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1 Family

Gender: F
Age: 34
Needs: Clothes, shoes & winter coat for her nephew. About: This wonderful woman takes care of her nephew who has a heart condition. She is reaching out for help in getting him some winter clothing and shoes. Any donations will be very much appreciated. Thank you!
2 Nephew
Age: 11
Needs: This young boy has had a recent growth spurt. Really needs clothes that fit him.

Sizes: BOYS SIZES: pants/t-shirts/hoody/coat 10, shoes/boots 3 youth

3 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: In need of clothes, shoes. Most of her clothing and personal items where stolen when her and her mom's house was broken into recently.

Sizes: pants 7 jrs., tops M jrs.(solid colors), shoes 11

Previously donated: sneakers, 2 pr long pants, ski pants, 2 panties, ankle socks

4 Nephew
Age: 19
Needs: This young man is in need of jeans, l/s t-shirts, winter coat, tennis shoes (high tops) socks and boxers.

Sizes: pants 30x32, T-shirt/hoody/coat L mens, shoes 10

5 Family

Gender: F
Age: 34
Needs: Urgent need of clothes and shoes for her children. About: This young mom has had a really rough year. She lost her job and home due to COVID earlier in the year and has since moved back in with her parents. She could really use a helping hand right now. Thank you for the support.
6 Son
Age: 3
Needs: In need of winter clothes, winter coat, boots, socks.

Sizes: Clothing sizes 3T, jacket size 4T, shoes 8c

7 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: Is in need of pants, tops, winter coat, snow boots, tennis shoes, socks

Sizes: pants size 10, tops/coat size 12, shoes 3 youth PLEASE NOTE: Prefers boys clothing

8 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: Has outgrown her clothes. In need of pants, tops, winter coat, snow boots, socks.

Sizes: GIRLS SIZES: pants 14, tops/coat 16, shoes 2 youth

9 Son
Age: 11
Needs: In need of pants, l/s shirts, winter coat, tennis shoes, socks, underwear

Sizes: BOYS SIZES: pants 12, shirts/coat 14-16, shoes 6.5 youth

10 Son
Age: 14
Needs: In need of jeans, l/s t-shirts, winter coat, tennis shoes (high tops), socks

Sizes: jeans 32x30, t-shirts/coat L men's, shoes 9.5

11 Family

Gender: M
Age: 56
Needs: In dire need of pots and pans. Socks and L Underwear, Pants 38X34, hat and warm gloves. About: This gentleman never asks for anything for himself.

12 Family

Gender: F
Age: 70
Needs: Donor has met need for coat, hat, gloves and socks for Arlene. Pantry food would be wonderful. About: 3X cancer patient now receiving radiation treatment is in need of some warm clothing for herself and family members.

Previously donated: Black women's coat 3X Black women's trapper hat LXL (backordered, will ship 12/02) Black women's squall gloves L 2 pairs women's marled boot socks

13 Son
Age: 45
Needs: 2X warm hoodie or coat, warm socks, winter glove and hat
14 Son
Age: 38
Needs: IX hoodie or sweatshirt, warm socks, gloves, winter hat.

15 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: Jacket and Boots.

Sizes: Jacket; Large. Boots; 9

About: This single mother needs some help with clothing for herself and her daughter for the winter.
16 Daughter
Age: 17
Needs: Jacket and boots.

Sizes: Jacket; Large. Boots; 9

About: This young teenager really needs a jacket and boots for winter. Her mum really tries to do everything for herself and not burden anyone.

17 Family

Gender: F
Age: 49
Needs: Clothes for her children. About: This small family living in the homeless building really need some help. The three children all need some winter clothing. Can you help this mum.
18 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: Clothes.

Sizes: Pants; 7 years. Shirts; 7 years.

About: This little girl needs some winter clothes. Nothing fits her anymore.

Previously donated: Girls Uniform Active Foldover Waist Pants, Girls Active Fleece Hoodie, Girls Glacier Fleece Pants,

19 Daughter
Age: 8
Needs: Clothes.

Sizes: Pants; 12 yrs. Shirts; 12 yrs.

About: This young girl has had a growth spurt and needs some new winter clothes.

Previously donated: Girls Active Foil Fleece Zip Up Hoodie, Girls Glacier Fleece Half Zip Pullover, Girls Uniform Active French Terry Sweatshirt

20 Son
Age: 6
Needs: Clothes.

Sizes: Pants; 12 huskey. Shirts; 12 huskey.

About: This young boy needs some new winter clothes, his mum tries very hard to keep the children clothed.

Previously donated: Boys Uniform Basic Layering Tee Boys Basic Straight Jeans, Boys Thermal Henley Top 2-Pack,

21 Family

Gender: F
Age: 55
Needs: Is asking for a winter coat and gloves for her son.

Sizes: for her

About: This elder lives with her son and is a cacer survior. Both she and her son have on going heallth problems but they are happy to have each other.
22 Son
Age: 38
Needs: Winter coat, stocking hat and gloves

Sizes: Coat size 6 X - Size Correct

About: he has been in and out of hospitals and really needs a winter coat. He does not have one and really needs one. Please help.

Previously donated: Hooded Parka Jacket size 6X, 1 Soft Knit Beanie Hat Lined with Fleece, and Pair of Thinsulate Thermal Polar Fleece Gloves with Heat-Reflecting Layer X-Large

23 Family

Gender: F
Age: 66
Needs: Oil filled heater About: She is living by herself and the house is often cold.... She could really use a heater for her bedroom... She is hoping someone could help her.

Previously donated: heated throw, Oil Filled Heater

24 Family

Gender: F
Age: 40
Needs: First time on Okini, family requesting food pantry and hygiene products, also requesting 1 Queen size Blanket and 2 full size blankets for winter.

Previously donated: 2 full size wool blankets King comforter down alternative, 10 disposable masks, dozen disposable gloves, 1# pasta, canned tomato, box of stuffing, 2 instant meals, stainless mug, tea bags, eye drops, pen, hydrogen peroxide

25 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Set of pots and pans , embroidery supplies, towels, and blankets About: This family is in need of cooking supplies and mom would like some embroidery supplies as she is recovering from surgery .

Previously donated: Caydo 254 Pieces Embroidery Kit

26 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: Winter Clothing

Sizes: Girls 7/8

About: This little girl is in need of warm winter clothing
27 Son
Age: 14
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Boys 14

About: This teen is in of Hoodies , joggers , jacket

28 Family

Gender: F
Age: 32
Needs: Family of 10 including 4 elders, lives in the country. Their heater doesn't always work. Urgent need for 5 King size blankets, warm clothing as noted for children. Mom's only request for herself is a winter jacket, size 2x

Sizes: shirt women's 1 x, jacket 2x

About: Young mom asks for only a winter jacket herself, hopes her elders and children will be helped.

Previously donated: -3 toddler stocking hats F6 shoes sz 2, F5 shoes sz 8 hitops, F4 shoes sz 8, F12 8 pk underwear sz 8, F11 2 joggers, M5 shoes sz 9 (run small), 2 Queen blankets, 12 cans corn, 12 cans green beans Childrens books-11/30/20

29 Elder
Age: 35
Needs: women's shoe size 9 1/2

Sizes: women's shoe size 9 1/2

Previously donated: 4 pr underwear, 2 pr holiday crew socks,

30 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: Sweater size 16

Sizes: shirt/pants women's 14/16, shoes 9

Previously donated: 2 pr jeans, 2 l/s, cardigan...

31 Daughter
Age: 12
Needs: Underwear women's size 8, bra 36C, sweater or jacket, 2x

Sizes: Underwear women's size 8, bra 36C, pants, 18, shirts 2x, shoes 8 1/2

Previously donated: 2 pr jeans (sz 18p), 1 pr joggers, 1 pr Capri night pants + s/s night shirt... 5 pair of women's wool socks 2 -36C bras 12 pair size 8 panties

32 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: shoes, preferably high tops with laces

Sizes: pants 6 Shirts 5/6 Shoes 8

Previously donated: 1 pr leggings... shoes sz 8 hitops sandals, 2 shorts, 2 tops

33 Daughter
Age: 4
Needs: shirts, pants 5/6T shoes 8

Sizes: shirts, pants 5/6T shoes 8

Previously donated: size 5T plush pullover top. 5T microfleece leggings. 5 pack Toddler thermal socks shoes sz 8, 'doll with clothing, sandals, shorts, 2 tops

34 Son
Age: 5
Needs: pants toddler/child 5/6, boots, toddler/youth 8

Sizes: shirts and pants toddler/child 5/6, shoes toddler/youth 8

Previously donated: size 5T microfleece hoodie. 5T jeans

35 Daughter
Age: 6
Needs: shoes size 2

Sizes: pants 10 shirts 10/12 shoes size 2

Previously donated: size 10/12 - 1 Jeans, 2 Sweat pants, 3 Leggings, 7 Short sleeve T-shirts, 2 Long sleeve T-shirts, 2 night gowns shoes sz 2, 2 tops, 3 panties

36 Elder
Age: 34
Needs: Boots men's 13
37 Mother
Age: 71
Needs: Underwear, women's size 5, socks for women's shoe size 8

Sizes: Underwear, women's size 5, socks for women's shoe size 8

38 Family

Gender: F
Age: 29
Needs: Family is requesting help with hygiene products, food pantry, and blankets(4) for cold winter nights

Previously donated: Food - 8 lb pinto beans, 10 lb rice, 8 lb spaghetti pasta, 8 cans pasta sauce, 6 cans cream of chicken soup, 12 cans corn, 12 cans peas, 12 cans green beans, 24 granola bars, 2-48 oz applesauce, 42 oz oatmeal Hygiene - 18 oz conditioner, 30 oz shampoo, 32 oz lotion, 2-22 oz body wash

39 Family

Gender: F
Age: 40
Needs: Family Requesting Food Pantry, Hygiene Products, and House hold Cleaning Items

Previously donated: 5 lb rice, 8 lb pinto beans, 12 cans corn, 12 cans green beans, 8 lb spaghetti pasta, 8 cans pasta sauce, 6 cans cream of chicken soup, 6 cans peas, 10 lb pancake mix, 24 granola bars, 16 oz saltine crackers, 21 oz cheezit crackers, 6 boxes tuna helper, 8 cans tuna, 42 oz oatmeal, 2 cans spam, 12 fruit cups variety pk, 18 cups applesauce, & 4 cans chicken 12 oz

40 Family

Gender: F
Age: 33
Needs: Urgent need for clothes for her children, pantry food, personal hygiene items, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies About: The children have outgrown all their clothes and food always runs out. She has very little income and would very much appreciate any help, thank you!

Previously donated: 2 XL Women's shirts 1 women's 3X shirt 8 lb pinto beans, 10 lb rice, 24 granola bars, 18 oz peach jar, 10 lb pancake mix, 6 cream of chicken soup 10.5 oz, 12 fruit cups, 3- 15 oz cans slice pineapple, 2- 48 oz applesauce, 12 cans corn, 12 cans green beans, 6 cans peas, 8 lb spaghetti pasta, 8 cans pasta sauce, 150 oz laundry soap

41 Significant other
Age: 36
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Pants size 38x34, 3X shirts and jacket

About: He hasn't had any new clothes in years

Previously donated: 7 Men's 3X shirts XL men's winter jacket, 3 XL shirts. sweatpants 4 pairs underwear 2 pr 38x34 Jeans, 1 3XL Jacket

42 Son
Age: 16
Needs: Winter clothing and sneakers

Sizes: Jeans size 30X32, t-shirts size Men's XL, jacket size Men's XL, sneakers size 10, warm sox

Previously donated: pair size 10 men's winter boots 30x32 Jeans, 2 XL T-shirt, 1 Vest, 2 Long Sleeve Shirt, 1 Short Sleeve Shirt, 1 LS T-Shirt, 1 LS Sweater, sweat pants

43 Son
Age: 14
Needs: Winter clothing and sneakers

Sizes: Mens size L t-shirts, pants size 15 slim, Jacket size L, sneaker size 8 1/2, warm sox

Previously donated: 2 L shirts, Sweatpants: L,

44 Daughter
Age: 13
Needs: Winter clothing

Sizes: Pants size 14 slim, shirts size M, jacket size M, shoe size 5, warm sox

Previously donated: Womens M fleece, 1 women's socks, 1 pull over M 5 Medium shirts 1 size 14 jeans, 1 plaid winter gloves

45 Family

Gender: F
Age: 42
Needs: For winter family needs blankets-4 About: Family's first time in Okini, mother just got new job at senior center in town and transportation to work is difficult at time

Previously donated: 2 portable electric space heaters-12/1/20

46 Family

Gender: F
Age: 26
Needs: Family is asking for help with cooking pots and pans, food pantry, hygiene products,

Previously donated: Pots and pans Clothes for the girls Various food and hygiene items; blankets; winter coat 12 cans vienna sausage, 12 cans corn, 12 cans peas, 25.6 oz dry milk, 24 cups peaches, pears & maderin oranges, 18 cups applesauce, 3 double paks hamburger helper stroganoff, 3 double packs pasta & italian sauce, 24 pk variety granola bars, 20 packet strawberry oatmeal, 21.6 oz cherrios Hygiene - 28 oz shampoo, 34 oz dove body wash, 30 oz baby wash & shampoo, 18 ct sos pads for pots & pans 10 piece pots, pans & 3 utensils Childrens books-11/26/20

47 Daughter
Age: 8
Needs: This young lady's request has been met

Sizes: GIRLS SIZES: pants 10, shirts/sweater/coat 8, shoes size 3 youth

Previously donated: 7 l/s shirts 2 fleece leggings 2 regular leggings 2 jeans 6 pr of socks 7 pr of underpants 2 fleece cozies 1 winter coat 1 pr furry lined boots 1 pr sneakers

48 Daughter
Age: 0
Needs: 3-6 month clothes

Sizes: 2 Month Old Clothing

Previously donated: Baby Girl: Hair & Body Wash Items, 4 Sleep Gowns, Teething Ring, Knit Blanket wrap w/Fleece interior, Crib Blanket, Set 4 Sox Rattles

49 Family

Gender: F
Age: 52
Needs: Hygiene Products and Cleaning Supplies About: A single mother is asking for help for day to day things and clothing for her daughter.

Previously donated: Shampoo, Conditioner, and Detangler, Colgate Toothpaste - 4.8 ounce (2 Pack); Suave Deodorant for Women - 2.6 oz - 3 pk; Lysol wipes, 8oz. Dial antobacterial Soap, 8oz. Hand Sanitizer, 1# elbow pasta, Foster Dau.: Warm hooded Sweatshirt, Lg Drawing Pad, 36 Brush markers, 24 Twistables Crayons, 24 Colored Pencils, 5 Mechanical pencils, Coloring Book,-11/21/20

50 Foster Daughter
Age: 15
Needs: skinny jeans, T shirts, socks, panties and a pullover hoodie

Sizes: skinny jeans 3 Shirts Med. Hoodie Large Shoes 7 1/2

About: She is in the 10th grade this year and a talented artist in all medias.....Her Mom says when she is drawing or painting her heart is the happinest.

Previously donated: Toothpaste, underwear, jeans, socks, t-shirt Detangler, hoodie- arrive by 12/11skinny jeans size 3 Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors 100 Sheet Sketch Pad, 9 by 12", 9"x12"; Underwear Panties -12 Pack, 5; No-Show Socks, Black, V Neck T-Shirt Ladies Yoga Top Set 6,M; Pullover Fleece Hoodie, Black Black, Medium.

51 Family

Gender: F
Age: 38
Needs: Space heaters, blankets (4 queen), cleaning supplies, shampoo & conditioner, body soap, toothpaste & brushes, pantry food items...flour, rice, beans, oil, soups, pasta & pasta sauce, granola bars, etc.

Sizes: jeans 15 jrs., tops/coat 1XL women's, shoes 10, underwear size 9 In need of jeans, underwear, socks, winter coat and snow boots.

About: First time on Okini. This single mom of 3 daughters is reaching out for help during these tough times. They have been struggling this past year with the loss of employment but are thankful for this program. Any donations will be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Previously donated: Tomato sauce, 2# pasta, jar peanut butter, 2 bars soap, 6 granola bars, 12 mini chocolate bars, 7 oz. Tide, 7oz. Dawn, 7 masks, 3 candy canes Size 10 sneaker2 scouring pads, Comet with bleach, shampoo, conditioner, dish soap, tampons, 6 toothbrushes, toothpaste, 1# lentils, peanut butter crackers-11/29/20

52 Daughter
Age: 21
Needs: In need of pants, shirts/hoody, winter coat, socks.

Sizes: jeans 17 jrs., tops/hoody/coat XL women's, shoes 7

Previously donated: size 7 leather shoe/boot, extra laces, Kiwi boot polish, jumper, Disney fleece l/s w/ hood, Denim button-up, l/s, s/s, 2 pr jeans size 7 Lama snow boots, king blanket 3 panties, bra

53 Daughter
Age: 14
Needs: In need of jeans, snow boots, socks

Sizes: jeans size 3 jrs, tops/hoody/coat M jrs., shoe size 6

Previously donated: J 2 cami's, 2 pr leggings, 2 l/s, jumper ambu snow boots size 6 winter jacket size 6 slip on sneakers, twin fleece blanket leggings,

54 Family

Gender: F
Age: 34
Needs: WARM PAIR OF FUN TYPE BOOTS FOR MOM AND SNOWBOOTS FOR CHILDREN AND COATS. hygiene articles and cleaning supplies would be greatly appreciated.

Sizes: boots 8 1/2 or 9

About: This single mother of 4 little girls is in need of some help with some basic necessities. She has no income and only receives food stamps. She is extremely worried about COVID because there is no one else to take care of her children. She needs help getting the children winter outwear.... Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

Previously donated: shampoo/cond, hand soap, shower gel, clorox wipes, hand santi, masks, toothpaste, and snacks.

55 Daughter
Age: 5
Needs: Still needs panties, socks, and snow boots Thank you for the coats for her and her sister.

Sizes: Snowboots size 2 panties 8 shoe size 2

About: This little girl is in lst grade and has grown during the summer. Her favorite color is purple. She would really like some winter outerwear so she could go outside and play with her sister.
56 Daughter
Age: 7
Needs: Still needs Snowboots, panties, socks, hat and gloves

Sizes: snow boots size 2 Panties 7/8 Socks for size 2 shoe

About: This 2st grader loves the color pink and she loves to read. She is hoping to go out and play in the snow but has no winter outerwear

Previously donated: socks, panties, snow boots, hat & gloves Jacket Pink sz 7/8,

57 Daughter
Age: 11
Needs: panties, socks, snowboots , hat & gloves

Sizes: Panties 10/12 snowboots size 4

About: This disabled little girl is growing . She wants to look nice and would like somewarm snow boots and some hair ties if possible Her favorite color is Black and she is going into the 3rd grade
58 Daughter
Age: 9
Needs: snowboots, hat, gloves, panties and socks

Sizes: panties size 10/12 Snow boots 5 socks for 5 shoes

About: This 3RD grade girl loves blue and needs snow boots that fit her. A pair of warm mittens and hat would be great.

59 Family

Gender: F
Age: 73
Needs: Some oil filled heaters or space heaters for her family Thank you for the blankets - she is so excited. About: This 70 year old elder has extended family staying with her and they do not have enough blankets and the house is cold....They are running their stove and it is not helping. A couple of heaters and blankets would be wonderful.

Previously donated: 2 full/queen comforters.-11/28/20

60 Family

Gender: F
Needs: Baby boy due mid December. In need of 3-6 month clothes, blankets, diapers.

Previously donated: Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set for Parents-to-Be, Caddy with Baby Bath Time & Skin Care Essentials, Includes Baby Wash, Shampoo, Wipes, Lotion & Diaper Rash Cream, 7 Items; Touched by Nature Unisex Baby Organic Cotton Pants (4 pair); 3-Footed Sleep and Play; Cotton Bodysuits (6); Size 6-9mo Light Jacket, Snow Suit, Soft Blanket, Crib Quilt,

61 Family

Gender: M
Needs: Needs size 7/8 snow pants and winter coat and size 12 Y boots for son.

Previously donated: snow boots-11/21/20

62 Family

Gender: F
Age: Elder
Needs: Urgent need for space heater, pantry food, cleaning supplies and laundry detergent About: This is her first time reaching out to us, she is really having a hard time and could use some help. The stores are running low on everything, please consider helping! Thank you!

Previously donated: oil filled radiator heater 150 oz laundry soap, 144 oz pine sol, pinto beans, 5 lbs rice, 42 oz oatmeal, 4- 15 oz tomato sauce, 8 lb spaghetti pasta, 8 - 24 oz cans pasta sauce, 6 cans diced tomatoes, 12 cans corn-11/15/20