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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: In need of clothing, pantry food, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items, hand soap/hand sanitizer

Sizes: Ladies shirts size M, spandex type leggings size M, Spring type lightweight jacket size M, sneakers size 5, sox

About: She gets a very small disability check but has many kids/grandkids living with her so it doesn't go far.

2 Family

Gender: F
Age: 44
Needs: Urgent need of food items...canned meats/vegetables/fruits, rice, dried beans, flour, shortening, pasta & sauce, shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, dish soup, household cleaning supplies. About: This young mom does bead work to help support herself and her daughter. With corona virus spreading on the reservation, she has not been able to sell her work. She is facing a rather tough decision of having to find work off of the reservation and the potential risks involved to support her child. Please help if you can. Anything will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

3 Family

Needs: Pantry food. About: Grandmother needs urgent help with pantry food. This trailer is busting at the seams with adults and 6 children. They urgently need food, please help them.

4 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: Urgent need of Depends size L (she is completely out), cleaning supplies (Clorox, hand soap), laundry detergent

Sizes: Depends size L

About: Mother/grandmother reaching out for help with some basic necessities. She has no source of income due to medical conditions that hinder her from working. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

5 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Pantry Food. Bottled water. About: This single mum/grandmother is bringing up her son and grandchildren. She really needs some help with pantry food, she is struggling to feed the children. This family have no running water, so some bottled water would be really helpful.

6 Family

Gender: F
Age: 49
Needs: Cleaning supplies, tissues, Toilet paper, laundry & dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, trash bags, paper towels, maxi pads, mac and cheese, coffee, pantry items, canned goods, snacks, flour, dried milk About: This single mother is raising her 6 children without any income. She has no transportation and hasn't been able to buy any food or non food necessities in two months. There hasn't been enough food for everyone. She tries to provide for her children but the pandemic and lockdown have made their life even more difficult. Any help you can offer will be gratefully accepted. Thank you.

Previously donated: Women’s size 10 sandals, 5# bread flour, 2# flour, 4# sugar, baking powder, 24 oz. steel cut oats, 1# dried yellow peas, Parmesan cheese, chapstick, neosporin, 2 kitchen towels

7 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothes and shoes for her grandsons. About: This grandmother is already raising grandchildren, she now has another 3 grandsons to raise. These 3 children arrived with just the clothes they are standing in. A social worker phoned us and asked if we could help with clothes and shoes for the boys. This lady will be very grateful for any help.
8 Grandson
Age: 17
Needs: Clothes and high tops.

Sizes: Pants; 32 x 34 Shirts; Ex Large. Shoes; 9.5 Socks; 8 to 12. Underwear; Large.

About: A social worker phoned and asked us to help get some clothes for these 3 young lads. This young lad has had to move in with his grandmother, he only has the clothes he is standing in. Please help with clothes and high tops.
9 Grandson
Age: 14
Needs: Clothes and high tops.

Sizes: pants; 32 x 34. Shirts; Large mens. Shoes; 9. Socks. 8 to 12. Underwear; Large mens.

About: Please help this grandmother, she already has grandchildren living with her and now she has had to take in another 3 boys. A social worker phoned us asking for help for these 3 lads. They only have the clothes they are standing in.
10 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: Clothes and high tops.

Sizes: Pants; 12/14 years. Shirts; Medium adult.. Shoes; 6.5 Socks; 6 Underwear; Small adult.

About: This young lad has had to move to live with his grandmother. He only has the clothes he is standing in. A social worker phoned us for help to get these 3 young boys some clothes. Please help.

11 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: Urgent need for pantry food, snacks, cleaning supplies, clothing

Sizes: Sweatpants size 2X, t-shirts size 2X, sneakers size 11 1/2

About: This grandmother is blind and can no longer work. She is helping to raise her many grandchildren and could really use help with food since the kids are home all day instead of at school now
12 Grandson
Age: 1
Needs: Urgent need of diapers and clothes

Sizes: Diapers size 7, clothing size 2T

About: Has cerebral palsey, urgent need of diapers
13 Grandson
Age: 17
Needs: clothing and shoes

Sizes: Shirts mens size XL, Pants mens size XL Tall, Shoe size 14

About: His shoes are so bad that his toes are starting to stick out the front of them. He is very tall so he needs XL tall sized pants

14 Family

Gender: F
Age: 52
Needs: Hygiene articles, body wash, deordorant, cleaning supplies, mens high socks and boxers.

Sizes: Boxers size 40 Socks size 9 - 11

About: A grandmother called up and asked if someone could help her with hygiene articles and mens high socks and boxers for her husband. She is always very grateful for whatever is sent.

15 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing, toilet paper, pantry food, personal hygiene items

Sizes: Women's size 14 pants, shirts size L, sneakers size 8 1/2, sox

About: First time on Okini, she urgently needs help with the basics!

Previously donated: ize 8.5, 6 pair ankle socks, 24 oz. steel cut oats, 1# dried yellow peas, canned tomato, 2 bisquick biscuit pkg., 1# fettuccine, 2 toothbrushes, 2 washcloths, vitamins

16 Husband
Needs: Clothing

Sizes: Mens jeans size 34X34, Walking shoes size 11 1/2, black sox

About: First time reaching out to us, he hasn't been able to work in a long time and really could use some new clothes!

Previously donated: leather loafers size 11.5

17 Family

Gender: F
Age: 37
Needs: Diapers, wipes, receiving blankets, baby clothes, bottles, bottle brush, socks, towels, wash cloths, bibs, baby shampoo & body soap, lotion, q-tips, maxi pads, baby swing, baby carrier/car seat

Sizes: clothes size-newborn, 3, 6 months diapers size-newborn and larger

About: This single mother just discovered she is pregnant and expecting a little girl in about 6 weeks. Her five other children are older and she has nothing for her new daughter. Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Previously donated: diapers and wipes

18 Son
Age: 6
Needs: underwear

Sizes: underwear size 6

Previously donated: underwear

19 Son
Age: 5
Needs: underwear

Sizes: underwear size 5

Previously donated: underwear

20 Son
Age: 7
Needs: underwear

Sizes: underwear size 12-14

Previously donated: underwear

21 Family

Gender: F
Age: 38
Needs: Shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, sandals, socks, sport bras, snacks, laundry and dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap, lotion

Sizes: shirts size-XL Pants size-38 underwear size-8 shoes size-8 sport bras size-42

About: This generous, single parent is raising her two children and has taken in her niece and nephew after their guardian passed away. She is doing the best she can but she's unable to work during the pandemic. Any help you can give this family is greatly appreciated.

Previously donated: 8 lb spaghetti, 24 granola bars, 32 fruit & grain bars, 24 oz animal crackers, 8 lb pinto beans, 2 - 48 oz applesauce, 8 lb oatmeal, 2 - 12 oz honey 141 oz laundry soap, 2 gal vinegar, 56 oz dishsoap, 18 mega rolls tp, 10 cans pasta sauce 15 boxes mac & cheese, 12 cups maderin oranges, 3 tropical fruit cans, 3 cans sliced pineapple, 12 cans corn, 6 cans green beans, 8 can tuna, 12 jiffy corn bread, 4 canned chicken, 4 canned chili, 3 sardines, 6 cans diced tomatoes, 1 can crushed pineapple, 3 cans spam like lunchmeat Clothes & shoes

22 Nephew
Age: 11
Needs: Summer clothes, socks, underwear, shoes, hoodie

Sizes: shirts & pants size-9/10 (boys)

23 Son
Age: 10
Needs: Shoes, sandals, cut-offs, t-shirts, underwear, socks, hoodie

Sizes: shoes size-7.5 (Mens) cut-offs size-34 t-shirts size-XL underwear size-L hoodie size-XL

About: This 10 year old boy is entering 5th grade in the fall. He is in need of summer clothing and shoes that fit him. Any help is appreciated.
24 Daughter
Age: 14
Needs: Shoes, sandals, shorts, underwear, tops, socks, sport bras

Sizes: shoes size-7.5 (womens) underwear size-7 shorts size-16 (womans) tops size-XL sport bras size-38

About: This girl was supposed to graduate from 8th grade this year. She will be entering high school in the fall. She could really use some summer clothes and shoes that fit.

25 Family

Gender: F
Age: 65
Needs: Summer clothes, shoes/sandals for her grandchildren About: This elder is reaching out for help for clothes and shoes for her grandchildren. She is not asking for anything for herself. She does receive a small monthly SSI check but that doesn't cover much. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
26 Grandson
Age: 21
Needs: In need of jeans/shorts, t-shirts, socks, underwear (boxers) and tennis shoes. Hasn't had any new/newer clothing in a long time.

Sizes: Jeans size 30x31, t-shirt L men's, shoes 10 (tennis shoes) boxers 30 waist

About: Grandmother raising 8 grandchildren. Has no source of income and only getting food stamps at this time.

Previously donated: slip on sneakers size 10 1 baseball -style hat All Mens size Large: 4 white t-shirts 1 black t-shirt 1 gray t-shirt 1 gray/camo t-shirt 1 midweight black jacket

27 Grandson
Age: 16
Needs: This young man has had a growth spurt and at 6'2" his pants no longer fit. He's in need of jeans/shorts, underwear (boxers), t-shirts, socks and tennis shoes.

Sizes: pants 31x33, tops L ym's, shoes 11 (tennis shoes) boxers 31 waist

About: Grandmother raising 8 grandchildren. No source of income and is only getting food stamps.

Previously donated: sneakers size 12

28 Grandson
Age: 13
Needs: Young man in need of jeans, t-shirts, underwear (boxers), socks and tennis shoes.

Sizes: pants 30x30, shirt size 18 boys, shoes 8 big boys (low tops)

About: Grandmother raising 8 grandchildren. No source of income and only getting food stamps.

Previously donated: sneakers size 8.5

29 Granddaughter
Age: 5
Needs: This little one is in need of summer clothes, underwear and shoes. Has outgrown her 3T's.

Sizes: Clothing size 5T, shoes 10c

About: Grandmother raising 8 grandchildren. Only getting food stamps and has no source of income.

Previously donated: sneakers size 11

30 Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: This young lady is in need of shorts, t-shirts, underwear and shoes. She's outgrown everything. Would love some sandals for summer.

Sizes: GIRLS SIZES: pants 10-12, tops 10-12, shoes 1.5 girls (sandals)

About: Grandmother is raising 8 grandchildren with no source of income and only getting food stamps.

31 Family

Gender: F
Age: 23
Needs: Clothing for sons and hygiene articles About: A young mother is busy raising her two sons alone. They have no running water in their home but she is thankful she has a roof over her head.
32 Son
Age: 1
Needs: T shirts, shorts, socks, sandals AND PAMPERS SIZE 5, hygiene articles

Sizes: clothes 3T

About: He is growing bby leaps and bounds and really needs some SUMMER clothing (that fits) He is a happy baby who is always smiling.
33 Son
Age: 5
Needs: Shorts, tanks, t shirts, socks and underwear

Sizes: clothing 7/8 sandals 9

About: He has grown alot from last year and really needs some summer clothes.

34 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for herself, daughter and her niece Snack food for girls would be wonderful along with hygiene items. Caprii, t shirts, bra's for self

Sizes: Capriis XL T shirts XL or XXL Bra's 40 D

About: This mother called up asking for help with clothing for herself, daughter and her niece who just came to live with her. She is raising her daughter and niece on her own and the family could really use some help with clothing.

Previously donated: 4 shirts-6/1/20

35 Niece
Age: 10
Needs: This little girl is in need of summer clothing - 1 pair of skinny jeans, shorts, t shirts, socks, sneakers, sandals and panties. She is a talented artist and would love to have some acrylic pants

Sizes: pants/shorts 12 shirts 14 Shoes 5

About: She is tall and slender and is quite an artist....She just came to live with her Auntie and arrived with the clothes on her back. She really needs help. She is very happy now that she is there with her Auntie and cousin.

Previously donated: 7pack panties, 1 pair skinny jeans, 1 shorts, 3 tshirts. Acrylic paint set;

36 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: shorts, shirts, panties, socks, sneakers and sandals 2 piece bathing suit. Would love some paints and paper.

Sizes: shorts 10 T shirts 10/12 Shoes 4

About: This little girl has just has had a growth spurt and nothing fits her from last year......This little girl is very artist and loves to paint. She would love a 2 piece bathing suit more than anything.

Previously donated: - 2 piece swimsuit, 3 tshirts, 2 shorts watercolor palette; watercolor paper; no-mess paint markers and paper;

37 Family

Gender: F
Age: 69
Needs: GRANDMOTHER IS DESPERATE FOR help with clothing and shoes for her grandson and Towels - it is a very large family. About: A grandmother has had back surgery and other medical conditions....Luckily grandpa is there to help out. T hey are really having a hard time. She said this is a really large family and they really need towels.

Previously donated: 8 washcloths, 2 backpacks 8 bath towels (used, good condition) 8 hand towels (used, good condition)

38 Grandson
Age: 12
Needs: basketball shorts T shirts, boxers, socks

Sizes: Jeans 18 T shirts mens Large

About: This eleven year old litle boy loves school and is in 5th grade. He is now lliving with grandma and has arrived with very little..... He loves to build model plane kids and do puzzles...

Previously donated: 2 puzzles Model airplane 3 jeans 3 shorts 6 pack of underwear 4 pack of black socks 7 Tshirts, flannel shirt, 2 dress shirts

39 Family

Gender: F
Age: 29
Needs: body soap, dish soap, maxi pads, pantry items, snacks, macaroni and cheese, soup, towels, washcloths, toilet paper, paper towels, pants, shirts, underwear, socks, sport bras

Sizes: Pants size-14 shirts size-L sport bras size-L regular bras size-36C

About: This young couple are working hard to raise their children and nieces on a limited income. They have 4 young children including a set of one year old twins and are raising her two nieces. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: Laundry soap F6: skort, shorts, 2 tops, dress F10: shorts, leggings, 3 tops-5/28/20

40 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: Summer clothes, socks, underwear

Sizes: pants & shirts size-7 Underwear size-6

About: This little 4 year old girl is in her second year of Head Start and is growing.. She is very active and like to play basketball with kids her age. She could really use some summer clothes, underwear, socks, and shoes.

Previously donated: shoes, shirt, 2 shorts

41 Daughter
Age: 2
Needs: Summer clothes, shoes, socks

Sizes: pants and shirts size-5T, shoes size-7

About: This beautiful 2 year old girl loves to play with dolls and horses and would like some summer clothes and shoes that fit.. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: 6 panties

42 Niece
Age: 6
Needs: shoes, socks, underwear

Sizes: Pants size-6 shirts size-6 shoes and boots size 11

About: This 6 year old girl is in kindergarten and would love some clothes and shoes that fit her for the summer. Thank you.

Previously donated: skort, shorts, 2 tops, dress

43 Niece
Age: 10
Needs: shoes, socks, underwear

Sizes: Shoes size-3 pants size 10-12 shirts size 10-12 Underwear size 6

About: This 10 year old girl is the 5th grade and she loves art and basketball. She would really like some summer clothes and shoes clothes that fit. Thank you.

Previously donated: shoes, shirt, 2 shorts shorts, leggings, 3 tops

44 Husband
Age: 30
Needs: Shirts, pants, socks, underwear

Sizes: Shirts size-XL pants size-36x36 shoes size-11

About: This young husband and father looks for work everyday and does any odd job he can find. He could really use some new clothes and shoes. Thank you.

Previously donated: shoes

45 Son
Age: 1
Needs: shoes, socks, summer clothes, pull-ups, wipes

Sizes: Pull-ups size-2T shoes size-6 summer clothes size-2T

About: This one year twin and his brother both need summer clothes, pull ups, and shoes.
46 Son
Age: 1
Needs: Summer clothes, shoes, socks, pull-ups, wipes

Sizes: Summer clothes size-2T Pull-ups size-2T shoes size-6

About: This one year twin and his brother both need summer clothes, underwear, socks, and shoes. They have grown over the winter and really need clothes that fit.

47 Family

Gender: F
Age: 60
Needs: Hygiene Articles, toothbrushes & tooth paste, shampoo, conditioner dish soap, personal soap, laundry soap, clorox wipes Also socks for finance - for size 13 shoe About: She is trying to stay healthy and keep her house clean, unfortunately she does not have any hygine or household supplies

Previously donated: Laundry soap, dish soap, dish sponge, hand soap, hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, mens socks.-6/1/20

48 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing for her children and hygiene items. About: This mother called and asked for help with clothing for her children....It is a large family that lives in the country. She said she need nothing - but only wants her children to be taken care of.....

Previously donated: 10 to 12 pieces of clothing (I forgot to count) 1 small stuffed animal-6/1/20

49 Son
Needs: All clothing - born 3/17/20 and baby care items

Sizes: 3 - 6 months

About: He is the new baby in the family and is growing fast - he has outgrown all his clothing and his mom is hoping someone will help her.

Previously donated: 10 to 12 pieces of clothing 1 small stuffed animal

50 Daughter
Age: 18
Needs: jeans - reg. fit, T shirts, panties sneakers

Sizes: Pants 15 (jr) T shirts XL Adult Shoes 7 1/2

About: She really needs help with some clothing - she likes to look nice but her clothes are all worn out.
51 Daughter
Age: 8
Needs: Leggings, T shirts, socks, panties and sneakers

Sizes: Leggings 8 ,,, Tshirts 10 Shoes 3

About: She is going to be in 2nd grade this coming year.....and she is so happy. She loves to play outside but also play with Barbies This child likes to wear leggings rather than jeans.
52 Son
Age: 3
Needs: Summer shorts or sweats , tshirts, shoes & socks Body wash and shampoo for children

Sizes: Clothing 7; Sandals 11 1/2

About: He is turning 4 at the end of this month and is a big boy - a little chubby.....He really needs someclothes.
53 Son
Age: 17
Needs: jeans/sweats, T shirts, socks, hi tops for basketball

Sizes: Jeans or sweats 18 Mens T shirts XL Shoes 11 1/2

About: he is a 17 year old boy who loves basketball. He tries hard to help his mother with the kids. He would love some hi tops to play basketball.
54 Daughter
Age: 10
Needs: regular jeans, t shirts, panties, socks & sneakers

Sizes: Reg. jeans - not skinny 12 Shirts 14 Shoes 4 1/2 or 5

About: She is going into the 5th grade this year and can't wait for school to start. She loves to go outside and play with her sister. She has outgrown all her clothes
55 Son
Age: 9
Needs: jeans, t shirts, underwear, socks and sneakers

Sizes: Jeans 12 Shirts 14 Shoes 6

About: He is going into the 4th grade this year....He is all boy loves to play outside and play with cars and trucks. his clothing no longer fits.

56 Family

Gender: F
Age: 64
Needs: Clothing for her Grand daughters. About: The grandmother wants to express her thankfulness for the wonderful donation of the towels and clothes for her grandson. She was afraid to ask for clothing for her grand daughters because she didn't want to ask for too much - but the girls really need clothes.

Previously donated: 9 bath towels, 10 hand towels, 2 bath rugs-5/22/20

57 Granddaughter
Age: 16
Needs: shorts or capriis, T shirts, panties, sneakers, personal hygiene articles

Sizes: shorts 13 T shirts XL sneakers 8 or 8 1/2

About: She just came back to live with her grandmothers with her sister. She came with very little clothes....She too is having a B day in Aug. She is happy to be back.

Previously donated: 1 shorts, 1 capri, 5 t-shirts

58 Granddaughter
Age: 15
Needs: She needs shorts or capriis, T Shirts, panties and sneakers Plus personal hygiene articles

Sizes: shorts 13 Junior Shoes 8 shirts XL Adult or Junior

About: This young lady is a teenager and has outgrown her clothes. She will be turning Sweet 16 in July. Her pants are worn out and she really needs some summer clothing. She recently came back to live with her grandma with very little clothes.

Previously donated: 1 shorts, 1 capri, 5 t-shirts

59 Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: shorts, t shirts, panties and sandals

Sizes: Shoes 5 Shorts 16 child T shirts Med. Adult

About: Next year she will be a 4th grader but is really looking forward to the summer and warm weather.....she really needs summer clothing.

Previously donated: 3 shorts, 3 tees, 1 pr pants, pack of 7 panties, flip flops t-shirt

60 Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: needs shorts, t shirts, panties and T shirts and sandals or flip flops

Sizes: sandals or flip flops 5 Shorts 14 T shirts 14/16

About: This little girl who is turning 11 in Aug. and she can't wait. She has grown alot and has no Summer clothes at all that fit. She really hopes someone can send her some.

Previously donated: 2 shorts, 4 tees, 1 pr pants, pack of 7 panties

61 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: Shorts, t shirts, sneakers, socks & panties

Sizes: Shoes 9 shorts 11 (jr.) T shirts large (jr. or mrs.) panties 6/7

About: This 12 year old is now living with grandma and she would really love to have some clothes for the summer.

Previously donated: 3 shorts, 4 tees, 1 pr jeans, 7 pr underwear, 6 pack of socks

62 Granddaughter
Age: 11
Needs: Needs T shirts, basketball shorts, T shirts

Sizes: Shoes 8 Shorts Med. junior T shirts med/large

About: She has lived with her grandmother most of her life and loves the noisy house with kids all over. She is hoping someone will send her summer clothes

Previously donated: 3 shorts, 4 tees, 1 pr jeans t-shirt

63 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: Shorts, t shirts and sandals (slip on)

Sizes: Shorts 16 child T Shirts mens med. Sandals 7

About: this little boy is growing fast and is very tall. None of his summer clothes fit from last year.

Previously donated: 3 shorts, 4 tees, 1 pr jeans