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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 52
Needs: In desperate need of winter clothing for her grandchildren, space heaters (oil filled if possible), blankets (queen size 3), shampoo, body soap, toothpaste & brushes, laundry detergent, dish soap. About: A struggling grandmother is reaching out for the first time. She asks nothing for herself, only for the comfort of her grandchildren during the brutal winter. Any donations will be very much appreciated. Thank you!
2 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: In need of winter coat, snow boots, gloves, stocking cap, swaters.

Sizes: girls size 16 pants, tops/sweaters/hoody L women's, shoes/boots size 7 adult

3 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: This little one is in need of a winter coat, snow boots, socks, underwear and warm tops.

Sizes: Clothing sizes: 5T, shoes 10c

4 Granddaughter
Age: 8
Needs: In need of winter coat, snow boots, pants, socks, underwear.

Sizes: Girls sizes: clothing size 8, shoes size 1

5 Grandson
Age: 10
Needs: In need of pants, l/s t-shirts, winter coat, snow boots, socks.

Sizes: BOYS SIZES: pants 14R, shirts/hoody/coat 16, shoes 6 youth

6 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Urgent need for pantry food, full sized blankets, space heaters, winter clothing

Sizes: Size 14 sweats/pull on pants, size 18/20 winter jacket

About: First time reaching out to us, she could use some help! She has arthritis really bad in her hands so needs pull on type sweats/pants. Please consider helping!
7 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: Needs jeans and sneakers

Sizes: Size 14 jeans, size 5 sneakers, warm sox

About: This young lady could use a little help, she has outgrown her old things
8 Son
Age: 43
Needs: Construction type clothing

Sizes: Pants size 38, warm shirts size 2X tall, jacket size 2X tall, workboots size 11, warm sox

About: Like his brother, he is also waiting for a call to work and wants to be prepared!
9 Son
Age: 41
Needs: Construction type clothing

Sizes: Size 36 pants, warm 2X shirts, 2X jacket, size 13 workboots, warm sox

About: He is waiting for a construction job and trying to prepare so when he gets the call he is ready to work!

10 Family

Gender: F
Age: 29
Needs: Laundry & dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, trash bags, lotion, toothbrushes (5), toothpaste, About: This young couple doesn't like to ask for anything but they could use some help with basics.
11 Son
Age: 1
Needs: baby wipes, diapers

Sizes: diapers size 6

About: This little boy needs some diapers and wipes.

12 Family

Gender: F
Age: 69
Needs: In need of a space heater (oil filled if possible), toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap, bathroom cleaner, Pinesol, shampoo, body soap, etc.

Sizes: In urgent need of a pair of tennis shoes size 10 (black)

About: An elderly mother/grandmother is reaching out for help. She is trying to raise her grandchildren and keep them warm, fed and clothed on very little income . She would be extremely grateful and delighted with any assistance. Thank you!
13 Grandson
Age: 14
Needs: In urgent need of pants, t-shirts, hoody, tennis shoes.

Sizes: YOUTH SIZES: pants 16 slim, t-shirts 14-16, shoes 9.5 youth

14 Grandson
Age: 14
Needs: In urgent need of pants, t-shirts, hoody, tennis shoes.

Sizes: YOUTH SIZES: pants 16 slim, t-shirts 14-16, shoes 9.5 youth

15 Daughter
Age: 38
Needs: In desperate need of a pair of snow boots. PLEASE NOTE: This young lady has Downs Syndrome so tops/hoody/sweaters should be pull on or zip up as she has problems with her hands.

Sizes: pants 18P (elastic waist), tops XL, shoes size 3 youth (extremely small feet)

16 Grandson
Age: 25
Needs: In urgent need of jeans, underwear and tennis shoes.

Sizes: jeans 36x36, t-shirts 2X, shoes 11.5 (high top tennis shoes),underwear 36-38 waist

17 Family

Gender: M
Age: 53
Needs: Clothes and shoes.

Sizes: Pants; 34 x 32. Shirts; 3XL. Jacket; 3XL. Shoes; 11.5 or 12. Diabetic socks; size 12.

About: This Elder lives with his sister. He is diabetic and on dialysis. He would really appreciate help with clothing, shoes and diabetic socks. Never been on the OKINI before.

18 Family

Gender: F
Age: 61
Needs: Winter jacket, sweaters and slippers.

Sizes: Winter jacket; 4XL. Sweater; 4XL. Slippers; 9 or 10

About: This Elder is disabled and spends all her time in a wheelchair. She has her clothes loose to make them more comfortable to sit in all day. This is the first time she has been on the OKINI and would really appreciate some help to keep warm. Her daughter and 3 grandsons live with her.
19 Son
Age: 16
Needs: Clothes and shoes.

Sizes: Pants; 34 x 36. Shirts; XL. Shoes; 12.

About: This teenager is a tall lad, he could really use some new jeans, his old ones are ankle swingers. A warm sweater or hoodie would be great too.
20 Son
Age: 13
Needs: Clothes and shoes.

Sizes: Pants; 38 x 32. Shirts; XL. Shoes; 11.

About: This teenager needs some clothes and shoes. Its the first time he has been on the OKINI and really needs some help.
21 Son
Age: 10
Needs: Clothes and shoes.

Sizes: Joggers; 14/16 year old. Shirts; XL youth. Shoes; 6

About: This young lad lives with his grandmother. They struggle to get all they need, Any donations will be really appreciated. First time on OKINI.

22 Family

Gender: M
Age: 51
Needs: jeans, t shirts, hiking boots or construction boots (no steel toes), fleece or hoodie , socks and hygiene articles snacks to carry with him and gloves and a stocking hat.

Sizes: Pants 34/32 Shirts xl, Shoes size 10

About: He walks everywhere and his shoes have given out. He is disabled and could use a helping hand. He has health problems . He likes to look nice and his clothing is wearing out. The last time he was on Okini someone sent him snacks and he said they were so good. any help would be appreciated - he is a special man.

Previously donated: hiking shoes, jeans & hoodie

23 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Cleaning materials and hygiene products. About: This grandmother living in a large household would like some help with cleaning materials and hygiene products. There are multiple children in this home so its essential to keep it germ free. Toilet rolls would be really useful too.

24 Family

Gender: F
Age: 51
Needs: Toilet paper, trash bags, shampoo, conditioner, laundry & dish soap, paper towels, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, deodorant, pantry items, socks About: This woman is new to One Spirit. She always worked as a CNA until she fell and hurt her back about 2 months ago. She is scheduled for a MRI later this month. She could really use some help with basics while she waits for a prognosis. Thank you for your help.

25 Family

Gender: F
Needs: URGENT: NEEDS PANTRY FOOD. Also needs diapers and wipes.

Sizes: Diapers size 6

About: She has 11 children in the house and has run out of food, please help!! Thank you!

Previously donated: Old-fashioned oats Brown sugar Peanut butter Grape jelly 2 Spaghetti noodles 8 cans spaghetti sauce 6 cans of tuna 4 cans of canned chicken Brown rice Dry Pinto beans 6 cans of black beans 2 Sugars 2 Flour 2 vegetable oil 2 Salt Animal crackers 8 green beans 4 Cream of mushroom soup 4 pack Egg noodles 8 cans corn 3 bread mixes 6 cans mandarin oranges 3 pack of rapid rise yeast

26 Family

Gender: M
Age: 60
Needs: Wool socks (4), warm gloves, winter coveralls, balaclava (4), work boots

Sizes: leather insulated work gloves size-XL - 4 pairs (such as Rough Riders) coverall size-40x32, 42x28 (2), 46x36 work boots size-16

About: This small group of Lakota are helping their neighbors on the rez by cutting and delivering wood without charge for One Spirit. It has become very cold on the reservation and these men and woman urgently need warm clothing. If you can help the Woodcutters so they can continue their unselfish mission and help keep their neighbors warm this winter it will be greatly appreciated. Many homes only have wood heat. Thank you.

Previously donated: 4 pairs gloves *4 DEWALT Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle *5 Pair Winter Wool Sox

27 Grandson
Age: 14
Needs: clothing, shoes, Clean and Clear or Proactive Plus face wash, toothpaste, toothbrush, underarm deodorant, mens lotion, mens Dove care body wash, Head and Shoulders hair wash

Sizes: Men sizes: Pant size: 38x33; Shoe size: 11.5w; boxer underwear size 38; Hoodie size: 2X

Previously donated: 3 body wash, 3 facial cleanser, 2 shampoo jeans

28 Family

Gender: F
Age: 70
Needs: NEED MET FOR Air Mattress and bedding : Still needs joggers or pull up slacks and tops

Sizes: Pants 12/14 tops 12/14

About: This 69 year old grandmother is asking if anyone could help with some clothing for her and her grandson. This grandma tries not to ask for too much she said..

Previously donated: coffeemaker, twin mattress topper, twin air mattress w/pump, twin sheets-1/17/20

29 Great Great Grandson
Needs: STILL NEEDS: Jeans, t shirts, underwear

Sizes: Pants 6 Shirts 6/7

About: He has been raised by his grandmother since he was an infant....He is the apple of her eye.

30 Family

Gender: F
Age: 48
Needs: AA batteries, Toilet paper, instant coffee, laundry & dish detergent, dish towels, wipes, canned food About: This single parent lives in a trailer and has no electricity or income. She is cooking on a wood stove and could use some help with non-food and canned items.

31 Family

Gender: F
Age: 63
Needs: Towels, basketball shoes, ankle socks and panties for grand children About: A grandmother would love her beautiful grandchildren to be able to play basketball in school - but without hi tops or basketball shoes they will not be allowed.... She would greatly appreciate if someone could help them.
32 Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: Basketball shoes, panties and socks

Sizes: Shoes 5 Panties 7 child

About: This third grader is able to play basketball this year and really hopes she will be able too.
33 Granddaughter
Age: 18
Needs: basketball shoes, socks and panties

Sizes: sneakers 8 Panties 7 adult

About: She said thank you - to anyone who sends her clothing, she really appreciates it. She said she really needs them.
34 Granddaughter
Age: 10
Needs: needs basketball shoes, panties and socks

Sizes: sneakers 4 panties 7 child

About: This little girl who is 10 ....he says she is really growing up. She would really love some sneakers has hers are falling apart...
35 Granddaughter
Age: 11
Needs: Needs basketball shoes, socks and panties

Sizes: Shoes 8 1/2 Pantie 16 girls

About: She has been been looking so forward to basketball but might not be able because she does not have sneakers....she is hoping someone will get her a pair.
36 Granddaughter
Age: 12
Needs: Basketball sneakers, socks and panties

Sizes: Basketball shoes size 8 Panties size 7

About: This 12 year old is now living with grandma and she would really love to be able to play basketball..

37 Family

Gender: F
Age: 46
Needs: Urgent need for pantry food, personal hygiene items, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies and a black hoodie.

Sizes: Hoodie size 2X

About: She has a winter vest but needs a hoodie to wear under it to keep warm. She is raising 2 young grandchildren and takes care of her elderly father and has no source of income and could use some help with the basics. Please consider helping!
38 Father
Age: 62
Needs: Desperately needs workboots and warm sox

Sizes: Workboots size 9

39 Daughter
Needs: Needs snowboots and warm sox

Sizes: Snowboots size 7

40 Granddaughter
Age: 2
Needs: Needs snowboots, warm sox

Sizes: Snowboots size 6T

41 Family

Gender: M
Age: elder
Needs: Hygiene Products and cleaning products - Shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, dish soap, bath soap and Towels. They have very few and Curtis doesn't know what happens to them.... soft and nutritional food - soups, canned vegetables, ensure, soup, puddings & canned fruit and Ramen noodles for snacks About: This wonderful grand father has cancer and could really use help....He is the glue of this family and worries about them...They are desperate for cleaning supplies and hygiene articles Food is always appreciate as well as oodles of noodles for snacks. This is a large household with ll children going to school day - yes eleven school age children plus a few younger ones. He is surrounded by a loving family and numerous grandchildren who think he is the best grandfather ever.....He is a very special man.

42 Family

Gender: F
Age: 25
Needs: Cowboy boots (black), jeans (cowboy/boot cut), sweatpants, deodorant, towels, washcloths, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, body wash, maxi pads, shirts, rancher jacket, underwear, sport bras, pullover hoodie, razors

Sizes: Jeans size-32x34 shirts size-Men's M coat size-Men's M Underwear size-7/8 Boots size-7.5 Youth sweatpants size-M sport bras size-M hoodie size-M Men's

About: This young woman is alone and homeless and staying with her grandparents. She has struggled to get a college degree in graphic design but had to withdraw due to lack of housing and support. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

43 Family

Gender: F
Age: 51
Needs: Tissue paper, trash bags, laundry and dish soap, Clorox, shampoo, conditioner, Toilet paper, pantry items About: This family is new to One Spirit and the single mother is caring for many family members including grandchildren and her elderly mother. They receive no income and could really use some help with household and pantry supplies.
44 Grandson
Age: 1
Needs: Diapers, baby wipes

Sizes: diapers size-4

About: This toddler is being raised by his grandmother. The family has no income at this time and he urgently needs diapers and wipes. Thank you!
45 Grandson
Age: 4
Needs: Pull-ups

Sizes: Pull-ups size-6

About: This little boy is being raised by his grandmother and is doing well with potty training but still needs pull-ups for night time. Thank you.
46 Mother
Age: 73
Needs: Attends/depends

Sizes: Size L/XL

About: This elder is cared for by her daughter and is part of a large family. She would appreciate your help. Thank you.

47 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Warm clothes for her children. About: This mum needs some help with clothing for her children. She does beading to help pay the bills, her bead work is really beautiful. Its this families first time on the OKINI.

Previously donated: Girl 10- snow boots, hooded winter jacket-1/18/20

48 Daughter
Age: 10
Needs: Warm clothes, snow boots and warm jacket.

Sizes: Pants; 12 year old. Shirts; 12 year old. Shoes; 8 womens. Jacket; Small womens.

About: This young girl really needs some winter clothes, snow boots and a warm jacket. First time on the OKINI.

Previously donated: snow boots, hooded winter jacket

49 Son
Age: 4
Needs: Warm clothes, snow boots and a warm jacket.

Sizes: Pants; 10 year old husky. Shirts; 9 year old. Boots; 1.5 Jacket; 10 year old husky.

About: This young boy really needs some warm clothes, a winter jacket and some snow boots (wide).

Previously donated: 2 Size 10 Pants, 1 Med Shirt, 1 Book

50 Son
Age: 6
Needs: Snow boots and a warm jacket.

Sizes: Pants; 7 year old. Shirts; 7 year old. Shoes; 2.5 Jacket; 8/9 year old.

About: This young boy really needs some snow boots, and a winter jacket. The first time on the OKINI.

Previously donated: 1 Size 6/7 Pants, 1 Pull over Sweat Shirts, 1 Zip Sweat Shirts, 1 Book

51 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing and shoes for children About: She is asking for help for clothing for her children. Times have been tough for her and she is asking for a helping hand. she loves her children and hates for them not to have clothes that don't fit or worn out.

Previously donated: For 3year old grandson, Hoody 2 pants 2 tops shoes and socks-1/16/20

52 Grandson
Age: 2
Needs: All clothing and hygiene articles.....

Sizes: Clothing 3T shoes 7

About: His grandmother has been raising him since birth and she really needs help with clothing - she says he is growing so fast.

Previously donated: 3T sizes- snow bibs, coat, blue jean overalls, 2 l/s shirts, one pair pants.Hoody, 2 pants, 2 tops shoes and socks

53 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: leggins, t shirts, socks, sneakers , hoodie &undies

Sizes: Leggings 7/9 jr. Tops med/large sneakers 7

About: this little girl has been growing and nothing fits right. She would really love some new clothing, really needs some.
54 Son
Age: 10
Needs: school clothing joggers, shirts, sneakers, socks & hoodie

Sizes: joggers 16/18 shirts 18 hoodie 18 or mens med. Shoes 7 1/2

About: This 8 year old little boy is turning 9 the beginning of July and like his sister he has out grown all his clothes... He would love some jeans that would be long enough and some basketball shorts.
55 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: school clothing leggins , shirts, shoes, socks & hoodie

Sizes: leggins 7/9 jr. T shirts med. Hoodie large jr. Shoes 7

About: Would love some new clothing for school and yes she is the same size as her sister.....She is growing and her clothes are really worn out. she would love to have some nice looking clothes.

56 Family

Gender: F
Age: 71
Needs: Needs comforters (size double and twin), laundry detergent, bodywash, shampoo and pantry food About: Lucille was recently in a car accident, she was hit by a 13 year old driver and she has been unable to get her commodities the last few months. She is very nearly out of food for herself and her grandson. Please consider helping! Thank you!

Previously donated: 1 hand-knit shawl and blanket, liquid soap

57 Family

Gender: F
Age: 36
Needs: Clothing for her 10 year old daughter About: This mother rarely asks for help for her large family but her 10 year old daughter has really grown and she feels bad that she does not have any clothes that fit.
58 Daughter
Age: 10
Needs: school clothing - jeans, T shirts, hoodie or a sweater, socks, underwear and sneakers

Sizes: skinny jeans 9 T shirts Large (jr) sneakers 7 1/2

About: This ten year old girl really has grown would really love some school clothes and lbe able to look nice for school. she would love some stretchy skinny jeans so she can look like the girls in school...

59 Family

Gender: F
Age: 72
Needs: 3 full size blankets Snow boots size 11

Sizes: 2x,womens

About: Elder with diabetes. There are 13 people in home and it is very cold. This is the first time she has asked for help.

Previously donated: Irish wool cardigan, wool socks, thermal gloves, bacitrin, chapstick, pen, full size blanket

60 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: Can still use dish soap, pantry food items...canned meat/vegetables/fruits, fruit cups, flour, shortening, coffee, etc. About: New to One Spirit programs. This little family is struggling and could really use a helping hand to get through this winter, especially with food as they live in the country and get snowed in quite a bit. Donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Previously donated: 1 12 pack Bison, cran, bacon snack bars, 2 large cans wild salmon, 1 LS shirt-1/14/20

61 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: NEEDS MET: In urgent need of pants and sweaters.

Sizes: GIRLS SIZES: pants/tops/sweaters size 8-9, shoes size 5

Previously donated: 2 ls shirts, 1 sweater, 1 pair sweater leggings 1 pair shoe/boots, size 5 ; 2 sweatshirts; 10 pair of undies, 10 pair of socks. Denim Jeggings L/S T-Shirt Crew Socks (5-pack) Fleece Mittens Fleece Hat Kids Snow Boots Snow Bibs pants girls underwear Winter Jacket

62 Family

Gender: F
Age: 82
Needs: socks, sweat pants, scarf, hat, gloves, blanket, boots, coat, laundry & dish detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, fabric softener, slippers, pantry items

Sizes: sweat pants size-M boots size-9.5 coat size-18 slippers size 8 (Men's)

Previously donated: boots-1/10/20

63 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: pantry items, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, paper towels, socks, underwear

Sizes: Underwear size-7

About: This couple is new to One Spirit and lives in a trailer with no electricity. She cooks on a wood stove and has no income. She has an urgent need for pantry item such as rice, beans, soups, pasta, canned goods

Previously donated: raisins,dry milk, cashews,beef jerky,rice packet,f.d banana chips,br. Sugar, foil, 2 pkg.15 bean soup, oatmeal, 2 cans tuna,pumpkin seeds,sm. almond butter, Spices- chicken stock base, pepper, seasoned salt, chili powder, cinnamon, onion powder, Italian blend,celery flakes, garlic powder. 2# rice, stevia, peanut butter, Misc: 1 deoderant, 2 bars soap, dishsoap, 2 chapstick, body lotion, s.f. cough drops Female: 10 prs. Socks,10 size 7 panties Male: 1 pair winter socks Update, arriving from Walmart seperately: men's 6 pr. Crew socks and 1 pair diabetic socks, 1 men's 8" thinsulate waterproof boots size 12(no 1/2 size available), 2 boot socks. 6 paper towels, 18 rolls toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, 2 4 packs canned green beans, 4 pack Progresso low sodium chkn. and wild rice soup., Disinfectant wipes-1/11/20

64 Boyfriend
Age: 57
Needs: socks, underwear, boots, coveralls

Sizes: Boots size-11.5 Coveralls size-XL Underwear size-34

About: This man is not able to work due to diabetes and high blood pressure and is need of some winter clothing.

Previously donated: 1 pair winter socks men's 6 pr. Crew socks and 1 pair diabetic socks, 1 men's 8" thinsulate waterproof boots size 12, 6 briefs

65 Family

Gender: M
Age: 53
Needs: NEEDS MET About: NEEDS MET An elder who is living with his son could really use help. He has had bed bugs and really needs new blankets.

Previously donated: 2 blankets 2 Queen 13"Mid Rise Dura-Beam Airbed's, *(2) Premium Gold Hotel Pillows w/ Pillow Cases-1/11/20

66 Family

Gender: F
Age: 41
Needs: Urgent need for pantry food, blankets, heaters, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items About: This single mom reaches out for help with some basic necessities. Her mom is in a nursing home 6 hours away so any extra money she has goes into gas to visit her leaving nothing left over for anything extra.

Previously donated: 2 queen blankets-1/8/20

67 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Winter Clothing - snowboots, l/s t shirts, underwear, long socks, hoodie

Sizes: snowboots 8 Underwear 7 T shirts Large Hoodie Large (blue or black)

About: She and her husband are asking for help in some winter clothing.... They devote their lives to their grandchildren and have very little.

Previously donated: 1 woman's hoodie 3 pair of women's underwear 1 pair of women'ssocks 3 pair of thick women's lounge socks.-1/15/20

68 Husband
Needs: Asking for help in winter clothing.... Snowboots, socks, underwear , jeans and joggers, Tshirts

Sizes: Snowboots 9 1/2 Underwear 34 Pants 34 T shirts and hoodie Large

About: He and his wife have devoted their lives to their family and have very little for themselves.

Previously donated: 1 men's hoodie

69 Family

Gender: F
Age: 32
Needs: Urgent need for electric blanket, heaters, winter jacket, pantry food, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items

Sizes: Winter jacket size 2X

About: She is diabetic and needs to keep warm. She had an electric blanket but it broke.

Previously donated: winter jacket

70 Family

Gender: F
Age: 21
Needs: Space heaters, winter clothing, pantry food, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items

Sizes: Ladies size 8 pants, size M shirts, size L jacket, size 8 1/2 sneakers

About: Contacted One Spirit for the first time, she is a very young mom having a tough time right now providing for her little family

Previously donated: 3 sweaters, size medium, gently worn 2 blouses, size medium, gently worn dried beans-1/15/20

71 Son
Age: 2 months
Needs: Winter clothing, diapers, wipes, fleece blanket

Sizes: Size 0-3 months clothing, diapers size 1

Previously donated: 28 onesies, 6 pjs, 2 tops, 1 pant, bib, 3 jackets, 1 vest

72 Significant other
Age: 22
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Mens size L t-shirts, size 32 pants, jacket size L, sneakers size 10 1/2

73 Family

Gender: F
Age: 36
Needs: Urgent need for clothing for her children, pantry food, laundry detergent, toilet paper, dish soap, shampoo/bodywash About: Single mom to large family, she tries her best to provide for her children but is often overwhelmed. She really could use some help with the basics.

Previously donated: 2T coat, 2T snow pants, 2 l/s shirts (2T) and 2 pair pants.-1/18/20

74 Daughter
Age: 19
Needs: Needs pants and jacket

Sizes: Pants size 12/14, jacket size L ladies

Previously donated: 4 pk underwear Columbia down jacket , polish, lipstick

75 Son
Age: 10
Needs: Needs pants and a jacket

Sizes: Pants boys size 12, jacket size 14

Previously donated: winter jacket

76 Son
Age: 12
Needs: Needs pants and winter jacket

Sizes: Boys size 10 pants, jacket size 12

77 Family

Gender: F
Age: 75
Needs: Jacket and boots for her daughter. About: This Elder lives out in the country, she lost her son tragically last year. Her daughter has moved in with her to help look after her and the horse's. Her daughter really needs a warm winter jacket and some long boots for working outside.

Previously donated: Winter boots Winter coat fleece sweater-12/26/19

78 Daughter
Age: 49
Needs: Warm jacket and long boots.

Sizes: Jacket; 2XL. Boots; 9

About: Ths lady has just moved in with her mother after her brother tragically passed last year, Her brother looked after his mother and the horses on her property. The Elders daughter has now taken over from her brother. She could really use some warm clothes, long boots and warm jacket for working outside with the horses and mending fences etc.

79 Family

Gender: M
Age: 28
Needs: Clothing for children and Blankets, hygiene articles for family About: A father and mother called asking for help for their family....The children have very little clothing for the winter.....

Previously donated: Son 1 Yr: Size 18-24 mo, 7 Pants, 7 Shirts, 1 PJ's, 6 Sox, 1 Sweat shirt, Light Jacket, Stuffed Dog.-1/17/20

80 Son
Age: 1
Needs: Clothing - diapers # 5 and wipes....

Sizes: Clothing 18/24 months

About: He getting to be a big boy and needs clothing.

Previously donated: 1 large car toy 1 small car toy Jacket, 1 sleep sack, 2 toddler books 7 Pants, 7 Shirts, 1 PJ's, 6 Sox, 1 Sweat shirt, 2T snow pants and 2T snow bibs

81 Stepdaughter
Age: 11
Needs: leggins, tops, hi tops, socks, Stocking hat , gloves

Sizes: Leggins 14/16 child shirts 14/16 Shoes size 7

About: She is growing talland needs leggins, shoes and tops. She would really love some cute stocking hats due to a medical condition her hair had to be cut off. She would feel alot better with the stocking hats until her hair grew back.

Previously donated: shoes hat, 2 tops, 1 pr cozy socks Shirt set, winter cap

82 Son
Age: 8
Needs: jeans , shirts, socks,, hat, gloves

Sizes: jeans 10 shirts 12

About: He has no winter clothes and he could really use some He lives in the country and loves to play with his brother He would love some Halo men too.

Previously donated: fleece jacket, size 10-12

83 Stepson
Age: 8
Needs: Needs jeans, shirts, socks hat, gloves,

Sizes: Jeans 8 skinny jeans T shirts 10

About: He is tall and has grown alot and none of his clothes fit......He wanted me to know he really loves Halo Men. He would love a pair of skinny jeans.

Previously donated: Fleece jacket size 10/12

84 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Needs Winter clothing, pantry food, personal hygiene items (lotion, shampoo), cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, blankets

Sizes: Ladies jeans size 20, shirts size 1X, size 10 sneakers (loves New Balance, has feet issues and these fit her best)

About: Charlotte is on a very limited income and could really use some help. She is very appreciative of anything!

Previously donated: New Balance tennis shoes-1/8/20

85 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Clothing. About: This mum is asking for help with clothes for her growing daughter.
86 Daughter
Age: 1
Needs: Clothes and diapers.

Sizes: Pants; 3T. Shirts; 3T. Underwear; 3T. Diapers; size 5.

About: This little girl came to live at her grandma's with her Mom but all her clothes are too small. She is tall for her age.

Previously donated: 1 sz 7boots

87 Family

Gender: F
Age: 49
Needs: Carpenter pants, flannel shirts, socks, underwear, after-school snacks, drink mix, toilet paper, laundry and dish soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, dog beds (4), seed beads (size 11), buffalo horns, leather for pouches (Singing Horse Trading Company in Manderson)

Sizes: Shoes size-7 pants size-32x32 shirts size-L

About: This grandmother was in a car accident recently and is slowly recuperating and could use some help with dog food, shoes, and clothes. Her grandson just returned to her custody and she is grateful for any assistance.

Previously donated: 1 pair skechers athletic shoes size 8-1/15/20

88 Grandson
Age: 11
Needs: socks, boxers, hat, gloves About: This little boy just returned to his disabled grandmother's home with no clothes. Any help you can give this boy is greatly appreciated.

Previously donated: shoes Coat size-XL (Youth 14/16 pajamas size-14 Carpenter pants size-14 (Youth) shirts size-14 (Youth) Boots size-8 (Youth)

89 Family

Gender: F
Age: 39
Needs: Laundry, dish soap, tissues, maxi pads, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrushes, trash bags, body wash, bars of soap, socks, underwear, coat, hat, gloves, shirts, pants, pajamas, pantry items, blanket, towels, washcloths

Sizes: underwear size-8 coat size-2X pants size-18 shirts size-2X pajamas size-2X

About: Single parent recently broke her ankle and had surgery. She has no income, only food stamps. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: Women's coats and snow pants-1/3/20

90 Daughter
Age: 20
Needs: Boots, socks, underwear, sport bras, sweat pants, pullover hoodie, backpack, and school supplies

Sizes: Boots size-7.5 underwear size-8 sport bras size-L sweat pants size M/L hoodie size-L

About: This high school graduate is going to college next month and hopes to study nursing. She is in need of clothing and school supplies.

Previously donated: coat 5 pr underwear, backpack, school supplies

91 Daughter
Age: 18
Needs: Boots, Coat, hoodie, socks, underwear, pajamas, backpack and school supplies

Sizes: Boots size-9 coat size-L pajamas size-L

About: This high school graduate will be starting college next month and would like some winter clothes and school supplies. She hopes to go into the medical field.

Previously donated: coat

92 Grandson
Age: 2
Needs: sweat pants, shirts, coat, boots, underwear, pajamas, socks

Sizes: clothing size 5T; boots size10; underwear size 5T coat size-5T pajamas size 5T

About: This little boy has outgrown all his winter clothes and would like to play outside but has no clothes that fit.

Previously donated: shirt

93 Son-in-law
Age: 21
Needs: Shoes, jeans, socks, underwear, coat

Sizes: pants size 32x30 Shoes size-9.5 underwear size-36/38 Coat size-L

About: This father is laid off from his construction job and could use some help with winter clothes.
94 Son
Age: 16
Needs: coat, boots, socks, boxers, pants, shirts, hoodie

Sizes: Coat size-14/16 (boys) Boots size-5 (boys) Boxers size-M pants size-14 (boys) shirts size-M (boys)

About: This 9th grader has grown over the summer and his clothes don't fit well. Any help is appreciated.

95 Family

Gender: F
Age: 50
Needs: Blankets, towels, household items, food About: Family new to One Spirit... In urgent need of Blankets and household basics..

Previously donated: Toilet paper, laundry detergent, dish soap, body wash, 2in1 shampoo/conditioner King blanket-12/20/19

96 Family

Gender: F
Age: 72
Needs: Jeans for her husband and clothing for grandchildren About: this 73 year old grandma is raising 2 grandchildren and could really use some help with getting clothing for them plus her husband of many years needs some jeans and socks.
97 Grandson
Age: 6
Needs: jeans, joggers, sneakers, socks, sneakers, hoodie and a pair of mittens

Sizes: jeans 8 husky hoodie 10 sneakers 1

About: He is a first grader who has had a growth spurt.....He loves the outdoor but it is a little cold to play for long outside and legos.
98 Granddaughter
Age: 3
Needs: needs everything - joggers or leggins, shirts, hoodie, sneakers & socks and a pair of mittes

Sizes: Clothing 5T sneakers 9

About: Grandma has raised her since she was a tiny tot and she is Grammies little girl She is a little chunky - but is always happy and smiling......and loves to play with dollies
99 Husband
Age: Elder
Needs: jeans and socks

Sizes: Jeans 33/31 - loves wranglers.

About: this is his first time on Okini - He was a little shy about asking for anything.

100 Family

Gender: F
Age: 76
Needs: toilet paper, paper towels, pantry items, only pop top cans, crackers, peanut butter About: This disabled elder has diabetes and is in a wheelchair and lives alone. She recently broke her arm. Her house is always cold and she urgently needs some basic needs to get her through the winter. All packages must be delivered to her house via UPS and Fed Ex. (She is unable to get to the post office.)

Previously donated: 2 coats, one fleece hoodie-12/26/19

101 Family

Gender: F
Age: 70
Needs: Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toilet paper, paper towels, maxi pads, trash bags, tin foil, sandwich and freezer baggies, laundry & dish soap, Clorox, About: This elder just took in a family of four and could use help with household supplies and the new family could use clothes.

Previously donated: Boy 6- hoodie, 2 pr long pants, 3 pr briefs, 3 tshirts, basketball shorts-1/10/20

102 Friend
Age: 7
Needs: socks, shoes, hat, gloves, pajamas

Sizes: Shoes size-2 Coat size-10 pants size-10R pajamas size-10

About: This second grader just moved and has no clothes that fit. He likes to play outside and would like a winter coat and clothes.

Previously donated: Sz 10 Jacket, 1 pr Jeans, 1 pr Sweats, 4 Pr Boxer Briefs, Zip Hoodie, 2 Long Sleeve T-Shirts,

103 Friend
Age: 12
Needs: t-shirts, pants, shoes, coat, socks, underwear, hat, gloves, pajamas

Sizes: T-shirts size-L (Mens) pants size-34x30 shoes size-9.5 coat size-XL (Youth) pajamas size-L (Youth)

About: This 6th grader just moved and is staying with this family. He has outgrown all his clothes and could use some new clothes.

Previously donated: youth coat and snowpants

104 Friend
Age: 6
Needs: shoes, socks, underwear, pants, hat, gloves, pajamas

Sizes: Coat size-M (Youth) Shoes size-13.5 (boys) Pants size-8 Slim Pajamas size-8

About: This 1st grader just moved with his family with friends. He has no winter clothes and would like some.

Previously donated: Jacket Sz 8, 4 Mini Cans Play Doh & Misc. Cars

105 Friend
Age: 5
Needs: shirts, coat, hat, gloves, shoes, pajamas, underwear, socks

Sizes: shirts size-5/6 Coat size-6 shoes size-12 pajamas size-6

About: This first grader needs winter clothes since her family just moved and she doesn't have clothes that fit. Her favorite color is pink.

Previously donated: Girl 5 Yr: Jacket & Snowpants Sz 6, Felt play set * For Children: 550 Pc. Puzzle, 2 Search & Find Books

106 Family

Gender: F
Age: 20
Needs: socks, underwear, bras, hat, gloves, pants, shirts, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, baby soap, lotion, blankets, towels, hair ties, pantry items, space heaters, pantry items

Sizes: stretchy pants size 3X shirts size-3X sport bras size-44/46 underwear size-12

About: This young single mother has no income and could really use help with clothing and household supplies for herself and her children. She recently moved back to Allen and has very little. Thank you.

Previously donated: 2T bib, 2T coat. 5T coat, 3X flannel shirt-1/9/20

107 Son
Age: 2
Needs: Diapers, baby wipes, underwear, pants, shirts

Sizes: diapers size 6 pants/shirts size-5T

About: This two year old is growing and would like to play outside but he has no winter clothes that fit. Any help is appreciated.

Previously donated: 5T coat, Son- snow pants, sherpa top and pants, 2 pr.p.j.s,play outfit and hat and mittens-snow jacket, snow boots, socks

108 Daughter
Age: 1
Needs: Diapers, baby wipes, socks, pajamas, hat, mittens, pants, shirts, hair ties and bows

Sizes: Diapers size-4 pajamas size-2T pants/shirts size-2T

About: This little one year old is growing quickly and has outgrown her clothes. She would like some clothes that fit properly.

Previously donated: snow jacket, p.j.s, play outfit, anklet socks. hairties 2T bib, 2T coat

109 Family

Gender: F
Age: 54
Needs: Hats, gloves, scarf, toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, dish soap, body wash, trash bags, paper towels, towels, washcloths

Sizes: Boots size-8.5 hand towel, 6 washcloths, chapstick, lipstick, hand towel, Senior vitamins long sleeve warm top, bra

About: This grandmother is raising her grandchildren and could use some help with essentials. Her house is always cold and she would like some blankets.

Previously donated: twin blanket Boy 5- hoodie, 3pr briefs, pjs, 3 tshirts, 2 pr long pants-1/15/20

110 Adopted Son
Age: 5
Needs: socks, pajamas, boots, hat, mittens

Sizes: Boots size-1 pajamas size-6

Previously donated: hoodie, 3pr briefs, pjs, 3 tshirts, 2 pr long pants

111 Husband
Age: 59
Needs: gloves About: This disabled grandfather is helping to raise his grandchildren and could use a winter coat.

Previously donated: Coat size-L Men’s winter crew sock

112 Grandson
Age: 7
Needs: hat, mittens, coat, pajamas, boots

Sizes: Boots size-5 boys pajamas size-8/10

About: This first grader is easy to please and needs a few winter basics.

Previously donated: 2 prs. socks

113 Grandson
Age: 15
Needs: Hat, gloves, socks, boots

Sizes: Boots size-11.5 (Mens)

About: This 8th grader has outgrown his boots and would like a pair that fit.

Previously donated: Boy 15- flannel pj bottoms, l/s shirt

114 Grandson
Age: 11
Needs: socks, underwear, hat, gloves, pajamas

Sizes: l/s shirt pajamas size boys Medium Underwear size-boys Medium

About: This 6th grader loves football, track, basketball and needs a few winter basics.
115 Grandson
Age: 13
Needs: Socks, pajamas, boots, hat, gloves

Sizes: Boots size-9 pajamas size-M (Mens)

About: This 7th grader likes to play basketball and needs some new boots.

Previously donated: l/t shirt

116 Granddaughter
Age: 13
Needs: socks, pajamas, gloves, hat, underwear

Sizes: pajamas size-Ladies Medium Underwear size-13 (girls)

About: This 7th grader likes basketball and soccer. She needs some basics for the winter. Her favorite color is black.

117 Family

Gender: F
Age: 56
Needs: winter coat, turtle necks, blue jeans and construction type boots

Sizes: Shirts Med....jeans 7 (petite) and construction type boots (3) size is correct

About: She is in need of winter clothing....She is very petite 5'1" She would greatly appreciate if someone could help her

Previously donated: boots, 4 pr socks, 4 tops-1/12/20

118 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: King size sheets, 2 sets of double sheets, blankets and towels About: This mother finally got her own house - and while she has managed to get beds - she has no bedding or towels or her own..... She would really appreciate anyone who could help her on this new chapter of her life.

119 Family

Gender: M
Age: 45
Needs: Couple caring for extended family members in need of basic necessities. Would truly appreciate some pantry food and toiletries as well since they run out often.

Sizes: coat - M

Previously donated: Coat - M Toiletries - body wash, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant-12/24/19

120 Granddaughter
Age: 5
Needs: Size 6 snow boots, warm socks, size 5-6 clothing

Previously donated: 2 pants, 3 shirts, boots, blanket, pajamas, underwear, socks, hoody, hat and gloves, hairbands.

121 Niece
Age: 14
Needs: Snow boots size 9, M winter jacket, socks, size 3 jeans

Previously donated: coat

122 Foster Son
Age: 14
Needs: Size 11 snow boots, Men's medium shirt, warm socks

123 Family

Gender: F
Age: 32
Needs: Size 7 sneakers, blankets, heaters, pantry food, personal hygiene items, laundry detergent About: The children have outgrown all their clothes and food always runs out. She has very little income and would very much appreciate any help, thank you!

Previously donated: 12 year old girl: 1 fleece-lined hoodie, 1 flannel shirt-1/15/20

124 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Pants and shirts size 10, sweater/hoodie size 10/12, shoe size 3, warm sox

Previously donated: 12 year old girl: 1 fleece-lined hoodie, 1 flannel shirt jacket

125 Son
Age: 15
Needs: Winter clothing and sneakers

Sizes: Jeans size 32X34, t-shirts size Men's large, hoodie size Men's XL, sneakers size 10, warm sox

Previously donated: jacket, men's shirts

126 Son
Age: 13
Needs: Winter clothing and sneakers

Sizes: Boys size M t-shirts, pants size 12, Hoodie size 14/16, sneaker size 7, warm sox

Previously donated: jacket

127 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Space heaters, blankets, pantry food, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies About: She is helping to raise her 2 grandsons and just took in another baby who arrived with the clothes on his back. She didn't ask for anything for herself, she just worries about the little ones.

Previously donated: Gently used 12m clothing: 3 Fleece footed pajamas, 4 L/S shirts, 8 Pants, 2 L/S onesies, 5 pairs socks sized 12m-2t, 2 12m-18m S/S shirts, 1 L/S onesie w pants outfit, 1 L/S outfit, Size 5 shoes, Size 4/5 Crocs shoes, Size 4/5 Slippers, Baby sunglasses, Fitted crib sheet (new), Crib musical octopus mobile/toy-12/18/19