The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN NEW LISTING: Can you pitch in and help the center gear up for summer activities? Needed are: guitar lessons video and/ or books, key board piano lessons video and/or books, drum lessons video and/or books, crafts material like acrylic paint(variety colors), paint brushes, bird house and/or bird feeder kits, jewelry making kits, material and batting/quilting for sewing projects, tie dye shirt making, feminine products, large coffee pot, fishing poles, skate boards, bikes youth & adult size (would like to have prizes for clean up with land pollution and Karaoke sessions), work boots for men/women, work gloves. TO MAKE A CASH DONATION to the Allen Youth Center, please donate through the One Spirit website The center cannot process your cash donation.

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 5/23/2019 Family
F 89 Elder is in need of food staples and pantry items such as beans, rice, canned vegetables, canned meats, flour, sugar, etc. Many thanks.
2 5/23/2019 Family
F 39 diapers size 5 & 6, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, laundry and dish soap, shampoo and body wash Mother would greatly appreciate help with some basics diapers size 5
3 5/23/2019 Family
F 48 Summer clothing and school supplies for her grandson who is heading off to summer school. Grandma is very proud of him! A grandmother of 4 growing boys is reaching out for help for one of them. She does receive a small monthly income but that doesn't go far...keeps the lights on. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)
4 5/23/2019 Grandson M 10 This young man is headed off to summer school and is in need summer clothing, shoes, school supplies... notebooks, pencils, markers...etc. Boys sizes: jeans 18, t-shirts/hoody 18, shoes 6.5
5 5/23/2019 Family
Cleaning, hygiene and laundry items. Clothes and shoes. This Elder has been on the Okini list for a month and not received any donations yet. She really needs some help with laundry soap, toilet paper, hygiene items, kitchen cleaning products and some clothes and shoes. Any donations will really be appreciated. Pants; 18. Shirts; Large. Shoes; 9.
6 5/23/2019 Family
M 56 Clothes, work boots, food. This older gentleman is renting a room in an already crowded trailer. He has very little income and didn't know where else to turn. He would be extemely grateful for any assistance! jeans 34x32, t-shirts 2X, shoes 10 (work boots), socks 10
7 5/23/2019 Family
F 73 Food items...rice, dried beans, flour, powdered milk, canned goods, coffee, etc., shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, dish soap, household cleaner, clothing and shoes. This sweet elder is in need of some urgent help! She is the sole provider of 6 family members on a very small monthly SS check. This is her first time reaching out to One Spirit for assistance as she didn't want to be a burden to anyone. She is struggling and would very much appreciate the kindness. Thank you! stretchy pants size 20, tops 2X, shoes 11 (tie up tennis shoes)
8 5/23/2019 Granddaughter F 15 In desperate need of summer clothes and shoes. Pants 18 women's, tops 2X women's, shoes 8 (slip on tennis shoes)
9 5/23/2019 Granddaughter F 10 This young girl is in need of summer clothes and shoes. Has outgrown most everything. GIRLS SIZES: 14, shoes 6.5 (slip on tennis shoes)
10 5/23/2019 Granddaughter F 23 Clothing and shoes. Helps take care of her grandmother and the younger children. jeans 22 women's, tops/jacket 3X wo, shoes 7 (tie up tennis shoes)
11 5/22/2019 Family
F 40 Pantry items of any kind, personal hygiene products, laundry detergent, sandals This single mom reaches out for help with some basic necessities and clothes for her children. Please help her! Sandals size 9
12 5/22/2019 Son M 15 In need of summer clothing This young man just keeps growing! Shorts mens size L, t-shirts mens size XL, Size 32 boxers, sox, size 12 sneakers
13 5/22/2019 Son M 3 This little boy is in need of summer clothes, he has outgrown everything. Shorts and t-shirts size 5T, underwear, sox, size 10 toddler sneakers
14 5/22/2019 Family
F 50 Food items... cereal, powdered milk, pasta, pasta sauce, canned meats, etc. Clothing for 2 new arrivals to her home. Single mother/grandmother raising many children has recently received 2 new members into her care bringing the total number of children that she is responsible for to 11. They came to her with the clothes they were wearing. She is struggling to feed them all especially during the summer months when they are not in school. Assistance for this large family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
15 5/22/2019 Granddaughter F 15 In need of clothing and personal hygiene products. pants 5 jrs, tops M, jrs, underwear 5, bra 34B, shoes 7, ankle socks
16 5/22/2019 Nephew M 21 This young man is mentally challenged and requires constant care. In need of clothing and shoes. jeans 32x32, t-shirts M mens, underwear M (briefs) shoes 10, crew socks (white)
17 5/22/2019 Family
M 52 pots, pans, skillet, cooking utensils; FOOD & PANTRY ITEMS: coffee/non-dairy creamer/Truvia sweetener; razor & shave cream, shampoo & body soap, deodorant, dish & laundry soap, toilet paper, paper towels, household supplies, anything!
18 5/21/2019 Family
F 41 Spring/Summer clothing, shoes, towels, personal hygiene products and any kind of food items. This mother fled an abusive marriage with her 3 children. She is staying with a relative until she can find housing and has no source of income at the moment. They left with pretty much nothing and could really use a helping hand. Thank you! pants/capris 14 womens, tops 2X, shoes 8
19 5/21/2019 Daughter F 3 Spring/Summer clothing, shoes clothing 7/8, shoes 6 toddlers, sox and underwear
20 5/21/2019 Son M 10 Spring/Summer clothing and shoes. pants/shorts size XL boys, t-shirt 1X boys, shoes size 6 high top sneakers, sox, underwear
21 5/21/2019 Daughter F 13 Spring/Summer clothing and shoes/sandals. pants/shorts 10 womens (loves skinny pants), tops L womens, shoes 8 slip-on type, underwear, sox
22 5/21/2019 Family
F 59 Coffee, tea, sugar, sweet n low, canned meats (hash, spam), paper products (toilet paper, paper towels), shampoo, laundry soap, hand soap, maxi pads This elderly couple is on a limited, fixed income and raising their daughter. She recently had surgery on her spine and has difficulty getting around. Fortunately her tumor was benign. He is a retired police officer. They spend most of their income on utilities (propane and electric). She is very good at stretching food but they could use some help to make ends meet through the month as they often run out of food before they get One Spirit food box. They are grateful for any help. Thank you.
23 5/24/2019 Family
F 33 Mother is requesting help with diapers and wipes for her newborn baby girl (born end of May). Size 1 diapers requested (she wears a 3-month old size). 2 dresses, 5 sleepers, hoodie, 3 shirts, 3 pants
24 5/20/2019 Family
F 20 Diapers size 4, Baby girl clothing size 18 months Young mom in need of help with diapers and some clothing for her baby girl
25 5/19/2019 Family
F 58 Towels, laundry soap, shampoo, conditioner, hand soap face soap and hygiene articles A very loving and caring grandmother who has 14 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren living with her is asking for help for some help. THIS FAMILY OF 18 PLUS PEOPLE ARE REALLY DESPERATE... Their living circumstances are not that great but they have an abundance of love and really care for each other...I have met them and they are very special. THIS GRANDMA WANTS TO THANK ANYONE WHO HELPS HER AND HER FAMILY.-
26 5/20/2019 Family
F 64 Urgent need for many adult sleeping bags and one smaller child sized, snacks. Also needs size 6 diapers and wipes. Her grandkids are now home from school and need sleeping bags. Also snack foods would be greatly appreciated. Sleeping bag-5/22/19
27 5/18/2019 Family
M 37 Luvs diapers size 5 & 6; baby wipes; any kind of pantry items such as beans, rice, canned meats, canned vegetables, etc. for family. STILL In great need of DIAPERS and wipes for their 4 babies. Luvs diapers sizes: 2 babies @ size 5; 2 babies @ size 6
28 5/21/2019 Family
F 22 Clothing for son and hygiene articles A young mother is busy raising her two sons, - she is very grateful that her older one has a sponsor but really needs help with clothing for the baby. 3 pc outfit, 2 pairs pjs, 2 pairs jeans, 2 pairs pants, shorts, 3 s/s onesies, l/s top, zip up sweatshirt-5/22/19
29 5/15/2019 Son M 0 clothing, care items, and a few baby toys Mommy and his brother and him finally got their own home and he just loves being the baby and having a big brother. 9 months 3 pc outfit, 2 pairs pjs, 2 pairs jeans, 2 pairs pants, shorts, 3 s/s onesies, l/s top, zip up sweatshirt
30 5/14/2019 Family
F 31 Needs Summer clothing for herself and her children, laundry detergent, shampoo, towels and pantry food The children have outgrown all their clothes and food always runs out. Womens size XL shorts and shirts, size 6 1/2 sandals/flip flops
31 5/14/2019 Daughter F 11 Summer clothing Ladies size 6 shorts, ladies size L shirts, size 5 sandals/flip flops
32 5/14/2019 Significant other M 35 Summer clothing Mens size 36 shorts, XL t-shirts
33 5/14/2019 Son M 12 Summer clothing Shorts, t-shirts/tank tops, sandals/flip flops Boys size XL shorts, boys XL shirts, shoe size 7
34 5/14/2019 Son M 14 Summer clothing Shorts, tank tops, t-shirts, sandals/flip flops Mens shorts size L, mens shirts size XL, shoes size 9 1/2
35 5/17/2019 Family
F baby chicks, guinea hens and apple trees FYI - live baby birds can be ordered from internet and shipped directly to persons post box. She is a traditionalist and is trying to become self sufficient. She would love to raise chickens and guinea hens so that they can help the family of 12 plus be self sufficient - by having food they can eat and eggs they can sell. they are hoping to have an apple orchard and someone is helping them with Bees. They really want to become self sufficient.
36 5/24/2019 Family
M 79 Laundry detergent, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, dish soap, shampoo, body soap, toothpaste & brushes. This is his first time reaching out to One Spirit and he has asked for very little. Can you help this family? He has 2 of his children that still live with him. They are trying to find work but not having much luck. He does the best that he can for the family with what little resources he has but could really use a helping hand. Thank you! 1-8 pk Sparkle paper towels, 1-45 ct trash bags, 1-12 ct Irish Spring bar soap, 1-36 ct Angel Soft toilet paper, 1-184.5 oz All lliquid laundry detergent, 1-4pk Dial hand soap, 1 ECOS all-purpose cleaner, 1-2 pk Seventh Generation dish soap 3 toothbrushes, 3 toothpaste, 3 dental floss, 3 packs razors (5pk), 2 shave cream, 3 after shave, 5 bars soap, 3 shampoo, Q-tips, 1 nail clipper, 1 toenail clipper, 1 ibuprofen, 1 cold and flu, 3 vitamins-5/20/19
37 5/17/2019 Family
F summer clothing for children Grandmother is only asking for grandchildren who she loves. She tries very hard to do it on her own, but after this winter and flooding she is asking for help clothing the children for summer. She has been raising these children on her own and they are the apple of her eye. 1 tennis shoe, 1 flip flop, 1 short, 2 shirts, socks
38 5/17/2019 Granddaughter F 10 summer clothes and sandals This little girl is in the 3rd grade....She is about 5' tall and chubby......extremely in mid section. So shorts have to be stretchy.......She loves to look nice but her grandmother is extremely challenged trying to find her clothes......If someone sends her shorts - I would only send l pair or outfit....I would enclose a note and a stamped addressed envelope asking grandma if fit and if she would like more......thank you. This child is dyslexic - so some eduational items would be great. Shorts 16/18 plus size or size 5 jr. tops 18 child plus size Sandals 6
39 5/13/2019 Grandson M 6 summer clothes, shoes, sandals, socks This little boy is the typical little boy who loves cars, trucks and dinosaurs His favorite thing to do is play basketball since he was a toddler. clothing 6 shoes 1
40 5/23/2019 Family
F 25 Cereal, powdered milk, canned meat/fruit/ravioli, ramen noodles, fruit snacks, mac & cheese, pasta & sauce..etc. A young mother of 5 is worried how she will feed her children during the summer months when they are no longer in school. She has no source of income and is unable to work because she has no one to watch the children. Anything will help greatly. Thank you! 2 boxes of cereal, powdered milk, pancake mix and syrup, 2 boxes soup mix, soup crackers, ramen noodles, 2 cans ravioli, 2 cans chicken, apple sauce, raisins, 2 chicken noodle packets and 2 boxes mac & cheese.
41 5/20/2019 Family
M 52 Jeans, shirts, work boots no steel toes, socks, hoodie, briefs, hygiene articles and pantry food He is in need of clothing with the flooding and giving clothing to members of his family he has very little. Pants 33/34 - length 30 shsirts Xl Work boots 9 1/2 or 10
42 5/17/2019 Family
F 22 In need of clothes for her little boy, pantry food items...canned meats/vegetables/fruits, rice, beans, dishes, dish towels, shampoo, body soap. Young, single mom is in need of some help. She is looking for work and has had to move in with her grandmother as she has no source of income at the moment. She is in desperate need of food and clothing for her son. Thank you for any assistance for this little family! washcloth, 3/1 soap, 4 dish towels, 2# pinto beans, 1# rice, 3 Vienna sausage, peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks M3: shoes-5/21/19
43 5/17/2019 Son M 3 Clothing, shoes and diapers. Has outgrown everything. CLOTHING: 5T, shoes 10c, diapers size 6 Huggies sz 6 60ct, 3 polo shirts 5t, boys shoes sz10, joggers sz 5t shoes
44 5/16/2019 Family
F 57 jacket and shoes... An elder is in need of assistance with some spring clothing items. She is not asking for much and would be very grateful for the help. Thank you! jacket 3XL, shoes 11 wide (slip on tennis shoes) One 3x hoodie sweatshirt/jacket, gently used 1 3x shirt, new 1 pr 11W slip on shoes, new shampoo and body wash-5/20/19
45 5/13/2019 Family
F 35 Summer clothing, pantry food, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent First time on Okini, this mom has many health issues and could use some help. She is very grateful for anything! Womens size large tank tops, size 9 shorts 2 Bath Towels, T-Shirt Boy's Jeans + T-shirt Daughter 12 y. old; 2 T-Shirts Daughter 14 y.old: 2 T-Shirts-5/22/19
46 5/13/2019 Daughter F 14 Summer clothing, personal hygiene items This young girl could really use some new summer clothes (shorts, t-shirts, tank tops) Ladies size 7/8 2 T-Shirts, tank top, 2 shorts, capris
47 5/12/2019 Daughter F 12 Summer clothing Has outgrown everything, really needs new summer clothes Ladies size 5/6 2 T-Shirts
48 5/12/2019 Son M 6 Summer clothing Needs summer clothing, he is a tall but skinny boy Boys pants size 5, shirts size 7 jeans + T-shirt
49 5/4/2019 Family
F Garden tiller Marj is hoping someone can help her, she would love to plant a garden so she can grow her own vegetables. She had a very old garden tiller but it finally broke down. Her neighbors would also love a garden and she would be happy to share it with them!
50 5/20/2019 Family
F 48 Urgent need of beads (all colors), pantry food, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies Family does beading to help pay bills. Has not been on Okini in a long time. 4 Small Pony Beads Assortment Kits 12 hanks of beads
51 5/8/2019 Family
F 36 Mother is asking for help with clothes for son's high school graduation. PETITE PLUS SIZES: jeans pants size 15 bell bottoms or wide legs; shirt size XL; shoes size 8.5; pullover hoodie size 1X Men’s black socks Men’s white t shirts 6 pack size xl Men’s black sweatshirt size xl Men’s black sweatpants size xxl-5/8/19
52 4/24/2019 Son M 18 clothing, socks, winter gloves MEN SIZES: pants size 38 (height 5'9"); sweatpants/joggers size 38; shirt size XL Men’s black socks Men’s white t shirts 6 pack size xl Men’s black sweatshirt size xl Men’s black sweatpants size xxl
53 4/12/2019 Daughter F 15 clothes, socks, winter gloves LADIES SIZES: pants size 14; shirt size XL 2 pairs of jeans, belt
54 5/1/2019 Family
F 61 Running low on propane. Is in need of space heaters as her other ones no longer work, toilet paper, household cleaning supplies, shampoo, body soap, canned goods, coffee Elder on a very limited income with numerous grandchildren living with her is reaching out for help. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
55 5/13/2019 Family
F Elder Urgent need of pantry food, personal hygiene items, toilet paper, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies First time on Okini, this elder really needs some help with the basics right now. She has worked her entire life but just lost her job. laundry soap, bar soap, toothpaste, Season-All, 1# lentils, 2 Ramen, 2 soup, 1 can each: tomatoes, carrots, chicken, yams-5/22/19
56 5/18/2019 Family
F 63 Summer Clothing for Grandkids, hygiene articles and a bras and t shirts for Grandmother A grandmother who just lost her job and can't find one is asking for help in getting her grandchildren who she is raising clothing . She has had these children for a long time and life is really getting hard on the rez and another grand daughter is coming back to her. She said if it is between sending her something or the children - the children really need summer clothes. Bra 38D t Shirts 1X Various women size shorts, tops, tank tops , tank dresses, tshirts -5/20/19
57 5/14/2019 Granddaughter F 9 Still needs Sandals - thank you for the clothing sent... This little girl who is 9 ....She says she is really growing up. She would really love some summer clothing - she has no clothes at all for summer sandals 4
58 5/14/2019 Granddaughter F 11 Summer clothes - shorts, skirts, sneakers, T shirts, sandals Is in need of clothing and sandals This 11 year old is coming to grandma's to live and she has very little clothes She is a chunky girl. Her Birthday is in May. skirts 15/16 adult Shorts 15/16 Jr. Tops 1 X adult Sandals 9 2 sports bras, 2 tshirts, hair styling gels, nail polish,
59 5/14/2019 Granddaughter F 10 Still needs Summer Sandals...or flip flops Grandmother say thank you for the clothing sent. She is a fifth grader now and could use some summer clothing and sandals. She does not have much clothing and can really use some. sandals size 7
60 5/6/2019 Grandson M 8 Shorts, t shirts and sandals this little boy is growing fast and is very tall. None of his summer clothes fit from last year. Shorts 14 T Shirts 14/16 Sandals 7 shorts, 2 t-shirts
61 4/30/2019 Family
M 72 Chainsaw A single father who is a elder and raising his teenage son is having a difficult time . He heats his house with wood and if he had a chain saw he could cut the wood around his house.....and be able supply wood for his two brothers who also heat their homes with wood. He had one - but it was a foreign brand and parts not available. If someone would like to get him a 20 or 24 inch chain saw - it probably would be best to purchase it at Lowes or Home Depot where a service plan is available or a American Name Brand so parts are available.
62 5/4/2019 Family
F Jeans and tops, pantry food and hygiene articles This elderly soft spoken grandmother is asking for some clothing for herself and grandchildren. She has very little clothing... She could really use some pantry food as she often runs out. She is a a lovely grandma whose whole life revolves around her grandchildren. Pants 9/10 has 29 inch waist and is 5'2" Shirts Med. S/S sneakers 5 1/2 she is very Petite. 2 pr. pants, pads with wings, 4 cans ravioli, 1# pasta, 1# lentils-5/14/19
63 4/28/2019 Grandson M 5 sneakers, sandals,underwear and T shirts A little boy who has lived with his grandma most of his life would love some sneakers and sandals for the summer..... He loves to play with cars and legos. Shirts 6 Shoes 13
64 4/28/2019 Granddaughter F jeans (skinny), jean shorts and T shirts this petite 8th grader loves fashion and is trying really hard in school. pants l Jr. shirts med. jr.
65 5/13/2019 Family
F 71 Urgent need for spring clothing, laundry detergent and dish soap An elder is asking for help with cleaning supplies and spring clothing. Pants size 18 (stretchy waistband, she has to sit for long periods for dialysis), Black Jacket size 3X, Blouses size 3X, Slip on sneakers size 9,
66 4/26/2019 Family
F 34 healthy snacks/food/pantry items, shampoo, lotion, dish/laundry soap, clothing items for children Parents give their gratitude for any assistance you provide
67 4/26/2019 Son M 5 clothing shorts & shirts size M
68 4/26/2019 Daughter F 3 underwear underwear size 6
69 5/17/2019 Family
M 53 Jeans, boots, shirts, underwear, socks, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, tarps This retired veteran is having a hard time financially. His electric bill last month was over $500. His mobile home was blown off it's foundation last year and since replaced, it leaks and has some broken windows. He would like to repair his home but his clothes and boots are worn out. In addition to clothes, he could use some tarps to put on his roof to stop the leaking. Any help you can give this veteran is appreciated. Thank you. Jeans-34/34 shirts-size large boots-size 10.5 underwear-size 34 6 pr socks, 7 pair underwear, 5 t shirts, 1 polo shirt, 2 long sleeve t shirts, hoodie, 2 pair jeans, 3 tarps (10x10)-5/23/19
70 5/15/2019 Family
F 59 size 6 diapers (for 2 children), baby powder, baby wipes, shampoo, laundry soap, toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, toothpaste, food, towels, washcloths size 6 diapers, baby wipes, 3in1 shampoo, laundry soap, toilet paper