The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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From Ingrid: Walmart has some nice sherpa fleece backed comforters if someone needs warm blankets: This type costs 23 bucks for Full/queen size. Excellent reviews!

From Cheryl: Children's Place and JC Penney have children's coats on sale.

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ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch!
Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN We're having a "Shower" for the Allen Youth Center. Items requested: Construction paper, tape, glue, toilet paper, paper towels and napkins; Pizza cutter, can opener, knives, serving bowls and dishes, plates, bowls, spoons, forks, cups/glasses - enough for 50 people or so.Cleaning supplies: Pine-Sol, Clorox, disposable vinyl gloves size XL, trash bags, sponges, dish soap, Lysol spray; Comfortable, inviting, soft and colorful furniture, beanbag chairs, throw pillows, end tables, lamps, area rugs, throw afghans, colorful items! "Wopila Tonka"

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 3/21/2018 Family
F 30 pantry items and food, cleaning items, blankets, air mattress, large containers for hauling water, laundry and dish soap, toilet paper, shampoo, body wash Diana and her children are in need of basic necessities.
2 3/20/2018 Family
F Premier or ensure protein shakes (chocolate and strawberry), puddings, cheese soup...anything high in protein but easy to swallow. Karen's oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and is reaching out for help. And to make matters worse, Karen lost her job due to taking too much time off of work to take her daughter to Doctor appointments. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Pants size 7; Shirt size Large; shoe size 8
3 3/20/2018 Family
F 42 food and pantry items, healthy snacks, toilet paper, laundry soap, body wash, dental care items Family would appreciate assistance with basic needs.
4 3/20/2018 Granddaughter F 2 clothing, socks underwear size 4T; shoes size 9c
5 3/20/2018 Son M 13 clothing, socks MEN SIZES: sweats size XL; Tshirts size XL; underwear size 36
6 3/20/2018 Son M 17 clothes, socks sweats size 4X; Tshirts size 4X Tall; basketball shoes size 15; underwear size 44
7 3/20/2018 Son M 19 clothes, socks sweats size XL; Tshirt size L; underwear size 34
8 3/20/2018 Grandson M 2 shoes, diapers and wipes shoes size 8c; diapers size 5
9 3/21/2018 Family
F 78 78-year-old grandmother raising 3 grandchildren would love some Caress soap, toilet paper and Tide Laundry detergent. The only reason she is asking for specific brands is due to the hard water issues in her area. These items work best for them and their skin sensitivities. Tide, caress, toilet paper
10 3/21/2018 Daughter F 43 Winter Coat- as it is still snowing 3X Workboot type boots 7.5 Woman looking for work has to walk without coat and could really use boots. Coat and boots
11 3/21/2018 Family
F 63 Ensure, Oatmeal, soft foods, fruit & vienna sausage This elder who has had a severe stroke and is basically in a wheelchair is asking for help again - she just got back from the hospital where she was found to have a kidney infection and was very anemic. She has lost alot of weight and has very few teeth left due to an infection..... The doctor told her she should drink a can on Ensure but she said she doesn't know what it is......any help would be greatly appreciated. SHE ALSO SAID THAT THE PEOPLE WHO SENT HER THE DEPENDS SHE WANTS TO THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTEM OF HER HEART.... 4 boxes oatmeal, ensure (24 pk) 12 cans of vienna sausage, 12 bottles of Ensure, 12 fruit cups, 12 snack packs pudding. 1 pack 52 large depends
12 3/19/2018 Family
F 40 clothing for sons and grandchildren and a hoodie for herself or a warm sweater, would appreciate some hygiene articles and pantry food. A mother called up asking for help with her sons and grandchildren. They have not had any new clothing in a long time. Currently they are living with the grandmother while waiting for housing. Sweater XL
13 3/19/2018 Grandson M 6 School clothes - jeans, shirts, undies, socks & shoes He will also need clothes for spring - basketball shorts. A little boy who is in Kindergarten needs some new clothes. His clothes are worn out and he wants to look nice when he goes to school. A few toys would be nice. pants 7 Slim shirts 7/8 Shoes 11
14 3/19/2018 Son M 16 Pants, shirts, socks & basketball shoes, hoodie, hygiene articles This big boy is a jr. in high school and plays basketball and boxes.....he needs clothes, his clothes are worn out and he hasn't had any in a long time. Pants 36/36 Shirts XXL shoes 11
15 3/19/2018 Son M 23 Jeans, shirts, work boots, & hoodie - hygiene articles would be greatly appreciated. A young father is trying to support is family and is try hard to find work.....his shoes are worn out and he really needs work boots.... Jeans 36/34 Shirts xXL Shoes 10 1/2 Hoodie XXL
16 3/19/2018 Granddaughter 3 Needs pants, shirts, socks, shoes, hoodie and some shorts this little one has grown over the winter and has outgrown all her clothes. Pants 4T Shirts 4/5 shoes 8
17 3/19/2018 Granddaughter F 1 Needs clothing - all and a hoodie or jkt too. She is a year old and is in to everything. she is trying hard to keep up with her big sister. clothing 24 months shoes 4
18 3/21/2018 Family
F Elder Fabric cotton for quilting 100% Cotton( 10 yards per color), Red, Black, Light Blue, Dark Blue,yellow and white. Grandmother raising a large family is in need of fabric for quilting star quilts. This will provide some much needed income . multiple yards of waistband elastic
19 3/15/2018 Family
F 22 Asking for Clothing for Children, hygiene articles and diapers. This single mother is living with her cousin now and her family. She has just moved in with her while hoping to get housing. The children have very little and their mother would appreciate any help she can get. She said all she cares about is her children and she can get by.
20 3/15/2018 Son 1 shorts, T shirts, sneakers , socks and diapers #5 This adorable little one has no summer or spring clothing ......Mom would appreciate any help she can get. He wants to be just like his big brother - so he is hard on clothes trying to keep up. Clothing 4T Diapers #5
21 3/15/2018 Son M 2 shorts, shirts, socks, sneakers, hoodie or spring jkt and diapers #6 This little boy has outgrown his clothes.....His Mom would really appreciate any help you can give him. 3T clothes Shoes 7 t
22 3/21/2018 Family
F Summer clothes and shoes. This single mother's daughter has a sponsor which is great but the mother struggles to clothe herself. Please help. Pants; 20. Shirts; 2XL. Shoes; 7.5. Socks; 7.5
23 3/15/2018 Family
F 40 Bedding for king and full beds, cleaning supplies, pantry items...rice, beans, pasta, canned meat, any kind of condiments. Spring/summer clothing and shoes for herself and her girls. This young mother of 4 daughters lost everything last year during a severe storm, including her home. The family just recently moved into a new house and have reached out for help. Any assistance to help this family get back on their feet would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! jeans 16 tops L shoes 7 jacket/hoodie L
24 3/15/2018 Daughter F 7 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. jeans 8 girls tops 8 girls shoes 2 slip ons/sandals hoodies 8 girls
25 3/15/2018 Daughter F 4 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. pants 6 l/g tops 6 l/g shoes 1 slip ons/sandals hoodies 6 l/g
26 3/15/2018 Daughter F 12 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. joggers/leggings L jrs. top L jrs. shoes 7 high tops hoodie L jrs.
27 3/15/2018 Daughter F 11 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. joggers/skinny jeans 11 jrs. tops M jrs. shoes 6 high tops hoodies M jrs.
28 3/21/2018 Family
M 49 sneakers & personal hygiene articles He walks everywhere and his shoes have given out. He is disabled and could use a helping hand. sneakers or hiking type boots (no steele toe) - size 10 Hiking boots, men's Dove hygiene package 6 pack crew socks, pack of cookies and cheese crackers.
29 3/13/2018 Family
F Hygiene Products, Cleaning Supplies, clothing for teenagers (socks & panties) This single mother is trying very hard to keep her four teenagers on the right track and has even taken in another child who needed a place to stay. She said at the moment her most pressing need is hygiene articles and cleaning supply. One of the boys need long socks - he swears he doesn't know what happens to them and the new girl needs underwear and socks. Mens socks long for size 9 shoe Teen Girls - wear 5 Jr. pants and needs ankle socks for 7 1/2 shoe
30 3/20/2018 Family
F 44 Clothing for children, hygiene articles This mother called if someone could help her children get some new clothing - it has been a long time since they have had new clothing....She said her children like to look nice and she feel bads that she isn't able to provide for them.
31 3/20/2018 Grandson M 1 clothing, hoodie or jkt and socks, diapers #6, & wipes This little boy is growing by leaps and bounds and needs some clothing. Clothing 24 months Diapers #6 2- 24 mos sleepers
32 3/20/2018 Son M 21 jeans, t shirts, socks , sneakers & hoodie This young man who graduated HS - is waiting to start college. He is in need of some clothes as his is worn out. Pants 33/30 shirts Xl Shoes 9 1/2 1 men’s XL shirt
33 3/20/2018 Grandson M 1 clothing - 1 piece suits (sleepers) diapers #5, wipes, baby care items This little baby has outgrown his clothing and granny is hoping someone can help. Clothing 18 Month size 5 diapers, baby wipes, 1 18 mos outfit
34 3/20/2018 Daughter F 22 clothing and shoes It has been along time since getting new clothes Pants 12 shirts l/xl 2 pr size 12 pants, 1 L sweatshirt, 1 L L/S shirt, 4 L S/S shirts
35 3/14/2018 Family
M 49 Cotten Sheet for beds - needs pure cotton because of allergies A single father who has worked hard to provide for his sons is desperate for sheets for his sons bed and his.....His sheets served him many years - but they are no more...He tries hard to only ask for what he needs.... Cotten sheets - for two twin size beds and one queen size bed. sheets for wayne and both boys
36 3/13/2018 Family
F Laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo/conditioner, food items Family struggling to make ends meet could really use some assistance right now
37 3/20/2018 Family
F 38 toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, laundry and dish soap, shampoo and body wash, toothbrushes and toothpaste Mother would greatly appreciate help with some basics
38 3/13/2018 Son M 1 diapers, wipes and tearless baby body wash diapers size 5 and 6 Sizes 5 & 6 diapers, tearless baby body wash, baby wipes
39 3/17/2018 Family
F Clothing and shoes for children Young mom with no income right now really needs helps with clothing and shoes for her children Jogger sweat pants size XL; shoe size 7.5
40 2/16/2018 Daughter F 9 Clothing and socks 10/12 girls, socks
41 2/16/2018 Daughter F 11 Clothing This little girl is in great need of clothing Girls 14/16
42 2/16/2018 Daughter F 7 Pants In great need of pants Girls 7/8 pants
43 2/16/2018 Daughter F 12 Clothing and shoes Teen in great need of clothing and shoes Woman's size 4 pants; Wimans Medium top; size 9 shoe
44 3/9/2018 Family
F 44 clothing, diapers, food & pantry items Grandmother is asking for help with clothing and some basics for the children Backpack, Boy’s L hoodie, boy’s jeans Girl’s leggings, size S, Girl’s L/S tee size S Girl’s size 10 jeans, size M sweatshirt Boy’s jeans, L/S shirt, size M 2 packages of size 4 diapers 1 package of size 2 diapers 3 pr Socks for each family member listed
45 3/10/2018 Granddaughter F 0 diapers and wipes diapers size 2
46 3/10/2018 Foster Daughter F 11 socks
47 3/10/2018 Foster Son M 8 clothing and socks Boy Sizes: underwear size M/10-12
48 3/10/2018 Foster Son M 12 socks and underwear Boys Sizes: underwear size L
49 3/9/2018 Grandson M 1 diapers and wipes diapers size 4 package of size 4 diapers
50 3/9/2018 Grandson M 0 diapers diapers size 4 1 package of size 4 diapers
51 3/9/2018 Foster Daughter F 6 clothing and socks pant size 7 leggings, size S L/S tee size S
52 3/9/2018 Foster Daughter F 14 backpack for school backpack
53 3/8/2018 Family
F 27 cowboy/casual boots for children, socks, clothes, diapers and baby wipes for her little daughter (Please, no LUVS brand due to skin sensitivity), Dreft laundry soap This family is reaching out for assistance. shirt size XL; shoes/boots size 7.5
54 2/14/2018 Daughter F 1 diapers and baby wipes, cowboy/casual boots, socks Please, no LUVS brands as they cause skin irritation Huggies size 6; boots size 7 child
55 2/12/2018 Son M 5 clothing and socks, cowboy/casual boots pants and shirts size 7; shoes 2
56 2/12/2018 Son M 3 clothes, socks; cowboy/casual boots Likes to play with blocks, trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, and likes to fix things. clothes size 4T; shoes size 9
57 3/20/2018 Family
F 51 laundry and dish detergent, bleach, cleaner, tissue, trash bags Grandparents with very little income are raising their grandson. They would appreciate help with some of the basics. Wopila 1 case toilet paper, 1 case rice meals.
58 3/12/2018 Family
F 32 Blankets, twin,full and king sheets, pantry items...rice, beans, pasta, juice for the kids, anything really, personal hygiene products, spring/summer clothes and shoes for the children. This young family has been struggling since coming back to the reservation. They could very much use a helping hand until they get back on their feet. Thank you! joggers 12 wmns T-shirts M shoes 7 hoodies L king sheet set, toothpaste, Sponge girl's 3 pr panties , pick up stick game 3 pr panties- girl's panties
59 3/12/2018 Daughter F 9 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. pants 10-12 l/g shirts M jrs. shoes 3 jacket/hoodie M jrs. 3 prs panties, pick up stick game
60 3/12/2018 Daughter F 12 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. jeans 12 b/g slim tops M jrs. shoes 4 jacket/hoodies M jrs. 3 prs panties
61 3/8/2018 Son M 3 spring/summer clothes and shoes 4T clothing shoes 11
62 3/8/2018 Son M 5 spring/summer clothes and shoes pants 5T slim shirts 5T shoes 12 jacket/hoodies 5T
63 3/8/2018 Daughter F 2 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. 3T clothing shoes 7
64 3/19/2018 Family
F Shampoo/conditioner, body wash, laundry soap, dish soap, toilet paper, food items Family in need of help with household basics 1 case toilet paper, 1 case rice meals.
65 3/21/2018 Family
F 66 socks, food items, household supplies, shampoo, soap (body, dish, laundry), lotion for diabetic Lovely Elder is great need of assistance. Due to a tragic car accident last year, she is mostly homebound in a wheel chair. Any help would brighten her day! Women Plus Sizes: sweat pants size XL; warm top size 1X; underwear size 10 box of pantry items lotion, shampoo, body wash, two toothbrushes, one toothpaste, one dish soap, and one pair of diabetic socks.
66 3/19/2018 Family
F 22 clothing, socks for the family, body wash and lotion, hygiene items, towels and washcloths for the family Mother would greatly appreciate help with some basics, socks for the family and clothing for the children shoes size 8.5W 3 pair jeans, 1 tights, 3 pair socks, 1 sweater, 1 fleece jacket, 1 t-shirt 5 toothbrushes, 1 toothpaste
67 3/7/2018 Daughter F 5 clothing pants and shirts size 5T; shoes size 12; underwear size 5 shared donation with sister:3 pair jeans, 1 tights, 3 pair socks, 1 sweater, 1 fleece jacket, 1 t-shirt
68 2/28/2018 Daughter F 4 clothing pants and shirts size 5T; shoes size 9; underwear size 5T
69 2/28/2018 Son M 0 diapers, wipes, tearless body wash, lotion clothing size 3-6 months; diapers size 2
70 2/7/2018 Son M 2 clothing pants and shirts size 3T; shoes size 7T; diapers size 5; coat size 4T
71 3/19/2018 Family
F 47 clothing, socks for the family, pantry and food items, cleaning supplies, body soap, deodorant, towels (kitchen and bath) and washcloths, toilet paper, dish and laundry soap, trash bags, bed sheets (king & queen), blankets Large family in need of help. socks dish soap, body wash, laundry soap, towel and washcloth, hot chocolate packets, socks, 2 pair little girl's undies
72 3/16/2018 Daughter F 6 clothing GIRL SIZES: shirts and pants size 8; shoes size 13.5; underwear size 8; coat size 10 socks, 2 pair undies for 6 yr old,
73 3/7/2018 Son M 10 clothing BOY SIZES: pants size M; shoes size 5; underwear size M; coat size L 2 sweaters, 2 t-shirt
74 2/7/2018 Son M 16 clothing BOY SIZES: sweatpants size L; shirt size L; shoes size 9.5 men; underwear size L; coat size L
75 2/7/2018 Son M 19 clothing; AXE collection (body wash, deodorant, spray) pants size L; shirt size L; underwear size L; shoes size 11.5; coat size XL
76 2/7/2018 Daughter F 12 clothing pants size 14-16; shirts size 14-16; shoes size 7.5 ladies; briefs size 6; socks; coat size XL
77 3/16/2018 Family
F 26 Clothing, socks and hygiene items Young mom, with no income right now, is asking for help with clothing for her and her children. shoes size 6.5; pull-over hoodie size L (white or grey) 1 women’s size L hoodie (grey) 3 pk women’s socks, 1 pr girl’s size 6 jeans, 1 size M L/S tee, 3pk socks; 1 boy’s 3 pk socks, 1 boy’s size S L/S shirt, 1 boy’s size 8 jeans Body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo
78 3/16/2018 Son M 6 Clothing, socks Boys pants size 7-8; shoes size 1 1 boy’s 3 pk socks, 1 boy’s size S L/S shirt, 1 boy’s size 8 jeans
79 3/16/2018 Daughter F 5 clothing, socks Girls pants size 6; shoes size 12 1 pr girl’s size 6 jeans, 1 size M L/S tee, 3pk socks;
80 3/7/2018 Family
F 27 king size sheet set/bedding, socks mother would greatly appreciate help with a few items for herself and son
81 3/7/2018 Son M 8 shoes, socks and hoodie shoes size 5; hoodie size S men
82 3/7/2018 Family
F 24 clothing, socks and shoes little family would greatly appreciate some help with much needed clothing. shirt size XL; jogging pants/leggings size XL
83 3/19/2018 Daughter F 3 clothing, socks and shoes favorite color is pink and likes things that sparkle; enjoys learning new things at school pants and shirt size 4T; coat/hoodie size 5T; underwear size 3; shoes size 9c 3 pj pants, 3 pj sets, 1 night gown, 5 pair socks, 3 jeans, 5 stretch pants, 1 skirt, 4 shorts, 1 T-shirt, 1 tank top, 1 swimsuit, 8 long sleeve T-shirt’s, 1 zip hoodie.
84 3/3/2018 Family
F 47 Dreft laundry detergent, pamper cruisers size 5; SUN triple clean laundry detergent and Gain dryer sheets Grandmother asking for assistance with some basic needs for her family and her little granddaughter 5 pair pant size 8, 4 hoodies 9 cool shirts
85 2/27/2018 Family
F 52 laundry and dish soap, healthy food snack, gloves, hats Would appreciate help with providing her family with some basic needs. Elizabeth also tries to help others as she is able.
86 2/14/2018 Nephew M 24 clothing jeans pants size 30x32; shirt size L; shoe size 9.5; underwear size 30; hoody size L
87 2/5/2018 Grandson M 17 winter boots, elastic/compression knee bands size M enjoys being involved in sports shoe size 11
88 2/5/2018 Husband M 56 warm clothing pants size 33x32; shirt size L; coat size XL
89 2/5/2018 Grandson M 18 thermal underwear, winter boots top and bottoms size XL; boots size 12
90 3/21/2018 Family
F Mom would love sponsors for her children. She is asking for clothes and shoes for kids. Pampers sizes; 5 and 6 Pampers sizes; 5 and 6
91 3/20/2018 Son M 2 Clothes and shoes. This energetic little toddler really needs some summer clothes and shoes. Pants; 2T. Shirts; 2T. Shoes; 8 toddler. 2 boy’s 2T L/S shirts
92 3/20/2018 Son M 3 In need of size 9 toddler/kids shoes. 4T clothes This toddler could really do with some clothes and shoes. Summer is coming and last years clothes just don't fit him anymore. Pants; 4T. Shirts; 4T. Shoes; 9 toddler/kids. 2 pr boy’s 4T jeans, 2 4T L/S tees
93 3/20/2018 Daughter F 4 Clothes, shoes and a coat. This little girl needs clothes for pre K. She is really looking forward to starting school. Pants; 4 to 5 years. Shirts; 4 to 5 years. Coat; 4 to 5 years. Shoes; 10. 4 girl’s size 5 tees, 2 pr size 5 pants
94 3/21/2018 Family
F Elder Space haters, hygiene and household supplies Elder in need of space heaters and household supplies. 2 space heaters Deodorant Toothpaste Toilet Tissue Wet Wipes Bar Soaps Shampoo and Conditioner
95 3/21/2018 Family
F 44 Blankets, space heater, winter clothing any kind of pantry items. This single mother has never asked for help before but has now found herself in a situation where she is reaching out for assistance. She also takes care of her ailing step father. She recently lost her job, the families only source of income. Any help getting this family through this tough time would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! pants 18 tops XL shoe 9 coat XL Women’s XL coat,, deodorant, 2 space heaters, 2 queen blankets, shampoo/conditioner, body wash Two queen blankets
96 3/21/2018 Grandson M 1 Diapers and baby things. 3T diapers size 4 diapers, 2 3T tops, 1pr 3T sweatpants,
97 3/21/2018 Daughter F 21 In need of personal hygiene products, winter clothing and items for her little boy. pants 1 top M shoe 7 coat M/L women's M coat
98 3/14/2018 Family
F 59 Any kind of food items, personal hygiene products...shampoo/conditioner, body wash, cleaning supplies, clothing for grandchildren. Sally has been raising her grandchildren since her son's death, 10 years ago. She lost her job last year and hasn't been able to find employment again. She is really struggling at the moment and has reached out for help. Sally would love to have a sewing machine so that she can make clothes for herself, grandchildren and family members. sweat pants 2X T-shirts 3X shoes 7 slip on tennis shoes jacket/hoodies 3X
99 3/14/2018 Grandson M 13 Spring/summer clothing and tennis shoes. jeans 36x32 mens T-shirts 2X mens shoes 10.5 high tops jacket/hoodies 2X mens
100 3/14/2018 Granddaughter F 9 Spring/summer clothing and tennis shoes. jeans 12 b/g T-shirts L jrs. shoes 3 jacket/hoodies L jrs.
101 3/14/2018 Granddaughter F 15 Spring/summer clothing and tennis shoes. jeans 20 womens T-shirts 2X shoes 8 jacket/hoodies 2X
102 3/6/2018 Family
F 52 Clothing, household and hygiene items This Grandmother called us asking for help. She is blind and can no longer work. They are struggling to make ends meet.
103 3/6/2018 Grandson M 16 clothing and shoes This teen is in need of clothing and shoes Shirt/hoody size Large; joggers size XL; shoe size 12
104 3/6/2018 Grandson M 12 Clothing and shoes This boy is in desperate need of Clothing and shoes Boys 14/16; shoe size 7
105 3/6/2018 Grandson M 14 Clothing This teen is in need of clothing Men's XL Shirt/hoody; Joggers Size XL
106 3/6/2018 Grandson M 18 Clothing, hygiene items Teen in desperate need of clothing- Would love some joggers and a Hoody Joggers XL; Shirt/Hoody size XL
107 3/5/2018 Family
F 24 Clothing and shoes for Children A young Mother raising her four children is in desperate need of clothing and shoes
108 3/5/2018 Daughter F 3 clothing and shoes Clothing size 5T; shoe size 10
109 3/5/2018 Niece F 9 clothing and shoes clothing size 12; shoe size 6
110 3/5/2018 Son M 7 Clothing and shoes Clothing size 10; shoe size 5
111 3/5/2018 Son M 6 Clothing and shoes Clothing size 9; shoe size 4
112 3/5/2018 Family
F 41 hygiene and household supplies, food, clothing This mom reaches out to us for help. Due to her health issues she is unable to work at this time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. shoe 9.5
113 3/5/2018 Daughter F 16 Clothing, shoes, hygiene items, hair supplies This Teen is in need of clothing and shoes Clothing size 14/16 Juniors, shoe size 7
114 3/5/2018 Daughter F 6 Clothing and shoes This girl is in need of Clothing and shoes Clothing Size juniors 16/18 ; Shoes Size 3
115 3/19/2018 Family
F 69 shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper and paper towels, clothing, food, pantry items, coffee, dish and laundry soap, towels and washcloths, sponges, trash bags, dental care and hygiene items Loving Elder is caring for 3 of her grandchildren on a very strained income. She is seeking help with their basic needs. jeans size 12 petite; shirt size XL; underwear briefs size 7; shoes size 8w loafers; jacket size XL 1 case toilet paper, 1 case rice meals, 6 towels, 6 wash cloths
116 3/2/2018 Granddaughter F 12 clothing, socks YOUTH SIZES: pants size 14; tops size 14; shoes 8 wide; underwear briefs size 14; hoodie size L
117 3/2/2018 Grandson M 17 clothing, socks pants size 38 long sweats; Tshirt size XL; shoes size 11.5 mens; underwear size 38; hoodie size XL
118 3/2/2018 Grandson M 13 clothing and socks YOUTH SIZES: pants and shirts size 14; shoes size 9, underwear 14, hoodie size L
119 3/3/2018 Family
F Clothing and shoes for her children. This single mother has just moved back to her mothers trailer. She really needs some help with clothes and shoes for her children. The children have very few clothes.
120 3/3/2018 Son M 10 Clothes and shoes. This young lad is really in need of some clothes and shoes. He has just moved to live with his Grandmother and other family members. Pants; 14 - 16. Shirts; 14 - 16. Shoes; 5
121 3/3/2018 Son M 8 Clothes and shoes. This little boy really needs some clothes and shoes. He has just moved to live with his Grandmother and the extended family members. Pants; 8 - 10. Shirt; 8 - 10. Shoes; 1
122 3/3/2018 Son M 4 Clothes and shoes; This little boy really needs some clothes and shoes. He has just moved to live with his Grandmother and extended family members. Pants; 5 - 6. Shirt; 5 - 6. Shoes; 8
123 3/19/2018 Family
M Elder clothing, household and hygiene items, coffee and pantry items Elder couple in need of help ! Just about out of everything Shirt size Large, pants 32/32, shoe size 8 1 pair jeans 32x32, 1 bar soap, socks, coffee, 2 cans Spam, 2 cans Vienna Sausage, 2 cans vegetables
124 3/13/2018 Wife F Elder Blankets, Hygiene items
125 3/2/2018 Family
M Clothing and Boots In great need of assistance with Clothing and Boots. Shirts/Jacket size 5X; pants 44/32; shoes size 14
126 3/2/2018 Family
F Skillet pans, household and hygiene items, Material for Star Quilts(cotton Assorted colors, 2 yds per color), size 11 seed beads (Assorted colors) This Mother is in need of help with household supplies and quilting fabric. No income right now but does beading and quilts to try to make ends meet.
127 3/20/2018 Family
F 30 Clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, laundry and dish soap, pantry items and food Parents trying to do their best to provide for their family, would greatly appreciate assistance. sweat pants size 2X; shirt size 3X; hoodie size 3X; underwear size 10 or 2X case of toilet paper, case of rice meals flannel pants, 4 washcloths, dental floss, lg. canned pumpkin, pen, sponge 1 men's shirt size 5X
128 3/14/2018 Daughter F 17 clothing and socks LADIES SIZES: pants size 16; shirt and hoodie size XL; underwear size 8; shoes size 10.5 sneakers, 2 pr. socks, 3 pr. panties, tank top
129 3/8/2018 Daughter F anything baby: clothing, diapers, wipes, Dove baby products, bottles, baby supplies, Dreft laundry soap clothing size 0-3 months, diapers size 1
130 3/4/2018 Husband M 42 clothing and socks pants size 48; shirt size 5X; shoes size 13; boxer underwear size 3X; hoodie size 5X 1 shirt. size 13 men's shoes, socks
131 2/28/2018 Daughter F 14 clothing and socks LADIES SIZES: pants size 8; shirt and coat size L; underwear size 6; shoes size 9.5 or 10
132 2/28/2018 Son M 7 clothing and socks MEN SIZES: pants size 34x30; shirt size XL; shoe size 6; underwear size XL; hoodie size XL
133 2/28/2018 Daughter F 3 clothing and socks Girl sizes: pants size 10; shirt size 12-14; underwear size 10; shoes size 12
134 2/28/2018 Son M 11 clothing and socks MEN SIZES: pants size 34x30; shirt and hoodie size XL; shoes size 9.5; underwear size XL
135 3/19/2018 Family
F 61 Hygiene products, cleaning supplies, Scott's toilet paper, pantry items, clothing. This family has stuck together through thick and thin. But, they are now struggling and could use a helping hand. The daughter and niece work part time jobs to help support the family and keep everyone together, which doesn't go far. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! pants 8P top L shoe 8 coat L underwear 6 bra 42C socks 8-10 1 case toilet paper, 1 case rice meals.
136 3/20/2018 Niece F 42 Personal hygiene products and clothing. sweat pants 2X tops 2X shoes 9 sport bras 3X underwear 9 jacket 2X
137 2/27/2018 Son M 23 Clothing to look presentable when he applies for jobs. jeans 32x32 t-shirt L shoes hightops 11.5 jacket L underwear S socks 10-12
138 2/27/2018 Brother M 45 Clothing so he looks presentable when applying for jobs. jeans 36x34 shirt 2X shoes 10.5 high tops underwear m jacket 2X
139 2/27/2018 Daughter F 42 Personal hygiene products, clothing. sweat pants L tops XL shoes 8.5 sports bra 2X underwear 9 socks 9
140 2/22/2018 Grandson M 17 In need of spring/summer clothes and tennis shoes. jeans 12 boys t-shirt 14 boys shoes 6 jacket/hoodies 14 boys socks 6 underwear 12
141 2/22/2018 Granddaughter F 5 This little girl could really use some spring/summer clothes. pants 8 l/g top 10 l/g shoes 12.5 jacket 10 l/g underwear 6
142 3/19/2018 Family
F Pantry Items, household cleaning supplies, toilet paper,laundry soap This Grandmother really could use a helping hand. Suffering with some severe health issues , times have been tough. Her limited income does not stretch far especially with having to drive to Doctor appointments constantly. Clothing Woman's Size XL , Shoe size 9 case of toilet paper, case of rice meals Shoes. Shirt. Pants. Toilet paper. Laundry soap peanut butter jam. Rice. Oatmeal. Bread mix. Cleaner. Scrubbers. Cooking oil. Sugar.
143 2/28/2018 Family
F 42 Food,Hygiene items, laundry and dish soap, This family could really use some help with food and household items. No income right now and caring for her 90 grandmother as well Shirt Size 2x ; pant sixe 15 ; shoe size 7.5
144 3/21/2018 Family
F 29 Food, household, Clothing Young Mom trying to make it on her own really needs some assistance right now. In Urgent need of help with food and household basics Shirt Size Medium; Joggers or Sweats size Medium or Size 5/7; shoe size 8.5 Medium fleece top, M joggers, laundry detergent, dish soap, toilet paper, body wash, shampoo, deodorant, bisquick pancake and biscuit mix, 1lb pasta elbows, rice, 6 cans diced tomatoes, pasta sauce, spaghetti, 6 cans chicken, peanut butter, jelly, 4 cans green beans, 8 cans corn, 2 cans bush’s baked beans, 6 cans chili, 2 cans potatoes, 1 pkg mixed fruit
145 3/21/2018 Family
F 25 clothing and socks, dry/canned dog food Parents would appreciate help with clothing, dog food and dog bed for a medium sized dog, leggings size 9; shirt size M; shoe size 6.5; underwear size L; coat/hoodie size M 1 coat 5 T, 2 longsleeve shirt, 1 pant, 2 tights, 1 leggings 4 toothbrushes, 2 toothpaste, 1 soap
146 3/21/2018 Husband M 28 clothing, socks Dickie work pants size 32x32; shirt 2X; work boots 11.5 (steel toe); underwear L knit boxers; hoodie/coat 3X
147 3/20/2018 Family
F 32 clothing for her children, toilet paper, paper towels, food & pantry items, dish & laundry soap, pine-sol, trash bags Mother asking for pants and socks for her four young daughters, and some help with basic items needed.
148 2/26/2018 Daughter F 8 pants, socks pants size 7
149 2/26/2018 Daughter F 6 pants, socks pants size 7 girls
150 2/26/2018 Daughter F 2 pants, socks pants size 4T
151 2/26/2018 Daughter F 4 pants, socks pants size 5T
152 3/19/2018 Family
F 27 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, food & pantry items Proud parents of 5 sons would appreciate help with clothing and some basics sweat pants size L juniors; winter boots size 8.5; underwear size 6; bra size 38C 1 or women’s size L joggers, Socks
153 3/19/2018 Significant other M 35 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap jeans size 36x30; shirt size XL; underwear size 36 1 pr men’s 36X30 jeans, socks
154 3/19/2018 Son M 3 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, diaper bag backpack, baby wipes & wash would love to have a sled pants and shirts size 5T husky; diapers size 6; shoes size 11w toddler size 6 diapers, baby wipes. 1 shirt, 1 hoodie, socks
155 3/19/2018 Son M 6 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, backpack BOY SIZES: sweat pants size 7 husky; shirt size M; shoes size 1; underwear size 6 1 pr. jeans, 2 shirts, socks
156 3/19/2018 Son M 7 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap jeans size 8; shirt size M; underwear size 7; basketball shoes size 1 boys 1 pr. jeans, 2 shirts, socks
157 3/19/2018 Son M 4 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap would love to have a sled sweat pants size 5T husky; shirt size 5T; underwear size 5T; boots size 12w toddler 4 pr. sweatpants. 1 shirt, 1 hoodie, socks
158 3/19/2018 Son M 9 clothing, socks, gloves, stocking cap, backpack sweat pants size 10 husky; shirt size L; underwear size 10; basketball shoes size 7w boys 1 pr. jeans, 2 shirts, socks
159 3/19/2018 Family
F 57 socks, laundry soap, toilet paper, trash bags, laundry & dish soap, shampoo Grandmother would greatly appreciate help with some basics, and clothing for the grandchildren Case of toilet paper 6-ct. diced tomatoes, body lotion, 6 toothbrushes, 2 Comet cleanser, 4-cans beef ravioli, 2 16 oz. brown rice, 1-3lb. spaghetti, 1 salt, peanut butter, 5 mac&cheese dinners, 4 cans chicken, 2-4pk chicken noodle soup, 2 family size cheerios, beans, 2-4ct corn, 2 64 oz. pinto beans, 2-4ct. tuna, 2 pasta sauce, 3 tooth paste, 2 old fashioned oats, dish soap, 2 applesauce, 6 bars soap, 3 sponges, 1 can pepper, 1-4ct. black beans, mayonnaise, 1 jelly 1-4lb. sugar.
160 3/20/2018 Grandson M 6 clothes and socks BOY SIZES: pants size 6; shirt size 6; shoes size 13; underwear size 6 1 pr size 6 pants, 3 size 6 shirts
161 3/20/2018 Grandson M 12 clothes and socks BOY SIZES: sweat pants size 16; shirts size 16; underwear size 16 2 size 16 shirts 1 pr size 6 pants, 3 size 6 shirts
162 3/20/2018 Adopted Son M 9 clothes and socks BOY SIZES: pants size 12 slim; shirts size 12; underwear size 12 2 size 12 shirts
163 3/20/2018 Grandson M 14 clothing sweat pants size 36; shirts size XL; shoes size 10w; underwear size 36; jacket size XL 1 men’s shirt XL,
164 3/20/2018 Brother M 53 sweat pants and socks sweat pants size XL 1 pr XL sweatpants, 2 pr wool socks
165 3/8/2018 Family
F 27 clothing, hygiene and dental care items, laundry & dish soap, Dreft laundry soap children are in need of a few items of clothing. WOMEN PLUS SIZES: black or grey sweat pants size 2XL; Shirts size 3XL; Underwear size 9; shoes size 8.5w; coat size 3XL Assorted long sleeved tees, jogging pants and hoodie jacket set, 2 ladies underwear, underwear for girl age 4, top and leggings for under jeans for girl age 8, boy's boxers.
166 3/19/2018 Son M 0 sleepers, socks, baby wipes, diapers, Dove baby lotion and Dove tearless Head-to-toe baby wash clothing size 0-3 months, diapers size 1
167 2/28/2018 Daughter F 8 skinny jeans Outgoing personality, likes to meet new people and try new things. She enjoys writing letters, doing her homework, playing outside with her friends and making jewelry. GIRL SIZES: Pants size 12; Shirt size 14-16; underwear size 12; shoes size 3; coat size L
168 2/28/2018 Daughter F 4 jeans Enjoys school, coloring, playing with play dough, playing outdoors with her siblings and neighbor babies pants size 7 youth; shirt size 7-8; underwear size 8; shoes size 12; Coat size 8
169 2/28/2018 Son M 6 shoes, socks Enjoys playing football with his friends, is very friendly, enjoys meeting new people and trying new things. jeans size 8 regular; Shirt size 12-14; Shoes size 1 wide width; Boxer underwear size 8; coat size 8-10
170 2/22/2018 Family
F 40 laundry and dish soap, Clorox, shampoo and conditioner In need of a few basics, that would be greatly appreciated.
171 3/13/2018 Family
M 23 quilted coveralls, socks & hygiene articles A single father a devoted son who always helps his parents - is in need of outdoor clothing for ranch work. coveralls xxl socks(long) 10 1/2 or 11 4 pair socks
172 3/12/2018 Family
F 41 food & pantry items, pillows, blankets & sheets (full size), space heater, socks, toilet paper, shampoo, dental care items, body wash and cream, laundry & dish soap, household cleaning items Mother raising her four children on very limited income. Would greatly appreciate some basic items & having a sewing machine and beading supplies.
173 3/8/2018 Family
F 48 Clothing for grandchildren, hygiene articles, diapers and snacks This grandmother and her son her raising her grandchildren.....AS in the Lakota way she asks nothing for herself - just want to see her grandchildren taken care of.....She appreciates anything that is done for them.
174 3/6/2018 Granddaughter F 0 all clothing, enfamil with iron and diapers #3 This little boy has just come to grandma's with no clothing and they really need help on everything. They are desperate for baby formula and diapers Clothing 9 mos. Diapers #3 diapers # 3, 3 pair infant socks, 2 outfits (9 mo.)
175 2/26/2018 Grandson M 3 T shirts, shoes, socks and pampers #65 His shirts have disappeared and his feet have grown - he really needs some new sneakers.... Shirts 5 shoes 9 Pampers #6
176 2/26/2018 Grandson Needs Everything - desperate for diapers #5 He has just come to live with his grandmother and Dad and arrived with no clothing. Clothing 3T shoes 5T
177 2/26/2018 Daughter F 16 skinny jeans, panties, ankle socks & sneakers (would love Nike Sneakers) This ninth grader has grown tall (5'8") and her pants are too short. She hopes that someone will send her some new pants and sneakers. She loves volleyball, basketball and baseball...... Pants 13/14 shoes 10
178 2/26/2018 Grandson M 5 desperate for pants, shoes and socks This little boy who is turning six in May is tall and really needs some pants and sneakers - He wants some new sneakers so he can run fast. Pants 7 shirts 7/8 shoes 13
179 2/26/2018 Granddaughter F 4 She has out grown all her clothing - will need winter pants, s/s shirts, shoes, socks & some clothing for spring. This beautiful little girl is growing like a flower and needs a whole new wardrobe....she loves to play with dolls. size 6 (leggings) shirts 6 Shoes 10
180 3/4/2018 Family
M 69 Coveralls, snow boots and socks, hygiene articles He is a veteran an has been in and out of hospital. He is the beloved head of the family and his health is deteriorating and is on oxygen....he really needs a helping hand. Coveralls XXL Snowboots 11 snowboots 2 pr boot socks
181 2/26/2018 Family
F 37 Household items. Clothes and shoes. Household cleaning items, laundry tablets, washing up liquid, etc. Pants, shirts and shoes. This lady could really use some help with the above items, Pants; 34. Shirt; Medium. Shoes; 7
182 3/20/2018 Family
M 35 URGENT NEEDS: diapers, pull-ups, baby wipes, milk, regular Enfamil formula, socks For milk, on account credit/gift card can be arranged with DakotaMart in Martin #605-685-6448 diapers sizes 3, 5, 6 and pull-ups size 6 Size 3 diapers, size 5 diapers, size 6 diapers, pull-ups size 6, enfamil Laundry detergent, toilet paper, dish soap, paper towels, trash bags
183 3/21/2018 Family
M 26 Young family would appreciate some assist for their children's needs Baby bottles, baby wipes, fragrance free, tear-free baby wash/shampoo, draft laundry soap, s
184 3/21/2018 Son M 4 socks, pull-ups pull-ups size 7 diapers, socks
185 3/21/2018 Son M 0 baby bottles, diapers, baby wipes, fragrance free baby tear-free baby wash/shampoo, blankets, Dreft laundry soap diapers size 1 diapers
186 3/20/2018 Family
F 21 clothing for her children, laundry soap, shampoo and body soap, pantry items Mother would appreciate help with the basic. Dish soap, hygiene items, baby soap, baby lotion
187 3/6/2018 Son M 4 clothing and socks pants and shirts size 5-6; underwear 7; jacket/hoodie 6 One pr boy’s pants, one boy’s shirt, one boy’s jacket
188 3/6/2018 Daughter F 1 clothing and socks, baby body wash and lotion pants and shirts size 4T; diapers size 6; coat size 4T One pr girl’s pants, one girl’s shirt, one girl’s jacket;
189 3/14/2018 Family
F 55 Blankets, hygiene products..shampoo, body soap, toothpaste/brush, towels, underwear, tennis shoes(soft soles) and insoles for bone spurs. Shirley found herself homeless last year but has been fortunate enough to be taken in by one of the Churches on the Resevation. She rents a small room in the basement while she waits for her housing application to be approved. She has a very strong faith and trusts that her situation will improve. She is in need of some basic items and would grately appreciate any help given. pants 16 jeans elastic waist or sweatpants tops sport tees 2X shoes 7.5 underwear 9 coat 2X blanket, 2 towels, 2 toothpaste, 4 toothbrushes, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, 6 bars soap.
190 3/7/2018 Family
F 39 Family hoping for assistance during these winter months when work opportunities are scarce and the cost of heating and electricity are high. shoes size 9; underwear size 7 1 large deck cards 1 game Triominos 1 box crayons (new) 1 little book also a toothbrush and mouthwash
191 3/7/2018 Daughter F 20 clothes, socks shoes size 8.5
192 3/7/2018 Daughter F 9 clothing, socks shirts size 11-12; underwear size 11-12; shoes size 3.5
193 3/7/2018 Son M 12 clothes, socks shirt size 14-16; shoes size 9 or 9.5
194 3/7/2018 Son M 14 clothes, socks shoes size 10.5 or 11
195 3/7/2018 Grandson M 2 clothes, socks clothes size 4T; underwear size 4T; shoes size 5T 4T cargo pants, toddler hoodie
196 2/28/2018 Family
F 45 laundry & dish soap, body wash, shampoo, lotion, toilet paper, tooth brushes and tooth paste, coffee, tea, creamer and Splenda sweetener A special couple are raising special children. They would appreciate assistance with some of the basics. 1 pr leggings, 1pr jeans -- 1pr fleece pants, 2 thermal l/s, 1 pr jeans -- 1pr pants, 1 fleece pullover -- 2 pr leggings, 2 l/s, s/s nightie, 6 pr panties -- 1 s/s -- Hoodie -- 2 pr leggings -- 2 l/s -- 2 pr leggings, 6 pr panties -- 9 pr socks (med girl) -- 5 children toothbrushes, 3 balls of soap, hair clips for young girls, tube of antibacterial ointment, star wars band-aids -- 2 lb black beans, 12 bags black tea, small bear of honey, peanut butter
197 3/19/2018 Granddaughter F 0 sleepers, socks, onsies, blankets, Dove baby lotion & Head-to-toe tearless body wash, baby wipes, Desitine, baby powder, Dreft laundry soap clothing size 3-6 months, diapers size 1
198 2/28/2018 Granddaughter F 6 boots boots size 1 youth
199 2/28/2018 Granddaughter F 6 tops shirts size 7-8; boots size 2 youth
200 2/28/2018 Granddaughter F 4 clothing, shoes clothes size 7-8; shoes size 2
201 2/28/2018 Grandson M 2 shoes shoes size 8 youth
202 2/27/2018 Grandson M 1 clothes, socks,shoes clothes size 5T; shoes size 8T
203 2/20/2018 Family
F 48 Beads "Cut Glass" size 11 assorted colors, beadwork supplies and shoes for grandson Lesa and her grandson are in urgent need of help. No steady work so basic necessities are scarce and they are barely making ends meet. Lesa does Beading to help bring in some income. It would help her immensely to have an "on account credit" at Singing Horse Trade Post (605-455-2143) for her to purchase the supplies that she needs for her beadwork.
204 3/9/2018 Grandson M 10 Shoes This little boy and his grandmother do not have a working vehicle and must walk to wherever they need to go. Dreams of Blue Nike shoes.. Shoes size 4 shoes