The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch!
Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN IF YOU SEND TO THE AYC, PLEASE PUT % of JENNIFER RICHARDS. Travis Thunder Bull is no longer associated with the center. The Allen Youth Center Sewing Circle needs material for their sewing classes to make pot holders and aprons. The quilters also want to hold star quilt sessions for a 8th grade student hoping to graduate this year. They also plan to make custom Christmas stockings if they receive some native print materials. Also needed are diapers size 5, 4, 3, 2 sizes(a few parents inquired to volunteer for diapers.) Others have requested shampoo, body soap, laundry soap and lotion. Some boys asked for body wash for boys. Can you help with some of these needs? School supplies are still needed but backpack request has been met. To support programs provided by the Allen Youth Center, please donate through the One Spirit website The center cannot process your cash donation or buy shoes for the children.


If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 10/18/2019 Family
M 27 Clothing for children and Blankets, hygiene articles for family and lanterns. A father and mother called asking for help for their family....The children have grown and they have no warm clothing for the winter.....They are currently living without electricity s0 some lanterns and candles would be greatly appreciated.
2 10/18/2019 Son M 8 joggers, shirts, sneakers, hoodie, socks, coat, hat, gloves & snowb boots He has no winter clothes and he could really use some He lives in the country and loves to play outside joggers size 12 shirts 12/14 Coat 14 SHoes 5
3 10/18/2019 Son M 1 Clothing, shoes, winter coat, hat & gloves and snow boots He getting to be a big boy and needs clothing. Clothing 18 months
4 10/18/2019 Daughter F 5 pants, shirts, hoodie, sneakers, winter coat, hat, gloves and snowboots The little girl has no clothes and is still wearing summer clothing. Clothing 6 Shoes 13/1 Coat 6X or 7
5 10/18/2019 Stepdaughter F 10 leggins, tops, hoodie, hi tops, socks, Winter Coat, Hat, gloves & snowboots All of last years winter clothes were ruined in the floods and she really needs help with winter clothing. Pants 12 child shirts 14 Shoes size 6 Coat 14
6 10/18/2019 Stepson M 8 Needs jeans, shirts, shoes, socks,winter coat, hat, gloves, book bag He is tall and has grown alot and none of his clothes fit......He wanted me to know he really loves cars . He would love a pair of skinny jeans and a back pack. Jeans 8 skinny jeans T shirts 10 Shoes 2 Coat 10
7 10/18/2019 Family
F 55 Full sized blankets, space heaters, pantry food, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies Grandmother raising her grandkids with no income.
8 10/18/2019 Great Grandson M 0 Needs winter clothing, baby blankets, diapers, wipes Young mother living with her grandmother and no income but she tries her best to provide for her only child! Clothing size 6-12 months, diapers size 2
9 10/17/2019 Family
F 25 Winter clothes, coat, hat, gloves, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, toothpaste, toothbrush, shoes, underwear, socks This young woman is alone and homeless and living with an aunt temporarily. The family takes her things so she must keep everything at another relative's house. She has struggled to get a college degree but had to withdraw due to lack of housing and support. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Jeans size-32x32 shirts size-Men's M coat size-Men's M Underwear size-7/8 shoes size-8.5 (men's)
10 10/17/2019 Family
F 48 Blankets, space heaters, clothing for her children LARGE FAMILY IN NEED OF ASSISTANCE: This mother provides a loving and nurturing home to not only her own children but to little ones that she has legal custody of. To her, there is no difference, she loves them all equally and only wants to give them a safe environment to grow up in. She does have the resources to provide the children with a warm home and food to eat but could really use help with clothing. She would be extremely grateful for any assistance! Thank you :) Full and twin sized blankets (no wool, please due to allergies), space heaters
11 10/17/2019 Son M 10 Winter jacket, warm socks, underwear Jacket size 8 boys, underwear size 6, warm socks
12 10/17/2019 Son M 10 Winter jacket, warm socks, underwear Men's size M jacket (large for his age), size boys XL underwear, warm socks
13 10/17/2019 Son M 11 Winter jacket, warm socks, underwear Boys size XL jacket, boys size L boxers, warm socks
14 10/17/2019 Son M 8 Winter jacket, warm socks, underwear Boys size 8 jacket, underwear size 5, warm socks
15 10/17/2019 Daughter F 5 Winter jacket, socks, underwear Size 5T
16 10/17/2019 Daughter F 12 Winter jacket, socks, underwear Winter jacket ladies size M, warm socks, underwear size ladies S
17 10/17/2019 Daughter F 18 Winter coat, socks, underwear Ladies size L jacket, warm socks, underwear size ladies M
18 10/17/2019 Family
F Warm clothes, coat and boots. This single mother is looking after her daughter and Elder mother. She is on a very limited budget and can't find work any where. She really needs help with warm clothes for herself, her daughter for school and her 77 years old mother. Its very cold on the reservation and these people really need help. This is the first time this family has asked for our help. Pants; 18. Shirts; 2XL. Shoes; 8. Coat; 2XL.
19 10/17/2019 Daughter F 9 Warm clothes, coat and boots. This 9 year old girl, really needs some warm clothes for school plus a warm winter coat and some winter boots. This family have never been on the OKINI before and deserately need help. The reservation has already had a 3 day snow storm earlier this year. Please help this child. Pants; 4 womans. Jeans. Shirts; Medium Womans. Long Sleeve. Shoes; 4 kids. Coats; Medium Womans.
20 10/17/2019 Mother F 77 Warm clothes and boots. This 77 year old lady really needs some warm clothes, a coat and boots. This family have never asked us for help before. Please, if you could spare some clothes for this Elder it will be very much appriceated and make her life more comfortable. Pants; 12 petite. Shirts; XL. Coat; XL. Shoes; 8
21 10/2/2019 Family
M 49 Clothing, shoes, socks, space heaters, blankets, shampoo, body soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, clorox, lysol. This gentleman works a part time job of no more than 16 hours per week and therefore does not qualify for any assistance. He is the sole provider for his family on what little he brings in. He would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your support! jeans 36x34, t-shirts/coat 2XL, shoes 12 (tennis shoes or boots) 2 pr slacks, s/s pk of 10 laundry pads -10/5/19
22 10/16/2019 Family
Clothing, shoes and hygiene needs for her baby A young mother who is living with extended family since the birth of her daughter is in need of clothing for her child and shoes..She is trying hard to provide a stable and loving life for her daughter
23 10/16/2019 Daughter F 1 Shirts, pants, sock, shoes, PJ's and diapers #5, wipes This little girl came to live at her grandma's with her Mom but all her clothes are too small. She is tall for her age. Clothing 24 months or 2T shoes 9 coat 3 T or 2T
24 10/16/2019 Family
F 71 Space heaters, full size blankets (3), shampoo, body soap, dish soap, laundry detergent. An elder is reaching out for help. The family will soon run out of propane and are in need of space heaters and blankets as the nights are getting rather cold and they need to conserve what propane they have. Donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
25 10/16/2019 Family
F 55 Space heater An elder is in desperate need of a space heater. The nights are getting colder. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
26 10/16/2019 Family
F 53 Pantry food, hygiene articles, space heater or oil filled radiator, Long johns, winter socks, Hot Plate, hatchet, Winter boots, canning jars - qt. and pint and sure jell Living in a small house with no heat except a wood stove, often they run out of wood, They need warm clothing because it gets really cold...They are in need of a hot Plate so they can cook. Please help clothing size L Snowboots 10 hot plate, space heater Sherpa throw, 2 qt. Sauce pan, shampoo, 2 canned chicken, 3 soups, senior vitamins, washcloth, chapstick, antibiotic ointment, hair clip, tea
27 10/16/2019 Family
F 56 Warm clothes - sweater, snowboots, warm socks and long johns Oil filled radiator or space heater, - food and a hachett to chop wood close to house She has stage 4 cancer - but is determined to make it.....She is often cold as they run out of wood often....would greatly appreciate a couple of heaters she could sit close too. Some pantry food - with soups, coffee,.tea. oatmeal and easy to fix meals out of can.....They will have to use a hot plate.....hopefully they get one. Clothing XL Snow boots 10 W 1 sherpa throw, one hotplate
28 10/14/2019 Family
F 44 Space heaters and blankets She is in need of space heaters or an oil filled radiator - they are often cold and could use some warm blakets
29 10/14/2019 Granddaughter F 1 year warm coat, hat, gloves and snow boots diapers #4 Grandma is really struggling.....She has nothing for this little girl 4T clothes 4 or 5 snow boots
30 10/16/2019 Family
F 56 Towels, Wash cloths & twin size blankets She has looked for a job but can't find one. She would greatly appreciate if someone could help her with some blankets, towels and facecloths 2 twin size blankets and a towel set-10/18/19
31 10/15/2019 Family
F 43 Blankets, electric heaters This family cares for her elderly mother. They have no heat available and would like heaters and blankets to keep warm. They have never asked for anything in the past. Any help is greatly appreciated. queen-size blanket, space heater
32 10/13/2019 Mother F 70 Blankets, electric heaters, slippers, socks, sweat pants, winter coat, hat, gloves, scarf, boots This precious elder lives with and is cared for by her daughter and grandchildren. She is very cold and has no heat at this time. Any help is appreciated. Slippers size-7 sweat pants size-M/L coat size-L Boots size-7
33 10/12/2019 Family
F 71 URGENT NEED FOR PANTRY FOOD Lucille was recently in a car accident, she was hit by a 13 year old driver and she was unable to get her commodities this month. She is very nearly out of food for herself and her grandson. Please consider helping! Thank you! sugar, flour, pancake mix, milk powder, peanut butter
34 10/15/2019 Family
M 25 Winter clothing, space heaters, blankets, laundry detergent, pantry food This young man is new to us and works outside doing construction, he needs some warm winter clothing. It has just started snowing and getting cold out! Steel toe work boots size 12, warm socks, underwear size XL, shirts size 2X, pants size 38X32, work gloves, jacket size 2X pair of steel-toed workboots. T
35 10/14/2019 Family
M 61 In urgent need of a winter coat, gloves and boots. This elderly gentleman just heard about One Spirit and reached out. He lives alone, on a very limited income and has done without for many years. He really could use a helping hand, especially with winter coming. Thank you for your support! sweatpants size 3XL, t-shirts 2XL, winter coat 3XL, shoes 10.5 (tennis shoes) electric blanket. -10/16/19
36 10/9/2019 Family
F 48 Socks & underwear for herself and her son, blankets for a full size bed, shampoo, body soap, food items....canned meat/vegetables/fruit, flour, peanut butter, shortening, rice, beans, coffee, etc. This single mom recently suffered an unimaginable loss and while at the funeral of her oldest son, her home was broken into and most of their belongings were stolen. She and her younger son are currently staying with her sister while she grieves and tries to pick up the pieces. She is in desperate need of help and would be very grateful for the assistance. Thank you! socks: women's size 6.5 shoe, underwear women's size 9 socks: men's size 9 shoe, underwear L boxers
37 10/17/2019 Family
F 44 Size 11 seed beads, thread, beading needles This single parent is raising her two children alone and would like to begin beading again to help her with income. Girl, age 4: 1 set pajamas 2 pairs Frozen socks Frozen hat and gloves set Boy, age 10 1 pack pipe cleaners (400 ct.) 2 long-sleeved shirts-10/18/19
38 10/17/2019 Grandmother F 90 Boots, coat, slippers, sweat pants, hat, gloves, flannel nightgowns, socks, electric heater This great grandmother lives with and is being cared for by her granddaughter. She would like some winter clothes. Her house is cold and she would like a heater to help stay warm. Boots/slippers size-7 coat size-XL sweat pants size-L nightgowns size-L 2 electric heaters XL Coat, 7-10 Slippers, Gloves, Knit hat, Bathrobe, 5 pair Sox, 1 pair sleep sox. long nightgown with kangaroo pocket
39 10/16/2019 Daughter F 4 boots, coat, hat, gloves, socks, pants, underwear, pajamas This little four year old girl had open heart surgery when she was 6 months old. Her favorite color is purple. She likes to color and loves Frozen. Boots size-9 coat size-6 pants size-5 Slim two-pack girl's leggings; girl's sweatshirt 1 set pajamas 2 pairs Frozen socks Frozen hat and new winter coat, hat & mittens sz 6 for girl gloves set
40 10/16/2019 Son M 10 Boots, coat, hat, gloves, socks, pants, underwear, pipe cleaners, pajamas This fourth grade boy likes to make legos and pipe cleaners. He has outgrown all his winter clothes and would like some clothes and boots that fit. Boots size-5 coat size-14/16 pants size-14 Sz 14-16 Jacket, 1 Hat, Scarf & Gloves Boy's crew neck sweatshirt; two-pack boys pj pants; slipper socks; 4 age-appropriate children's books 1 pack pipe cleaners (400 ct.) 2 long-sleeved shirts
41 10/7/2019 Family
F Household items and hygiene items. This large family would really appreciate some help with toilet paper, laundry soap, dish soap and hygiene items. This grandmother is on a very limited budget, so any help would be great.
42 10/14/2019 Family
F 71 Winter coat, socks, gloves, hat, zip-up boots, sweat pants, t shirts, cat food, litter This disabled great grandmother is raising her great granddaughter on a limited income. She is doing the best she can to provide for her family and could use some winter clothing. coat size-L boots size-8 sweat pants size-M shirts size-M F71: hat, scarf, tee M71: hiking boots, 4 pr sox F6: hat, pants, 3 pr crew sox-10/17/19
43 10/17/2019 Great Granddaughter F 6 winter coat, underwear, snacks, backpack and school supplies, socks This kindergartener is being raised by her great grandmother. Her favorite color is purple. She likes to color and do her ABC's. She would like a warm coat for the winter. She also needs underwear and would like some snacks and a backpack and school supplies. Boots size-13 Coat size-12 pants size-10 shirts size-10 hat, pants, 3 pr crew sox
44 10/17/2019 Husband M 71 Winter coat, hat, gloves, boots, socks, pants, shirts, snow boots This disabled great grandfather tries to provide for his family on a small income but is unable to purchase winter clothing. Any help is appreciated. Coat size-2X boots size-11 pants size-42/32 shirts size-XL hiking boots, 4 pr sox
45 10/5/2019 Son M 54 Coat, Boots, socks, hat, gloves, pants, t-shirts, boxers This disabled man lives with his parents and would appreciate some warm winter clothing. Coat size-2X Boots size-12 pants size-46x34 shirts size-2X
46 10/5/2019 Grandson M 21 Winter coat, hat, gloves, Boots, sweat pants (without elastic on bottom), socks, cotton shirts, t-shirts, boxers This young man is being raised by his grandparents and attends college. He would like some warm winter clothes. His favorite color is black. Coat size-XL Boots size-11 sweat pants size-XL shirts size-XL
47 10/5/2019 Nephew M 34 Winter coat, hat, gloves, socks, boots, underwear, pants This young man lives with his aunt and uncle. He is attending college and could use some winter clothing. Coat size-XL Boots size-11 Pants size-36x32
48 10/17/2019 Family
F 61 laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, lotion, hand soap, toothpaste, paper towels, ramen noodles This generous, disabled grandmother is raising 5 of her grandchildren and is on a very limited income. She is asking little for herself. Her house is always cold and she does the best she can to give her grandchildren what they need. 10 hats, 5 scarfs, 4 slippers, 2 boots, Chunk Light Tuna in Water (5 Ounce Cans, Pack of 8) & Albacore White Tuna in Water (6.4 oz Pouch) Barilla Pasta, Elbows, 16 Ounce (Pack of 8) 10 Pairs Kids Boys Crew Socks Boys Fashion Cotton Crew 18 Pair Pack Gift Box (3-5 Years, Basic Stripe) Healthy Snacks Care Package (Count 30) Women's Warm Clog Slippers,Memory Foam Indoor Outdoor Hard Bottom Rubber Soles Slippers with Back for Women Laundry Detergent , Clean Burst, 210 Ounce 18 Vienna Sausage, 5 lb
49 10/17/2019 Grandson M 5 winter coat, boots, winter clothes, underwear, hat, mittens, pajamas This little boy is in kindergarten and loves dinosaurs. He is being raised by his grandmother who is on a limited income. He has outgrown all his clothes and needs winter clothing. coat size-9M (childrens) pants size-8R shirts size-7/8 boots size-13 pjs, 10 Pairs Kids Boys Crew Socks
50 10/17/2019 Granddaughter F 4 winter coat, boots, winter clothes, underwear, socks, hat, mittens, pajamas This little girl is in Pre-K and is being raised by her grandmother. She likes Paw Patrol and Batman. She would love to have some warm winter clothes that fit. coat size-8m (childrens) pants size-8 shirts size-8 boots size-9 pjs
51 10/17/2019 Grandson M 2 Coat, winter clothes, diapers, boots, socks, underwear, hat, mittens, pajamas This two year old boy has a genetic disability and is being raised by his grandmother. He would love some warm winter clothes that fit so he can play outside. Diapers size-7 Coat size-9M (childrens) pants size-9 shirts size-10/12 boots size-1 Wide pjs, diapers, size 7, Count 78, Pack of 2
52 10/17/2019 Granddaughter F 0 Diapers, pajamas, winter clothes, snowsuit, wipes, socks This little girl is being raised by her grandmother and needs everything for winter. Any help you can give is appreciated. Diapers size-5 snowsuit size-2T pants size-1T shirts size-2T baby clothes and winter gear, pjs
53 10/17/2019 Grandson M 1 Coat, diapers, winter clothes, shoes, socks, hat, mittens, winter pajamas This one year old is growing bigger all the time. He has outgrown all his clothes and would like to play outside with his siblings if he had winter clothes. Diapers size-6 Coat size-4T pants size-4T shirts size-5T Shoes size-8 snow pants, pjs, toddler coat, Cotton Crew 18 Pair
54 10/17/2019 Family
F 41 Toilet paper, laundry soap, toothpaste, paper towels, hair supplies, sewing machine This single mother receives no income-only food stamps. She does beadwork to make money. She used to sew and sell beautiful quilts until her sewing machine broke. Her sons are honor students and she could use some help with household basics. 2 book bags, paper, notebooks, pencils, pens, colored pencils and markers, glue, binders, toboggans, misc. school supplies, brush, comb, hygiene items-10/17/19
55 9/26/2019 Son M 15 Fleece lined hoodies, boots, socks, underwear, jeans, long sleeve shirts, backpack and school supplies This 10th grader is on the honor roll, student council, school role model. He also plays football. He helps younger students with Lakota traditions. He has outgrown all his clothes and would really appreciate any help you can offer. His favorite colors are red and black. Hoodies size-XXL boots size-13 jeans size-34x34 shirts size-XXL
56 9/26/2019 Son M 13 Fleece lined hoodies, boots, jeans, Long sleeve shirts, socks, underwear, backpack, school supplies, colored pencils, markers, sketch pads, paint markers This 7th grader is an honor role student, hand game captain, loves music and art. His favorite colors are red and black. He has outgrown his winter clothes and could use some help with clothing, and school and art supplies. Jeans size-28x30 Boots size-7.5 Hoodies size-L Shirts size-L
57 10/16/2019 Family
F 26 Toilet paper, paper towels, laundry and dish soap, body wash, shampoo, lotion, winter clothes, coat, boots, socks, underwear, hat, gloves, blankets, towels, washcloths, electric heaters, toaster oven, pantry items This mother of 4 children is new to One Spirit. She lives in a trailer that was damaged by a tornado and half of her house is unlivable, and she has can't use her furnace and cook stove and has black mold in one end of the trailer. Her house is always cold. She would like a heater, toaster oven. Her family is cold and winter is coming. pants size-5/6 shirts size-S/M Boots size-6.5 Coat size-M F8- 1 jeans, 1 leggings, 1 sweatpants, 2 l/s shirts, 1 dress, underwear M6- 3 sweatpants, 1 zip up hoodie, 2 l/s shirts, 1 flannel shirt F3- 1 leggings F2- 2 leggings, 1 l/s shirt-10/18/19
58 10/16/2019 Daughter F 2 Winter clothes, shoes, boots, diapers, socks, wipes, hat, mittens This precious 2 year old girl wants to be independent and do things by herself. She likes picture and coloring books, and dolls. Her favorite color is pink. shoes/boots size-6 coat size 3T diapers size-5 s2 tops & 3 sweatpants. now boots, pair of shoes, PJs, 5 pair of underwear, 5 pair of socks coat, 3 pants, 4 tops 2 leggings, 1 l/s shirt one outfit
59 10/16/2019 Daughter F 3 Winter clothes, coat, boots, underwear, socks, mittens, hat, winter pajamas This beautiful little girl likes to read and draw. She likes crayons and colored pencils. She has outgrown her coat and winter will be here soon. Her favorite color is purple. boots/shoes size-7 pajamas size-7/8 coat size-3/4 2 tops & 3 pair leggings. snow boots, pair of shoes, PJs, 5 pair of underwear, 5 pair of socks coat, 3 pants, 4 tops 1 leggings 1 outfit
60 10/16/2019 Son M 6 Winter clothes, boots, shoes, underwear and socks, hat, mittens, This little boy is in kindergarten. He is creative and sings and drums in the traditional way. He needs winter clothes and boots so he can continue to go to school. His favorite color is blue. pants size-5/6 boots/shoes size-10.5 pajamas size-7/8 3 shirts.*snow boots, pair of shoes, PJs, 5 pair of underwear, 5 pair of socks coat, 3 shirts, 3 pants, 3 shirts 3 sweatpants, 1 zip up hoodie, 2 l/s shirts, 1 flannel shirt one outfit
61 10/16/2019 Daughter F 8 Winter clothes, socks, shoes, hat, mittens, winter pajamas, sweaters This little girl is in third grade. She dances and sings in the traditional way and was named Miss Lakota Waldorf by her school. She is teased by other students about the condition of her home and is reluctant to go to school. Her favorite colors are yellow, green and brown. shoes size-11 sweaters size-7/8 pajamas size-7/8 2 pair pants & 2 tops. snow boots, pair of shoes, PJs, 5 pair of underwear, 5 pair of socks coat, boots, 3 pants, 4 tops 1 jeans, 1 leggings, 1 sweatpants, 2 l/s shirts, 1 dress, underwear three outfits
62 10/16/2019 Family
F 2 space heater, Oil filled heaters or electric heaters Still needs another space heater or electric radiator. Only heat in house. This mother called up and asked for help...They are house sitting for two months and are excited because this is first time in a long time they are together as a family......but there is no heat. They really need some heaters. 1 space heater
63 10/11/2019 Family
F 73 Winter clothing, pantry food, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items, full sized blankets, space heaters This sweet elder is in need of some urgent help! She is the sole provider of 6 family members on a very small monthly SS check. She is struggling and would very much appreciate the kindness but doesn't want to be a burden to anyone. Thank you! stretchy pants size 2X, tops 2X, jacket size 2X, sox, snowboots size 10 girl's winter clothingwinter jacket, hat and mittens, jeans
64 10/17/2019 Granddaughter F 24 Shoes and fabric (all colors) Helps take care of her grandmother and the younger children by selling her sewing. She could really use all types of fabrics and colors. Shoes size 8 shoes
65 10/2/2019 Granddaughter F 16 Winter clothing Pants 18 women's, tops 2X women's, 2x jacket
66 10/2/2019 Granddaughter F 11 Winter clothing Girls size 12 jeans, shirt size 14, jacket size 14
67 10/2/2019 Granddaughter F 16 Winter clothing Ladies size 18 pants and tops, size 2X jacket
68 9/30/2019 Family
F 29 Daughter needs clothes for cold weather.
69 9/30/2019 Daughter F 10 Size 11-13 junior's jeans,Large leggings, XL Tops. She's big for her age, size 9 women's shoes. Loves art and anything miniature. large for her age (5'8) and wears size 11-13 juniors clothes and 9 women's shoes.
70 10/18/2019 Family
F 28 STILL IN NEED OF PANTRY ITEMS Laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, toilet paper, trash bags, shampoo, body wash, maxi pads, paper towels, deodorant, lotion, pantry items This young family is new to One Spirit and they're having a difficult time making ends meet after the father's truck broke down and he lost his job. They receive only food stamps so they are struggling and unable to buy non food items. laundry detergent, toilet paper, 2in1 shampoo/conditioner, body wash, paper towels-10/2/19
71 9/30/2019 Family
F 64 Queen size blankets, space heaters, personal hygiene products...shampoo, body soap, any kind of food items, laundry detergent A grandmother has reached out for some much needed assistance. Very little income and could really use the help. Thank you in advance for helping this family. :)
72 9/30/2019 Grandson M 15 Urgent need of winter jacket and snow boots Has outgrown his clothes and it's starting to get cold outside! Jacket men's size L, snow boots and sox size 12 1/2
73 9/30/2019 Family
F 60 Fall andWinter clothing for grandchildren - A grandmother is having a hard time and one more child has just arrived with clothes on his back. she would really appreciate if the kids could get some clothing. 4pr. jeans, 1 hoodie, 2pr.knit joggers, 1pr.twill joggers, 9 short sleeve t-shirts, 1 long sleeve t-shirt, 9 boxers, pencils,pens,erasers-10/16/19
74 9/30/2019 Daughter F 16 skinny jeans, tops, boots and a hoodie This petite young lady would love to have some new clothing for school. She has very little and would love to look nice. Pants 1/2 shirts Med Shoes 7 or 7 1/2
75 9/30/2019 Grandson M 10 Jeans, T shirts, hoodie, & boxers and socks for 6 shoe He lives in the country and loves playing outside He just had a growth spurt and has outgrown his clothes. He is a 5th grader this year. Jeans 14 shirts 16 boxers `14
76 10/8/2019 Family
F Space heater, cleaning supplies, shampoo/bodywash, crackers/dry goods Even though she has bad arthritis, she doesn't let it keep her down. She just moved because her house had no running water or heat. She could really use a space heater because snow is in the forecast and it is getting cold. Twin sheet set-10/8/19
77 9/29/2019 Family
F Elder Space heaters, snow boots, sox, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, personal hygiene items Lovely elder hasn't been on the list in a long time and could use some help preparing for the long, cold winter ahead! Snow boots and sox size 9
78 10/7/2019 Family
F 23 Winter clothing, pantry food, laundry detergent, space heaters, air mattresses, blankets, baby blankets This young mom of 3 could use some help getting ready for the long Winter ahead Ladies size 18 pants, size XL shirts, size 8 snow boots/sneakers, size XL jacket Andrea- sherpa throw blanket Girl 7 mo- fleece blanket footed sleeper-10/16/19
79 10/7/2019 Daughter F 7 months Winter clothing, diapers, wipes, baby wash/powder/oil 24 month size clothing, diapers size 6 fleece blanket footed sleeper
80 9/28/2019 Son M 5 Winter clothing Boys pants size 7 regular, 7 shirts, snow boots/sneaker size 3, jacket size 10 3 Pr. Long pants, T-shirt
81 9/27/2019 Daughter F 7 Winter clothing Girls size 6 skinny pants, size 8 shirts, Size 7 underwear, Size 3 snow boots/sneakers, size 10 jacket
82 9/28/2019 Family
F Winter clothing, pantry food, dish soap, laundry detergent, air mattress First time on Okini, she could use some help with the basics Size 18 pants, size 2X shirts/hoodies, size 2X jacket, size 8 1/2 snow boots, sox
83 10/2/2019 Family
F 36 Clothing and shoes for herself and the children, shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, dish soap, Lysol, food items...flour, canned meats/vegetables/fruit, pasta & sauce, mac & cheese, rice, beans, fruit snacks for the kids, etc. This young mom of 3 small children has been on a wait list for housing for over a year and it will be another 2 years before she has her own home. In the meantime, relatives have been kind enough to let her and the children stay with them. She is new to the program and is reaching out for help because she doesn't want to be a burden to her family, but doesn't know where else to turn. Donations will be a blessing for this family. Thank you! jeans 18, joggers XL, shirts/sweater/coat XL, shoes 10 (tennis shoes) bra 38B/sports bra XL sneakers-10/11/19
84 9/30/2019 Adopted Daughter F 6 This young girl is in need of pants, sweaters, winter coat, socks, underwear and shoes. GIRLS CLOTHING SIZES: pants size 7, shirts/sweater/hoody size 6x, coat size 7, shoes 1 youth (tennis shoes) tennis shoes
85 9/27/2019 Son M 0 This baby boy has no winter clothing at all. Also, in need of diapers, sleepers, baby wipes, lotion, powder, etc. CLOTHING SIZE: 18 months, shoes 4 (infants), diapers size 5
86 9/27/2019 Daughter F 3 This little one is in need of warm winter clothing, coat, hat, mittens, shoes, socks, underwear. CLOTHING SIZES: 6T, shoes 11c (slip on tennis shoes)
87 9/30/2019 Family
F 62 Is in urgent need of space heaters, toilet paper, household cleaning supplies, shampoo, body soap, any kind of canned goods, coffee. Elder on a very limited income with numerous grandchildren living with her is reaching out for help. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 1 oil-filled radiator heater-10/4/19
88 9/26/2019 Family
F 25 Pantry food, laundry detergent, toilet paper, diapers and formula for baby A young mother of 5 is overwhelmed trying to take care of her children. She has no source of income and is unable to work because she has no one to watch the children. Anything will help greatly. Thank you!
89 9/26/2019 Daughter F 9 months Urgent need for formula, diapers and wipes Diapers size 5, Enfamil formula
90 9/26/2019 Family
F 27 Shampoo, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, dishwashing soap, body wash, paper towels, trash bags, lotion Cherish sews and does beadwork to help earn income for her family. She asks for nothing for herself but would like her children to have winter clothing. She is grateful for any help you can offer so her children will have winter clothing.
91 9/26/2019 Son M 0 snowsuit, winter coat, boots, diapers, wipes, socks, pajamas, sleepers, hat, mittens This almost 1 year old is just about walking and is looking forward to winter. He has no winter clothes that fit and would like to be able to play outside with his brother and sister this winter. Coat/snowsuit size-2T Boots size-6 Diapers size-5
92 9/26/2019 Daughter F 4 winter coat, hat, mittens, snowsuit, boots, underwear, socks, shoes, pants and shirts, pajamas This 4 year old attends Head Start and loves art and crafts. She has outgrown all her winter clothes and would love it if you could help with clothes that fit. coat size-7 snowsuit size-6 boots size-10 pants/shirts size-7 underwear size-7
93 9/26/2019 Son M 2 Winter coat, snowsuit, boots, underwear, long socks, pajamas, hat, mittens, winter clothes This 2 year old recently became potty trained and could use winter clothes, a coat, socks, and underwear. He outgrew all his clothes over the summer. Any help is appreciated. coat size-6 boots size-9 snowsuit size-5 underwear size-6 pants/shirts size 6
94 9/25/2019 Family
F 42 Toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo, laundry soap, body soap, toothpaste, lotion This single mother is doing her best to provide for her daughter and herself with only food stamps. She has no income to purchase non food items. This mother is grateful for any help. Thank you.
95 10/16/2019 Family
F 32 School clothes and shoes for her children This parent of 4 beautiful children lives on a limited income and could use some help with clothes and shoes for her children.
96 10/8/2019 Son M 10 Shoes and school clothes This 4th grade disabled boy would like some clothes and shoes for school. He likes to play with horses. Shoes size-8.5 Shirts & sweat pants size-L athletic shoes Toy horse
97 10/8/2019 Daughter F 9 shoes, school clothes shoes size 4 pants & shirts size 10/12 sneakers
98 10/8/2019 Son M 11 shoes, school clothes This 6th grade boy loves to play sports and would like some school clothes and shoes. shoes size-9.5 shirts & sweatpants size-XL athletic shoes size 9.5 mens
99 10/3/2019 Family
F 48 Household cleaners, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry and dish soap, towels, pantry food items, coffee This single parent just moved back into her house with her children after her husband left the house with all the food. She needs to clean and disinfect her house and restock pantry and paper items. This parent is trying to provide for her children with only food stamps and no income. M 11 - 1 pr jeans,l/s, thick zip up hoodie, 5 pr boxers ... F 8 - 1 pr jeans, 1 pr slacks, fleece joggers, 3 l/s, 2 s/s .. 2 pkts flavored coffee, 6 pk toothbrushes -10/5/19
100 10/3/2019 Daughter F 8 Shoes, boots, winter clothes This little girl would love to have some shoes and boots for the winter. She has outgrown all her clothes. Thank you. Shoes siz-5 Boots size-6 Shirts and pants size-16 1 pr jeans, 1 pr slacks, fleece joggers, 3 l/s, 2 s/s ..
101 10/3/2019 Son M 11 Basketball shoes, winter clothes This athletic 11 year old boy plays football, basketball, and baseball and has outgrown all his clothes and shoes. He would love some new hi tops and winter clothes so he can continue to play sports. Basketball shoes size 7 Shirts and pants-boys size 16 M 11 - 1 pr jeans,l/s, thick zip up hoodie, 5 pr boxers ...
102 9/25/2019 Family
M 47 Winter clothing and shoes, air mattresses, king sized blankets, pantry food, laundry detergent, toilet paper, kerosene heaters Jeremy does a lot of work outside and needs warm clothing Work boots size 10, snowboots size 10, pants size 40X30, shirts and hoodies size 3X, Carhartt type jacket size 3X, underwear, sox
103 9/25/2019 Son M 22 Needs shoes and winter clothing Basketball sneakers size 11, snowboots size 11, Pants size 38X32, Hoodie size 2X, winter jacket size 2X
104 9/25/2019 Family
F 25 Clothing for children and hygiene products this young mother is asking for help with clothing for her five children.. SHE IS REALLY WORRIED THAT HER CHILDREN WILL NOT BE APPROPRIATELY DRESSED OR HAVE THE SCHOOL SUPPLIES NEEDED FOR SCHOOL. M5: 3 shirts M7: 1 jeans, 4 shirts, hoodie F9: 4 undies, 1 shirt, 1 pants-10/8/19
105 10/18/2019 Son M 5 STILL NEEDS SNEAKERS AND SOCKS This little boy really needs fall clothes - he has nothing. He grew alot from last year - like most little boys... SHOES 12 shoes size 12 and socks
106 9/25/2019 Son M 7 jeans or joggers, t shirts, briefs, sneakers and socks, and a hoodie This little boy is very slender - he loves to play out side with cars and trucks. He is looking forward to going back to school. Pants 8 Tshirts 8 Shoes 13 1 pr jeans, l/s thermal 1 jeans, 4 shirts, hoodie
107 10/10/2019 Family
F Elder Urgent need of pantry food, toilet paper, laundry detergent, full sized blankets, heaters This minister lost her job several months ago and has been unable to find more work. She has worked hard her whole life and has never been unemployed so she could really use some help. She lives in an older drafty trailer so she is hoping for blankets and heaters to help get her through the winter. Mittens Woman’s coat-10/17/19
108 10/16/2019 Family
F 53 Food, hygiene items, laundry detergent, dish soap, clothing This Mother is disabled and cannot work anymore. Having health issues and being on dialysis is difficult and stressful. She has been in and out of the hospital lately. She reaches out to us for some help. Her small income does not stretch far. In desperate need of clothing and school supplies for daughter. Shirts 2X ; Sweats/joggers; shoe size9, Jacket 2X winter jacket
109 10/11/2019 Daughter F 17 clothing, shoes, and school supplies This teen loves sports . She is going to be trying out for the Basketball team and could use some help with clothing and shoes. Loves sporty type clothing. juniors 8/10 ; Medium shirts ; 8 shoes sporty leggings and hoodies, body wash, 2 pair of jeans, various t shirts
110 10/15/2019 Family
M 55 In desperate need of clothing, shoes, blankets, shampoo, body soap, pantry, spam, canned meats/vegetables, soups, rice, beans, etc. Older gentleman is reaching out for help. He is new to the program. He lives alone and is struggling with basic necessaties. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! joggers 2X men's, t-shirts/zip up hoody 2X, coat 4X, shoes 12 (low top tennis shoes) Soup (4 pk ea.) Jambalaya, Beef with Barley; coffee; 4 pk canned chicken breast; Lg bx saltines; 5 lbs rice; 2 lbs pinto beans; 2 pk Spam coat, flannel shirt, s/s shirt, warmup pants, shoes-10/3/19
111 10/13/2019 Family
M 70 Pantry food An elderly gentleman on a limited income has reached out and is very much in need of a helping hand right now as times have been tough for him. He is the sweetest man and he greatly appreciates any help. Thank you! Socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, Vienna sausage, coffee, laundry detergent, crackers, dishwashing liquid, toilet paper, lysol cleaner, spam.-10/18/19
112 10/1/2019 Family
F 68 Canned goods...meats/vegetables/fruits, shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, clothing and shoes. An elder is reaching out for help. She is new to the Okini but has heard wonderful things about our donors from her sister that was recently helped through the program! She has very little income and could really use a helping hand getting her kids ready for school and her 2 oldest are very much in need of new/newer clothing as it has been a while. She would be extremely grateful and delighted with any assistance. pants 16 women's, t-shirts XL (v neck preferred) shoes, 9.5 tie up tennis shoes F 68 - 1 pr jeans, 1 pr slacks, 1 pr leggings, 2 cardigans, l/s, F 37 - 2 pr leggings, jumper, s/s cardigan, l/s cardigan, l/s, 4 pr panties, 3 pr socks, sport bra, gloves ... M 13 - jumper, l/s, s/s, hoodie, 2 pr boxers, 1 pr crew socks ... M 13 - jumper, s/s, 2 l/s, 3 pr boxers ... F 15 - 2 pr jeans, 2 pr tights, l/s, cami, hoodie, bra, 2 pr knee highs ... F 20 - s/s, cardigan, 2 pr socks ... M 24 - l/s, s/s, 3 pr men's ankle socks ... 2 bars of soap, 6 pk of toothbrushes, 1 bath towel, hair elastics, 60 bobby pins, tube of lotion, tube of hand cream, toothpaste, mini bar of soap 10/8/19
113 10/1/2019 Grandson F 24 STILL IN NEED OF JEANS, SHOES, UNDERWEAR, SHAMPOO, BODY SOAP, TOOTHPASTE & BRUSH. jeans 36x36, t-shirts 2X, shoes 12 (high top tennis shoes),underwear 36-38 waist l/s, s/s, 3 pr men's ankle socks ...
114 10/1/2019 Granddaughter F 20 STILL IN NEED OF SHOES & SOCKS. In her 3rd year of college to become a Special Education teacher. jeans 32x34 men's, t-shirts M men's, shoes 9 (high top tennis shoes) sports bra L s/s, cardigan, 2 pr socks ...
115 10/1/2019 Granddaughter F 15 STILL IN NEED OF CLOTHING, SHOES AND SOCKS. jeans 9 jrs., tops/hoody M jrs, shoe 8 (slip on tennis shoes), sports bra M 2 pr jeans, 2 pr tights, l/s, cami, hoodie, bra, 2 pr knee highs ... backpack, school supplies, snacks
116 10/1/2019 Grandson M 13 STILL IN NEED OF CLOTHING, SHOES AND SOCKS. YOUTH SIZES: pants 14 slim, t-shirts XL (or men's S), shoes 9.5 jumper, s/s, 2 l/s, 3 pr boxers ... backpack, school supplies, snacks
117 10/1/2019 Grandson M 13 STILL IN NEED OF CLOTHING, SHOES AND SOCKS. YOUTH SIZES: pants 14 slim, t-shirts XL (or men's S), shoes 9.5 jumper, l/s, s/s, hoodie, 2 pr boxers, 1 pr crew socks ... backpack, school supplies, snacks
118 10/1/2019 Daughter F 37 STILL IN NEED OF CLOTHING, SHOES AND SOCKS. PLEASE NOTE: This young lady has Downs Syndrome so tops/hoody/sweaters should be pull on or zip up as she has problems with her hands. pants 18P (elastic waist), tops XL, sports bra XL, shoes 3 (very small feet) or a size 1 youth 2 pr leggings, jumper, s/s cardigan, l/s cardigan, l/s, 4 pr panties, 3 pr socks, sport bra, gloves ...
119 10/16/2019 Family
F 28 Clothing for her children This young mother is asking nothing for herself. She has 4 young children including a set of one year old twins and is raising her two nieces. Any help is appreciated. Girls snowsuit and boots-10/18/19
120 10/16/2019 Niece F 10 Fall/winter clothes, socks, shoes, underwear, school supplies (backpack) This 10 year old girl is the 5th grade and she loves art and basketball. She would really like some fall and winter clothes that fit. Shoes size-4 youth pants size 10 shirts size 10-12 misc coat and shirts 10/12, sock, panties long sleeve top 10/12- 1 10/12 as top- 1 pr. boot sox
121 10/16/2019 Daughter F 2 Fall and winter clothes, shoes and boots, underwear, socks, pull-ups This beautiful 2 year old girl loves to play with dolls and horses and would like some fall and winter clothes and boots. Any help is appreciated. pants and shirts size-4T, shoes and boots size-7 Toddler Pull ups size-3-4T Snowsuit size-4T Girls snowsuit and boots 2 packs pull-ups size 3T-4T, 2 shirts, 2 4T outfits
122 10/16/2019 Niece F 6 Fall and winter clothes, shoes, snow boots, socks, underwear, clothing bins This 6 year old girl is in kindergarten and would love some clothes that fit her for the new school year. She could use a winter coat and snow boots for the winter. She is sharing dresser space with her brothers and would like some bins to keep her clothes in. Pants size-6 shirts size-6 shoes and boots size 11 socks, panties
123 10/16/2019 Son M 1 Diapers, wipes, body wash, shampoo, snowsuit, shoes This one year twin and his brother both need winter snowsuits, diapers and wipes. Diapers size-4 snowsuit size-24 months shoes size-4 diapers, 2 outfits, blanket
124 10/16/2019 Son M 1 Snowsuit, diapers, wipes, shampoo, body wash, shoes This one year twin and his brother both need winter snowsuits, diapers and wipes. Snowsuit size-24 months Diapers size-4 shoes size-4 diapers, 2 outfits, blanket
125 9/25/2019 Daughter F 4 Fall and winter clothes, shoes, snow boots, socks, underwear This little 4 year old girl is in her second year of Head Start. She is very active and like to play basketball with kids her age. She could really use some fall and winter clothes, and shoes and boots before winter. Snowsuit size-6 Snow boots/shoes size-10 pants & shirts size-6