Holiday Okini has been discontinued for the season.

The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch!
Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN We're having a "Shower" for the Allen Youth Center. Items requested: Construction paper, stapler, tape with dispenser, glue, cupcake pan liners; comfortable, inviting, soft and colorful furniture, beanbag chairs, throw pillows, end tables, lamps, area rugs, throw afghans, colorful items! Cupcake pans, dishes, bowls, spoons, forks, big pots, pans, cooking utensils, serving dishes (they are feeding kids and need lots of dishes - enough for 50 people or so), large serving utensils and cooking utensils (cooking utensils should be big), big pots for soup and stew, large skillets, large sauce pans. Sturdy utensils - enough spoons, forks, table knives for 50 or so and . "Wopila Tonka"

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 2/21/2018 Family
F 57 Towels, hygiene articles and pantry food panties and sock for herself. A very loving and caring grandmother who has 14 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren living with her is asking for help for some help. This family 0f 18 people - are sharing towels and are really desperate... She rarely asks for anything for herself - but would love if she could get some panties. panties size 9
2 2/21/2018 Family
F 52 Urgent need of a winter coat size 2X, gloves, stocking cap. This elder reaches out for help. She babysits her grandchildren while the parents work. She has no source of income and relies on financial help from family. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
3 2/20/2018 Family
F 54 Blankets, hygiene products..shampoo, body soap, toothpaste/brush, towels, underwear, tennis shoes(soft soles) and insoles for bone spurs. Shirley found herself homeless last year but has been fortunate enough to be taken in by one of the Churches on the Resevation. She rents a small room in the basement while she waits for her housing application to be approved. She has a very strong faith and trusts that her situation will improve. She is in need of some basic items and would grately appreciate any help given. pants 16 jeans elastic waist or sweatpants tops sport tees 2X shoes 7.5 underwear 9 coat 2X
4 2/20/2018 Family
F 48 Beads "Cut Glass" size 11 assorted colors, beadwork supplies and shoes for grandson Lesa and her grandson are in urgent need of help. No steady work so basic necessities are scarce and they are barely making ends meet. Lesa does Beading to help bring in some income. It would help her immensely to have an "on account credit" at Singing Horse Trade Post (605-455-2143) for her to purchase the supplies that she needs for her beadwork.
5 2/20/2018 Grandson M 10 Shoes This little boy and his grandmother do not have a working vehicle and must walk to wherever they need to go. Dreams of Blue Nike shoes.. Shoes size 4
6 2/18/2018 Family
F Space heaters, blankets Grandmother out of propane could really use some help. Space heaters and blankets would help
7 2/19/2018 Family
F 33 clothes Sarah did not receive anything from previous listing. Please help her. pullover hoodie size 2XL 2XL women's hoodie
8 2/19/2018 Daughter F 1 diapers and wipes diapers size 6 Size 6 diapers (140 count) Baby wipes (6 pack)
9 2/19/2018 Daughter F 12 pants and shoes pants size 5-6; shoes size 6.5 women's sneakers-- size 6 1/2
10 2/19/2018 Daughter F 7 shoes and boots shoes and boots size 2 girls Girls winter boots--size 2
11 2/19/2018 Family
F 34 clothing and hygiene items Young mom in great need of clothing and hygiene items.. She always takes care of her kids needs first and doesn't have much for herself right now Clothing size 3/5 or small; shoe size 6
12 2/19/2018 Son M 4 Sweat pants/joggers This little boy is in urgent need of sweatpants/joggers Boys 8
13 2/16/2018 Family
F Clothing and shoes for children Young mom with no income right now really needs helps with clothing and shoes for her children Jogger sweat pants size XL; shoe size 7.5
14 2/16/2018 Daughter F 9 Clothing and socks 10/12 girls, socks
15 2/16/2018 Daughter F 11 Clothing This little girl is in great need of clothing Girls 14/16
16 2/16/2018 Daughter F 7 Pants In great need of pants Girls 7/8 pants
17 2/16/2018 Daughter F 12 Clothing and shoes Teen in great need of clothing and shoes Woman's size 4 pants; Wimans Medium top; size 9 shoe
18 2/5/2018 Family
F Beading supplies (pony beads and seed beads size 11) black, yellow , orange, purple, red , blue. Sinew and leather, fish hook posts for earrings, Clasps for necklaces. Food, hygiene and household items Family with no income and out of propane reaches out for assistance . In desperate need of crafting supplies to sell to help pay bills. Out of most household supplies and any help would be greatly appreciated
19 2/16/2018 Family
F 22 Clothing , hygiene articles and a blanket for the baby and herself. Pair of snow boots for mother. A young mother who is homeless and is staying here and there is asking for help.....she says she always makes sure her baby is safe. She wasn't sure if she could ask for herself - but she only has cloth sneakers and her shoes are always wet. She would really appreciate some winter boots. shoes 8 blanket, smowboots for Marlee, 2 pr. wool socks.
20 2/15/2018 Son M 1 pants, shirts, hoodie, hygiene articles & a blanket - diapers #5 He is the apple of his mothers eye and she is having a tough time. But she makes sure this little boy is always cared for. clothing 3T
21 2/21/2018 Family
F 44 Blankets, space heater, winter clothing any kind of pantry items. This single mother has never asked for help before but has now found herself in a situation where she is reaching out for assistance. She also takes care of her ailing step father. She recently lost her job, the families only source of income. Any help getting this family through this tough time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! pants 18 tops XL shoe 9 coat XL 5 soup mixes 2 bags of rice
22 2/15/2018 Daughter F 21 In need of personal hygiene products, winter clothing and items for her little boy. pants 1 top M shoe 7 coat M/L
23 2/15/2018 Grandson M 1 Diapers and baby things. 3T diapers size 4
24 2/20/2018 Family
F 44 clothing, diapers, food & pantry items Grandmother raising grandchildren and foster children asking for help with clothing for the children
25 2/5/2018 Foster Daughter F 14 backpack for school Size 8.5 women's basketball shoes Winter hat, gloves, scarf set Socks
26 1/19/2018 Granddaughter F 0 diapers and wipes diapers size 2
27 1/19/2018 Grandson M 1 diapers and wipes diapers size 4
28 1/19/2018 Grandson M 0 diapers diapers size 4
29 1/19/2018 Foster Daughter F 6 clothing and socks pant size 7
30 1/19/2018 Foster Daughter F 11 clothing and socks pants size 10
31 1/19/2018 Foster Son M 8 clothing and socks Boy Sizes: pants size M/10-12; tops size M/10-12; underwear size M/10-12
32 1/19/2018 Foster Son M 12 socks and underwear Boys Sizes: underwear size L
33 2/20/2018 Family
M 60 Clothing, Queen size Blanket, food items Elder in Urgent need of Boots and clothing. His current boots have holes and are falling apart! Boots(prefers leather) 8.5 ;pants 32x30; button shirts L; hoodie L or XL leather work boots, Wrangler jeans, zip up hoodie, flannel shirt, 6 pr socks, oatmeal cookies Work boots 5 pack socks
34 2/19/2018 Family
M 55 Work boots, no steel toe caps. Winter jacket. Carpenter jeans. This gentleman has an eye problem but does odd jobs when he can find them. He needs some work boots, no steel toe caps, a winter jacket and some carpenter jeans. Please help if you can. Winter jacket; XXL. Work Boots; 10.5. Carpenter jeans; 36 x 34. leather work boots, coat
35 2/15/2018 Family
F 29 Food, household, Clothing Young Mom trying to make it on her own really needs some assistance right now. In Urgent need of help with food and household basics Shirt Size Medium; Joggers or Sweats size Medium or Size 5/7; shoe size 8.5
36 2/19/2018 Family
F 27 cowboy/casual boots for children, socks, clothes, diapers and baby wipes for her little daughter (Please, no LUVS brand due to skin sensitivity) This family is reaching out for assistance. shirt size XL; shoes/boots size 7.5
37 2/14/2018 Daughter F 1 diapers and baby wipes, cowboy/casual boots, socks Please, no LUVS brands as they cause skin irritation Huggies size 6; boots size 7 child
38 2/12/2018 Son M 5 clothing and socks, cowboy/casual boots pants and shirts size 7; shoes 2
39 2/12/2018 Son M 3 clothes, socks; cowboy/casual boots Likes to play with blocks, trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, and likes to fix things. clothes size 4T; shoes size 9
40 2/16/2018 Family
F 26 Diapers size newborn and 1, Enfamil yellow can, Jackets, hygiene suplies Young family has been on Okini since December. No income right now and in great need of baby supplies and clothing Jacket size X-Large
41 2/21/2018 Nephew M jacket Young man in desperate need of a jacket Jacket 2X Fleece lined hoodie
42 2/17/2018 Family
F 27 Winter clothing, coats/boots for herself and her children, and diapers for the baby. This single mother of 2 young children reaches out for help. She has no source of income but does receive food stamps for the kids. She stocks up to make sure that the children do not go hungry. She is in urgent need of baby things and would greatly appreciate any help given. pant XL skinny jeans/pull ups tops 1X shoes 8.5 coat 2X Cassandra White- 4 washcloths, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, Floss, neosporin, bandaids, cortisone cream, deodorant, toiletries, 15 oz. raisins, sport top, socks
43 2/19/2018 Daughter F 0 Winter clothing, boots, diapers. pants 2T tops 2T shoes 6-9 months coat 2T diapers size 4 2 packs wipes, fleece hooded top and pants
44 2/17/2018 Son M 5 Winter clothing, boots, scarf, mittens. shirts 13/14 l/b underwear 10 l/b pants 10 husky l/b shoes 13 coat 10-12 l/b size 13 boots
45 2/20/2018 Family
F 38 diapers, wipes, tearless baby body wash Mother would greatly appreciate help with diapers, baby body wash and wipes
46 2/14/2018 Son M 1 diapers, wipes and tearless baby body wash diapers size 5 and 6
47 2/20/2018 Family
F Elder Space haters, hygiene and household supplies Elder in need of space heaters and household supplies.
48 2/10/2018 Family
F Elder Clothing, pantry food, hygiene items, household supplies Lovely Elder in great need of assistance with clothing and basic household needs Shirt/Top 2X; pant size 14; shoe size 9.5/10
49 2/8/2018 Family
M Clothing ,hygiene items, Healthy snacks This family doessnt have much right now. They are in great need of clothing and household necessities.
50 2/15/2018 Son M 13 Clothing and shoes Would love a Hoody Sweatshirt, needs clothing and shoes Men's XL; shoe size 8.5
51 2/15/2018 Daughter F 11 Clothing , shoes, hair care supplies Teen girl in need of clothing and shoes Women's Medium ; shoe size 9
52 2/7/2018 Family
F 47 clothing, socks for the family, pantry and food items, cleaning supplies, body soap, deodorant, dental care items, towels (kitchen and bath) and washcloths, toilet paper, dish and laundry soap, trash bags, bed sheets (king & queen), blankets Large family in need of help. It would be a greatly appreciated to have 6 long curtain panels for the windows. socks
53 2/14/2018 Son M 10 clothing BOY SIZES: pants and shirts size M; shoes size 5; underwear size M; coat size L
54 2/7/2018 Son M 16 clothing BOY SIZES: sweatpants size L; shirt size L; shoes size 9.5 men; underwear size L; coat size L
55 2/7/2018 Son M 19 clothing; AXE collection (body wash, deodorant, spray) pants size L; shirt size L; underwear size L; shoes size 11.5; coat size XL
56 2/7/2018 Daughter F 6 clothing GIRL SIZES: shirts and pants size 8; shoes size 13.5; underwear size 8; coat size 10
57 2/7/2018 Daughter F 12 clothing pants size 14-16; shirts size 14-16; shoes size 7.5 ladies; briefs size 6; socks; coat size XL
58 2/21/2018 Family
F PANTRY FOOD, HYGIENE ARTICLES - CLOTHES FOR CHILDREN THIS MOTHER CALLED UP AND IS DESPERATE FOR HELP. SHE IS OUT OF FOOD - HAS 6 BOYS - 13 TO 13 DAYS OLD. PLEASE HELP. 4.5 # pancake mix, 2# quinoa, toothpaste, bar soap, 3 washcloths, 8 jars peaches, 20 z. coffee, 6 cans chili, 4 pk stew, 48-ct. instant oatmeal
59 2/21/2018 Son M 1 Clothing , shoes and a few toys This little boy is learning to walk and his off and running. He really needs clothes clothing 24 months shoes 5 Wide - really need some diapers #5 socks, mittens, stuffed toy, beanie 1 pants 24 mos
60 2/21/2018 Son 5 Pants, shirts, shoes socks, underwear and a coat Size is correct he is as tall as older brother He is big for his age and is going to be tall like his big brother. He is in head start. Pants 7 shirts 8 shoes 12 Coat 8 beanie, jacket, shoes size 12 child, 2 pair socks
61 2/21/2018 Son M 13 Clothing for school, winter coat and food This tall 6th grader is into Basketball and riding his bike. They just moved in with grandma. Pants 32/34 Shirts Mens Large shoes 11 1/2 jeans, Sherpa lined zip up hoodie, 2 pr crew socks men's shirt size L
62 2/21/2018 Son M 6 he needs everything, jeans, shirts, underwear, shoes, socks and a coat. Would love some snacks he can eat. this first grader has grown out of everything. He is diabetic and lovess to play basketball and legos. Pants 7 shirts 8 Shoes l jacket 4 pair boys boxers size 6/7
63 2/21/2018 Son M 0 Clothing - has nothing, receiving blankets, diapers baby care items. This new born little boy came into the world with his birthday suit and now he really needs some clothes. The mother has very little clothes and really has her hands full.... 3 months Diapers #1 2 packs baby wipes flannel sleepers - 4 cotton sleepers - 2 2 sleepers 3mo
64 2/7/2018 Son 9 Jeans and shoes and socks this 4th grader who has a birthday coming in march - loves to play with legos - though he doesn't have many. Pants 14 shirts XL child shoes 6
65 2/16/2018 Family
F 22 clothing, socks for the family, body wash and lotion, hygiene and dental care items, towels and washcloths for the family Mother would greatly appreciate help with some basics, socks for the family and clothing for the children shoes size 8.5W
66 2/13/2018 Son M 0 clothing, diapers, wipes, tearless body wash, lotion clothing size 3-6 months; diapers size 2 3-6 month clothing 3 flannel sleepers 4 cotton sleepers 12 pair socks
67 2/7/2018 Son M 2 clothing pants and shirts size 3T; shoes size 7T; diapers size 5; coat size 4T
68 2/7/2018 Daughter F 4 clothing pants and shirts size 5T; shoes size 9; underwear size 5T; coat size 6T
69 2/7/2018 Daughter F 5 clothing pants and shirts size 5T; shoes size 12; underwear size 5; coat size 6T
70 2/7/2018 Family
F 21 socks, towels and washcloth, hygiene & dental products Single mom would appreciate a few necessary items for her son, and socks for herself.
71 2/7/2018 Son M 4 clothing and socks, towel and washcloth pants and shirts size 5T, underwear 5T, shoes size 11c; underwear size 5T
72 2/7/2018 Family
F 37 clothing, gloves, pantry and cleaning items, hygiene and dental care items Auntie with no income is requesting help for basic items needed for her relatives living with her. 4 toothbrushes pair of shoes green hat pink mitts package of hairbands
73 2/7/2018 Nephew M 7 clothing and socks pants size 8 or 10; shirt size M boys; hoodie size M boys; boxer underwear size 8 boys; shoes size 2 child
74 2/7/2018 Nephew M 9 clothing and socks Enjoys playing football and soccer pants size 12 boys; shirt size M boys; hoodie size M boys; shoes size 5 childs; boxer underwear size 7 boys
75 2/7/2018 Niece F 11 clothing and socks Enjoys playing basketball and soccer pants size 11-12 junior; shirt size S; hoodie size M; shoes size 5 child; underwear size 7 women; sports bra size 9-10
76 2/7/2018 Niece F 5 clothing and socks pants size 6T; shirt size 6T; hoodie size 8 girls; shoes size 11.5 toddler; underwear size 6 girls
77 2/5/2018 Family
F Winter Boots, Clothing and household basics This family is in great need of help with Winter Boots/Clothing and household essentials Jacket Size Large; shoes size 7.5
78 2/4/2018 Adopted Son M 15 Winter Boots size 12 Teen in need of Winter Boots Boots size 12
79 2/4/2018 Husband M Winter Boots In need of Winter Boots Boots size 10.5
80 2/7/2018 Family
F 47 Dreft laundry detergent, pamper cruisers size 5; SUN triple clean laundry detergent and Gain dryer sheets Grandmother asking for assistance with some basic needs for her family and her little granddaughter
81 2/5/2018 Family
F 52 laundry and dish soap, healthy food snack, gloves, hats Would appreciate help with providing her family with some basic needs. Elizabeth also tries to help others as she is able.
82 2/14/2018 Nephew M 24 clothing jeans pants size 30x32; shirt size L; shoe size 9.5; underwear size 30; hoody size L
83 2/5/2018 Grandson M 17 winter boots, elastic/compression knee bands size M enjoys being involved in sports shoe size 11
84 2/5/2018 Husband M 56 warm clothing pants size 33x32; shirt size L; coat size XL
85 2/5/2018 Grandson M 18 thermal underwear, winter boots top and bottoms size XL; boots size 12
86 2/9/2018 Family
F 53 Twin Size Comforters, , hygiene and household items Large family in need of several blankets and basic household necessities
87 2/9/2018 Foster Son M 7 clothing and shoes This little boy is in great need of clothing and shoes Boys 8 or medium; shoe size 1
88 2/9/2018 Granddaughter F 6 clothing and shoes This little girl is in great need of clothing and shoes Girls 7/8; shoe size 1
89 2/7/2018 Granddaughter F 11 clothing and shoes This girl is in great need of clothing and shoes Girls 12/14; shoe size 7.5
90 2/7/2018 Foster Son M 7 Clothing and shoes This little boy is in great need of clothing 8 Boys clothing; shoe size 3.5
91 2/7/2018 Foster Son M 11 clothing and shoes This boy is growing fast! Outgrowing everything- In urgent need of clothing and shoes Boys 14; shoe size 8
92 2/21/2018 Family
F 34 clothing, socks, pantry items, hygiene and dental care items, laundry soap, toilet paper Small family seeking "hand-up" assistance and they have difficulty making ends meet. pants size 18; shirt size 3X; shoes size 8; underwear size 8; bra size 44DD; coat/hoodie size 3X Bag of laundry detergent Bag of beans Box of rice Box of macaroni Can of corn Can of pineapple Shower gel and 2 puffs 1 3x down coat ASSORTED COLORS OF LONG SLEEVED TSHIRTS, BRAS, AND DENTAL CARE.
93 2/21/2018 Daughter F 13 clothing and socks a young lady that enjoys life, the arts, playing volleyball & basketball, collecting Monster High Dolls, dressing up and wearing makeup pants size 14 junior; shirt size L junior; shoes size 8.5 women; underwear size 7; bra size 34C; coat/hoodie size XL 2 girls tops, Doll 2 pr of earrings 1 ring Deck of cards
94 2/21/2018 Husband M 42 clothing and socks Enjoys mechanical work and carpentry pants size 38x34; shirt size 2X; shoes size 10.5wide; underwear size L; coat/hoodie size 2X pack of men's socks
95 2/12/2018 Family
F 66 socks, food items, household supplies, shampoo, soap (body, dish, laundry), lotion for diabetic Lovely Elder is great need of assistance. Due to a tragic car accident last year, she is mostly homebound in a wheel chair. Any help would brighten her day! Women Plus Sizes: sweat pants size XL; warm top/sweater size 1X; underwear size 10 2 House coats, 2 Pair of shoes, 2 sweaters 2 HOUSEDRESSES, QN SZ BLANKET, SLIPPERS
96 2/2/2018 Family
F 26 Clothing, socks and hygiene items Young mom, with no income right now, is asking for help with clothing for her and her children. shoes size 6.5; pull-over hoodie size L (white or grey)
97 1/25/2018 Son M 6 Clothing, socks Boys pants size 7-8; shoes size 1
98 1/25/2018 Daughter F 5 clothing, socks Girls pants size 6; shoes size 12
99 2/1/2018 Family
F 45 clothing, laundry soap, hygiene items, food items This lady could use a helping hand with some clothing and household needs. Shirts/ Tops size Large; Large sweats or joggers; shoe size 9
100 2/7/2018 Family
F 31 Scrubs, Clothing for her son, hygiene items Young mom just starting a new job.. In need of scrubs and clothing for her son Black scrubs size small
101 1/31/2018 Son M 2 Clothing and shoes This little boy is growing so fast.. Really needs clothing and shoes Clothing 5 T and 6 Boys ; size 10 shoes
102 2/20/2018 Family
M 51 Kevin really needs a new pair of fingerless gloves for when he is using his wheelchair. He would love some art supplies. He works with pastel chalk, charcoal pencils and acrylic paints. Kevin is a double amputee trying to support his family on a small disability check and artwork that he tries to sell for extra money. The family is in urgent need of blankets, space heaters, winter clothing and any kind of food items. This is the first time the family has ever reached out for help. pants 36 waist sweatpants XL Shirt XL coat XL 3 pkg of browns rice 2 pkg lemon noodles 3lbs of pinto beans 1 can clam chowder 1 can stewed tomatoes 1 jar of salsa spices crackers /hot tea leather fingerless gloves, blanket, zippered bag, 32 oz. rolled oats, cake mix hooded jacket, 2 washcloths, bar soap,
103 2/17/2018 Daughter F 11 This little girls hasn't had new clothing in a very long time. Winter clothing, thermal undergarments and boots would be a wonderful surprise. pants 14-16 b/g's tops 14-16 b/g's coat 14-16 b/g's shoes 7.5 winter jacket girl's long underwear size 14/16, 3 pair panties
104 2/17/2018 Spouse F 49 Could use a pair of winter boots and jeans. jeans 18 tops XL shoe 10 coat XL fleece vest, jeans
105 2/16/2018 Son M 17 Timothy's most urgent need is a pair of high top tennis shoes as the pair he has now are worn out. But, he could use any clothing items as well. pants 38x34 shirt XL coat 2x shoe 12 high tops zip up Sherpa lined hoodie, 2 pr. Socks
106 2/9/2018 Daughter F 24 Charlie is a college student. She could use a pair of walking tennis shoes, thermal undergarments and some school supplies. pants 16 tops L wns coat L wns shoe 9.5 walking/workout tennis shoes Women's large long underwear
107 2/12/2018 Family
M 45 Clothing for his niece and nephew
108 2/21/2018 Niece F 10 Pants, shirts, shoes, socks & panties she needs clothing for school as she is being teased. She has gotten really heavy - so she needs a bigger size than asked for originally. Pants 1416 shirts 14/16 or childs XL shoes 6 1/2. 2 pr jeans 1pink hooded sweatshir 5 shirts a few fillers(notebook for school-pencils-2 kid books hair ties-color pencil/color book set) girls hoodie, pants (2), undies(5), shirts(3), socks(4), shoes size 6.5
109 2/3/2018 Nephew M 13 school clothes, hoodie, shoes, socks, & boxers He is in need of some new school clothes - he would like to look nice when going to school and he has out grown his clothes. Pants 12 shirts 14 Shoes 6 1/2
110 2/4/2018 Family
F 40 laundry and dish soap, Clorox, shampoo and conditioner In need of a few basics, that would be greatly appreciated.
111 2/4/2018 Family
F 27 sweat pants Expectant mom would appreciate some sweats, and her children are in need of a few items of clothing. WOMEN PLUS SIZES: black or grey sweat pants size 2XL; Shirts size 3XL; Underwear size 9; shoes size 8.5w; coat size 3XL
112 2/3/2018 Daughter F 4 jeans Enjoys school, coloring, playing with play dough, playing outdoors with her siblings and neighbor babies pants size 7 youth; shirt size 7-8; underwear size 8; shoes size 12; Coat size 8
113 2/3/2018 Daughter F 8 skinny jeans Outgoing personality, likes to meet new people and try new things. She enjoys writing letters, doing her homework, playing outside with her friends and making jewelry. GIRL SIZES: Pants size 12; Shirt size 14-16; underwear size 12; shoes size 3; coat size L
114 2/3/2018 Son M 6 shoes, underwear and socks Enjoys playing football with his friends, is very friendly, enjoys meeting new people and trying new things. jeans size 8 regular; Shirt size 12-14; Shoes size 1 wide width; Boxer underwear size 8; coat size 8-10
115 2/3/2018 Family
F 23 Layette for a baby coming in March, baby care items and diapers. A mother is having another baby and she has nothing for the new child. She thought she wasn't having any more and she is.... She would greatly appreciate if someone could help her welcome this new baby into the world. Birth - 3 months (0-6 month sizes) 3 pair pajamas 2 shirts, 2 pants, 1 pair baby shoes, socks, 1 teether and 2 towels. 21 piece layette set, newborn diapers and wipes.
116 2/16/2018 Family
F 57 socks, food & pantry items, laundry soap, toilet paper, trash bags, laundry & dish soap, body wash, shampoo & lotion Grandmother raising her grandchildren would greatly appreciate help with some basics, and clothing for the grandchildren 6-ct. diced tomatoes, body lotion, 6 toothbrushes, 2 Comet cleanser, 4-cans beef ravioli, 2 16 oz. brown rice, 1-3lb. spaghetti, 1 salt, peanut butter, 5 mac&cheese dinners, 4 cans chicken, 2-4pk chicken noodle soup, 2 family size cheerios, beans, 2-4ct corn, 2 64 oz. pinto beans, 2-4ct. tuna, 2 pasta sauce, 3 tooth paste, 2 old fashioned oats, dish soap, 2 applesauce, 6 bars soap, 3 sponges, 1 can pepper, 1-4ct. black beans, mayonnaise, 1 jelly 1-4lb. sugar.
117 2/14/2018 Grandson M 6 clothes and socks BOY SIZES: pants size 6; shirt size 6; shoes size 13; underwear size 6
118 2/14/2018 Grandson M 12 clothes and socks BOY SIZES: sweat pants size 16; shirts size 16; underwear size 16
119 2/14/2018 Adopted Son M 9 clothes and socks BOY SIZES: pants size 12 slim; shirts size 12; underwear size 12
120 2/3/2018 Grandson M 14 clothing and socks sweat pants size 36; shirts size XL; shoes size 10w; underwear size 36; jacket size XL 6 pair adult crew socks
121 1/26/2018 Brother M 53 sweat pants and socks sweat pants size XL
122 1/26/2018 Family
F 27 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, food & pantry items Proud parents of 5 sons are requesting help with clothing and some basics sweat pants size L juniors; winter boots size 8.5; underwear size 6; bra size 38C
123 2/14/2018 Son M 6 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, backpack BOY SIZES: sweat pants size 7 husky; shirt size M; shoes size 1; underwear size 6
124 1/26/2018 Son M 4 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap would love to have a sled sweat pants size 5T husky; shirt size 5T; underwear size 5T; boots size 12w toddler
125 1/26/2018 Son M 3 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, diaper bag backpack, baby wipes & wash would love to have a sled pants and shirts size 5T husky; diapers size 6; shoes size 11w toddler
126 1/26/2018 Significant other M 35 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap jeans size 36x30; shirt size XL; underwear size 36
127 1/26/2018 Son M 9 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, backpack sweat pants size 10 husky; shirt size L; underwear size 10; basketball shoes size 7w boys
128 1/26/2018 Son M 7 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap jeans size 8; shirt size M; underwear size 7; basketball shoes size 1 boys
129 1/26/2018 Family
F Clothing, shoes, shampoo/conditioner, hygiene items Young lady trying to get back on her feet is in great of assistance with clothing and shoes Medium Shirt/ Hoody; Pants size 5; shoe size 6.5
130 1/25/2018 Family
F 25 clothing and socks, dry/canned dog food Parents would appreciate help with clothing, dog food and dog bed for a medium sized dog, leggings size 9; shirt size M; shoe size 6.5; underwear size L; coat/hoodie size M
131 1/25/2018 Daughter F 2 clothing, socks clothing size 4T; shoes size 7T; underwear size 6; coat size 5T
132 2/16/2018 Family
F 21 clothing for her children, laundry and dish soap, shampoo and body soap, pantry items Single mom raising her three children. She greatly needs help with the basic.
133 2/8/2018 Son M 3 clothing and socks pants 5T, shirts 5T, diapers 6, jacket 6T 2 knit hats, 1 boys flannel shirt, 1 boys camo pants, 7 piece baby clothing
134 2/5/2018 Son M 4 clothing and socks pants and shirts size 5-6; underwear 7; jacket/hoodie 6 sneakers
135 1/5/2018 Daughter F 1 clothing and socks, baby body wash and lotion pants and shirts size 4T; diapers size 6; coat size 4T
136 2/13/2018 Family
F Pantry Food, hygiene articles, laundry pods and Dog Food A grandmother whose husband lost his job due to illness is trying hard to find one - but due to physical limitations can't find work. she is raising two grandchildren and often runs out of food for the children and the childrens dog....She herself is ill and can't make her doctors appts. often because they have no gas for the car.....She said food for the children come first. 1 60-ct trash bags, 4 pasta sauce, 2-5ct. mac&cheese dinners, 2-2 cans of chicken, 2 4-pk chicken noodle soup, 4 lbs spaghetti, 2 Honey Nut Cheerios, family size, 2-4pk Chef Boyardee beef ravioli, 2-4pk green beans, 2-4pk, corn, 2-4pk tuna, body lotion, 3 toothpaste, 2 boxes crackers, 3 three-cheese potato, 2 peanut butter, 2 grape jelly, 1 liquid soap, 1 fruit cocktail, 1 pk cookies, 2 lbs. dried Great Northern beans, 2 lbs pinto beans, 2 cans sliced pears, 1 dish soap, 1 mayonnaise, 1-4 lb sugar, 1 brownie mix, 1 comet cleaner, 6 bars soap, 1 box raisins, 1 box quick oatmeal, 1 box old fashion oats. shampoo and conditioner, ramen noodle soup, cornbread mix, dog food.
137 1/31/2018 Family
F 53 This family is in urgent need of basic supplies...laundry detergent, toilet paper, dish soap, personal hygiene products and maxi pads. This family has suffered an unimaginable loss. One granddaughter was recently killed in a car accident and the only grandson was seriously injured but is now recovering at home. They have not been able to recover financially or emotionally from this tragedy. They get financial help from the Tribe but oftentimes go months without any kind of assistance. They could really use a helping hand. pants 22 tops 2X shoes 9.5 snow pants, hoodie, knit hats, toothpaste & toothbrushes
138 2/10/2018 Grandson M 9 Winter clothing and boots pants 7 shirt 7 coat 7/8 shoe 5 snow pants, hoodie, knit hats, toothpaste & toothbrushes
139 1/31/2018 Daughter F 31 Winter clothing and boots for her children. pants 15 tops XL shoes 8 coat XL
140 1/31/2018 Granddaughter F 10 Winter clothing and boots. pants 14 missy shirts XL coat XL shoe 6 1 pj pants sz.14,
141 1/31/2018 Granddaughter F 14 Winter clothing and boots. pants 15 jrs. shirt 1X jrs. coat/hoodie 1X shoes 9 winter boots sz.9
142 1/23/2018 Granddaughter F 4 Winter clothing and boots. pants 6 l/g shirts 6 l/g coat 6 l/g shoe 6
143 1/23/2018 Family
M 30 Clothing and shoes Young Man in desperate need of Clothing and shoes, Likes the colors Black and white Shirt size Large/XL; pants Joggers/ sweats L ; shoe size 11.5 white Hanes tank tops Size XL
144 1/31/2018 Family
F Clothing for this ladies son and nephew. This mother/aunt asks nothing for herself, she needs some help with clothes for her son and nephew, who are both looking for work. Work is very limited on the reservation. 2 l/s shirts
145 2/21/2018 Son M 21 Winer clothing and shoes. This young man really needs some winter clothes and shoes. He is looking really hard for some work on the reservation. Pants; 38 x 32. Shirt; XL. Shoes; 10 shoes, cargo pants
146 1/10/2018 Nephew M 20 Clothes and shoes. This young guy needs some winter clothes and shoes. He is looking for work but its very hard to find work on the reservation. Pants; 34 x 32. Shirt; XL. Shoes; 10
147 1/23/2018 Family
F Household supplies, food, laundry soap, dish soap, blankets This Grandma is in serious need of help with the household basics
148 2/18/2018 Family
F 48 Socks for teen boys and girls - these children come to this home as a safe haven in afternoons . and the grandma gives them snacks......the children mentioned that their socks are worn out......and could really use some. Probably the regular or long socks would be better - plus some snacks would really be appreciated. Assorted hoodies for adult teens would be welcomed too This wonderful grandma who already is raising a large brood of grandchildren goes one step further and welcomes some of the neighborhood kids to hang out at her home..... they feel safe there and they know she cares.....Any help that could be given would be appreciated. The children that come here have very little.....these children are all in school. Adult size shoes and clothing - ages 11 - 15 2 pks women's socks, 2 pks men's socks, 4 hoodies, 2 boxes granola snacks 2 sets clothing, size 18 mos. 2 pk socks 3 long & short sleeved shirts for 3-year-old
149 2/12/2018 Family
F 45 laundry & dish soap, body wash, shampoo, lotion, toilet paper, tooth brushes and tooth paste, coffee, tea, creamer and Splenda sweetener A special couple are raising special children. They are in great need of the basics. sweatpants size 5T, Cotton Sweatpants 2X Long sleeved Tshirts, Longsleeved Tshirt size 3xl, jeans36/34, long sleeved Tshirts Sz L boy's, pants boy's sz 7/8 Girls: Sz 3T shirt & 3T leggings, Socks &shirt 7/8, puffer vest sz 14/16 & leggings leggings sz 5 and shirt 6X. shirt sz 7/8 and underwear sz 8, diabetic socks for husband
150 2/12/2018 Granddaughter F 6 clothing, socks shirt size 7-8; boots size 1 youth; underwear size 8 girls .shirt, underwear sz 8
151 2/12/2018 Niece F 5 clothing, socks winter coat size 6X leggings sz 5 and shirt 6X
152 2/12/2018 Niece F 1 snowsuit and winter clothing, socks snowsuit size 4T 3T shirt & 3T leggings
153 2/12/2018 Granddaughter F 6 clothing, socks shirts size 7-8; boots size 2 youth
154 2/12/2018 Daughter F 8 clothing, socks clothing size 14-16; training bra size 36B puffer vest sz 14/16 & leggings
155 2/12/2018 Grandson M 2 clothing, shoes sweats size 5T; shoes size 8 youth sweatpants size 5T,
156 2/12/2018 Granddaughter F 4 clothing, socks, shoes clothes size 7-8; shoes size 2
157 2/12/2018 Grandson M 1 clothes, socks,shoes clothes size 5T; shoes size 8T
158 2/16/2018 Family
M 44 Clothing , shoes, hygiene items, In great need of assistance with clothing and hygiene items. Does not have much right now and has struggled to find work lately Shirt/hoody XL; Pant size 32/32; shoes 8.5 1 pair shoes, 2 pair socks
159 2/9/2018 Family
F 25 Clothing, Play Pen, Shoes and household supplies Young family in Urgent need of help Clothing size 14 Pants; shoe size 8.5 new tennis shoes, socks new jeans/ sweater Pj's
160 2/9/2018 Daughter F 5 Clothing This little girl could really use some winter clothing and a Jacket Size 8/10 girls; shoe size 1
161 1/22/2018 Son M 1 Clothing This little Boy could use some clothing Size 2 T
162 1/21/2018 Husband M Carhartt type overalls and Boots This dad is in need of Boots and ovralls Mens 3X or Size 40 coveralls ; Boot size 11
163 2/7/2018 Family
M 42 clothing for school, socks, winter boots College classes start mid-January. Jason is in urgent need of clothes for school sweater size XL; winter boots size 10; tennis shoes size 10 1 pair jeans 36x32, 2 pair socks, 3 pair underwear, 2 short-sleeve undershirts, 3 long sleeve shirts XL