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The wonderful people of Pine Ridge deserve a beautiful Christmas, and our devoted coordinators have been reaching out all over the reservation calling families to ask how we can help.
We've gathered their answers here. These beautiful families would be so happy to hear from you...
If a child or family have been pledged a gift, their name will be removed from the list. Please remember many others are waiting for a Christmas gift.
For fairness, page is randomly "shuffled" each time it is clicked, now showing 6 families - 26 family members.
To make a gift, please contact the Coordinator directly by email.
No Family Age Contact this Coordinator Gift ideas and wishes
1 Family Wyleen 42 Doris Briggs
Mother hoping her daughters will have a Merry Christmas this year!
Daughter 7 Play dough, Barbie, snow suit (size 14) hat, gloves
Daughter 10 Barbie & accessories, snow suit (size 14) hat, gloves.
Daughter 13 LOL dolls, hair accessories, play dough, art supplies.
Daughter 15 Art supplies, hair accessories, makeup
2 Family Christina M 34 Doris Briggs
First time on Holiday Okini-Young family in need of some Holiday Cheer!
Son 12 VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch
Son 1 Loves anything musical. (Fisher Price Soothe n Snuggle Otter)
Son 7 Would love nerf guns.
Son 10 Nintendo switch game and controller.
3 Family Tiffany 34 Doris Briggs
Young mom is hoping that her children will have a Christmas this year. Holiday goodies for Christmas morning would be a wonderful surprise! THANK YOU!
Daughter 18 Hoody women's size XL, winter boots size 8.5, socks
Daughter 11 Loves music and her ultimate Christmas wish is a guitar.
Daughter 7 Would love a Barbie with accessories. Also loves Disney books.
Daughter 4 Would love a Barbie with accessories.
4 Family Emerald Kay 20 Cheryl Sullivan
First time on our Holiday Okini, would love to have a nice Christmas for her little boys!
Son 2 Toy truck, dinosaurs, puzzles, scarf
Son 3 Chutes and Ladders, Gator Golf, scarf
5 Family Bonita 64 Doris Briggs
A grandmother needs help with Christmas gifts for her grandbabies. A nice warm sweater (XL) would be a wonderful surprise for grandma!
Grandson 4 A tablet for learning and games.
Grandson 9 Would love a tablet for learning (Fire 7 or 8)
Granddaughter 2 Would love a baby doll, stroller, blankets for her baby doll.
6 Family Edith Cheryl Sullivan
She has 9 children ages 17-5 as well as 2 grandchildren, hoping for the magic of Christmas!
Son 7 Cars, army men, boys size 10 hoodie
Son 13 Pictionary, Boys size L hoodie, arts and crafts
Son 16 Men's size L hoodie, Xbox One game
Son 16 Men's XL hoodie, Xbox One game
Grandson 1 Cars and trucks, dinosaurs
Granddaughter 3 Chutes and Ladders, baby dolls
Daughter 10 Tablet, Jenga, arts and crafts
Daughter 11 Tablet, Family Feud, arts and crafts, hair accessories, make up
Daughter 18 Tablet, Juniors size L Hoodie, Trivial Pursuit

We cannot divulge detailed name or location information of any family head or member. Thanks for understanding!