granddaughter
Age: 16
Needs: skinny jeans, T shirts, Hoodie, sneakers, snowboots

Sizes: size 16 jeans XL top shoes 7

About: She is in the 8th grade and can't wait to start playing basket ball.
62 Granddaughter
Age: 13
Needs: skinny jeans, joggers, t shirts, hoodie, socks and sneakers and snowboots

Sizes: 13 Junior and size 7 shoes

About: she is 13 and in the 7th grade and a new school this year./
63 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: skinny jeans, tops, hoodie, sneakers, Warm hoodie and snow boots

Sizes: skinny jeans 13 jr. Shoes 6

About: She is in the 6 th grades and she likes school and can't wait till the sports programs open up.
64 Granddaughter
Age: infant
Needs: baby clothes, snow suit and a baby blanket

Sizes: 6 - 9 mos.

About: She is the youngest of the grandchildren and is beautiful grandma says.
65 Grandson
Age: 9
Needs: sweats, t shirts, socks, sneakers, winter coat, hat & gloves and snow boots

Sizes: sweats 16 T shirts 16 Coat 16/18 shoes 5

66 Granddaughter
Age: 16
Needs: Skinny Jeans, tops, socks, sneakers, snow boots,

Sizes: Jeans 16 Shoes 7 tops XL

67 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: sweat pant and tops, t shirts, Red Hoodie, Winter coat, snowboots and sneakers

Sizes: Sweat 16 Red Hoodie 16 Shoes 6

About: He is in the 5th grade and he loves to run around outside play with his family.
68 Grandson
Age: 15
Needs: clothing, hoodie, sneakers, snow boots , socks and gloves

Sizes: sweats 16 Sneakers 8 Hoodie Mens Med.

69 Family

Gender: M
Age: 49
Needs: Kerosene heater and Electric Heater About: He has raised his children on his own and now has his son and his family living with him. He is hoping someone will be able to help out with some heaters.

Previously donated: ORDER # 114-2344074-8305812 - one electric heater