The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

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We are very grateful for the support that has allowed the Okini program to fulfill so many urgent needs for the Lakota people.

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ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch!
Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN The Allen Youth Center needs diapers, shampoo, body soap, laundry soap, and lotion. Blankets have been also requested by some families. To provide financial support for programs provided by the Allen Youth Center, please donate through the One Spirit website -- The center cannot process your cash donation or buy shoes for the children.


A twenty-dollar cash donation can help Lakota food box recipients purchase a variety of household supplies that many desperately need. In March, One Spirit will give each food box recipient the $20 voucher to use at Buche Supermarket. The owner has given OS a great price on the items.The voucher can only be used on the selected items that are placed on a shelf in the store.

The items are dish soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoo, bodywash, deodorant, comb, toothbrush,and women's sanitary supplies and can be mixed and matched depending on individual's needs. The voucher can not be used for anything else in the store.

Please help us supply the Lakota with some of the most requested items on the Okini List, by clicking on the paypal button.

If you are interested in sending a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 2/28/2021 Family
F Leggings, T shirts, Hoodie, socks and sneakers Pantry food - they often run out of food and hygiene and cleaning supplies. A mother and a grandmother has a household filled with children and grand babies. She is hoping someone will be able to get her some clothing - as she has not had any in a long time.....Her grandchildren also need clothing - as well as her son. She wanted people to know that she will be thankful for any help she could get. Leggings XL shirts Xl Sneakers 10 clothing, Hygiene clothing for mom and daughter
2 2/27/2021 Granddaughter skinny jeans, sweats, T shirts, hoodie and shoes and socks and gloves This Petite young lady has very little and she would really like to look nice.....When there is school she loves to play basketball. She is in the 8th grade. Pants 5 Shirts Med. Shoes 7 1/2 or 8 Hoodie Med. or large skinny jeans, 1 pair joggers, 1 t-shirt, 10-pack socks
3 2/26/2021 Nephew M 6 jeans, sweats, t shirts, hoodie, sneakers and socks. He is a first grader but like others on the rez. he is going to school virtually......He has very little clothing and has outgrown most of it. His Nanny would really appreciate some clothing for him - so he is not wearing things that are way too small. pants 8 shirts 78 shoes l 3-pack joggers, 3 longsleeved t-shirts, 3 shortsleeved t-shirts, hoodie, 10 pairs socks
4 2/25/2021 Granddaughter F 0 All clothing, plus a winter coat, baby care items and diapers size 3 this baby is living in a house with alot of family. The family is struggling and they are unable to buy the baby clothes....Hopefully someone will help. Clothies 12 - 18 months - diapers size 3 2 pair pjs size 12 month 1 l/s shirt size 18 mo baby wipes
5 2/22/2021 Granddaughter M 1 Needs all clothing plus hoodie and winter coatand shoes and socks size 6 baby He is pick for his age and has outgrown all he has....Any clothing or baby care items would greatly be appreciated. size 3T
6 2/22/2021 Daughter F 22 skinny jeans, socks, and sports bra - size 36, t shirtss XL She is in need of clothing - she has not had any new clothing in years and would really appreciate a helping hand. Jeans (skinny) ll Jr. Sports Bra size 36/38 And T shirts XL
7 2/22/2021 Son F 20 Sweats - pants and shirts and men socks. Again = another family member who is in need of clothing. He is part of a family that has very little.....He could really use some clothing. Sweat clothes Xl Socks for 9 - 11 shoe.
8 2/27/2021 Family
M Elder Bed, coffee pot, clothing, shoes, Socks, hygiene box, razers, cleaning supplies, and food pantry Elderly Grandfather is living on limited income and struggling to get through the winter. Sister is asking for help due to he has no bed and has to get his home some supplies. Jacket/Shirt 2XL; Shoes 11.5; Sweat pants Size XL pants 38 waist 33 length twin air mattress with pump box of oatmea Bedding, hygiene, food, clothing
9 2/20/2021 Family
F 83 2 Cubbie Bed liners xl, 3 yard cleaned up, food pantry, Grandmother requesting assistance to help get through bitter cold winter. Grandmother sews quilts and bakes for her family, the pandemic has made getting supplies difficult with no transportation. depends, food, hygiene, cleaning and quilting supplies
10 2/7/2021 Family
F 53 She needs warm pajamas and jackets for her grandchildren. Pantry food is always very helpful! 2 pairs wool socks and 3 other pairs of socks
11 2/18/2021 Son M 1 Needs warm pajamas 24 months stuffed toy 2 pair pajamas boys 2T pajama boy 1 pj. (cotton) size 24 mo, 1 fleece pant and long sleeve t shirt size 2T
12 1/8/2021 Granddaughter F 7 Needs warm pajamas and a winter jacket Has outgrown her winter clothes Girls size 7/8 stuffed toy winter jacket, 2 pair pajamas, socks and underwear girls 7/8 fleece zip up sweater girl Parka size 8 , 1 pj (cotton) and 1 fleece pant and thermal top size 8
13 2/21/2021 Family
F 32 Mothers requested needs met. This is the first time this single parent has asked for help. She is asking for only the basics for her home and clothes and shoes for her daughter. She has no income and only receives food stamps. 2 sets towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, tooth brushes, lotion, brush/comb, razors, sponges, hand sanitizer, masks, 2# rice, 1# beans, 5 spices, salt, 3 cans food, pk country ham. Heater, blanket, laundry detergent, fabuloso, dish soap, sanitary pads, bleach pkg. Jacob's Crackers, ten Protein Bars, Jiff P/B, Organic Jam, Betty Crocker pkgs.: 2 Pancake, 1 Corn Muffins, 1# Pasta, Cans: Milk, Beef Stew, Mandarine Oranges, Corn, Pasta Sauce, Vienna Bites, Dry Red Beans & Rice Soup Mix, Heat Safe Spatula, 3 Wooden Spoons, Dish Cloth & 2 Dish Towels,
14 2/21/2021 Daughter F 13 Winter Blanket Twin Size,Shirts, Pants This sixth grader loves basketball and would like some school clothes and shoes to begin her year in middle school.School clothes and shoes Shoes size-7 shirts size-Ladies small, pants size-10 underwear size 14 girls jacket, shoes, blanket puzzle, toothbrush, tooth paste and floss pr. PJ's, Twistable Crayons, 4 Mech. Pencils, 3 Pens, pr. Socks
15 2/28/2021 Family
F 50 Grandmother requesting help with with Winter blanket, space heaters-2, laundry soap, hygiene products, Grandmother has grandbaby on the way soon and home will need to be ready for a new born arrival. Pants Womens- 16 Shoe Size- 8 Shirt Size 2xlg Six pairs women's winter socks 1 pr joggers, 1 pr pj fleece pants, 2 pr sport bras ... 4 adult toothbrushes, 4 child toothbrushes, toothpaste, baking soda, 30 oz shampoo, 2- 22 oz body wash, santizer wipes, 1 spam, 2 taco seasoning, garlic powder, minced onions, 16 oz summer sausage, lipton dried chicken noodle soup
16 2/21/2021 Daughter F 17 Socks, Pajamas, shoes, shirt, and maternity clothes. Maternity Pants Med 7/8 Shirt large Shoes 8.5 2 velour, long-sleeve tops - 1 jumper, perfume sampler, 1 pr boot socks, sampler lipsticks, razor Box of newborn diapers pack of onesies
17 2/18/2021 Granddaughter F 9 Winter blanket- twin size, pants, pajamas, socks, shirts, and shoes Pants 14/16- Lrg Shirts Lrg Shoes 3.5 Y hair elastics, 12 color pencils
18 2/18/2021 Son M 17 Winter blanket-Queen size, pants, shirts, socks, and pajamas Pants 32X34 Shirts Large Shoes 9.5 M 17 - bandana
19 2/9/2021 Granddaughter F 2 Winter Blanket- Twin, Pajamas, Socks, Shirts, pants, and shoes 4T- Clothes size 8C- Shoes size 4T girls: 2 pant/shirt sets; 3 long sleeve shirts; 2 pair pajamas
20 2/22/2021 Family
F 45 Family requesting food pantry, cleaning supplies, pots, bowls, towels, and any thing to help make their new home a home. Single mother has been blessed with new home and requesting help to make it a home for her two children. Winter and this pandemic has made employment limited, mother is working as many hours she can. This is family's first time to Okini and they have stated they appreciate any help available. 7 Quart Presto Kitchen Kettle (multicooker),Queen sized blanket, hygiene items (toothpaste/toothbrush, soap, deodorant)
21 2/10/2021 Son M 14 Winter Blanket, Pillow, Small room rug- 3ft
22 2/10/2021 Daughter F 18 Blanket-Twin, Pillow
23 2/21/2021 Family
M 25 Family asking for winter help, space heater, food pantry, hygiene products, and cleaning supplies Newborn size 1 pampers, wipes, shampoo, baby bath, and baby blankets Family has four young children, first priority is home being warm and safe for all. One of the children have been through tough health crisis, all are grateful for recovery and being back together. Family is requesting help thru the hard winter expected. 8-Inch Small Plush by Just Play Food - 18 ct applesauce cups, 12 cans vienna sausage, 3 cans evaporated milk, 12 cans green beans, 12 cans corn, 12 cans peas, 8 cans pasta sauce, 4 cans tomato sauce, 6 cans cream of chicken soup, 6 cans diced tomato Baby - 50 ct sz 1 diapers, 500 ct wipes, 30 oz baby body & hair wash Hygiene & cleaning - 144 oz pinesol, 2-22 oz body wash, 3-30 oz shampoo, 30 oz conditioner, 32 oz body lotion
24 2/25/2021 Son M 1 needs met for this little guy Clothes Size- 18 Months Diapers Size-4 4bodysuits, 2 pants, 2 pajamas all 24 mo size, size 4 diapers18 M clothes blanket and jacket for 1yr. old
25 2/18/2021 Daughter F 6 snow suit-size 8 , Winter Blanket Twin Size, Pajamas, shoes, pants, shirts, socks, Clothes Size 7 Shoes-13 Jacket_7-8, Top & Jegging Set Size: 7 Sneakers Size: 13,6-pk. Textured Crew Socks - Girls jacket, snow pants, hat, gloves, boots, sneakers, PJs, socks, hoodie, 2 pair leggings, 3 l/s tshirts, twin blanket.
26 2/21/2021 Family
F 68 She asked if it was possible for someone to help her out with snow tires. She knows it is alot to ask for but her tires are bald.... 235x70R16i This Elder needs help in clothing her Grandchildren and with some beading supplies. She is 68 years young and said she has to stay young because she is raising her grandchildren......She supports this family by beading... she is quite skilled and says it is a labor of love. She is hoping that someone can help her with clothing for the kids she wanted to thank the person that got her the gift cards - she has been there to pick it up and all ready using them..... 3 bars soap, deck of cards, box of 48 colors, 12 color pencils 8 small suckers, 8 jumbo rainbow hair elastics, 4 ponytail elastics Beading credit at Singing Horse Trading Post $100 beading credit at Singing Horse Trading Toy train clothing, Books All weather tires
27 2/22/2021 Grandson M 11 sweats, t shirts, hoodie, socks for 6 shoe ,boxers. He is in 5th grade and loves to play basketball. He is doing the virtual school this year but is hoping next year he can go to school. sweat pants size 14 Shirt; 14/16 boy 11 2 shirts,2 packs boy socks (med and lg) Sweat pants & hoodie boys underwear , pk socks,
28 2/22/2021 Granddaughter F 8 snowboots, she is in the 3rd grade and loves to color and read......Next best thing is to watch cartoons this child has very little clothing. - Pants; 8 Shirts; 10 Shoes; 5 girl 8 coat, jeans shirt Long-sleeve shirt tennis shoes, underwear, girls socks,
29 2/22/2021 Grandson M 14 sweats, s/s sleeve. hi tops socks, hoodie , boxers This lad really needs your help with clothing and sneakers. He is in the 8th grade and likes school. The sizes are right. The grandmother would love for him to have a bike so he could trim down. He loves basketball and his grandmother encourages him..... Pants; Xl mens Sweats T shirts XXL Shoe 8 shoes hat, gloves, muk luk boot Sox, l/s flannel nightgown, 1 pr velour med pants, thick & warm knee high slipper socks, l/s plush sweater Long-sleeve shirt, 4 pk of underwear 6 pk of socks sweat pants (XL men),
30 2/21/2021 Grandson M 1 sweat pants, t shirts, hoodie and sneakers - training pants or pullups Toddler 3 Shoes 9 Sz 3T clothes - 1 long underwear set, 2 sets fleece Pjs, 3 joggers, 2 sweatshirts, 1 l/s tee, 2 hoodies, 1 zip up fleece Sweat pants, long sleeve shirt & 1 pc fleece pajamas
31 1/16/2021 Family
F 49 Winter Blanket Queen Size, Space Heater, food Pantry, and hygiene products Family is learning to live with their loss in their family caretaker due to covid. The family's first time to Okini and requesting for help to get through winter and the pandemic. Mother is struggling with teaching her daughter thru virtual and is learning so much about the internet connection importance. Flannel heavyweight comforter set; Vellux blanket
32 2/18/2021 Foster Daughter F 14 Winter Blanket Twin Size, pants, Shirts, hoodie, pajamas, socks, shoes shirt /sweater ext- large pants 36×38 shoe size 10 Blanket and jacket winter jacket, blanket, lotion toothbrush toothpaste and floss
33 2/27/2021 Family
F 66 Towels,, heater, clothing, shoes, cleaning supplies, curtains Our elder lady has worked her whole life, until she became plagued with health issues. She continues to help her family watching children while her family works. Family's first time to Okini, requesting some help to get through winter. Transportation options to and from town are limited for family. x-lg-Shirt/Winter Coat 16-Pants xl/8 Underware 8-Shoes 4 long sleeve shirts (women's XL) blanket one throw blanket, shampoo,
34 2/27/2021 Grandson M 10 Pajamas, Socks, Shoes, Pants, Shirts Clothes Size- Youth Medium Shoes- 4.5 Pants- 10/12 winter blanket and jacket one 10/12 jogger
35 2/23/2021 Family
F 26 hygiene Supplies, Cleaning Supplies, food pantry, Winter Gloves, Boots, Winter Jacket, also requesting gift card to Singing Horse Gallery in Manderson for restock of supplies. This young single parent is raising her 4 children and living with her mother. She has no income, only food stamps. She could use some help for herself and her children with winter supplies. shoes size 8.5 pants size 16 shirts size 2X Joggers double sheets, food, blankets and hoodies
36 2/25/2021 Daughter F 4 Socks, Shoes, , pants, Shirt, and shoes size-12 Y pants- 6/7 Clothes size-6/7 S winter S pajamas blanket S hoodie
37 2/25/2021 Daughter F 6 Socks, Shoes, pants, Shirt shoes size-1.5 pants-7/8 Clothes-7/8 winter coat and pajamas size 7/8, M hoodie XS winter coat, XS hoodie, Blanket
38 2/25/2021 Daughter F 11 Socks, Shoes, pants, Shirt, Clothes- Lg Pants- 9 Shoes- 7.5 L hoodie, blanket, L pajamas, coat L
39 2/25/2021 Daughter F 3 Pajamas, Socks, Shoes, Winter Coat, Hoodie, pants, Shirt, and winter blanket. Coat size-4T/5T shoes size-10 Y pants- 4T/5T Clothes size 5T 4t pajamas, blanket, winter coat 4 XS hoodie S hoodie M hoodie L hoodie XS winter coat S winter coat L L pajamas S pajamas blanket
40 2/20/2021 Family
F clothing for grand children, twin sheets and towels The childrens sheets are worn out. A sixty six year old grandmother is asking for clothing for her two grandchildren and some sheets and towels.. Someone made them beds a few years ago but the set of sheets and towels they gave her are worn out. she would greatly appreciate any help she could get..... 2 sheet sets for boys twin sheet set 2 pair shoes, 2 pks socks, game 8 bath towels, 6 washcloths, 6 hand towels, 10 bars soap, each boy: 3 shirts and 2 pr jeans
41 2/25/2021 Grandson M 5 Set of super hero sheets or cartoon sheets, towels, and jeans, socks, shoes He is a small slim boy - who is a head shorter than his brother.....He loves to climb things, hike and camp out.....he is all boy and keeps up with his brother. Paants 7 slim t shirts 7/8 shoes 3 sleep pants size 7 1 s/s t shirt size 8
42 2/9/2021 Grandson M 6 jeans not slim fitting and l/s t shirts super hero or cartoon sheets and towels His grandma says he has husky legs and feet. He is a tall boy who loves to help his grandma outside . He would love a set of sheets with cartoon characters or super heroes and some towels. Grandma is hoping for some clothing too is possible. Jeans 8 child - (not slim fitting) T shirts l/s size 12 shoes 5
43 2/28/2021 Family
F 60 Grandmother caring for 11 grandkids, requesting assistance with hygiene products, Grandmother is full time care giver to 11 Grandchildren, home is full of young ones who help their grandma and watch out for each other. Home has wood stove that provides meals and the warmth for the home, this home has water hauled due to no access to water for home. The family's first time to Okini program. 4 of 6 gal water jugs 12 cans vienna sausage, 8 lb beans, 2 - 46 oz applesauce, 12 cans corn, 12 cans peas, 12 cans green beans, 6 cans diced tomatoes, 8 oz bouillion, 6 lb elbow macroni 15 blankets, 2- space heaters, Food Box delivery, 1 dish soap, 12 toothbrush, 20 bars of soap, 1 bathroom cleaner, 6 toothpaste. P 8 box macaroni, 10 tomato sauce, 10 can peas, 20 lb rice, 10lb lentils, 5lb black beansStrawberry jam, lipton dried chicken noodle soup, 2 spam, baking soda, 2 taco seasoning, 2 garlic salt, parsley, cinnamon, toothpaste, 4 children toothbrushes, 4 adult toothbrushes, 30 oz shampoo, 22 oz gentle body wash, comet
44 2/21/2021 Family
F Space Heater, Food Pantry, Hygiene Supplies, Cleaning Supplies Family's first time on okini, they are requesting help to get through winter and the pandemic. Grandmother has grandsons she has been caring for also on limited income, they appreciate the help. Dry erase markers, card games 2 comforters; Food, cleaning supplies, etc.
45 2/21/2021 Son M 12 , Pajamas, Shirt-3X Pajamas 3x Shoe- 12 Mens Board game *Clue* and 6 pr socks 2 - 3xl s/s tees 1 blanket
46 2/20/2021 Family
F 44 baby walker, Cleaning Supplies, & food Pantry Grandmother has taken in two granddaughters, she is asking for help she has no transportation to get supplies. Grandmother has opened home to grandchildren with limited income and no hesitation to do what she can. This is the family's first time to okini and they appreciate all kindness. 3 T 5 T Pampers size 5 2 baby blankets, one baby wash 2 baby blankets, 1 queen-size sherpa blanket, 4 child toothbrushes, child toothpaste, 2 bottles hair+body wash, 1 shampoo/conditioner set, ramen, Vienna sausages, tuna, 1 large box wipes, 1 large box size 5 diapers, baby lotion, bar soap, dry milk powder, 12-pk fruit cups hat+mittens, jeans, leggings/joggers, 3 long-sleeved tees, plus socks for the 3T and a sweatshirts for the 5T. Specifically: Socks 6-Pack, Sweatshirt, Leggings 2-Pack, 2-Pack, Bootcut Jeans, Fleece Hat And Mittens Set, Set, Baby And Denim Jeans, Toddler Girls Outfit Set, 2-Piece Set, Fleece Jogger Pants, Top 2-Pack,Graphic Tee, Graphic Tee
47 2/22/2021 Family
F 36 clothing for her children THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS FAMILY WAS LISTED - THEY HAVE RECEIVED NO SHOES AND CLOTHING......THEY HAVE BEEN WAITING OVER 2 MONTHS PLEASE HELP A mother called asking for shoes and jeans for her children. She is only asking for what they need...
48 2/28/2021 Daughter F 9 sneakers, skinny jeans and socks This little girl who loves to play with barbies really needs some sneakers ....She wanted everyone to know that she loves school and can't wait to go back. shoes 2 1/2 (child) skinny jeans 10 child size 3 girls sneaker 2 jeans sz 10, tennis shoes sz 3Y, 6 socks
49 2/28/2021 Son M 3 boxers and some joggers with cuffs and T-shirts and socks. All clothing This little boy is 3 1/2 years old could really use some clothes He keeps growing and has grown out of a couple of toys would be great. clothing 5T Shoes 10 1/2 or 11 (toddler) shoes sz 11T, 6 socks
50 2/22/2021 Son M 15 hi tops to play basketball and socks His SHOES ARE WORN OUT AND HIS TOES ARE COMING THRU - PLEASE SOME HELP. This young teen boy really needs some sneakers - he hA outgrown his sneakers......He would be so happy if if could have hi tops as he loves to play basketball Someone got his older sister a pair of Nike's and he would love to have a pair like that but says any hi tops he can play basketball is fine.. Hi tops 11 1/2 mens mens sneakers,
51 2/6/2021 Daughter F 17 sneakers - would love white vans or converse hi tops, socks and skinny jeans or joggers This 10th grader is into sports, and loves to work on the computer when she goes to school. she is bright, intelligent and really loves to play basketball. size 11 womens hi tops pants 8/9
52 2/8/2021 Family
F 30 Mom of two little ones, living with her mother and sister. They could use some help with pantry foods, especially canned meats. She is asking for help with clothing for the children. Tina also hopes for a sponsor, especially for the little girl. pants, XL, shirts, L, shoes/boots 10 12 cans tuna, 12 cans chicken, 12 cans vienna sausage, 12 cans green beans, 12 cans peas
53 2/25/2021 Son M 9 needs winter clothing and shoes or boots. He is all boy and loves to play outside......he has very little clothing and really could use some joggers with cuffs. He is in the 3rd grade and is extremely tall - so slimmer fitting joggers would be the best size 14 joggers, 12-14 boys' t shirts 12.14 , 9 shoes (men) mother says correct size 2 size 14 jogger, one 14 top
54 2/12/2021 Daughter F 2 pants, shirts, shoes or boots, socks Like all two year old little girls, she is growing fast and has outgrown all her clothing. she has very little clothing and they are hoping that someone will be able to help. Shirt and pants, size 3 T, shoes/boots 9 1/2 T Girls Size 2T,4 long sleeve shirts,5 pants1 hoodie All size 3-Shirttail Hem Tee,Fleece Hoodie, Fleece Pants
55 2/6/2021 Family
F 30 space Heater Family has been thru loss of their matriarch and now trying to carry on has been hard on all members of the family, and requesting help to get thru freezing cold winter. Family has found new employment and would like to ask for help to get by till income comes in regularly. Pandemic has caused family's loss of income. 2 twin blankets, 2 queen blankets, 188 oz laundry soap, 90 oz dish soap, 2 - 22 oz body wash, 144 oz pinesol Food - 12 cans corn, 12 cans peas, 12 cans green beans, 12 cans tuna, 8 lb pinto beans, 5 lb rice, 6 lb elbow macaroni, 8 cans pasta sauce, 45 oz cocoa mix, 2 - 48 oz applesauce, 1 box cheese crackers, 1 box saltines, 6 cans cream of chicken soup, 42 oz oatmeal, 20 oz raisins, 30 oz grape jelly, 4 lb peanut butter
56 2/12/2021 Son M 17 Winter Blanket- Twin size, Pants, Shirts, shoes, socks, hoodies Shoes-9 1/2 Pants -34/34 Hoodie-xl 2 XL mens t-shirts 4 pair men's low cut socks 1 body wash 1 antiperspirant Toothbrush and toothpaste
57 2/7/2021 Son M 11 Winter Blanket-twin size, Hoodie, socks, pants, shirts Shirt-Med. Pants-12 reg. Shoes-5 n hoodie -medium
58 2/5/2021 Son M 8 Winter blanket-twin size, hoodie, shoes socks, pants, shirts Pants -regular 10 Shirt -10/12 shoes -3 hoodie 10/12
59 2/27/2021 Family
F 44 Food Box, Hygiene Supplies, and Cleaning supplies Single mom has opened her home to families and during pandemic she is still doing that sacrifice. She and her own children live with limited income for family and are requesting help to get thru winter months. The winter has been cold at times and mom worries. 44 oz pinesol, 30 oz shampoo, 22 oz body wash, 21 oz comet, 4 children toothbrush, 4 adult toothbrush, 8 oz hand sanitizer, minced onions, parsley, garlic powder and more 4 blankets
60 2/7/2021 Daughter F 9 Winter blanket-twin size, Shoes, shirts, pants, underware Clothes size 10 Shoes size 3 Y Underware 8
61 2/4/2021 Daughter F 4 Blanket, under ware, pants, pajamas, socks, shoes Clothes size- 4T pants 4/5 t size 10 shoe
62 2/4/2021 Son M 7 Winter Blanket- twin size, Shoes, shirts, pajamas, under ware shoe size 2 size size 8 clothes Underware size 8
63 2/27/2021 Family
F 61 One Spirit Team and Family appreciate the needs met for this Grandmother Caring for her grandson who is a medical miracle survivor. Grandmother and her grandson are requesting help to get thru winter. Grandmother is busy caring for young boy, they are taking care of each other and are asking for so help. Grandmother has request help during the bitter cold winter. 1 long sleeve boys shirt Pantry food and hygene products
64 2/20/2021 Grandson M 6 Blanket for Winter, winter jacket, winter boots, shirts, joggers, shoes Shoes - 4 Jacket - 14/16 Pants 14/16 joggers T-shirts xlarge 14/16 14/16 boys coat a hotwheels car' 1 long sleeve boys shirt - winter boots sz 4, winter jacket sz 14/16, sneakers sz 4, clothing sz 14/16 - 1 zip sherpa hoodie, 3 l/s tshirts, 2 pair joggers.
65 2/25/2021 Family
F 49 hygiene articles. A grandmother is asking for help with cleaning supplies, hygiene articles which are not covered by food stamps and pantry food....She is raising 4 grandchildren plus has an older son living with her......Food is often short and really needs help. The children are young and it breaks her heart when they run short on food. any help would be appreciated. 44 oz pinesol, 30 oz shampoo, 22 oz body wash, 21 oz comet, 4 child toothbrush, 4 adult toothbrush, hand sanitizer, minced onions, parsley, garlic powder 5lb rice, 12 can greenbeans, 24 pack ramen Chicken Wild Rice soup, Tomato Sauce, Milk, Vienna Sausage, Jar: Jam, Peanutbutter, Box: Annie's Protein Bars, sm pkg. Saltines, 12 Fig Newtons, 1 lb. Elbow Pasta (loose in box), pkg. dehydrated Chicken Noodle soup mix, bar Soap, Conditioner, Toothpaste
66 2/23/2021 Family
F Clothing for children She is desperate for clothing for her children - She is a single mother raising the children by herself Her two little one have outgrown their clothes and she really needs help. The the oldest ones just came back with the clothes on their back....they have nothing. She would appreciate any help she could get..... 2 sketchbooks, word search pocket book, Berenstain bears big red kite, Spirit Animals; tales of the great beasts, Curious George colors eggs 4 L mens t-shirts 1 pair boxers medium 1 body wash 1 antiperspirant Toothbrush and toothpaste2 pair pajamas 1 hoodie 3 long sleeve shirts 3 pants
67 2/23/2021 Daughter F 1 She needs leggings or pants & T shirts, warm sleepers with feet socks, shoes & hoodie She is in need of diapers size 5 This chunky little baby girl is always happy and loves her bottle She has outgrown all her clothing..... and needs clothing. she would love some teething toys too. Clothing 2 T shoes 6 Socks 2t fleece pj girl 1 hoodie 3 long sleeve shirts 3 pants
68 2/23/2021 Son M 17 Still needs - socks, hi tops sneakers and T shirts. He is back with his Mom to live with only the clothes on his back. He is really excited to be back but he really needs clothes. He loves to play basketball and his favorite team is Golden State Warriors..... T shirts (mens large) hi tops 10 joggers or sweats mens med. Hoodie Xl mens boxers med. Socks
69 2/23/2021 Daughter F 14 skinny jeans, s/s t shirts, hoodie, panties, socks and sneakers. Would really appreciate some drawing pencils and paper..... This girl and her brother arrived at their mothers house with only the clothes on their back. She loves to draw and is so happy to be back with her Mom... Pants 7 Jr. Shirts Med. Jr. Shoes 9 hoodie large Socks
70 2/23/2021 Son M 3 Everything - , hoodie, joggers (cuffed), T shirts, socks and shoes and training pants or pull ups. Like his sister he has very little clothes and what he has he has outgrown.....He really needs clothing and would love a toy car too. He had had no new clothes since last year. Pants and Shirts 4T shoes 7 Socksone 4t boy coat
71 2/13/2021 Family
F 73 Grandma caring for many grandchildren. she asks for nothing for herself, only hopes for warm winter clothing for the children. She says they do have winter jackets. Elder with diabetes. There are 13 people in home and it is very cold. She recently received heaters. This is the first time in a very long time that she has asked for help. 2x,womens 22 oz body wash, 25 oz ivory dish soap, 26 oz soft scrub, 26 oz ajax, greeting cards, neutrogena hand cream, splenda packets, instant coffee packets, 1 lb lima beans, garlic salt, ranch popcorn seasoning, 2 taco seasonings, Paw patrol coloring book, dried pineapple, popcorn, 26 oz soft scrub, 24 oz comet Shoes 7T
72 2/25/2021 Granddaughter F 6 Needs clothing and shoes. Has a winter jacket Shirts and pants 7/8, shoes 1 Shoes sz 1Yfor hat/gloves/scarf 1 botted kids 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo and conditioner
73 2/24/2021 Granddaughter F 15 Needs clothing and shoes. women's XL shirt and pants, shoes 9 1/2
74 2/13/2021 Grandchild M 5 clothing and shoes Kids 7/8 shirts and pants, shoes 12 12T Shoes
75 2/11/2021 Granddaughter F 6 Needs clothing and shoes, has winter jacket girls 7 shirt and pants, shoes child 1 jeans
76 2/11/2021 Granddaughter F 7 clothing and shoes girls 10/12 shirt and pants, shoes 1 1/2 sweater, sleep pants, gloves
77 2/11/2021 Grandson M 7 Needs warm winter clothes Boys medium shirts and pants, shoes 3 2 shirts, sleep pants, thermal underwear set
78 1/25/2021 Grandson M 3 clothing and shoes Boys 10/12 shirt and pants, shoes 10
79 1/25/2021 Granddaughter 2 clothing and shoes Toddler 2 shirt and pants, infant shoe size 5
80 2/23/2021 Family
M 27 Clothing for Children and hygiene articles She is raising four children and her own...and is having difficulty clothing her children.....This mother does work part time but that only cover the bills and she has no money left over to buy clothing.....she is hoping that someone will help with clothing for her children and hopefully in the future the children will get a sponsor. Clothes for all 4 kids. Coloring books. Toothbrushes and toothpaste. Boys Size 2T3 piece set - pants, 2 shirts 2 pajamas 3 piece set - pants, shirt, hoodie 3 pair jogger pants mittens
81 2/23/2021 Son M 1 joggers with cuffs, t shirts, hoodie, socks Pants and shirts 4T Sneakers 9 T sneakers 1- 2T/3T long underwear set7,2 pair 4T tees, 3 - 4T hoodies,
82 2/23/2021 Son M 1 all clothing and socks He is the baby and he is really growing.....His Mom is hoping that someone will help her get clothes for her beautiful baby. clothing 2 T sneakers 6T sneakers, mittens, 1 - 2T sweatshirt & pants,
83 2/23/2021 Son M 8 sweats with cuff or joggers, t shirts, hoodie, and socks He is in the second grade but he would love to go riding rather than doing school work. He is already going on the horse rides across the rez. joggers 14/16 (size right - has big rear) T shirts 12 Sneakers 4 sneakers 4 pr socks,mittens,
84 2/23/2021 Daughter F 5 pants, shirts. , panties , socks & hoodie she is the typical little girls who loves make up and playing with Barbie dolls. She is now in Kindergarten - but she says she wants to be able to go to the school house. pants 6 Shirts 6/7 shoes 3 sneakers 4 pr socks, 2 pair mittens, 7 sz 6 girls panties