The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School Porcupine AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM: graph paper, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, canvas material, size 9 beading needles, painting paper (card stock), acrylic paints, paint brushes, paper plates, white board markers, playdough. Theresa Lessert is Principal of the school.

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 5/24/2017 Family
F 47 Pantry items ,coffee , tea, clothing, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, dental care , bath towels, toilet paper and paper towels This Mother living on disability asks for a helping hand just for the most basic of needs.
2 5/24/2017 Son M 22 Needs Shoes shoe size 11
3 5/24/2017 Daughter 16 Summer dresses, hair care supplies, shoes Dress size 5/6 Juniors ; shoe size ; 7 1/2
4 5/23/2017 Family
F 52 Children in need of shoes, basketball short, t-shirts, & socks A mother who is living with her inlaws and taking care of them is in need of clothing help for her children - especially sneakers.
5 5/22/2017 Daughter F 11 running sneakers, basketball shorts, t shsirts & socks Wants to run in the 400 mile race around rez....needs help wit running sneakers. shorts 14 adult, shirts XL shoes size 10 1/2
6 5/22/2017 Son M 16 Running Sneakers, socks, basketball shorts, socks. & t Shirts He wants to run in the race around rez (400 miles) and has no running sneakers - can anyone help him. Pants 36 Shoes 11 shirts XL
7 2/19/2017 Daughter F 9 underwear, shoes & socks Pants 10/12 child shoes 7 1/2 adult
8 2/19/2017 Son M 6 underwear, shoes & socks Pants 10 Shoes l
9 5/20/2017 Family
F 33 Summer clothes & Shoes family who has no income - is asking for help clothing family. Pants 10/12 Shirts lx Shoes 7 1/2
10 5/20/2017 Husband M 25 Pants, Shirts, shoes 10 1/2 Unable to find a job - he needs help with clothing. Pants 36/32 shirts 3 XL Shoes 10 1/2
11 5/20/2017 Son M 2 Summer Clothes - has nothing First boy in family - has no clothes Shorts 2T shirts 3t Shoes 7
12 5/20/2017 Daughter F 10 Summer Clothes & Shoes has no summer clothes or shoes Pants 12 Shirts 12/14 Shoes 4
13 5/20/2017 Daughter F 9 Summer Clothes & sandals She has no clothes for summer shorts 10 shirts 10/12 shoes 4
14 5/25/2017 Family
58 Warm Fleece blanket An elder is undergoing dialysis and is always cold. He is asking for a warm blanket he can use at home and at dialysis. 2 pillows, 2 blankets, 1 washcloth.
15 5/25/2017 Family
F 37 clothes for summer Mother and her 2 children just moved and have very little. While moving, their clothing was accidentally thrown out. They seek help with clothing and basic items. capri pants 2X or 18-20; Tshirt, tank tops 2X; tennis shoes 10; pullover hoodie 3X
16 5/25/2017 Son M 8 clothes for summer pants and shirts 14-16; shoes 5.5 youth; boxer underwear 14-16; hoodie 16
17 5/25/2017 Daughter F 6 clothes for summer dresses, pants and shirts 7-8; shoes 3 youth; underwear 7-8; jacket 8
18 5/21/2017 Family
F 51 Cleaning products, toilet paper, hygiene products. Colette has no income and is currently recovering from knee replacement surgery. Could really use some cleaning and hygiene products and shoes for her children.
19 5/17/2017 Son M 12 Charles would love a new pair of hi-top tennis shoes for playing basketball. shoe 7 boys red or black (school colors)
20 5/17/2017 Daughter F 16 Needs a pair of tennis shoes as her old ones have holes in them. shoe 7 converse
21 5/20/2017 Family
F 47 toilet paper, laundry and dish detergent, pantry items, toiletries, paper products Grandmother raising her grandson. In urgent need of help with basics necessities
22 5/4/2017 Family
F Food, Hygiene items, blanket, and clothing for Grand daughter Having just experienced a great loss, this family asks for a helping hand.
23 5/4/2017 Granddaughter F 13 In desperate need of clothing , blanket, hygiene, and hair care supplies. Arrived at her Grandmothers house with very little. She would love to have some clothes . Hopes one day to have a Sponsor. Shirt Size Juniors small; Pant Size juniors 1; Shoe Size 7 1/2;underwear size small
24 5/22/2017 Family
M 32 years URGENT NEEDS. A single father and his 6 children had just finished getting their trailer ready to move back into, the day before they moved in the trailer burnt to the ground, THEY LOST EVERYTHING and have nothing left, they are desperate for clothing......please help. NEEDS Summer clothing for children and sneakers or sandals, socks and underwear, father needs clothing too. Shirt ; 2XL Pant ; 34 x 34 Shoe ; 9.5 Wesley: short sleeve shirt, 1 each: swim trunks, b-ball shorts, winter pants, 1 sneaks 11 mo old: 1 leggings, hi-tops, sandals, water shoes 2 yr old: 2 TShirts, 2 longsleeve Ts, 2 dresses, pj pants, warmup pants, sneaks 3 yr old: jacket, swim trunks, shorts 6 yr old: 1 Tshirt 7 yr old: 1 reg jeans 11 yr old: dress shirt, dress pants, 1 pr jeans 6 backpacks, 5 laundry hampers, 4 pens, 4 pencils
25 5/12/2017 Daughter F 11 months This poor baby has lost all her clothes and toys due to a trailer fire. All clothing and shoes URGENTLY required This baby has nothing. Shirt ; 3 T Pant ; 3 T Shoe ; 9 little girl.
26 5/12/2017 Son M 3 years This little boy and the rest of his family have lost everything in a trailer fire. There is nothing left. All clothing, shoes and underwear URGENTLY needed. Shirt ; 6 T Pant ; 6 T Shoe ; 12 Toddler.
27 5/12/2017 Daughter F 7 years Everything lost when the trailer burnt to the ground. This family really need some help. All clothes, underwear and shoes. School materials. Shirt ; 10/12 girls Pant ; 10/12 girls Shoe ; 3
28 5/12/2017 Daughter F 6 years This little girl lost everything in a trailer fire. There is nothing left and she now is living with her uncle on a temporary basis. All clothing, underwear and shoes. School materials. Everything was lost in the fire. Shirt ; 7/8 girls Pant ; 7/8 girls Shoe ; 1
29 5/12/2017 Daughter F 2 years This family have lost all clothing and furniture in a trailer fire. Nothing is left. It was a re-furbished trailer. Underwear, all clothing and shoes. Shirt ; 5 T Pant ; 5 T Shoe ; 11 Little girl.
30 5/12/2017 Son M 11 years This young boy has lost everything in a trailer fire, he only has the clothes he is standing up in. School materials would also be helpful. All clothing, underwear and shoes are needed, URGENTLY. Shirt ; Large boys Pant ; 14/16 Shoe ; 8 wide fitting
31 5/22/2017 Family
F 25 Enfamil formula, diapers, clothes. Demi is a single mother of 8 month old twin girls living at home with her parents. She could really use a helping hand. 9-12 months
32 5/21/2017 Family
F Pantry items ,shampoo and conditioner, body wash, hand soap, dental care, laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper, bath towels and wash rags. Bed sheets full and twin sizes. Loving Family on a limited income needs some assistance with basic needs Coffee, creamer, sweet and low, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper,and canned goods
33 5/2/2017 Daughter F 29 Shampoo/ Conditioner, dental care, body wash, shoes Shoe size 7
34 5/1/2017 Daughter F 31 Clothing, hygiene and dental care items Shirt size: X Lg. Skinny jeans 16/17; Shoe size 10;
35 5/1/2017 Husband M 62 Clothing, shoes , towels and wash cloth, socks, Thin blanket Shirt size: Men's Large; Shoes 10 ; Men's socks
36 5/1/2017 Daughter F 18 clothing , shoes, and hair care supplies Would greatly appreciate some summer clothing and shoes Shirt size small Juniors ; Pant size 1 Juniors ; shoe size 5 1/2
37 5/23/2017 Family
F 22 Clothing and some toys for children Their mother called and asked if anyone could help with some clothes for her children and a few toys. They have outgrown everything.
38 4/29/2017 Son 1 Summer clothes and a few educational toys Family has very little and needs help clothing children.... Pants 2T Shirts 2T Shoes 6
39 4/29/2017 Stepson M 10 Pants, summer clothes & shoes Has outgrown is clothes Pants 12 Shirts 12-14 Shoes 5
40 4/29/2017 Daughter F 5 pants, summer clothing & a few toys The little girl has outgrown all her clothes and has been waiting for a sponsor for a long time. Pants 6T shirts 6 shoes l
41 4/29/2017 Family
F summer clothing for children A mother only wants some summer clothing for children....she has very little & needs a helping hand
42 4/29/2017 Son M 15 Skinny Jeans & t Shirts Graduating 8th grade - would love a sponsor Pants 16 Shirts 18 or mens. med. shoes 9
43 4/29/2017 Son M 9 Basketball shorts, t shsirts, underwear & sneakers This little boy would love some basketball shorts for summer, has none. Turning 10 in July - would love a sponsor Pants 10 Shirts 10/12 Shoes 4 1/2
44 4/29/2017 Daughter F 13 Jeans, tshirt, underwear & sneakers A petite athletic 12 year old needs summer clothing. Loves basketball, vollyball and math. Pants l Jr. shirts s/m Jr. shoes 7 1/2
45 4/27/2017 Family
F summer clothing and shoes for grandchildren Grandmother is only asking for grandchildren who she loves.
46 4/30/2017 Grandson M 2 summer clothes and shoes Pants 2T Shirts 2T Shoes 5 or 6
47 4/27/2017 Granddaughter F 8 summer clothes, shoes, socks Another child who has outgrown her clothes. Grandmother only asking for children Needs stretchy clothes as chubby Pants 10 Shirts 10/12 Shoes 3
48 4/27/2017 Grandson M 4 summer clothes, shoes, socks He has out grown all his clothes Pants 4T shirts 4 or 5T shoes 9
49 4/27/2017 Family
F 24 Mother asking for pants, summer clothing, shoes for children Plus a lght. weight jkt. A young mother who lives with her father is asking for help clothing her children.
50 4/30/2017 Son 5 Pants, summer clothes, shoes, socks & jkt. Little boy has outgrown clothing and a typical little boy who wears out his jeans. would love some cars and little men. Pants 6 shirts 7 shoes 13 4 shirts, 2 jeans, 2 shorts & clogs.
51 4/27/2017 Daughter F 1 pants, summer clothes, shoes, socks and light weight jkt. Little girl is growing and can't fit into any of her clothes. Her Mom would love for her to have some toys. Pants 3T Shirts 3T Shoes 6
52 5/23/2017 Family
F 67 tent, blankets, clothing, shoes Mary is currently living out of a friends car. She has 2 grandsons that stay with her when the boarding school they go to is out for Holidays or summer . Her other family members allow her to cook and stay when it is too cold- but their houses are very crowded . pants 16 elastic waist shirts xl socks 9 panties 9 shoes 9.5 D
53 4/28/2017 Family
F 65 Pantry items , healthy snacks for the Grand kids ,Pants, and socks, hygiene products, blankets, cleaning supplies, dishes, towels, pots and pans, blankets, flashlights with batteries when the lights go out. Family of 7 is in urgent need of help with basic needs. They are surviving on a very limited income and constantly running low on food. Size 6 pants 6 pr crew socks, 2 flashlights, 5 lb flour, pnut butter, 4 box pancake mix, 64 oz. syrup, 12 toothbrush, 2 toothpaste , 28 oz shampoo, 28 oz conditioner, large laundry detergent
54 5/10/2017 Grandfather M 84 Clothing, dental care, and hygiene items size; men's large; Sweat pants size men's large Grandfather- pajamas, sneakers
55 5/10/2017 Granddaughter F 12 Clothing, dental care, and hair care supplies Shirt size 9 Juniors; Pants size 9 sports bra, sneakers
56 5/10/2017 Grandson M 9 Clothing and dental care Shirt size: 14 boys ; Pant size: 12 boys eleastic waist; Shoe size: 3 1/2; Underwear size: 12 childrens; Coat size: 14 childrens hooded jacket, 3 tshirts, sneakers
57 5/10/2017 Granddaughter F 11 Clothing, dental care , and hair care supplies Shirt size: 14-16 childrens ; Pant size: 14s; Shoe size: 5 parka, 4 pr panties, sneakers
58 5/10/2017 Granddaughter F 10 Clothing, dental care and hygiene items Shirt size: 14/16 ; Pant size: 14 leggings; Shoe size: 5 parka, 5 pr panties, sneakers
59 5/10/2017 Grandson M 14 Clothing , dental care, and hygiene items Pant size: 16 ; Shoe size: 9; Underwear size: 18-20 Joe Boxer; Coat size: Lg Mens ; Tie winter coat, 3 tshirts, dress shirt with tie, long shorts, sneakers
60 4/26/2017 Family
M clothing for 6 children Family of 8 trying to survive on food stamps. The little assistance that they do get goes towards paying utility bills. They desperately need clothes for their 6 children.
61 4/30/2017 Significant other F 33 Asking clothing for her 6 children. Nothing for herself.
62 4/30/2017 Daughter F 13 Teri could really use some clothes as everything that she does have is worn out. jeans/pants size 4-6 t-shirt size L tennis shoe size 7.5
63 4/30/2017 Son M 15 In urgent need of new clothes for 6 children. They have outgrown everything and could use summer clothes. jeans/short size 10-12 t-shirt size 1X tennis shoe size 9 coat/jacket size 1X
64 4/30/2017 Daughter F 16 Families most urgent needs besides food is clothing for 6 children that have outgrown everything. jeans/short size 6 t-shirt size 1X tennis shoe size 8 jacket size 1X
65 4/30/2017 Son M 11 jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes jeans/pants size 10-12 t-shirt size 1X tennis shoe size 7 coat/jacket size 1X
66 4/30/2017 Son M 7 In desperate need of summer clothes...jeans/shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes. jeans/shorts size 7 boys t-shirt size m boys shoe size 3
67 4/30/2017 Son M 5 Daelyn has outgrown all of his clothes. Needs summer clothing...jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes. jeans/shorts size 5T t-shirt size 5T tennis shoe size 2
68 5/12/2017 Family
F 62 Space heater, blankets, warm slippers/socks, bathrobe. Darlene lives alone. She has a heart condition with weak heart muscles and several stints. She is able to work but only a few hours per day due to her condition. She is in need of anything that would help her stay warm. bathrobe/shirt size 2W pant/jeans 18 Shoe/slippers 10W down jacket 2 prs. wool socks, jeans, space heater
69 4/25/2017 Family
F 61 cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, summer clothes Grandmother raising granddaughter and greatgrandson on a very limited income. Is in urgent need of cleaning supplies and summer clothes. pants/capris size 4 T-shirt/tank tops size m spring jacket size m shoe size 7
70 4/26/2017 Granddaughter F 25 Tashauna is in urgent need of some new clothes. She is currently unemployed but does receive food stamps. Grandmother raising granddaughter and greatgrandson on very limited income. jeans size 20 t-shirt size 2x tennis shoe size 9 underwear XL-size 7 socks
71 4/26/2017 Family
F 66 laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, paper towels, cleaning supplies. Family of 5 in desperate need of basic cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, body soap and shampoo.
72 5/20/2017 Family
F 68 toilet paper, kleenex, dish soap, pantry items, hygiene items, towels, washcloths, thin blankets, Gravy Train dog food, 3 flea & tick dog collars Family is in urgent need of help and barely surviving on very limited income. pants size 14 women (if sweats, no elastic at the bottom of the legs); Tshirt size M men size (favorite color is turquois); shoes size 8 slip on canvas; jacket size L 8 bars soap, laundry detergent, coffee, 12 toothbrushes, 2 toothpaste
73 5/10/2017 Great Granddaughter F 4 clothing, socks, hygiene, thin blanket & sheet set pants size 7-8 girls; Tshirt size 7-8; shoes size girls 11w; underwear size 7-8 girls; hoodie and polartec vest size 10 jacket, underwear, tops and shoes
74 5/3/2017 Husband M 68 clothing, socks, shoes, hygiene, dental, Ben-Gay arthritis cream jeans size 40x32; Tshirt size 2XL; shoes size 11; underwear size 40 briefs; hoodie size 2XL jacket, underwear
75 5/3/2017 Nephew M 31 clothing, ankle socks, shoes, hygiene, first aid and dental care items, thin blanket & sheet set jeans size 36x34; Tshirt size XL; shoes size 9.5; underwear size 36 boxers; hoodie size XL jacket, underwear
76 5/3/2017 Son M 51 clothing, socks and shoes, hygiene, first aid and dental care items, thin blanket & sheet set jeans size 40x30; Tshirt size 3XL; tennis shoes size 12; underwear size 40 boxers; crew socks; hoodie size 3XL jacket, underwear
77 4/27/2017 Grandson M 19 clothing, ankle socks, shoes, hygiene, first aid and dental care items, thin blanket & sheet set pants size 2XL sweats (no elastic at bottoms of legs), Tshirt size XL; shoes size 11; underwear size 38 boxers; hoodie size 2XL jacket, underwear
78 4/27/2017 Son M 45 clothing, socks, shoes, towel & washcloth, sheets, thin blanket pants size 3XL or 46x34 cargo pants; Tshirt size 3XL; socks; boxer underwear size 46; shoes size 13; hoodie size 3XL underwear
79 2/4/2017 Family
F 23 Food and clothing Grandmother, mother, and father, and 1 child living on food stamps. The father is attending college in hopes of finding a job. Mother, Shanna, would like to study accounting. Shoe size: 9- needs boots; Coat size: 2X needs coat
80 5/21/2017 Family
F This mother just askes for clothing for her little boy. Clothing urgently needed for this growing boy. His mum asks for nothing for herself.
81 5/10/2017 Son M 10 years This little boy is in desperate need of clothing. Shirts, pants and shoes are all urgent. This young boy need shirts, pants and shoes. His mum always gets a size too big so that his clothes last for 2 years. They are all to small now and need replacing. Shirt size; 14 regular Pant size; 14 regular shoe size; 5
82 5/23/2017 Family
F Pantry items, Household cleaning supplies, hygiene and dental care, coffee and tea, healthy snacks for her son Family of three living on a very limited income. Would greatly appreciate some assistance with basic needs. Works as House Cleaner but It has been difficult having had ankle surgery. Pants size 6 ; shirt size medium; underwear size 6; shoe size 7- would love to have some shoes with ankle support
83 4/27/2017 Son M 17 Needs some new clothes A College level Dictionary would be helpful for school Shirt size: 3x mens; Pant size: 42/32; Shoe size: 9 1/2; Underwear size: X Lg; Coat size: 3x mens
84 4/25/2017 Husband M 47 Clothing , Socks, Shorts, dental care items Does Maintenance and Ranch work when available Shorts Size Medium; shirt size medium ; shoe size 7 1/2
85 5/10/2017 Family
F 72 toilet paper, Tide (yellow bottle), shampoo and conditioner, body wash, Gold Bond lotion for diabetics, dental care items, towels and washcloths, dish soap, sponges and towels, clothing Elder, on very limited income, is in need of assistance tops/Tshirts with 3/4 length sleeves size 2X; pajamas size 2X
86 4/20/2017 Family
F 80 Pantry Items - Coffee (Classic Roast ), non-Dairy creamer, Tea, canned fruit, Soups oatmeal, healthy snacks for her Grand Children. Household Items - Paper towels, toilet paper, bath towels and kitchen towels. Hygiene Items - hand Soap, body Wash, shampoo and conditioner, tooth Brushes and toothpaste. Elder who loves spending time with her Family and Grand Children would greatly appreciate some assistance with basic needs. Living on a small disability check is very difficult. Having some healthy snacks to feed the Grand children after school would bring her great joy.
87 5/20/2017 Family
F 35 clothing, socks, pantry and cleaning items, baby items, hygiene and dental care items Loving, active family with not much income needs assistance with basic needs. pants, 20 tall, shirt 1X, shoes 10.5W baby wash, tooth brushes and toothpaste, bean soup mix, knit hat, baby sleeper
88 5/10/2017 Daughter F 8 clothing, socks, hygiene and dental care items pants and shirts size 12 youth, shoes 4
89 5/10/2017 Daughter F 5 clothing, socks, hygiene and dental care items pants and shirts 7 girls, shoes 13.5
90 5/10/2017 Son M 12 clothing, socks, hygiene and dental care items pants and shirts 16 husky, shoes 8.5
91 5/10/2017 Son M 14 clothing, socks, hygiene and dental care items pants 32x34, shirt L men's, shoes 9.5 mens
92 5/10/2017 Significant Other M 33 clothing, socks, hygiene and dental care items pants, 36x38, shirt XL, shoe 11
93 4/27/2017 Mother F 58 clothing, socks, sweater, hygiene and dental care items, green tea, Splenda sugar substitute sweatpants, 36, shirt XL (purple) shoes 11W, hoodie XL, sweater, XL
94 3/6/2017 Daughter F 0 baby clothing, diapers and items, hygiene care items - baby shampoo/body wash, wipes, lotion pants and shirts, 6-9 ms. diapers size 2
95 5/20/2017 Family
F 59 clothing and socks, hygiene items, towels (kitchen & bath) & washcloths, pantry items, cleaning items, blankets Disabled mother raising son, and several grandchildren in need of help. pants size 20 women jeans toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, soap, shampoo, deodorant, First Aid Kit
96 5/25/2017 Grandson M 0 clothing & sleepers; baby care products; bottles, teether; blankets clothing size 24 months; diapers size 5 diapers, wipes
97 5/25/2017 Granddaughter F 1 clothing & socks, hygiene care items 4T; shoe size 6 child; diaper size 5 diapers
98 3/19/2017 Great Grandson M 2 clothing, hygiene care items, dental care items 5T; shoe size 9; diaper size 6 diapers
99 5/16/2017 Family
F 23 Clothing for Children and diapers A young mother went back to school to be a CNA She has graduated - but has not found a job yet. Her children have outgrown their clothes and she is asking for help.
100 5/16/2017 Daughter F 0 summer clothing, shoes and diapers Has no summer clothes Clothings size 9 - 12 months Diapers size #4 Shoes 3
101 5/16/2017 Son M 3 Summer clothing and pull ups, sabdals or sneakers He is trying very hard to get out of pull ups really help. clothing size 4T and pull ups size 5 Shoes size 10t
102 5/16/2017 Nephew M 18 months summer clothing, sandals or sneakers This little boy has outgrown his clothes..... 3T shorts & Tops Shoes 7
103 5/16/2017 Son M 5 shorts, T shirts, sneakers or sandals This little boy has out grown his clothes. He loves football & to play with cars shorts 5 shirts 6 Shoes 11
104 5/16/2017 Daughter F 6 Summer shorts, tops & a dress Needs summer shorts, tops, dress and panties.....This little girl loves to look pretty...Mom says she is a big help. Shorts 7/8 Tops 7/8 Panties 7 dress 8
105 5/21/2017 Family
F 66 Queen and twin size sheets-solid colors, bath towels, shampoo, body soap, pantry items, summer clothes for kids. Grandparents raising 4 grandchildren. Both grandparents are disabled and cannot work. They are getting some assistance but only enough to cover utilities. pant size 20 shirt size 2XL shoe size 11W toothpaste
106 4/30/2017 Granddaughter F 11 Desperately needs new clothes. Has outgrown everything. pants/short size XL women t-shirt size 2X women shoe size 9
107 4/30/2017 Grandson M 15 Desperately needs summer clothes Jeans size 34x32 shorts size XL t-shirt size XL tennis shoe size 11
108 4/30/2017 Grandson M 2 Bradley is a 2 yr. old little boy in desperate need of summer clothes. jeans/short size 3T t-shirt size 3T shoe size 8 little boys pr t-shoes, Hoodie towel and toys
109 4/30/2017 Spouse M 65 Anthony needs some new clothes. Pants/jeans size 36x34 Shirt/t-shirt size XL shoe size 11w
110 4/30/2017 Granddaughter F 5 Aliaha has outgrown everything and could really use some summer clothes. pants/shorts size 6 girls shirt size 6 girls shoe size 1
111 5/1/2017 Family
F 52 Space heater, blankets, shampoo, body soap, pantry items. Grandmother raising 2 small children with no source of income is in urgent need of summer clothes for kids. soap, shampoo conditioner, deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste for family
112 5/1/2017 Granddaughter F 4 summer clothes-has outgrown everything Grandmother raising 2 small children with no source of income except food stamps is in urgent need of summer clothes for both girls. pant/short size 6-7 girls shirt size 8 shoe size 13 kids shoes, socks, undies, pajamas, outfit, stuff animal
113 5/1/2017 Granddaughter F 7 summer clothes- Grandmother raising 2 small children with no source of income except food stamps. pant size 8 girls shirt size 9-10 girls shoe size 1 shoes, socks, undies, pajamas, outfit, stuffed animal
114 4/30/2017 Family
F 59 air mattress, bedding, blankets, bath towels, shampoo and body soap. Mother with 2 grown children still living at home and no income is currently sleeping the floor.
115 5/20/2017 Family
F 26 laundry soap, dental and hygiene products, pantry items This family is again reaching out for help. They have no income and their 3 children are in urgent need of clothing. One child has only winter boots to wear as shoes.
116 5/18/2017 Son M 6 clothing, hygiene and dental care items pants size 7; shirt size 8-9; boxer underwear size 8
117 5/10/2017 Husband M 30 hygiene and dental care items, bright colored work Tshirts, socks safety worker Tshirts size 2X (bright orange, green, yellow)
118 4/11/2017 Daughter F 8 clothing, hygiene and dental care items pants size 9 girls; shirt size 14-16 girls; shoe size 1 youth; underwear size 10 girls
119 4/11/2017 Daughter F 3 clothing, hygiene and dental care items pants size 6; shirt size 6; shoe size 11; pull-ups size 4-5
120 4/27/2017 Family
M 50 Jeans, boxers, T shirts and light weight coat, hygiene articles and snacks Having experienced loss, just released from hospital and needs all clothing. He has very little. He could really use a helping hand. Shirts large, Pants 32 x 34, jkt/coat Large Boxers large Shoes 11 Blue jeans, 2 - tshirts, asic tennis shoes, 5 pr. socks. 3 pr. underwear, 2 tooth brushes, toothpaste, deordorant, shampoo, body wash
121 5/20/2017 Family
F 72 summer clothes, pants, and shoes for children A father called up and asked if anyone could help out with getting summer clothes for his children....He lives with his mother and tries very hard to be a hands on Dad/ He would very much like the children to have a sponsor - they have waited a long time.
122 4/25/2017 Granddaughter M 10 Pants, shorts, shirts, socks & sneakers This little girl just turned eight and is in need of summer clothing and shoes. At the moment she is wearing her brothers shoes Pants 10 shirts 12 Shoes 5 1 pair trail shoes
123 4/6/2017 Grandson M 8 Needs pants, shorts, shirts, socks and shoes This 8 year old little boy - has grown and really needs some pants and shorts. He is in the 3rd grade and learning lakota. He loves basketball. Pants 10 H shirts 12 Shoes 5 1 pair sport sandals
124 4/11/2017 Family
F Summer clothing for grandchildren and pantry food This grandmother is asking for help for four of her grandchildren - she has 3 other who are sponsored. She appreciates anything that is done for her. toothbrushes, dental floss, face/body soaps, first aid supplies, laundry pods
125 4/27/2017 Stepson M 14 basketball shorts, T shirts, socks, hi top sneakers chino pants & button down shirt This 7th grade boy is a straight A student for 4 years who excels in sports. He would love a sponsors. - GREAT NEWS - HE HAS A SPONSOR. Pants 14, shorts 14/16, Shirts 14/16, shoes 8
126 4/4/2017 Grandson M 5 summer clothes - shorts, t shirts, sneakers & socks nothing fits from last year - and desperate for summer clothes. Pants 5T , shirts 5T shoes 12
127 4/2/2017 Granddaughter F 3 shorts, t shirts, summer sandals and sneakers This little girl has just come back to grandma and needs clothing. Shoes 11 T Pants 5 T shirts 5/6T
128 5/24/2017 Family
F 43 laundry soap; hygiene, first aid and dental care items; pantry items Single mother. Her two sons are in need of clothing and she cannot afford to buy for them.
129 4/22/2017 Son M 6 clothing pants size 5 boys; shirt size 5 boys; shoes size 11 boys; underwear size 5 boys; jacket/hoodie size 6 boys
130 4/22/2017 Son M 4 clothing and Pampers pants size 5 husky boys; shirt size 5 boys; Pampers size 6; jacket/hoodie size 6, shoes 10 boys
131 3/6/2017 Family
F 25 baby supplies, food, clothing
132 3/1/2017 Family
F clothing, pantry and hygiene items. she also needs baby supplies for new baby girl expected next month. This family of 3 children and one adult is homeless. They are now staying with relatives. The mother does not have an income, she receives food stamps and has applied for TANIFF. She is studying to get her GED so she can become a nurse. This family would love to have a sponsor. pants, 9, shirts XL, coat XL, shoes 9.
133 3/1/2017 Daughter F 1 clothing, diapers pants and shirts, 18 mos. diaper size 5, coat 18 mos. shoes 4 toddler
134 3/1/2017 Son M 3 clothing, shoes pants, 5T, 6, shirts, 5T-6, coat 5T-6, shoes 10.5 boys
135 5/20/2017 Family
F 60 Summer clothting A grandmother who just lost her job is asking for help in getting her grandchildren who she is raising for summer clothes and shoes. She has had these children for a long time and is really worried how they will get summer clothing. Size 18 capris with elastic waist and loose - has a bad knee and waiting for surgery Shirts xl or 1X short sleeve white shirts Shorts 12-14, Bermuda 14, Capri 11, Capri 12-14, T-Shirt 12, T-Shirt 11, Tanks 10-12, 2x12, 14-16 and 2x16
136 5/3/2017 Granddaughter F 13 Short shorts and tank tops, sandals or flip flops Needs some summer clothes....She is a girly girl she says Pants ll junior shirts med or 11 jr. shoes 7 capris/shorts,Tanks 10-12,
137 5/3/2017 Granddaughter F 7 Shorts, tank tops and sandals Would love some summer clothing Pants 14 child shirts 14/16 Shoes 2 1/2 or 3 capris/shorts, Bermuda , tank top
138 5/3/2017 Granddaughter F 7 shorts, T shirt and sandals Would love to have some summer clothes Pants 12 Shirts 12/14 Shoes 2 capris/shorts, Shorts 12-14, T-Shirt 12, Capri 12-14, ,
139 5/3/2017 Granddaughter F 12 Capriis, tank tops & sandals or flip flops Would love to have some summer clothes Pants 11, Shirts med. or ll jr. shoes 8 capris/shorts,T-Shirt 11
140 5/3/2017 Granddaughter F 9 capris, shorts, short sleeve t shirts and sandals Pants 7 shirts 8/10 Shoes 7 capris/short, Tanks 10-12,
141 5/3/2017 Granddaughter F 8 shorts, tank tops and sandals Would love summer clothes Pants 16, Shirts 16 shoes 3 capris/shorts, 2 tank tops
142 5/2/2017 Granddaughter F 15 Capriis or knee length shorts, tops, flip flops and sneakers She said thank you - to anyone who sends her clothes Pants 13, shirts Xl Shoes 9 capris/shorts