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1 Family

Gender: F
Needs: URGENT: Needs diapers and wipes. Also in dire need of pantry food.

Sizes: Diapers size 6

About: She has 11 children in the house and the youngest are in urgent need of diapers!! Food constantly runs out and she goes without eating so the kids can have food. Thank you!

2 Family

Gender: F
Age: 66
Needs: space heater (tower heater if possible) About: The nights are still rather cold and this elder is in need of a space heater as her other one quit working. Will be most thankful.. Thank you!

3 Family

Gender: F
Age: 46
Needs: In urgent need of walking shoes (slip on) and diapers size 5

Sizes: shoes size 10

About: Violet is the sole provider for a rather large household of 20 people and rarely asks for anything for herself. Her only pair of shoes have holes in them and she's in desperate need of a new pair. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by all. Thank you!

4 Family

Gender: F
Needs: 3 Twin size sheets sets, 1 queen size sheet set, pillows, Towels. and scatter rugs About: This mother called up and asked for help... after waiting years and years for a home of there own - they are finally in their own apt. she said her girls have not stopped smiling. If anyone could help - it would be wonderly.

Previously donated: Queen sheet set, lotion, comb, toothpaste, ibuprofen , 4 hand towels, toenail clippers, stainless steel coffee mug, athlete foot cream

5 Family

Gender: M
Age: 51
Needs: Boots, socks, t-shirts, pantry items, canned soups, underwear, sweat pants, after school snacks

Sizes: Boots size-8.5 t-shirts size-L sweat pants size-M/L

About: This family is experiencing a medical crisis. The wife is hospitalized and beginning dialysis. This father is disabled and tries his best to support his family. Any help is appreciated.
6 Son
Age: 20
Needs: Lace-up Boots, socks, jeans, shirts, hoodie, coat, hat, gloves, underwear

Sizes: Boots size-11.5 jeans size-36x32 shirts size-2X coat size-40/42

About: This high school senior loves to read and plans to work with the elderly when he graduates. His favorite color is black. He doesn't have any winter clothes.
7 Son
Age: 12
Needs: Hi-tops, socks, sweat pants, hoodie, underwear, coat, hat, gloves

Sizes: sweat pants size-M (Men's) Hi-tops size-9 (Men's) Hoodie size L (Men's) underwear size-34/36 coat size-M (Men's)

About: This 5th grader loves to play basketball. His favorite colors are blue and gray. He likes to read and draw in his spare time. Any winter clothing is appreciated.
8 Daughter
Age: 16
Needs: Hi-tops, socks, jeans, shirts, underwear, sport bras, hat, gloves, coat

Sizes: Hi-tops size-7 jeans size-10 M (women's) shirts size-M sport bras size-M coat size-M (women's)

9 Daughter
Age: 18
Needs: Hi-top sneakers,, hoodie, socks, jeans, shirts, underwear, sport bras, coat, hat, gloves, basketball

Sizes: sneakers size-5 jeans size 7M (women's) shirts size-M sport bras size-M coat size-M

About: This 10th grader loves to play basketball. Her favorite colors are navy blue and black. She has no winter clothes that fit.
10 Wife
Age: 50
Needs: Hoodie, socks, sneakers, sweat pants, underwear, queen size blanket, afghan (for dialysis), sweater, bathrobe

Sizes: Shoes size-10 Hoodie size-2X sweat pants size-2X

About: This mother and wife has diabetes and her illness has progressed and now she is beginning dialysis. She is currently in the hospital. She will need some comfortable, warm clothing and shoes when she is discharged. Thank you.

11 Family

Gender: M
Age: 70
Needs: Socks, T shirts - long and S/S, boxers 34" and construction boots for walking (no steel toe) and gloves and stocking hat. He is diabetic - so some dried fruit would be wonderful as he walks everywhere

Sizes: Boots 8 1/2 Boxers - 34"

About: A vet who is a elder and lives alone - could really use a helping hand. He is losing his sight and is also diabetic Where ever he goes - he walks, even with his problems - he is always helping his neighbors.

12 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Pantry food - beef, beef jerky, soup in bags, veggies, - would love some granola bars and protein bars She can use everyt type of food and clothing for her little girl About: This mother called up asking for pantry food for her and her daughter. She often runs low on food and has been sick....the doctors said she needs more protein in her diet....She has asked for nothing for herself - except food for her and her daughter....
13 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: Pants, shirts, panties, long and short socks, warm sweater or hoodie and winter coat and hat & gloves About: This little girl has just has had a growth spurt and nothing fits her at the moment.......her Mom feels bad because all her clothes look to small on her. She is hoping someone can help.

14 Family

Gender: M
Age: 37
Needs: Jeans, shirts, socks, underwear, boots, coat, hat, gloves

Sizes: Jeans size-36x32 shirts size-2X boots size-9 Coat size-2x Underwear size-2X

About: This father of 5 just moved home to the reservation any he found all their clothes were thrown away. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: 2 pr warm sox 2/22

15 Son
Age: 4
Needs: socks, winter boots, coat, pants, shirts, hat, gloves, underwear

Sizes: boot size 8 (boys) coat size 5T pants and shirts size-5T

About: This little boy is starting Head Start and really needs winter clothes. Thank you.

Previously donated: sweatshirt shirt, socks and pants hat 2/22

16 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: coat, boots, socks, underwear, pants, shirts, hat, gloves

Sizes: Coat size-6T Boots size-9 jeans size-6T shirts size-6T

About: This kindergartener has only one set of clothes. Her favorite color is purple. She likes to color and play with Barbies. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: sweatshirt shirt, socks and pants hat 2/22

17 Son
Age: 2
Needs: diapers, socks, coat, pants, shirts, hat, mittens

Sizes: diapers size 4 coat size-4T pants & shirts size-4T

About: This 2 year old boy has no winter clothes or coat that fit. Thank you for your help.

Previously donated: sweatshirt

18 Daughter
Age: 14
Needs: Coat, boots, socks, underwear, pants, shirts, hat, gloves, hair ties

Sizes: Coat size-L (Women's) boots size-8 (Women's) Underwear size-7 jeans size-15 shirts size-L (Women's)

About: This 8th grade girl just moved back to the reservation with her family. Her favorite color is pink and she likes to play volleyball and basketball. The family moved with no clothing.

Previously donated: sweatshirt

19 Son
Age: 3
Needs: socks, winter boots, coat, pants, shirts, hat, mittens, diapers

Sizes: boots size-6 shirts and pants size-4T diapers size-5 coat size-5

About: This little boy is beginning Head Start and has no winter clothes or boots. Your help is appreciated.

Previously donated: sweatshirt shirt, socks and pants hat 2/22

20 Wife
Age: 38
Needs: pants, shirts, underwear, bras, socks, coat, boots, hair ties, pantry items, canned food, toilet paper, laundry & dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, bar soap, baby shampoo, trash bags, toothpaste, 4 toothbrushes

Sizes: boots size 8 ladies coat size-L Bras size-38C pants size-16 shirts size-L Underwear size-8

About: This mother of 5 just moved back to the reservation and she has no winter clothes. They moved back with nothing and she and her family really need food so her children aren't hungry. Thank you for any help.

Previously donated: 3 Ramen, 2 # rice, 2 # beans, dish soap, 2 bar soap, 4 toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair ties 2/22

21 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothes and high tops. About: This grandmother is on a very limited income and is also bringing up her two grandchildren. She is in poor health and really needs some help with clothes and shoe's for one of her grand daughters, the other grand daughter has a sponsor.
22 Granddaughter
Age: 11
Needs: Clothes and high tops.

Sizes: Pants; size 6 teen girls. Shirts; Small womans. High tops; 6.5 wide.

About: This young girl needs some clothes and high tops. She lives with her grandmother and older sister who has the help of a sponsor. It would be great if a donor could help with the items this young girl needs.

23 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: Shirts and sneakers.

Sizes: Shirts; medium. Sneakers; 10

About: This single mother who recently lost her partner, really needs some help with sneakers and shirts for herself and her daughter. This little family haven't been on the OKINI listing since November 2018.
24 Daughter
Age: 15
Needs: Shirts and sneakers.

Sizes: Shirts; Medium. Sneakers; 10.

About: This young teenager really needs some shirts and sneakers. She hasn't been on the OKINI listing since November 2018. Her mum really tries to do everything for herself and not burden anyone.

25 Family

Needs: Snowboots for childrenThey have no snowboots and live in country, clothing Pantry food and hygiene articles

Sizes: Coat or hoodie 2X Snow boots 9

About: A young mother is having a hard time....they live in the country an they walk everywhere....She herself does not have a coat or a warm hoodie and snowboots. She would love to have a pair of snowboots so that are feet are not always wet but she told me her children come first.

Previously donated: hi top snow boots, 5 pk wool socks, fleece lined hoodie, snow boots & 6 pk warm socks 2/23

26 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: NEEDS - skinny Jeans or leggings, sneakers, socks tops and snowboots

Sizes: skinny jeans 13, shirts X - large sneakers 9 Snow boots 9

About: she is a 9th grader and is trying hard.....Appreciates anything that is done for her. She has no jeans and only a few leggings.....She walks a long way to catch the school bus and her feet are always wet. She would love a pair of snowboots and some jeans...

Previously donated: snow boots & 6 pk warm socks 3 l/s tops, 2 pr leggings, 2 skinny jeans 2/23

27 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: NEEDS warm hoodie or sweater, SHOES AND SOCKS. pants, shirts panties, socks and snow boots

Sizes: Clothing 2T shoes 5 Panties 2T and snowboots 5

About: She has outgrown everything and has no clothing. The good news is she is potty trained - but really needs a potty chair.....The potty scares her where she lives.....

Previously donated: potty chair, 2 pr knit pants, 3 l/s shirts, snow boots, 10 pk panties, 6 pk socks and hoodie. fleece jacket, 2 pr flannel pj's, stuffed bunny 2/23

28 Family

Gender: F
Age: 35
Needs: tampons, maxi pads, hoodie, socks, underwear, sweat pants & leggings, boots, coat, make up, pine sol, bleach

Sizes: Hoodie size-XXL (Women's) sweat pants and leggings size-XXL Boots size-10W Coat size-XXL

About: This single parent is raising her daughter alone and has no income. She could use a hand with some needed personal and household items. Any help is appreciated.
29 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: Hair ties, leggings, boots, hat, mittens, underwear, socks, ccoat

Sizes: Boots size-8 Leggings size-XXL (girls) underwear size-6 coat size-L (girls)

About: This first grader has outgrown her clothes and is in need of boots. Her favorite color is purple, she likes to color and draw. Any help is appreciated.

30 Family

Gender: F
Age: 50
Needs: Winter clothing for her grand daughter who just arrived and sneakers for her daughter and grand daughter About: This families tries very hard to survive by selling crafts but the family has been dealing with a major illness and is having a really hard time.....The grandmother was hoping that someone could help her.
31 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: Jeans, leggings, T shirts, hoodie, shoes and socks

Sizes: Jeans (skinny) 10 Shirts 12 Hoodie 12/14 Sneakers 5

About: She just arrived at her grandparents with basically the clothes on her back. Her grandmother called and asked if anyone would be able to help her. She has been using her cousins clothes - but it is too big for her - she would love to have some clothing to look nice at school.
32 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: Pair of Black low Converse sneakers

Sizes: Shoes 6 1/2

About: This 6th grader is growing and She likes to look like the other kids in school...This child does well in school and also loves to help her parents. Her biggest wish to to have a pair of black low converse sneakers.
33 Granddaughter
Age: 13
Needs: Pair of low white converse sneakers and socks

Sizes: Sneakers 6

About: This little girl is growing up and would really like to look nice....These two girls have had a rough time lately and it would really put a smile on her face to be able to have these special sneakers.

34 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: L set of king size sheets 2 sets of full sheets, blankets, pillows, towels, housewares, pots and pans......and hygiene products About: This mother finally got her own house - and while she has managed to get beds - she has no bedding or towels or any housewares. She would really appreciate anyone who could help her on this new chapter of her life. She has the house but nothing for it. She is a mother of four.

Previously donated: Macys King sheet set, body lotion, toothpaste pot and pans set, kitchen washcloths

35 Family

Gender: M
Needs: Winter clothing, pantry food, personal hygiene items

Sizes: Size 2X t-shirts, size XL jogging pants, dark colored socks, size 2X jacket

About: This is his first time on Okini, he has heard wonderful things from his sisters! He could really use a helping hand right now with some basics.

36 Family

Needs: Pantry food (canned goods, canned meat), laundry detergent, shampoo/bodywash, dish soap, toilet paper, space heaters About: Elder taking care of many grandchildren is having a hard time right now

Previously donated: Green Peas, 10 Pounds ORDER 2: (4) Frontier Co-op Soup Vegetables, 1 lb (2) Botan Calrose Rice, 15-Pound (1) Iberia Black Beans, Dry Beans 4 lbs (1) Iberia Pinto Beans 4 lb (3) Folgers Classic Roast Instant Coffee, 8 Oz Swanson White Premium Chunk Chicken Breast with Rib Meat in Water, 9.75 oz. Can (Pack of 12)

37 Family

Gender: F
Age: 45
Needs: In need of business casual clothing.

Sizes: pants 16 women's, tops XL women's, jacket 2XL women's, shoes 9

About: This single mom just got a new job and doesn't have the clothes required for the position. She feels very uncomfortable wearing jeans and a t-shirt but that is all she has. She is afraid she may lose the job if she cannot dress the part. She is reaching out for help and would be very thankful for the assistance. Thank you for your support!

Previously donated: New - 1 pair of khaki dress pants, size 16. New - 1 pair of black dressy flats, size 9.

38 Family

Gender: F
Age: Elder
Needs: Baby Diapers size 6, Wipes, toilet paper, laundry soap, Size 6 girls clothing About: Grandmother asking for help with Some Basic household needs and baby care. Thank you

Previously donated: Diapers size 6 Wipes Toilet paper laundry detergent girls clothes size 6 jacket size 6

39 Family

Gender: F
Age: 41
Needs: Urgent need for pantry food, heaters, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items About: This single mom reaches out for help with some basic necessities. Her mom is in a nursing home 6 hours away so any extra money she has goes into gas to visit her leaving nothing left over for anything extra. She has been on the list for a while and hasn't received much, please consider helping!

Previously donated: Oil filled heater, reusable cleaning pod starter Kit, cleaning pod refills, toothpaste,shampoo & conditioner, body wash-2/21/20

40 Family

Gender: F
Age: 65
Needs: Pants, shirts, winter boots above ankle, hygiene articles

Sizes: Pants 15 Shirts l Boots 6 1/2

About: This elder lives with her son and is a cacer survior. Both she and her son have on going problems but they are happy to have each other/

41 Family

Needs: Spring Jacket and elastic waist pants

Sizes: Coat Xl Pants Med.

About: Would love to have a spring jkt for the spring......She is 5'5: tall - and also needs some elastic waist pants...she said if at all possible.

Previously donated: 3 prs. elastic waist pants

42 Family

Gender: F
Age: 23
Needs: Winter clothing, pantry food, laundry detergent, space heaters, air mattresses, blankets, baby blankets, diapers and wipes

Sizes: Ladies size 18 pants, size XL shirts, size 8 snow boots/sneakers, size XL jacket

About: This young mom of 3 could use some help
43 Son
Age: 5
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Boys pants size 7 regular, 7 shirts, snow boots/sneaker size 3, jacket size 10

44 Daughter
Age: 7 months
Needs: Winter clothing, diapers, wipes, baby wash/powder/oil

Sizes: 24 month size clothing, diapers size 6, wipes

45 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Girls size 6 skinny pants, size 8 shirts, Size 7 underwear, Size 3 snow boots/sneakers

46 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Shoes for children About: Mom new to Okini is hoping for some help with shoes for her children
47 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: Shoes for running and sports (likes Nikes)

Sizes: Shoe size 9

About: In need if shoes for sports
48 Son
Age: 16
Needs: Shoes likes Nike Jordan type

Sizes: Shoe size Men’s 9.5

About: In need of shoes for sports

49 Family

Gender: F
Age: 62
Needs: Toilet paper, laundry an dish soap, underwear, pine sol, bleach

Sizes: Underwear size 7

About: This elder has lung cancer and really needs help with a few things for herself and her home. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

Previously donated: toilet paper, dish soap, bleach, pine sol, underwear, laundry detergent-2/15/20

50 Family

Gender: F
Age: 50
Needs: shoes for the family : sizes 6.5 girls, woman’s 9, Men’s 12 About: Grandmother asks for help with shoes for her family. Thank You

51 Family

Gender: F
Age: 58
Needs: warm comforters & sheets to fit 2 twin & 2 queen beds, warm stocking hats & gloves, socks & clothing for family, food/pantry items/healthy snacks, 2 king blankets, 2 twin blankets, toilet paper, laundry & dish detergent, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, coat, sweatpants, sport bras

Sizes: sweatpants size L (no elastic around ankles); short sleeve Tshirts size XL; underwear size 9; sport bra size 36C

About: This disabled, single grandmother is raising several grandchildren and would greatly appreciate any assistance given, especially with food, pantry items & Coffee. She is on a limited, fixed income.

Previously donated: Betty Crocker Bisquick Buttermilk Complete Biscuit Mix, 7.5 oz (Pack of 9) Kraft Mac & Cheese Premium Thick 'n Creamy Macaroni & Cheese Dinner 7.25 oz Box (Pack of 12). 2/12/20

52 Grandson
Age: 5
Needs: Hat, mittens, scarf, socks About: This kindergartener likes to color and draws with washable markers. He likes the color blue and could use a hat, mittens, and a scarf.
53 Grandson
Age: 7
Needs: hat, mittens, scarf, socks ,coat,

Sizes: Coat size-10/12

About: This second grader likes to draw, color, and play with play dough. He really needs a winter coat that fits.
54 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: Coat, gloves, hat, scarf, socks

Sizes: Coat size-12

About: This fourth grader likes to listen to music and plays basketball and football. He has outgrown his winter coat and could use a new hat, scarf, and mittens.
55 Granddaughter
Age: 9
Needs: Hat, mittens, scarf, socks About: This third grade girl could use some warm winter accessories. She loves to paint and her favorite color is pink.
56 Great Granddaughter
Age: 4
Needs: hat, scarf, mittens, boots, coat, socks, pajamas

Sizes: Boots size-3 Coat size-5

About: This little girl is in Head Start. She loves to play with her Barbie dolls and her favorite colors are purple and pink.

57 Family

Gender: F
Age: 53
Needs: Food, hygiene items, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels About: She has had lots of surgeries lately and really needs a helping hand with the basics. Her small income does not go very far and she is raising her teenaged granddaughter.

58 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Bed Sheets, Towels, food About: Family in need of help with Bed sheets and pantry items

59 Family

Gender: F
Age: 42
Needs: 2 Twin blankets, 1 queen blanket, pantry items, toilet paper, laundry and dish soap, shampoo, baby wash, coat, boots, maxi pads, tampons, underwear, socks, sport bras, hair brushes, combs, toothpaste, toothbrushes (6)

Sizes: Coat size-2XL Boots size-10 underwear size-6 sport bras size-42

About: This single parent and family are new to One Spirit. They have no income-only food stamps which run out before the end of the month. They are in urgent need of food and non-food. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: Lorna- 3 twin blankets, queen blanket, sport bra, bar soap, lotion, conditioner, floss, neosporin, ibuprofen, aspirin, 1# pasta, can tomato, Parmesan cheese, granola, 2 easy meals, 2 chapsticks, 28 oz. steel oats, stationery, pen, washcloth , 75 oz. laundry detergent , 6 toothbrushes, 2 hair brushes Girl 10- hair scrunchies, hair clip, 2 long sleeve T-shirts, socks, Girl 4- 2 long sleeve tshirts, shorts-2/18/20

60 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: pants, shirts, socks, boots, coat, underwear, pajamas, hat, mittens

Sizes: pants, shirts, pajamas size-5 boots size-11 coat size-5

About: This little preschool girl loves to color, do puzzles and have her mother read to her. She is growing so her clothes don't fit any longer.

Previously donated: *4 yr Daughter: Size 5 Jacket w/hood, Knit Gloves, 2 Books 2 long sleeve tshirts, shorts. 1/30/20

61 Daughter
Age: 10
Needs: Boots, socks, underwear, pants, shirts, pajamas, hat, gloves, hair ties

Sizes: boots size-3 pants & shirts size-10/12 pajamas size-10/12

About: This fifth grade girl loves to play basketball and color and draw. She is growing and really would like clothes that fit properly.

Previously donated: Hair scrunchies, hair clip, 2 long sleeve T-shirts, socks. 1/30/20

62 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: Boots, pants, shirts, hair ties, socks, pajamas, underwear, hat, gloves

Sizes: pants, shirts, pajamas size-7/8 Boots size-1

About: This little first grade girl likes to color, draw, and do puzzles. She has outgrown most of her clothes and would like some that fit.
63 Son
Age: 15
Needs: pants, shirts, socks, underwear, hat, coat, boots

Sizes: Coat size-XL (Men's) Boots size-12.5 boxers size-XL pants size-34x34 shirts size-XL

About: This eighth grade boy loves to play basketball and reading and writing. He has outgrown all his winter clothes and would love some that fit.

64 Family

Gender: M
Age: 53
Needs: shoes for diabetic, shaving supplies, hot-patches, coat, leather gloves, work boots, sweat pants, coveralls

Sizes: jeans size 38x30; shirt size 2X; diabetic shoes size 10.5W; jacket size 2X; underwear briefs size 38-40, sweat pants size-L, coveralls size-2X

About: This disabled husband and father does the best he can in providing for his family on a very limited income. He could use some winter clothing and work boots.

Previously donated: razors, shaving cream Son 18 Yr: 1 pair jeans size 36x30, 5 T-shirts Box 2: *Daughter 15 Yr: 1 Jacket, 2 Blouses, 1 T-shirt, 1 Long sleeve Blouse, Knit hat and neck scarf, Hair clips & Hair Bands, Hand cream, * Son 23 Yr: 3 Long Sleeve Shirts, 2 T-Shirts, 1 Pull over Sweater-2/14/20

65 Wife
Age: 49
Needs: laundry and dishwashing soap, toilet paper, paper towels, first aid kit, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, deodorant (men & women), hand soap, razors, coat, winter clothes, underwear, socks, boots, thread, sheets (for quilt backing), batting, solid cotton fabric, pantry items

Sizes: jeans size 16; blouse size 1X; boots size 9; underwear briefs size 8; waist-length jacket with hood size 1X;

About: This mother makes quilts to earn money. She could use some help with winter clothing and household items. She would appreciate broadcloth fabric (any color) and quilting supplies.This family is asking for assistance during a very difficult time. A 6 month old granddaughter is joining the family.Thank you for any assistance.

Previously donated: sweater

66 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: winter clothing, hair ties, boots, hat, gloves, socks, underwear, pajamas, sports bra

Sizes: ADULT SIZES: skinny jeans size 13 (tall); blouse & Tshirt size L; boots size 10.5 women; jacket size XL; underwear size 7, hi-tops size-10.5, sports bra size-38

About: This eighth grader loves to play basketball and volleyball. Her hobbies include art and drawing, She would love a pair of hi-tops when basketball season begins. All winter clothes and boots are appreciated. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite basketball team is the Golden State Warriors.

Previously donated: hat, hair ties

67 Son
Age: 11
Needs: winter clothing, coat, hat, gloves, pajamas

Sizes: jeans size 30x29 (slim straight); shirt size M adult; boots/shoes size 9 (men's); jacket size M adult

About: This fourth grader loves the Denver Broncos and his favorite colors are orange and blue. He builds airplanes and draws in his spare time. He has outgrown all his clothing and could use some winter clothing that fits.

Previously donated: pants, shirt, hat M coat 4 pair boxer briefs size M, two pair socks

68 Son
Age: 18
Needs: winter clothing, deodorant, shaving supplies, coat, boots, hat, gloves, underwear, sweat pants, hoodies

Sizes: ADULT SIZES: hoodies size XL; jacket size XL; work boots size 11.5; boxer underwear size 36-38, sweat pants size-L

About: favorite colors are blue and black

Previously donated: hat, deodorant 1 pair jeans size 36x30, 5 T-shirts

69 Grandson
Age: 5
Needs: socks, boots, pajamas, hat, mittens

Sizes: shoes size 13; briefs underwear size 6

About: This kindergartener is being raised by his grandparents. He loves basketball and his favorite colors are black and blue. He has outgrown all his winter clothes and he would be grateful for any help.

Previously donated: socks, underwear, fleece jacket, 2 pants, 2 shirts

70 Daughter
Age: 15
Needs: winter clothes, thin sanitary pads with wings, coat, gloves, socks, underwear, boots, sports bra, pajamas

Sizes: ADULT SIZES: underwear size 7 adult; boots size 8 women; pants size-11 Women's (skinny jeans) sports bra size-38

About: This tenth grader loves blue and purple and she plays volleyball. She has outgrown her winter clothes and could use a new coat and boots.

Previously donated: Jacket, 2 Blouses, 1 T-shirt, 1 Long sleeve Blouse, Knit hat and neck scarf, Hair clips & Hair Bands, Hand cream,

71 Son
Age: 23
Needs: winter clothing, leather gloves, work boots, underwear, sweat pants, hoodies, coveralls

Sizes: Boots size-11 jeans size-34x32 shirts size-XL boxers size-32/34 sweat pants size L coveralls size-XL

About: This young man moved home last year to help his parents. He helps his father cut wood for heat and could use some winter clothing and boots.

Previously donated: 1 men xl coat, 3 Long Sleeve Shirts, 2 T-Shirts, 1 Pull over Sweater

72 Granddaughter
Age: 0
Needs: diapers, wipes, socks

Sizes: Diapers size-5

About: This infant girl just moved in with her grandparents after her mother couldn't care for her. They have nothing for her and really need everything. Thank you.

Previously donated: 5 pjs, 4 onesies, 2 pants, 2 tops, 4 jackets, 1 dress, 2 outfits, fleece blanket

73 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for children , cleaning supplies and hygiene articles About: A young mother who is now raising six kids are her own and expecting the 7th is having a very hard time....The children have all grown and they do not have enough clothes......She is especially worried about the children in school that they do not have the proper school clothing or outwear.....she is really hoping that someone will be able to help her.

Previously donated: Diapers

74 Son
Age: 2
Needs: Everything - Winter Coat, Hat, Gloves,hat & gloves, hoodie, joggers, socks and shoes

Sizes: Pants and Shirts 4T shoes 7

About: Like his brother he has very little clothes and what he has he has outgrown.....He really needs clothing and would love a toy car too.

Previously donated: Long sleeve shirt 4t color book/crayons boys sweatshirt size 4T, diapers, pack of diapers

75 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: All clothing - warm leggins, shirts, hoodie, coat, hat, mittens & shoes

Sizes: Pants 8/9 shirts 10 shoes 4 child

About: she is in Kindergarten and has very little clothing..... She is a chunky little girl and would love a doll or teddy bear.

Previously donated: sweater size 10, teddy bear 1 girls pullover hoodie size 10 hoodie, play slime

76 Son
Age: 4
Needs: Needs everything - pants, shirts, socks, shoes, hoodie DESPERATE FOR DIAPERS #6

Sizes: Pants 5T Shirts 5T shoes 11

About: He is a chunky little boy and has basically has outgrown his clothes.... His favorite toy is playing with trucks and of course playing with his litte brother

Previously donated: Long sleeve shirt 5T, color book/crayons diapers, wipes, 1 boys sweatshirt size 5T diapers, pack of diapers Boy 3- 2 long sleeve tshirts

77 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: Pants, shirts, hoodie, socks, sneakers, winter coat

Sizes: Pants Junior 9 Shirts Med. Shoes 6

About: She and her sister have very little clothes and really need a helping hand......They will be turning 10 this month - and it would be great if they had some new clothes.

Previously donated: leggings , 2 pr earrings Puzzle, 1 pr cozy socks, light jacket. 2/13/20

78 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: All clothing for school, coat, panties, socks & sneakers

Sizes: Pants - junior 9 Shirts 9/10 (Med) Shoes 5

About: She is one of a set of twins - and she has grown alot and really needs some nice clothes to wear to school. This family has very little.

Previously donated: Juicy Couture zip hoodie, leggings, size 6 high top sneakers, 2 pr. Earrings Puzzle, 1 pr cozy socks, zip-up hoodie. 2/13/20

79 Family

Gender: F
Age: 68
Needs: Solid fabric (cotton/poly), quilting supplies About: This elderly grandmother has been raising her 6 grandchildren since they were babies. She is on a small fixed income and has no money for extras. She is a quilter and makes star quilts for friends and families for funerals and special events.

Previously donated: size 10 men's sneakers-2/15/20

80 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: Urgent need for bath towels, she has none! About: This grandmother is blind and can no longer work. She is helping to raise her many grandchildren.

Previously donated: Queen Air Mattress with Built-in AC Pump, Bed Sheet Set - 4 Piece Queen Comforter Set Queen-2/19/20

81 Granddaughter
Age: 11
Needs: Snow boots

Sizes: Snow boots size 7

About: Has outgrown her old pair

82 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Winter jacket, space heaters, blankets (1 full, 2 twin), pantry food, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items

Sizes: Winter coat size 4X

About: She lives in a drafty older trailer and could really use some help staying warm. Very limited income and food often runs out. She has never reached out to us before but has heard wonderful things about us from her cousin!

Previously donated: winter coat, size 4X Twin blanket and 3 pr pillow cases-2/18/20

83 Son
Age: 1
Needs: Winter clothing and snowboots-NEEDS MET FOR CLOTHING, THANK YOU! Still in need of snowboots

Sizes: Pants and shirts size 2T, winter jacket size 2T, snowboots size 4 toddler, warm sox, mittens, hat, scarf

About: This little boy is growing fast and nothing fits him

Previously donated: 2T snow bib 2T Jacket, 1 Pull over Sweater, 1 PJ's, 1 Sweater Vest, 1 Pull over Sweatshirt, 4 Pants, 1 Zip-up Sweatshirt, 1 Long Sleeve T-shirt, 3 T- shirts, 3 24mo Onsies, 1 knit hat, 1pr Gloves, 1(18pc) Train set 2T snow bib

84 Family

Gender: F
Age: 48
Needs: Toilet paper, trash bags, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, laundry & dish detergent, pantry items, toothbrushes (3), toothpaste, maxi pads, tampons, lotion, towels, boots, socks, underwear, pants, shirts, sport bras, solid cotton fabric, needles, thread, quilting supplies, scissors

Sizes: boots size-8 pants size-15/16 tops size-2XL underwear size-8 sports bras size-XL

About: This family is new to One Spirit. She just moved back to the area after her husband left her and took everything. She has no income and is in need of winter clothes, hygiene items, and food. She used to make quilts but has no fabric or sewing supplies. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Previously donated: Dawn- bra, vitamins, lotion, ibuprofen, cough drops, 2 chapsticks, toothpaste, floss, towel, 3 washcloths, stationery , 1# ham Daughter 24- bra, long sleeve T-shirt Daughter 25- sports bra, long sleeve sweater-2/3/20

85 Daughter
Age: 24
Needs: boots, hat, gloves, socks, underwear, leggings

Sizes: Boots size-11 Wide underwear size-10 leggings size-3XL Tops & bras size 3XL

About: This young woman is disabled with scoliosis and just moved back to the reservation with her mother and sister. She is in need of winter clothes. Thank you.

Previously donated: 1 3X jacket Bra, long sleeve T-shirt - 1/31/20

86 Daughter
Age: 25
Needs: Coat, boots, socks, underwear, hat, gloves, leggings

Sizes: Coat size-2XL boots size-9 underwear size-8 sports bras size-2XL leggings size-2XL tops size-2XL

About: This young woman just moved back to the reservation with her sister and mother. She is looking for work and has no winter clothes. Thank you for any help.

Previously donated: 1 2X jacket Sports bra, long sleeve sweater - 1/31/20

87 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Urgent need for pantry food, full sized blankets, space heaters, winter clothing

Sizes: Size 14 sweats/pull on pants, size 18/20 winter jacket

About: First time reaching out to us, she could use some help! She has arthritis really bad in her hands so needs pull on type sweats/pants. Please consider helping!

Previously donated: 2 pair womens sweatpants sz L, 6 jars pasta sauce, 6 boxes pasta Evelyn- hooded winter jacket Daughter 12- sneakers, jeans-2/22/20

88 Son
Age: 43
Needs: Construction type clothing

Sizes: Pants size 38, warm shirts size 2X tall, jacket size 2X tall, workboots size 11, warm sox

About: Like his brother, he is also waiting for a call to work and wants to be prepared!
89 Son
Age: 41
Needs: Construction type clothing

Sizes: Size 36 pants, warm 2X shirts, 2X jacket, size 13 workboots, warm sox

About: He is waiting for a construction job and trying to prepare so when he gets the call he is ready to work!

90 Family

Gender: F
Age: 29
Needs: Laundry & dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, trash bags, lotion, toothbrushes (5), toothpaste, About: This young couple doesn't like to ask for anything but they could use some help with basics.

Previously donated: TP, wipes, 13 gal trash bags, dial soap, Johnson’s baby lotion 2. 2 boxes diapers, dawn dish soap 3. 2 butt paste, toy, Purex laundry soap, , shampoo/conditioner, 2 (4packs) toothbrushes, 2 (3packs) toothpaste, 33 gal trash bags, lotion, talc powder-2/18/20

91 Son
Age: 1
Needs: baby wipes, diapers

Sizes: diapers size 6

About: This little boy needs some diapers and wipes.

Previously donated: 2 boxes diapers, wipes,