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The wonderful people of Pine Ridge deserve a beautiful Christmas, and our devoted coordinators have been reaching out all over the reservation calling families to ask how we can help.
We've gathered their answers here. These beautiful families would be so happy to hear from you...
If a child or family have been pledged a gift, their name will be removed from the list. Please remember many others are waiting for a Christmas gift.
For fairness, page is randomly "shuffled" each time it is clicked, now showing 44 families - 136 family members.
To make a gift, please contact the Coordinator directly by email.
No Family Age Contact this Coordinator Gift ideas and wishes
1 Family Cante 45 Cheryl Sullivan
Mom hoping her kids have a magical Christmas!
Daughter 6 LOL, Shopkins, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Books, Arts and Crafts
Son 15 Size XL Hoodie, body wash/cologne set, Arts and crafts
Daughter 10 LOL, Shopkins, Trouble, Arts and crafts
Son 4 Dinosaurs, Chutes and Ladders, Arts and crafts
2 Family Geraldine El Cheryl Buchta
Grandmother wishes her family to have a nice Christmas this year
Granddaughter 1 Learning Type Toys, Clothing 3T,
Grandson 3 Matchbox cars, Play Gun Toys,Art Stuff, or Beanie/Gloves
3 Family Cyndee 30 Doris Briggs
This young mom is needing help with Christmas gifts for her children. Holiday treats for Christmas morning would be a wonderful surprise!
Son 5 Would love Grand theft Auto game for xbox1, basketball, Vikings hoody (boys size 8)
Niece 17 Would love makeup (for eyes & brow) , purse, hair scrunchies.
Foster Daughter 2 Bright Starts Rock & Glow Unicorn toy, Unicorn coloring books, crayons.
Son 2 Would love big Legos or Bundaloo Plush Car set with sounds (amazon)
4 Family Maxine 26 Jan Hebert
This single mom would love to make Christmas special for her two little children. Treats would make the holiday morning even more special. Thank you.
Daughter 2 Baby dolls, LOL dolls, doll house
5 Family Stephanie Peta Cook
Christmas Gift and Treaties for this child,
Son 12 Remote Control Truck and batteries,
6 Family Chante 26 Jan Hebert
This family would like to have a special Christmas. They've had a difficult time since their trailer was damaged by a tornado. Any gifts will be very much appreciated. Treats would be a special surprise. Thank you.
Son 6 Transformers,, backpack, legos
Daughter 2 Baby doll, educational toys (puzzles, numbers, letters), magnetic alphabet to stick on refrigerator
Daughter 3 Baby doll, books with markers
Daughter 8 Tiny backpack (unicorns) LOL dolls
7 Family Jackie 55 Jan Hebert
This grandmother would love to give her grandson special gifts for Christmas and maybe some holiday treats.
Grandson 7 Legos, Fast night at Freddies plushies, Nerf gun, remote control race car with batteries
8 Family Dale uk Deborah Holcomb
Would love gifts for his children.
Daughter 6 Would love a doll or stuffed toy
Son 4 Would love a Remote control car or truck.
Daughter 13 Would love a tablet!
Daughter 12 A tablet would be wonderful!
9 Family Cherish 27 Jan Hebert
This young mother would love to have a present for her children this holiday. Treats would be an extra special treat. Thank you.
Son 1 Foam floor puzzle with dinosaurs and numbers, Baby play mat tiles
Son 2 PAW Patrol cars, Remote Control car with batteries, child recliner
Daughter 4 Twinkle tent, DIY Slime kit
10 Family Phillip 45 Peta Cook
This dad would love some help with Christmas gifts for his children.
Stepdaughter 13 Warm jacket size medium teens. Hair accessories.
Son 17 Warm jacket, size Large men's. Hoodie size large men's.
Son 16 Warm jacket, size large men's. Watch.
Son 1 Car's. Trucks.
11 Family Susan 60 Deborah Holcomb
Would love gifts and treats for her grandchildren. They have suffered many hardships recently.
Grandson 10 Uno, "new house (lol)", Nerf gun -mega, slippers size 5, art supplies, headphones
Granddaughter 10 art supplies, basketball (black and white one), headphones, leggos
Grandson 13 Art supplies, Basketball, headphones, monopoly or board game, rubix cube, hat and gloves
Grandson 16 Drawing tablet or "real" tablet and/or adult coloring books,headphones, Yahtzi game, pens/markers, basketball
12 Family Lana 30 Barbara Speer
,Christmas Presents for the children and treats. Also they would really appreciate hats, gloves and scarfs when they go outside to play.
Son 8 He is turning 9 in Dec. and would love a snowboard or a tablet.
Daughter 7 This little girl is in 2nd grade and would love a tablet or LOL Dolls
Son 12 Star Wars Legos or a tablet for 12 year old
13 Family Molina 48 Jan Hebert
This single mother had to move out of her house and is living with friends. She hopes her children can have some Christmas presents this year. Thank you.
Son 11 Minecraft for X-Box 1, AA batteries, basketball
Son 16 Body spray (Axe), pullover hoodie (dark blue)(Large), Tablet
14 Family Irene Barbara Speer
A grandmother who opened her home to raise two children, who are now her grandsons, would love for them to have a Christmas.
Foster Son 11 This 6th grader - Xmas wishes are. Basketball Shoe (White)- Curry insigna would be great - size 5 or XBox 1 - Modern Warfare (refurbished okay)
Foster Son 14 This 14 year old would love Blue Tooth Headphones or red/white basketball shoes - size 10
15 Family Sonya 54 Deborah Holcomb
Would love a gift for her grandson.
Grandchild 6 Loves Play-Doh, coloring books, or cars and trucks, really wants Leggos
16 Family Jennifer 60 Jan Hebert
This grandmother is raising her 3 grandchildren alone and would love it if they could have presents this Christmas.
Grandson 15 Remote control car with batteries, model cars (Chevy), tablet
17 Family Quentin 35 Barbara Speer
Christmas Presents for their children and some holiday treats.
Son 6 This six year old loves legos or a race car set.
Daughter 2 Barbie Dolls and clothes
Daughter 7 This 7 year old little girl - would love a cooking set or a Playdough set for cooking.
18 Family Tara Barbara Speer
Some Christmas goodies would be wonderful.
Son 11 mortal combat II game for PS4
19 Family Phyllis 63 Barbara Speer
A grandmother is hoping someone will get her grandson a pair of hi tops or boots for Xmas.
Grandson 17 Sneakers or boots - size 15. or winter coat 3XL - tall He is very tall and has trouble getting shoes and clothes. He would love cowboy boots but will be happy with anything.
20 Family Corrine 68 Cheryl Sullivan
Grandmother hoping for the magic of Christmas!
Granddaughter 5 Baby Doll, Candy Land
Granddaughter 11 Make up, body spray, nail polish
Grandson 15 Hoodie size 2XL, Monopoly
21 Family Millie 60 Barbara Speer
She would love for her Grandsons and daughter to have some Christmas Presents and some Holiday Treats
Grandson 10 this ten year old boy would love a tablet for a 10 year old or a snowboard to fly down the hills
Grandson 9 This 9 year old little boys lives in the country and would love a tablet for 9 year old or a snowboard
Daughter 16 Blue or Black Under Armour zippered hoodie size Med., Marilyn Monroe Sweater size Med. or Fun Boots (like Uggs) Size 8 1/2 adult
22 Family Andrea Deborah Holcomb
Young mom would love gifts for her girls.
Niece 18 Tablet or nike socks or Hoodie size L, hair ties, brush, etc.
Daughter 12 Nike socks or hoodie Size L, Tablet or anything for her hair (brush, hair ties, etc)
23 Family Lillian 73 Cheryl Sullivan
Grandmother wishing for a Merry Christmas!
Granddaughter 17 Oklahoma Sooners hoodie size 2X
Granddaughter 16 Fuzzy sox (all colors, animal patterns), sneakers size 8
Granddaughter 11 Bratz Doll, Oklahoma Sooners hoodie size 14
24 Family Brenda 52 Peta Cook
This mum could really use some help with Christmas gifts for her sons.
Son 10 Remote control car and batteries.
Son 11 Art supplies.
Son 7 Remote control car and batteries.
25 Family Melissa 34 Cheryl Sullivan
Mom of 6 hoping for the magic of Christmas!
Son 5 Nerf guns, coloring books, crayons, Mouse Trap game
Son 7 Battleship game, slime kit
Son 3 Loves anything baseball, Chutes and Ladders game
Daughter 11 Barbie doll and accessories, Connect 4 game
Daughter 14 Monopoly, body spray/bath set, fuzzy socks
Daughter 4 Candy Land, Baby doll, coloring books and crayons
26 Family Tamera (Tammy) 40 Deborah Holcomb
Mom would love gifts for her 3 sons.
Son 18 Earbuds or Axe gift set
Son 10 Lego set or earbuds
Son 14 Earbuds or Axe gift set
27 Family Opal 35 Doris Briggs
This family would not know the meaning of Christmas if not for the kindness of strangers. PLEASE CONSIDER DONATING A GIFT TO ONE OR TWO OF THE CHILDREN. THANK YOU!
Son 9 Would love a watch, tennis shoes (high tops size 5 youth), Denver Broncos hoody (size XL youth)
Son 11 Would love a watch, tennis shoes (high tops size 6 youth) tablet would be ultimate wish for homework.
Daughter 2 Would love a baby doll and accessories.
Daughter 4 Would love a baby doll and accessories, Disney books.
Son 5 Would love some big legos or spiderman action figures.
Daughter 6 Would love a Barbie and accessories.
Son 7 Would love a remote control car or Nike socks (size 3 youth shoes) or a winter coat (size 10 boys)
Son 8 Would love a remote control car or Nike socks (size 4 youth shoe) or winter coat (size 12 boys)
28 Family Lovencia 31 Jan Hebert
This single mother would love to have a present for her children this Christmas. Any treats would be special. Thank you.
Son 5 Dinosaurs, cars, coloring books, crayons, colored pencils
Son 11 Basketball, football, art supplies
29 Family Nancy 71 Jan Hebert
This grandmother hopes you have a wonderful holiday. She would love to have some goodies under her tree this year. Thank you.
Granddaughter 5 Chalkboard with chalk, tablet
30 Family Curtis el Barbara Speer
Christmas presents and holiday treats for his grandchildren This family has been struggling with illness and he would love for his grand kids to have a Christmas
Granddaughter 17 Nike Hoodie size Large
Grandson 16 Nike Hoodie or T shirts - Size Xl - black or white
Granddaughter 18 skinny jeans size 7 and a T shirt Size Med.
31 Family Dianna 32 Jan Hebert
This family wishes everyone a happy holiday. They would love some goodies to put under their tree.
Son 10 Breyer horses and accessories, Nerf gun
Son 11 Batman action figures, Nerf gun and accessories
Daughter 9 Barbie with clothes and accessories, tablet
32 Family Marilyn 61 Deborah Holcomb
Grandmother would love gifts and goodies for her grandchildren
Grandson 17 XL black hoodie or tablet, headphones.
Grandson 12 Would love a drone or remote control car, hoodie or headphones.
Grandson 10 Would love a remote control car, hoodie, or headphones.
Granddaughter 1 Would love stuffed toy or doll, she will be two in January.
Granddaughter 3 Would love a doll for Christmas.
33 Family Tiffany 34 Doris Briggs
Young mom is hoping that her children will have a Christmas this year. Holiday goodies for Christmas morning would be a wonderful surprise! PLEASE CONSIDER A GIFT FOR 1 OR 2 CHILDREN. THANK YOU!
Son 9 Would love Nike socks , tennis shoes (high tops size 7.5 youth) Broncos hoody size 14 boys.
Daughter 6 Would love Disney books, Elsa castle or a winter coat (size 7 girls).
Daughter 10 Would love Nike socks, sports bras (size M girls), tennis shoes (7.5 youth).
Son 14 Would really love a Carhart style coat men's M or Bronco's hoody men's M or tablet (ultimate wish)
Son 6 Would love Nike socks, Disney books, tablet would be the ultimate wish come true (age 6).
Daughter 3 Would love an LOL doll, Disney books.
Daughter 17 Would love Bronco's hoody or jersey women's size XL, Lugz Drifter LX bootie size 8.5
34 Family Tammy Cheryl Sullivan
Mom hoping for a bright Christmas for her boys!
Son 3 Cars, Cartoons, Candy
Son 17 Hoodie size 3X, ear buds
35 Family Marlene 61 Jan Hebert
This grandmother is raising her grandchildren and hopes they have a few presents this Christmas.
Granddaughter 6 Remote control car with batteries, tablet
Grandson 15 Basketball, watch, Hi-tops size-13
Grandson 16 watch, basketball, Hi tops size-13, football
36 Family Elizabeth 56 Barbara Speer
christmas presents for grandkids and holiday treats
Granddaughter 2 baby doll and carriage,,,,cook and tea set, snow boots size 9
Grandson 5 He would love a skateboard, basketball, snowboots 12
37 Family Iris 49 Jan Hebert
This single mother would love to have a Christmas gift for her children and grandson this holiday. Treats are special also.
Son 18 Hoodie-pullover, red (L), tablet
Grandson 2 Cars, trucks, big legos, basketball
Daughter 8 Barbies and accessories, LOL dolls, Hair accessories
Son 12 Basketball, hi-tops size 5.5 (boys), game boy
Daughter 13 Art supplies, Tall leggings (L)-any color, make up, perfume, hair accessories
38 Family Julie Cheryl Sullivan
Helping to raise her 2 nephews and grandson, hoping for a bright Christmas! She is very appreciative!!
Nephew 15 Skateboard, books about horses
Nephew 16 Fortnight toys, books
Grandson 2 Loves The Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man, Paw Patrol, Books
39 Family Edwina Peta Cook
This mum could really use some help with Christmas gifts for her two boys.
Son 16 Drawing supplies. Watch.
Son 11 Drawing supplies. Watch.
40 Family Alvina 30 Barbara Speer
Would love for her children to have a Christmas....
Daughter 2 Baby dolls and Barbies
Son 1 loves balls - toy footballs, basketballs - push truck
Son 5 Loves any type of trains and monster trucks
41 Family Scott El Lauren Bolles
Would love his Grandchildren to have a nice Christmas this year
Grandson 1 Drum or Music Type Toys
Grandson 16 Nike shoes black Size 11.5, or Hoodie Nike Black size 3X, orBlack Nike Joggers Xl
Granddaughter 13 Nike Hoodie Black Size womans Large, Tablet, Beauty/nail polish kit
42 Family Raelene Lauren Bolles
This family needs your help getting Christmas gifts
Son 15 Basketball Shoes size 11, Large Jogger Sweats, Socks
Son 13 Makeup Kits, Socks, Nike Hoody size womans Medium
Son 22 Nike Hoody Size Mens XL, socks, Sweat Joggers size large
Son 15 Converse size 9, socks, Nike Sweater Womans Large
Daughter 16 Snow Boots size womans 9, Make up foundation, concealers Medium Beige, girly Skin Care items
Son 4 Wrestling themed toys loves John Cena, snow boots size 12, Remote control car and batteries
Daughter 4 Barbie Doll house , snow Boots size 11/12, or Barbies
43 Family Lisa Lauren Bolles
Please help this family have a great Christmas
Daughter 12 Barbies, Art kit
Daughter 13 Tablet, Vans shoes or Adidas Hoodie Youth Boys Large
44 Family Becky 50 Doris Briggs
Tis the Season to believe in the magic of Christmas! Please consider a gift for one or two of the children. Thank you!
Grandson 5 Would love Hot wheels, DVD's (Boss Baby, Sing, Secret life of Pets 2), Disney books.
Grandson 5 Would love Nerf guns or action figures.
Granddaughter 5 Would love Barbie and accessories or LOL dolls.
Grandson 4 Would love a Basketball or hot wheel cars and track
Son 10 Remote control car, hoody size 12, tablet would be ultimate wish. (age 11)
Grandson 2 Would love hot wheels, remote control car, Disney books.

We cannot divulge detailed name or location information of any family head or member. Thanks for understanding!