The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*


The ALLEN YOUTH CENTER is asking for holiday gifts for approximately 200 children of all ages.

Items can be sent directly to: One Spirit, 77 Long Distance Blvd., Kyle, SD 57752.

Contact is Deborah Holcomb at if you have any questions.

Items requested are: toddler toys, basketballs, footballs, dolls, stuffed toys, tablets, books for all age groups, puzzles, board games, art supplies, hats, gloves, socks, RC Cars, toys for all age groups, hot cocoa and candy to hand out to all of the children.

Also, the ROSEBUD SOUP KITCHEN is in need of items for their community. They serve approximately 200 folks on a daily basis.

They have 15-18 babies under 3, 40 children age 3-10, 50 children 10-15 and 100 elders.

Items requested are toys for the babies, basketballs, dolls, stuffed toys, action figures, footballs, RC cars, batteries, toys, board games, puzzles, art kits, purses for the teen girls, hats, gloves, socks for the teens. Candy and treats to give to the children. Candles, hats, throws, socks and gloves to hand out to the elders.

They are also asking for tea, coffee, sugar-free hot cocoa, any types of non-sugar sweetener, creamer and snacks to serve at the soup kitchen.

Please send items to:
Marian and Bill Sorace
28584 BIA 9
PO Box 574
Rosebud, SD 57570
Phone contact: 605-828-5013 (Marian)

Hot Donor Deals!
Donor deals

We are beginning to gather up suggestions and ideas on good deals from our donors. Please list your best and most exciting ideas and suppliers and we'll put together a list and keep it here. This listing is not an endorsement of any particular retailer, merely a means of passing on shopping deals.

From Valerie: Lands End has insulated winter boots on sale 50% off right now. This is also a good time to get flannel sheets or pajamas with holiday or winter prints on sale.

From Casey Tuesday, December 29, 2020 five below website has plush sherpa blankets for $5

Down coats: - with sales and coupons, they are 50-60% off right now. Smaller adult sizes suitable for kids go on incredible clearance. They have plus sizes as well!

Good markdown blankets (down alternative, plush polyester fleece):, Macy's, other department stores. Note that not all will ship to PO boxes. From Cynthia

From Marilyn: Brad’s Deals website has great deals on all types of clothing, shoes and household items. Join free for newsletter and receive daily notices of ever changing deals. Prices cannot be beat!

From Julie-Anne: Brandless - $9 for a box of diapers, with $6 over $39 I like to go on Ebay- sometimes I bid and sometimes I use the Buy It Now option. Shipping is free a lot of times. Check out the Search Engine and type in “Lot of ____” clothes, tools, whatever for some great finds!

From Holly Kailani Check out shoes and boots are about 1/4 regular price.

From Kate Schmid For light source that is battery free and reuseable, the Luci lights that can be either ordered or purchased on the internet or Bass Pro, is a great source of bright lighting. It has a solar panel that can charge during the day even a cloudy one, and can be blown up and used as a lantern. Price ranges from $14-$20 depending and I have seen that they carry them at Walmart also.

Check out five below website they have warm blankets for five dollars no matter how big the order shipping is five dollars

From Rachel The clothing company called Justice sells clothing for plus-sized girls. I use them sometimes for the rez kids' orders.

Zulily has great deals on women's winter coats. I found two that originally retailed for over $200. One was marked down to $49 and the other was $69.

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ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch!
Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN The Allen Youth Center needs diapers, shampoo, body soap, laundry soap, and lotion. Blankets have been also requested by some families. To provide financial support for programs provided by the Allen Youth Center, please donate through the One Spirit website -- The center cannot process your cash donation or buy shoes for the children.


A twenty-dollar cash donation can help Lakota food box recipients purchase a variety of household supplies that many desperately need. In March, One Spirit will give each food box recipient the $20 voucher to use at Buche Supermarket. The owner has given OS a great price on the items.The voucher can only be used on the selected items that are placed on a shelf in the store.

The items are dish soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, bodywash, deodorant, comb, toothbrush,and women's sanitary supplies and can be mixed and matched depending on individual's needs. The voucher can not be used for anything else in the store.

Please help us supply the Lakota with some of the most requested items on the Okini List, by clicking on the paypal button.

If you are interested in sending a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 8/14/2022 Family
Clothing for self - ( JEANS,, S/S t SHIRTS, HOODIE, SOCKS AND CONSTRUCTION BOOTS NO STEEL TOE, )grandson, , pantry food, hygiene articles and cleaning supplies this couple and their grandson have very little and are struggling....They wanted you to know whatever is sent that they would very much appreciate it. 32/32 shirts Mens Large hoodie XL Shoes 10 1/2 PROMISED 2 PAIR JEANS.
2 8/14/2022 Wife F 51 clothing - sweats, s/s/ shirts, sneakers and socks, hoodie sweat pants 2X T shirts 2X hoodie 2X sneakers 8 1/2 mens or 10 womens PROMISED -CLOTHING AND SHOES
3 8/14/2022 Grandson M 9 NEEDS MET He is going into the 4th grade this year and is really looking forward to it. He likes school but is really happy to be around kids his age. jeans 10 T shirts 12 Hoodie 12 shoes 3 promised - SCHOOL supplies PROMISED - CLOTHING AND SHOES
4 8/11/2022 Family
F 30 clothing for children, book bags for children, towels, blankets - anything for household they moved into a new trailer and have very little She said at the moment the most important on the Okini List are the school age children - they have no backpacks or schoolsupplies and their shoes are falling apart. All the children need everything but she would be happy if the school kids got help.
5 8/11/2022 Daughter F 10 leggings , t shirts, panties, socks & would love skater style sneakers. book bag with 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue sticks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, scissors, highlighers, 3 spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper. She is a little chubby Mom says but is really a happy child. She is glad that this year they will be going back to school. leggings 14/16 shoes 7 1/2 correct size (has wide foot) Tops 14/16
6 8/11/2022 Son M 5 jeans, t shirts, briefs, socks, sneakers, hoodie bookbag with large crayons, markers. hE IS THE TYPICAL LITTLE BOY who lives dinosaurs, minecraft and batman. It would be really special if he could get some t shirts with those pictures printed on them. jEANS 8 t SHIRTS 8 hOODIE 8 SNEAKERS 12
7 8/11/2022 Daughter F 13 skinny jeans, s/s t Shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and hi tops. Her favorite color is blue bookbag 2 pink erasers, 2 glue sticks, l sm. glue bottle, pens, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, scissors, highlighers, small binder, 3 spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper. she will be a 7th grader this year and she can't believe she will actually get to go to school. She can't wait....Her favorite color is Blue - any shade. skinny jeans 11 jr. T shirts Large hoodie XL Shoes 7
8 8/11/2022 Daughter F 1 Needs all clothing - sizes 18 - 24 months and a cuddley baby blanket. Mom says this little girl loves Minnie Mouse and gets so excited when she sees one. 18 - 24 months
9 8/11/2022 Son All clothing - size 6 - 9 months - Pampers size 5 Mom says he is really a good baby ... size 6 - 9 months
10 8/14/2022 Family
F 52 laundry and dishwashing soap, toilet paper, paper towels, first aid kit, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant (men & women), hand soap, razors, CLOTHING for the family, thread, sheets (for quilt backing), batting, solid cotton fabric, pantry itemsm - SHE WOULD LOVE A SEWING MACHINE... This mother makes quilts to earn money. She could use some help with winter clothing and household items. She would appreciate broadcloth fabric (any color) and quilting supplies.This family is asking for assistance during a very difficult time. her grandchildren have become part of the family as they had needed a home and people who loved and cared about them. .Thank you for any assistance. tOPS xxl lght weight jkt......XXL pANTS 14 shoes 9
11 8/14/2022 Husband M 55 shaving supplies, work boots (wide) (no steel toe) , sweats & jeans, T shirts, coton white tube socks This disabled husband and father does the best he can in providing for his family on a very limited income. He could use some clothing and work boots. jeans 38/30 shirts and hoodie XXL Shoes 10 1/2 briefs 38/40
12 8/14/2022 Grandchild 9 skinny jeans, s/s t shirts, panties, ankle socks, lo sneakers & hoodie She will be turning 10 in Dec and is going to be a 3rd grader this year. She is a girly girl who loves to play with nail polish and fix her shoulder length hair. She loves pow wows and grandma says she is tall & slim. skinny jeans 14, t shirts 14/16 lo sneakers 6 1/2
13 8/14/2022 Daughter F 18 skinny jeans, s/s t shirts, hoodie, panties mid rise cotton, no show cotton socks, sports bra. This eleventh grader loves blue and purple and she plays volleyball. She has outgrown herschool clothes and really needs some new ones..... skinny jeans 9/10, s/s t Shirts Large, Lo sneakers - converse style 8 , sports bra, 36/38 B cup
14 8/14/2022 Daughter F 16 clothing to go to school in - skinny jeans, short sleeve t shirts, lo sneakers, hoodie , panties, cotten ankle socks and sports bra -------------- book bag and school supplies for 12th grade This senior loves to play basketball and volleyball. Her hobbies include art and drawing, Stops when basketball season Her favorite color is blue and her favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors. She is graduating early and plans to join the service. ADULT SIZES: skinny jeans size 13; blouse & Tshirt size XL; jacket size XL; hi-tops size-10.5, sports bra sports bra 40/42 - c cup , lo sneakers 9 1/2 converse or van style, cotton ankle socks, panties cotten mid rise size 7
15 8/14/2022 Son M 14 Jeans, T Shirts, blue hoodie, boxers (cotten knit), socks ankle & hi tops book gab and supplies for 7th grade This 7th grader loves the Denver Broncos and his favorite colors are orange and blue. He builds airplanes and draws in his spare time. He has outgrown all his clothing and could use some clothing that fits. jeans size 36/30(slim straight) shirt size XL adult; boots/shoes size 9 1/2
16 8/14/2022 Grandson M 7 socks,hi tops, jeans, S/S t shirts, blk cotten ankle socks, knit boxer briefs cotton, hoodie book bag and supplies - 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue sticks. pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colfored pencils, #2 pencils, fiskar scissors, highlighters, 3 spiral notebooks. This 2nd grader is being raised by his grandparents. He loves basketball and his favorite colors are black and blue. his favorite team is the cavaliers..... shoes size 4 hi tops; cotten knit boxers 14, Jeans 14, T shirts 14/16
17 8/14/2022 Grandson M 0 all clothing, baby care items, hygiene and diapers #4, and cudley blanket He is beginning to grow and is really desperate for clothing....A warm cuddley blanket would be wonderful....please if possible send some 18 month clothing for cold weather. 12 - 18 months Shoes 3 & 4
18 8/14/2022 Grandson M Jeans, T shirts, Hi tops, tube socks , cotton boxers, hoodie Bookbag and school supplies for 7th grade This boy is turning 13 and is looking forward to being able to attend school this year. He loves playing basketball and his favorite team is the Cavaliers. Jeans 18 T shirts Mens Med. Hoodie mens med. hi tops 7 /12
19 8/11/2022 Family
F 43 Mom in need of school clothes for her very large boys. The boys will be starting school soon and it would be nice to start out the year with something new (and that fits).
20 8/11/2022 Son M 13 Going into eighth grade this year and is six feet tall already. In need of 2XL tee shirts and 36x34 pants, socks. He would also be ok with sweatpants.
21 8/11/2022 Son M 17 Will be a senior this year.
22 8/9/2022 Family
F 32 baby stroller - good for rough roads and a baby back pack This is her first child and she is really trying to do everything right.. They are currently living with her significant others family home. They have very little. She is hoping someone could help her with a baby back pack and a stroller that is good for rougher roads. She said it does not have to be brand new.
23 8/14/2022 Family
F ALL NEEDS HAVE BEEN PROMISED AND IN PROCESS OF BEING FILLED. This single mum/grandmother is bringing up her grandchildren. She really needs some help with pantry food, she is struggling to feed the children. This family have no running water and the children arrived with nothing. Baby bottles, clothes pins, 1 pink baby blanket, 3 sleepers, boys and girls socks, 2 pr pj's, 2 blankets, 4 pk toilet paper, 2 pks baby wipes, 2 body wash, 2 kids body wash, 1 baby shampoo, 1 baby oil, hand sanitizer, 1 small gain fabric softener, 1 gain dryer sheets.
24 8/14/2022 Granddaughter F 3 Warm weather and fall clothing and some leggings, S/S t shirts, hoodie or sweater Cuddly blanket and a toy would be wonderful and of course some clothing. 3T 1 short sleeve top with matching leggings, 1 sweatshirt and another pair of leggings 5 pants, 3 shorts, 5 ss tops, 3 ls tops, fleece onesie pjs, 1 lightweight jacke
25 8/14/2022 Granddaughter F 6 mos SHE NEEDS ALL CLOTHING AND BABY CARE ITEMS. plus hoodie and socks. Her Granny is really struggling finding clothing for this little one to wear she is hoping that soon some one will help. 6 - 9 MOS. 2-pk of short sleeve onesies, 1 pr of leggings, 1 sleeper for winter 2 sleep sacks, 3 ls sleepers, 6 onesies, 1 ss top, 2 ls tops, 4 pants, 1 lightweight jacket, 1 baby towel.
26 8/14/2022 Grandson M 1 soft pants or overalls, shorts, t shirts, socks and hoodie A warm blanket and a toy He is the typical little boy and is of course adorable. He is at the moment a little mystyfied but is doing well. clothing 18 - 24 mos 1 sleeveless knit shirt, 1 long sleeve onesie and matching pants, a 2-pk of knit pants, another long sleeve onesie, 1 long sleeve T-shirt and a lightweight jacket 3 pants, 2 shorts, 4 ss tops, 5 ls tops, 1 lightweight jacket.
27 8/14/2022 Grandson M 3 Needs summer clothing, fall clothing and a few toys. Clothing 5 T he is chubby 1 pr sweat pants and 1 sweatshirt - 2 pants, 3 shorts, 5 ss tops, 1 ls top. 4 small throws, 4 small stuffed toys, 7 small toys
28 8/9/2022 Family
F 20 Hygiene articles, cleaning supplies, pantry food, blankets, towels, socks, sneakers and sandals, s/s T shirts, leggings or capriis This young family is struggling - they often run short of food and need help with clothing...... They really need blankets and towels - they only have l blanket and 2 towels. T shirts Med. pants 9 jr. or med Shoes 9
29 8/5/2022 Son M 3 joggers w. cuffs., socks, t shirts, hoodie, shoes pull ups 6/7 & cuddley blanket The little boy is extremely chubby - so this will take creative shopping....that is why the cuffs...or maybe legging type pants. size 6/7 shoes 11
30 8/5/2022 Son M 0 All clothing - hoodie - baby blanket, pampers #4 His Mom says he is a wonderful baby boy who is much loved. all clothing 9 - 12 months
31 8/5/2022 Significant other M jeans, t shirts, and boxers. He has very little clothing and would appreciate a couple of jeans and some t shirts. Jeans 30/32 Boxers 32 T shirts Med.
32 8/9/2022 Family
F 53 DOVE SOAP AND SHAMPOO - BECAUSE OF SKIN ALLERGY... hygiene articles, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, clorox, dish soap and toilet paper., Dog food for lg. dogs and chicken feed. Pantry foods. -- canned meat, chicken, spam, chunky soaps, stews, oatmeal, etc. UPDATE She has lost her husband and is taking care of her daughter. She is trying to get SS but so far has not been able too. They live in the country and are struggling. they would really appreciate a helping hand. They have very little and often run out of hygiene ariticles, cleanings supplies and food. She asked if possible if anyone could send chicken feed - they depend on eggs and don't have the money to buy any feed. They try to grow everything that they eat.
33 8/9/2022 Family
F 29 She is asking Shool clothing and book bags and supplies for her four daughters and hygiene articles for the family. A young mother with four little girls is asking for help getting them clothing for school. she asks for nothing for herself - she just wants her girls to be taken care of.
34 8/14/2022 Daughter F 2 All clothing, (maybe a couple of cute outfits) leggings, t shirts, panties, hoodie., sneakers and socks and book bag with a pk. of large crayons she is the baby girl of the family and she is starting early head start.....She will need clothing for this and she is growing fast. Her Mom says she tries very hard to keep up with her Sisters. clothes 2T Shoes 7 hoodie 3T
35 8/9/2022 Daughter F 9 l skinny jeans , s/s t shirts, panties, hoodie, socks and hi top sneakers, socks bookbag - 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue sticks, sm. glue bottle, pencil case, 8 markers 8 colored pencils 24 # 2 pencils, fiskar scissors, hi lighters, 3 spiral notebooks. loose leaf papers, 2 pocket folders & pencil sharpener. This little girl is living with her mother, sisters and other extended family members....She is excited about school opening up again - so she hopes she will have some pretty clothes - maybe in pink or black. she is tall for her age . She has long hair. and also likes pastel colors. skinny jeans 10/12 child shirts 12 child, hoodie 14 child sizes - sneakers 8
36 8/9/2022 Daughter F 6 Needs leggings, t shirts, hoodie, panties, socks & sneakers bookbag and supplies for first grade - 24 crayons, 3 pink eraser, 2 glue sticks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 olored pencils, # 2 pencils & fiskar scissors This 6 year old little girl is full of it and loves her sisters. She is having a birthday in a week and can't wait to be a seven year old. Her favorite color is pink. She loves to play with dolls she has never been to school before because of the pandemic so she is really excited. Of the three girls she is the girly girl. leggings 7 shirts 8 hoodie 8 sneakers 1
37 8/9/2022 Daughter F 4 She has outgrown all her clothing and really needs some. Little girl leggings, t Shirts,hoodie, socks, sneakers, and bookbag large crayons and markers, safety scissor for head start. She is a pretty little girl who is trying hard to keep up with her sisters. She is starting headstart finally this year so she is really excited. All clothing 4T Sneakers 11 T
38 8/9/2022 Family
F 33 She is asking for school clothes and bookbags and supplies for her children. She called up and asked if she could ask for help with getting her children some BACK TO SCHOOL clothing and supplies....She tries very hard to pay the necessities of life - such as, rent, elect., heat and food but there is never any money left over for other things.....She is hoping that someone will open their hearts and help her them.
39 8/9/2022 Daughter F 7 some cut offs, skinny jeans, s/s t shirts, hoodie, panties sneakers and socks. Book bag and supplies - 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue sticks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case, 8 markrs, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, fiskar scissor, hi lighters, 2 spiral notebooks She is a sweat young girl who always is smiling. She is tall and slender....and still is a little girl who loves playing with dolls. She is very much a girly girl. Clothing 8 T shirts 8 Shoes 1 1/2
40 8/9/2022 Daughter F 13 she is in need skinny jeans, jean shorts, and T shirts and a pair of hi top sneakers. Book bag - and supplies for 8th grade. spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper, pocket folders, small binder, pens, pencils, colored pencils, hi lightera, calculator, erasers etc. she loves school like her brother and enjoys going. She is growing up and likes to look pretty. None of her clothes fit from last year. Her wish is she someone will send her some nail polish, eye make up. - she is a girly girls Jeans or shorts 9 Jr., T shirts lg.. adult, hi tops 8
41 8/9/2022 Son M 14 Joggers, s/s T shirts, socks, hi tops, boxers and a hoodie bookbag and supplies for 9th grade - pens, pencils, erasers, spiral notebooks, loose leaf paper, 3 pocket folders, small binder, calculator He is a very tall & big boy and has outgrown everything. He loves learning and going to school. He is over 6 feet tall. He graduated 8th grade at the top of his class and one the principles award. T shirts XXL Tall joggers XL tall Hi Tops 12
42 8/6/2022 Family
F Elder Clothing and hygiene products for the 12 grandchildren going to local schools. If each child could get 2 sets of clothing - grandma would consider it a blessing. If you want a specIfic child - I will take them off list and mark it promised.. ALONG WITH OTHER FAMILIES. She asked for help with her grand daughter going off to boarding school and now she is asking for help for the 12 children going to local school. There are two more children in this family but they have sponsors - so she did not ask for them.. She said her grandchildren are extremely grateful for what ever they get and to be truthful their grandma is the same way. she is raising 16 grandchildren and great grandchildren and making it work...She did not want the kids to go into care - she wanted them to be with family and have a chance. They don't live in a big house or have much but they are making it work - and the kids are doing well....but running low on food and clothing the kids is really scaring her....but the important thing is they have each other. ORDER 1, ordered from Walmart as requested Time and Tru Women's Short Sleeve V-Neck Tee, 2-Pack, Black Soot/Black Soot Time and Tru Women's Short Sleeve Rib T-Shirts, 2-Pack, Black Soot/Black Soot Free Assembly Women's V-Neck Tee with Square Sleeves, CONCHA STRIPE Time and Tru Women's Pullover Slim T-Shirt with Long Sleeves, 2 Pack, Black/Peach Free Assembly Women's Ribbed Crewneck T-Shirt with Long Sleeves, Black No Boundaries Juniors' Classic Skinny Jeans, 2-Pack, Black/Rinse Time and Tru Women's High Rise Skinny Jeans, Dark Destructed B2BODY Women's Panties Breathable Cool Boyshort B2BODY Women's Panties Floral Pattern Brief (3) Seamless Hipster, 3-Pack
43 8/9/2022 Great Granddaughter F 11 skinny jeans, nice pair of joggers, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers book bag - 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue sticks, sm. glue bottle, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colored pencils , 24 #2 pencils, pr. fiskarscissors, highlighters, 3 notebooks, loose leaf papers, 2 mechanical pencils, 2 pocket folders, pencil sharpener. This little girl love colors - so any colors are fine. Clothes size 12 Shoes 4 1/2 book bag and school supplies
44 8/9/2022 Granddaughter F 13 skinny jeans, T shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers she is 14 and in the 8th grade and a new school this year. she loves to read and is really looking forward to going back to school... Her dream sneaker is low converse. She wears dark colors. Clothing 15/16 Shoes 7 1/2 bookbag and school supplies
45 8/9/2022 Granddaughter F 9 skinny jeans, nice pair of joggers, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers She likes colors too and enjoys looking pretty. She will be in the 5th grade this year...... Jeans 12 T shirts 14/16 shoes 4 1/2 bookbag and school supplies
46 8/9/2022 Granddaughter F 17 skinny jeans, T shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers she has very little clothing but says she is lucky because her family loves and cares each other. she likes darker colors or greys She will be a Junior this year. clothing 15/16 Shoes 8 bookbag and school supplies
47 8/9/2022 Granddaughter F 15 skinny jeans, T shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers (low) Her favorite colors are navy or darker blue, grey or black. She will be in 10th grade this year....She is so excited to be able to go to school after being home for a year. skinny jeans 15/16 tops 15/16 sneaker - size 8 book bag and school supplies
48 8/9/2022 Grandson M 11 joggers, s/s t shirts, boxers, socks and hi tops He is the typical boy who loves to play basketball. He will a 6th grader this year and he is really excited.... Boys 18 Shirts 18 or mens med. Shoes 6 bookbag and school supplies
49 8/9/2022 Granddaughter F 16 skinny jeans, T shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers (low) She is in the9th grade and can't wait to start playing basket ball. Favorite colors black and gray - she only likes simples clothing.. skinny jeans 15/16 shirts 15/16 hoodie 16 Hi tops 8 bookbag and school supplies
50 8/9/2022 Granddaughter F 8 skinny jeans, T shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers (low) she loves the summer but is really glad to finally be able to attend school.....She loves any colors. Girls size 14 shoes 4 1/2 book bag and school supplies
51 8/9/2022 Grandson M 10 jeans, sweat pant (no cuffs or elastic at bottom), boxers, s/s t shirts, basketball sneakers or hi tops, socks, and hoodie skinny jeans, nice pair of joggers, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers He is in the 6th grade and he loves to run around outside play with his family. His favorite team is LA Lakers Sweat or jeans 18 tops 18 or mens med. Shoes 6 book bag & school supplies promised
52 8/9/2022 Grandson M 10 joggers, , T shirts, hoodie, boxers, socks and hi tops He will be in the 5th grade this year and is excited for school. joggers 18 T shirts 18 or mens. med. Hi tops 6 backpack & school supplies
53 8/6/2022 Granddaughter F 12 Child has been taken - all items promised She is in the7 th grades and she likes school and can't wait till the sports programs open up. She also loves doing arts and crafts. She said she is patiently waiting for a sponsor.
54 8/3/2022 Family
hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and clothing for her children.
55 8/3/2022 Son M 13 jeans, basketball shorts, joggers, s/s/ t Shirts, socks and hi tops He is the typical little boy who loves to skateboard and play outside. He will be going into the 6th grade this year...... jeans 8 reg., T shirts 10 Shoes 5 Sizes correct.
56 8/3/2022 Daughter F 10 jeans, shorts, s/s t Shirts, hoodie, socks and sneakers book bag and school supplies - 24 crayons, 2 glue sticks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil box, 8 markers, 8 colored pencil l pr. fiskar scissors, highlighter, 3 spiral notebooks She is in 3rd grade and loves all animals.....So much Mom says she is a vegetarian.......She also loves to read books about animals. Jeans 7 slim Tops 8 Sneakers 11c child is very petite
57 8/1/2022 Family
F Clothing for children, hygiene supplies, pantry supplies and cleaning supplies This family has faced really hard times with the loss of loved ones....They are struggling and trying to make sense of everything....HOpefully people will show that they are cared about....These boys are available for sponsorship.
58 8/2/2022 Son M 12 jeans, joggers, basketball shorts, t shirts, hoodie, socks and hi tops book bag - erasers, colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils highlighters, 4 spiral notebooks 2 mechanical pencils, 2 - 2 pocket folders , loose leaf paper, blue/blk pens, glue sticks, calculator & protractor. He willl be in 7th grade this year and like most boys likes basketball, skateboarding and loves the outddoors....He gardens with his mom. He just is beginning to like to read about different places in the world. jeans 14, Shirts 16 hi tops 6
59 8/2/2022 Son M 0 a few shorts, joggers, s/s t shirts, socks and hi tops and a hoodie for school. book bag and 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue stoicks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, fiskar scissors, high lighters, 3 spiral note books, 2 pocket folders pencil sharpener He is going into the 3rd grad - but he is keeping up with his brothers. He can't wait till start school and be able to see his friends. Clothing 8/10 Hi tops 4 hoodie 12
60 8/2/2022 Son M 11 a few shorts, joggers, s/s t shirts, socks and hi tops and a hoodie for school. book bag and 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue stoicks, l sm. glue bottle, pencil case 8 markers, 8 colored pencils, 24 #2 pencils, fiskar scissors, high lighters, 3 spiral note books, loose leaft paper, 2 pocket folders pencil sharpener He will be in the 4th grade this year and he loves to play outside with his brother.....He think he has the worlds best brothers. joggers or shorts 10/12 s/s t Shirts 10/12 Hoddie 14 and hi tops 5
61 7/21/2022 Family
F 55 She is asking for clothing for her grandsons and bookbags and school supplies. Like many families on the rez she is having a hard time.. If anyone could helpshe would really appreciate it. This family has very little. 3 - pack backs
62 8/12/2022 Grandson M 7 book bag, 24 crayons, 2 pink erasers, 2 glue stocks, sm. glue bottle, pencil box 8 markets, 8 colored pencisl and scissors he loves his grandma and he is happy he is with her...He is in the lst grade and loves to play with match box cars and action figures. He has lived with his grandmother since his parent died. Shoe Pants 8 bookbag
63 8/12/2022 Grandson M 12 socks (mid height) and hi tops and pants -- joggers or jeans book bag and school supplies - pink erasers, glue, pencil case, 8 markers, 8 colored pencils 24 # 2 pencils, pens, highlighters, 4 notebooks, loose leaf paper. 2 pocket folders, pencil sharpener He is in 5th grade and like his brother he loves basketball. he loves all sports and loves to play outside.. He is being raised by his grandmother and his father has died....His birthday is the beginning of June. Jeans 14 Hi tops 6 1/2 bookbag
64 8/12/2022 Grandson M 17 bookbag - pencils, pens, mechical pencil, calcultor, loose leaf papers, note books, folders and a small binder, high lighter He is a junior in High School and says school is okay but his passion is basketball....He would love to have some nice clothes as his are falling apart. He is trying to decide whether he wants to go to college or join the service. He has been raised by his grandmother since he was oneand she is the only parent he know. jeans 30/32 T shirts XL Basketball shoes 10 1/2 bookbag
65 8/15/2022 Family
F 51 Is asking for 2 fans.... Her house is extremely hot and her fan died....She borrowed a fan but then they wanted it back....She is really hoping someone can help her.... 8/15 - fan promised
66 7/26/2022 Family
F 41 pantry food, hygiene articles, cleaning supplies and clothes for her children and nieces and nephews. She also needs clothing jeans, tshirts and sandals She is a single mother with two children and is also looking out for her nieces and nephews who she is helping raise...She use to work but she was laid off. She was doing Advocacy work....She is hoping that she can go back to work - said she is not afraid of hard work....She helps take care of nieces and nephews as their situation is hard. jeans 5 Tops Med. Panties 5 Bras 36B sandals 9 Mom/Raelee: 2 pk socks & 3prs panties, 4 bars of soap Niece F 10: 1 pr jeggings, 1 pr sneakers, 1 long sleeve T-shirt, 3 prs underwear Nephew M 16: 1 pr basketball shorts, 1 athletic tank top, 3 pk athletic socks Niece F 9: 1 pr jeggings, 3 prs underwear Daughter F 7: 1 pr leggings, 1 long sleeve knit top, 1 fleece hoodie, 1 pr sneakers Son M 8: 1 pr sweat pants, 1 long sleeve knit shirt Nephew M 13: 1 pr sweat pants, 1 pr athletic shorts Nephew M 5: 3 prs socks
67 8/9/2022 Nephew M 13 In need of joggers, basketball shorts , s/s shirts, hoodie, hi tops , slides socks & hoodie He is going to be a 5th grader this year and again can't wait for school to start....Then he can see his friends...Like his brother he likes to play ball. He knows he needs school clothes but he really wants some basketball shorts. BOYS pants 16/18, shirts mens med., shoes 8 hoodie mens med. 1 pr sweat pants, 1 pr athletic shorts
68 8/9/2022 Son M 8 Basketball shorts, T shirts, slip on sandals (slides), jeans or joggers, t shirts, socks, sneakers and a hoodie This little boy has no summer clothing and is also desperate for school clothing.....He will be going into the second grade this year and his Mom says he is all boy.... Pants/shorts 8 Shirts 8/10 Shoes 2 1 pr sweat pants, 1 long sleeve knit shirt Nephew
69 8/9/2022 Daughter F 7 shorts, T shirts, panties, slides, skinny jeans, S/s T shirts, sneakers and socks, hoodie Like her brother she has no summer clothing or clothes to start school with.She will be a first grader and her favorite color is purple...She loves to draw. Pants 7 Shirts 8 Shoes 12 1 pr leggings, 1 long sleeve knit top, 1 fleece hoodie, 1 pr sneakers
70 8/9/2022 Nephew M 5 In need of winter clothes, winter coat, boots, socks. He will be in Kindergarten and loves spiderman Clothing sizes 3T, jacket size 4T, shoes 8c 3 prs socks
71 8/9/2022 Niece F 9 Has outgrown her clothes. In need of leggings or jeans, t Shirts, panties socks and sneakers she is in the 3rd grade and is a girly girl. She loves to do her nails and fix her hair with bows and clips. GIRLS SIZES: pants12 T shirts 12/14 Shoes 3 1 pr jeggings, 3 prs underwear Daughter F 7: 1 pr leggings, 1 long sleeve knit top, 1 fleece hoodie, 1 pr sneakers
72 8/9/2022 Nephew M 16 In need of basket ball shorts, , joggers,, s/s t-shirts, sneakers (high tops), socks, slides, boxers and a hoodie He is going into the 9th grade this year and is really looking forward being able to go back to school rather than virtual....He loves basketball. He said this summer has been hot and he wished he had some shorts. joggers mens large, basketball shorts mens XL., T shirts XL, hi tops and slides 10 1 pr basketball shorts, 1 athletic tank top, 3 pk athletic socks
73 8/9/2022 Niece F 10 Is in need of leggings, T shirts, hoodie sneakers , panties and socks She is a tom boy so nothing too girlish she will be a 4rd grader and can't wait...Her auntee said she loves to play cards and is quite good at it. pants size 10/12 t shirts 12 shoes 6 1 pr jeggings, 1 pr sneakers, 1 long sleeve T-shirt, 3 prs underwear
74 8/8/2022 Family
M 58 Would love some pantry food and a chain saw 16 or 18 chain saw. SAW PROMISED - NEEDS FILLED. mUCH THANKS. .They are starting to gather wood for the residents of the village. This man rarely asks for things for himself but tries hard to help village. This village has very little and the only way they exist to help each other. He and his relatives try very hard to keep the elders and needy in wood.
75 7/23/2022 Family
F clothing for grandson and hygiene articles for him. She is asking for nothing for herself. She is a strong lady who has been battling health problems but she is always there for her grandchildren....She would really appreciate a helping hand for him. 5 ss t-shirts, 4 shorts, tennis shoes 1 ls t-shirt, 2 ls sweatshirt/hoodies 3 fleece joggers, fleece onesie pjs Light weight jacket
76 7/23/2022 Grandson M 2 shoes, clothing mostly summer and a few fall outfits. , hoodie, socks and diapers 5 This little boy is the apple of grandma's eye. He is as cute as a button but he really needs some clothes - he has outgrown everything. He has just come to grandma's.....She would love to get a sponsor for him like his cousins have. ...;She told me he can already count to 10. she is so proud of him. 3T summer clothes shoes 8 hoodie or light weight jkt. she says4T diapers size 5
77 6/30/2022 Family
F clothing for boys, hygiene articles and cleaning supplies she is a very caring mother and while asking for help with her boys she also expressed that she would like them to experience sponsorship as she did as a child. She said it brought her great joy and happiness whenever she heard from her sponsor via mail.
78 7/3/2022 Son M 9 Basketball shorts, tank tops, strap sandals (like Tevas) He loves to play outside and hang out with his brother. This boy would love a sponsor and his mother would like to do this via mail. clothing 10/12 sandals 4
79 6/30/2022 Son M 13 basketball shorts, tank tops, hi tops and sneakers He is in the 8th grade. He loves to fish, collect and build model jets and WWE wrestlers. He also loves basketball. His sister just got a sponsor and he would like one to to write and exchange letters. Shorts 16/18 Tank tops Mens Med. Hi tops 6