The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN plates, bowls; toilet paper, paper towels and napkins; CLEANING SUPPLIES: Pine-Sol, Clorox, Clorox Clean-up, disposable vinyl gloves size XL, trash bags, dish soap

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 4/20/2018 Family
F 33 clothing items for her children Mother asking for assistance
2 4/20/2018 Daughter F 12 spring/summer clothes, sandals/shoes, sanitary pads with wings LADIES SIZE: clothing size M; sandals size 7.5
3 4/20/2018 Daughter F 2 spring clothing, sandals or shoes, diapers and wipes clothing size 4 or 5T; shoes/sandals size 9 or 10T; diapers size 6
4 4/20/2018 Daughter F 7 spring/summer clothes, sandals clothing size 10 or 12, shoes size 2 or 2.5 girls
5 4/18/2018 Family
F 29 Food items - Mac and Cheese, dried fruits, soups, etc.., Laundry soap, toilet paper, dish soap, clothing Young Mom trying to make it on her own really needs some assistance right now. In Urgent need of help with food and household basics Shirt Size Medium; Joggers or Sweats size Medium or Size 5/7; shoe size 8.5
6 4/18/2018 Family
F 34 Household supplies, food and clothing Family in great need of help with household basics and clothing Clothing size 3/5 or small; shoe size 6
7 4/18/2018 Family
F Pantry items, toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels , dish soap, laundry soap, dog and cat food This family could really use a helping hand with household basics and Cat/Dog food
8 1/21/2018 Son M 18 Clothing, shoes, hygiene items This teen is in need of hygiene items, Books, art supplies. Shirt size: 3x mens; Pant size: 42/32; Shoe size: 9 1/2; Underwear size: X Lg; Coat size: 3x mens
9 4/18/2018 Family
F 64 Large trash bags, laundry soap, dish soap, hygiene items, food items Elder In great need of assistance with basic household supplies
10 4/19/2018 Family
F 31 Personal hygiene products..shampoo, body soap, feminine hygiene pads, toilet paper, trash bags, dish soap, laundry soap, Lysol cleaner. Marie's mother recently moved out of the house and took all of the household items with her. This single mother of 5 children is in urgent need of basic necessities. Thank you for you help! pants 15 tops XL shoes 8 coat XL
11 4/19/2018 Family
F Elder Food, Sweat pants, Coffee Pot, household and hygiene items Elder in urgent need of some assistance Shoes size 7.5 Wide, Scarf, Sweat pants size 14/16
12 4/18/2018 Family
F 30 Clothing and shoes Family in urgent need of help with clothing and shoes Shirt size: XL Tshirt; Pant size: 16-18; Shoe size: 9w; Underwear size: 9 briefs, XL sports bra; Coat size: 2XL
13 4/18/2018 Son M 6 Clothing and shoes Shirt size: 10-12 boys; shorts size 12; boys jeans12; Shoe size: 2
14 4/18/2018 Daughter F 1 Diapers size 6, clothing and hair ties Shirt size: 6; Pant size: 6; Shoe size: 10 child; Underwear size: diapers size 6;
15 4/18/2018 Family
M Food, hygiene items. household supplies In desperate need of food and household supplies
16 4/19/2018 Family
F 40 Bedding for king and full beds, cleaning supplies, pantry items...rice, beans, pasta, canned meat, any kind of condiments. Spring/summer clothing and shoes for herself and her girls. THE FAMILY IS STILL WAITING FOR HELP! This young mother of 4 daughters lost everything last year during a severe storm, including her home. The family just recently moved into a new house and have reached out for help. Any assistance to help this family get back on their feet would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!! jeans 16 tops L shoes 7 jacket/hoodie L
17 4/19/2018 Daughter F 4 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. pants size little girl's 6 l/g; tops size little girl's 6 l/g; shoes size 1--slip ons/sandals; hoodies 6 l/g
18 4/19/2018 Daughter F 7 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. jeans size 8 girls; tops size 8 girls; shoes size 2 slip ons/sandals; hoodies size 8 girls
19 4/19/2018 Daughter F 11 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. joggers/skinny jeans size 11 juniors; tops M juniors; shoes size 6 high tops; hoodies size M juniors.
20 4/19/2018 Daughter F 12 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. joggers/leggings L juniors; top size L juniors; shoes size 7 high tops; hoodie size L juniors.
21 4/18/2018 Family
F 33 Summer clothing and shoes/sandals. Missy is a single mother raising 2 growing daughters. She does receive SNAP but has no other source of income to buy clothing/shoes for herself and the girls. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! pants-joggers/leggings XL tops XL shoe 9 zip up/pull over sweaters XL
22 4/18/2018 Daughter F 5 This little girl is in desperate need of summer clothing as she has outgrown everything from last year. pants 7-8 little girls shirs 7-8 little girls shoe 1 pull over sweaters 7-8 little girls
23 4/18/2018 Daughter F 9 This little girl is in desperate need of summer clothing as she has outgrown everything from last year. pants 12 girls tops 12-14 girls shoes 5 pull over sweaters 12-14 girls
24 4/16/2018 Family
F 19 FOR HER SON: diapers, tear-free head-to-toe body wash & shampoo, baby wipes, baby powder; FOR KATHERINE: body wash & shampoo, Always sanitary pads, laundry & dish soap, trash bags, cleaning items Katherine (along with her baby son) lives with & provides care for her grandmother. diapers size 4
25 4/14/2018 Family
F 61 laundry & dish soap, canned Friskies cat food, canned Pedigree dog food, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, toilet paper, coffee, pantry & food items Grandmother has her grandchildren living with her. Basics are in high need.
26 4/17/2018 Grandson M 11 clothing and socks pants size: 18 husky or 34x30; shirt adults size M men; Underwear size M men boxers; shoes size 7.5w men
27 4/17/2018 Granddaughter F 13 clothing, socks All Plus Sizes: pants size 16, tops size 1X, shoe size 9.5w women; Underwear size 8
28 4/7/2018 Family
F 28 cowboy/casual boots for children, clothes, diapers and baby wipes for her little daughter (Please, no LUVS brand due to skin sensitivity), Dreft laundry soap This family is reaching out for assistance. shirt size XL; shoes/boots size 7.5
29 4/7/2018 Son M 3 pants; cowboy/casual boots Likes to play with blocks, trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, and likes to fix things. pants size 4T; shoes size 9C
30 4/7/2018 Son M 5 cowboy/casual boots shoes size 2C
31 4/7/2018 Daughter F 1 diapers and baby wipes, cowboy/casual boots, socks Please, no LUVS brands as they cause skin irritation Huggies size 6; boots size 7T
32 4/20/2018 Family
F 43 clothing, shoes, hygiene items This family is need of help with clothing Shirt size: 2XL long sleeve blouses; Pant size: 16; Shoe size: 9 dress shoes or low top tennis shoes, slip ons; Underwear size: 9 womens bikini, XL sports bra; Coat size: 2XL hygiene supplies, 2X l/s shirt
33 4/20/2018 Husband M 34 clothing, coat, work gloves Shirt size: 3x Tshirt; Pant Wranglers boot cut size: 38x34; Shoe size: 13w high tops Black ; Underwear size: 38 briefs; Coat size: 3XL; Work gloves XL 3-x t=shirt
34 4/20/2018 Daughter F 13 clothing and shoes favorite color is red Shirt XL; Stretch Jeans size 14; ; Sports bra size XL; Underwear size: 7; Shoe size: 10 sneakers size 10 and 4 pr socks
35 4/13/2018 Family
F 72 Brown Rice, Lima Beans, Sugar Free Werthers Candy, Paper Towels, Dove body wash, toilet paper, Arm & Hammer liquid laundry soap, Mr. Clean cleaner, clothing This family is in urgent need of help with food and household essentials Sweater 2 X; Pants 18; Shirt XL; Shoe 10 wide
36 4/13/2018 Son M 44 clothing, socks and underwear, hygiene and dental care products, outerwear Shirt size: 4X Tshirt; Pant size: 38x32 jeans wranglers; Shoe size: 11 work boot; Underwear size: 38 briefs; Coat size: 4X
37 4/13/2018 Family
F Household supplies, hygiene items, food Family in need of assistance with household basics.. out of everything
38 4/16/2018 Family
F 46 clothing, hygiene and dental items, pantry and paper items, toilet paper, towels and washcloths Family with no income. Husband has serious disability. Riva is trying to make income by selling hand made items, but needs supplies in order to do this. jeans 22; Tshirts 2X; walking shoes 9; hoodie 2X 4 toothbrushes, toothpaste for 4 yr old: pants, shirt, small toy for husband: XL sweatshirt, 2 l/s shirts, 4 pr underwear-4/19/18
39 4/16/2018 Husband M 55 clothing; hygiene and dental care items jeans 34x34; shirts XL; shoes 9.5; underwear 34; hoodie XL XL sweatshirt, 2 l/s shirts, 4 pr underwear
40 4/16/2018 Granddaughter F 4 clothing, dental care items, Aveno hygiene products (due to skin issues) pants and shirts 6-7T; shoes 10; underwear 5; hoodie 8 pants, shirt, small toy
41 3/21/2018 Son M 18 clothing jeans 36x34; Tshirts XL; shoes 11.5; underwear 36; Hoodie XL
42 4/13/2018 Family
F Diapers size 1, wipes, clothing, household supplies This family is in great need of assistance right now Baby-wipes, 5 suits
43 4/13/2018 Son M 4 Clothing This little Boy is in need of clothing and shoes Clothing size 7; shoe size 12 -2 pants, 2 T-shirt’s, zip up hoodie, sneakers
44 4/10/2018 Family
F 58 toilet paper, laundry & dish soap, tooth brushes & paste, pantry items, clothes & socks Family would greatly appreciate assistance with much needed basic items pants size 12; blouses size XL; shoes size 8; underwear size 7; bra size 36C
45 4/10/2018 Son M 15 clothing, socks pants size 36x30; shirts size XL; shoes size 11 men; underwear size 34; hoodie/jacket size XL
46 4/9/2018 Family
F food, shampoo/conditioner, hygiene items , household supplies This family is in need of food and household basics Medium Shirt/ Hoody; Pants size 5; shoe size 6.5
47 4/18/2018 Family
M 36 "Always" brand sanitary pads with wings for older daughter; diapers, pull-ups, baby wipes, milk, regular Enfamil formula for the babies For milk/food, on account credit/gift card can be arranged with DakotaMart in Martin #605-685-6448 BABIES: diapers sizes 3, 5, 6
48 4/8/2018 Family
F Summer clothes and shoes. This Elder needs help with summer clothes and shoes for her 6 grand children. There are 12 people living in this house on a very limited income. Please help them.
49 4/8/2018 Granddaughter F 13 Summer clothes and shoes. This teenager really needs some clothes and shoes. Pants; 12 . Shirts; Medium adult. Shoes; 7
50 4/8/2018 Granddaughter F 6 Summer clothing and sandals. This lovely little girl really needs your help with summer clothes and sandals. Pants; 7. Shirts; 6. Shoes; 5.
51 4/8/2018 Grandson M 9 Summer clothing and sneakers. This growing lad needs new summer clothes and sneakers. Pants; 10. Shirt; 10. Shoes; 5.
52 4/8/2018 Granddaughter F 2 Summer clothing and shoes. This lovely toddler really needs some summer clothes and some sandals. Pant; 3T. Shirts; 3T. Shoes; 5
53 4/8/2018 Grandson M 3 Summer clothing and sneakers. A toddler in need of summer clothing and sneakers. Pants; 4T. Shirts; 4T. Shoes; 9
54 4/8/2018 Grandson M 12 Summer clothes and sneakers. This lad really needs your help with clothing and sneakers. Pants; Adults large, sweat pants. Shirts; Adults XL. Shoes; 7.
55 4/20/2018 Family
F 36 Summer clothing. This single mother really needs some help with summer clothes for her 3 little girls. Children grow up so fast.
56 4/20/2018 Daughter F 9 Clothing and shoes. Summer clothing and shoes are really needed for this growing girl. Pants; 10 to 12 years. Shirts; 10 to 12 years. Shoes; 4.
57 4/20/2018 Daughter F 7 Clothes and shoes. This growing little girl really needs some summer clothes and shoes. Children grow so quickly. Pants; 8. Shirt; 8. Shoe; 2.
58 4/20/2018 Daughter F 6 months Clothing and shoes. This baby is growing fast and she really needs some summer clothes and shoes. Pants; 12 to 18 months. Shirts; 12 to 18 months. Shoes; 4 baby size.
59 4/17/2018 Family
F 52 toilet paper, laundry and dish detergent, bleach, cleaning supplies, kitchen garbage & trash bags Grandparents with very little income are raising their grandson. They would appreciate help with some of the basics. Wopila
60 4/2/2018 Family
F 27 socks, laundry & dish soap, toilet paper, body wash & shampoo, king size sheet set/bedding mother would greatly appreciate help with a few items for herself and son
61 3/7/2018 Son M 8 shoes, socks and hoodie shoes size 5; hoodie size S men
62 4/8/2018 Family
M 51 Any kind of material and spools of ribbon. Kevin's wife would like to make dance costumes for the kids to perform in the upcoming pow-wow this summer. fabric for Pow Wow costumes, 3 spools ribbon, 4/13/18
63 4/7/2018 Family
F 25 laundry & dish soap, body wash, toilet paper This family would appreciate assistance with much needed basics. Wopila
64 4/20/2018 Family
F Pants and summer clothing for grand daughters, pantry food and Hygiene products This Grandmother is asking for help for grand daughters. They are the love of her life and it hurts her that they have outgrown their clothes.....She tries to make it but finds it hard and often runs out of food and care items for girls. she says they have long hair and could us some hair ties too. shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, body wash, hair ties
65 4/20/2018 Granddaughter F 6 Pants, shorts, T shirts, socks. shampoo, conditioner & body Wash This little girl is in the lst grade and she is often in hot pursuit of her big sister.....Grannie says she is going to be tall like her sister. Pants 8 shirts 8/10 2 shorts, 2 tops
66 4/20/2018 Granddaughter F 9 Pants, shorts, T shirts , Socks, shampoo, conditioner & hair ties This little girl is in the 3rd grade and lives in the country. She lives in the country and you can often see her long her streaming behind her. Pants 10 child shirts 10/12 child dress, shorts, tops
67 4/20/2018 Granddaughter F 9 Pants, shorts, T shirts, Socks, shampoo, conditioner, body wash & hair ties This little girl lives with her cousins and is in the 3rd grade. She too loves to play outside and says she really loves grannie. Pants 10 shirts 12 dress, shorts, tops
68 4/14/2018 Family
F 69 coffee, creamer, sugar & Equal sugar substitute, toilet paper, Kleenex, dish & laundry soap, dryer sheets, healthy snacks & food/pantry items, shampoo & body wash, 4 dog collars size L, dog food Elders in urgent need of basics and are seeking assistance 36 rolls toilet paper, laundry detergent, coffee, shampoo & conditioner, fabric softener, 4 body wash, zero calorie sweetener, box of cheez-it crackers, coffee mate, Ritz crackers, graham crackers.
69 4/5/2018 Family
F 40 Any kind of pantry items, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, clothing and shoes for kids. This family could really use a helping hand. They would be very grateful for whatever assistance is given. Thank you!! joggers/sweatpants 15 jrs. tops M womens shoes 7.5 slip on or low top tennis shoes bra 36 C underwear 8
70 4/5/2018 Son M 13 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. joggers 16-18 boys T-shirts 18 boys shoes 11 high top tennis shoes hoodies M mens boxers 16-18 boys
71 4/5/2018 Son M 19 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. joggers/casual slacks 32x32 Shirts M shoes 10 slip on tennis shoes pull over sweaters M underwear boxers 30-32 waist
72 4/5/2018 Son M 19 Summer clothing personal hygiene products. jeans 32x33 T-shirts L mens shoes high top tennis shoes 9.5 jacket/hoodie L underwear boxers 30-32 waist
73 4/5/2018 Foster Son M 13 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. pants 12-14 boys/slim T-shirts 14-16 boys shoe 8 high top tennis shoes pull over hoodies 14-16 boys
74 4/5/2018 Daughter F 18 Spring/summer clothing and shoes. jeans 14-16 missy tops S missy shoes slip on tennis shoes 8.5 bra 34B underwear 12-14 hoodies S
75 4/5/2018 Family
F 61 summer clothing for grand daughters who she is raising and Grandma says they really needs some pants for school too. A grandmother who just lost her job is asking for help in getting her grandchildren who she is raising clothing for the summer. She has had these children for a long time and is really worried how she is going to get them clothing for summer and pants.
76 4/5/2018 Granddaughter F 8 Leggins, capriis or long shorts, t shirts This little girl who is turning 10 really needs some clothes for summer and some pants she can wear for school. Pants 12 child shirts 12/14
77 4/5/2018 Granddaughter F 9 Leggins, T shirts, capriis or shorts Needs leggins, capris, bermuda shorts and T shirts. She has really grown over winter and nothing fits her. Pants 14 Child shirts 14/16 child
78 4/5/2018 Granddaughter F 16 Summer clothing - Pants, capriis, tops, socks, sneakers & sandals Hygiene articles She said thank you - to anyone who sends her clothes. she really appreciates it. Pants 17/18 Junior or Adult shirts XXL Adults shoes 8 1/2
79 4/5/2018 Granddaughter F 13 She needs jeans or leggins, capris, bermuda shorts, tops sports bra, sneakers, no show socks and sandals This young lady is a teenager and has outgrown her clothes. Her pants are worn out and she really needs some summer clothing. Pants 11 Junior Shoes 8 1/2 shirts L Adult or Junior
80 11/1/2017 Husband M 63 Winter coat, hat & gloves Grandfather is asking for a winter coat. His coat is worn out. xxxL Winter Coat
81 4/20/2018 Family
F 32 clothing, socks, cleaning supplies, flatware, laundry & dish soap, shampoo & conditioner, body wash family asking for assistance with some basics pants/capris size 14; shirt size XL; lace-up shoes size 8.5
82 4/20/2018 Son M 6 clothing, socks pants size 7 husky; shirt size 8; shoes size 1 youth; underwear size 7; hoodie size 8
83 4/20/2018 Son M 1 clothing, onsies, socks, diapers and wipes, baby body wash pants and shirts size 2T; shoe size 6 infant; diapers size 5; jacket/hoodie size 3T
84 4/2/2018 Daughter F 4 clothing, socks pants and shirts 5T, shoes 9 Child, underwear 5T, jacket/hoodie 6T
85 4/2/2018 Daughter F 3 clothing, socks pants and shirts size 5T; shoes 8 Child; underwear size 3; jacket/hoodie size 5T
86 4/2/2018 Son M 1 clothing, socks, diapers and wipes, baby body wash pants and shirts size 3T; shoes size 7 infant; diapers size 6; jacket/hoodie size 4T
87 4/3/2018 Family
F Clothing for children She is asking for help for clothing for her children. Times have been tough for her and she is asking for a helping hand. she loves her children and hates for them not to have nice clothes.
88 4/3/2018 Daughter F 7 school clothing leggins , shirts, shoes, socks & hoodie and some shorts Would love some new clothing for school and shorts for summer Pants 14 child shirts 14/16 Shoes 4
89 4/3/2018 Son M 8 school clothing, jeans, shirts, shoes, socks & hoodie and some basketball shorts for summer would be great This 8 year old little boy is turning 9 the beginning of July and like his sister he has out grown all his clothes... He would love some jeans that would be long enough and some basketball shorts. Pants 14 shirts 14 Shoes 5
90 4/3/2018 Daughter F 9 leggins, t shirts, shorts, socks and undies, sneakers and sandals this little girl who is turning 10 at the end of April would really love some new clothing, all of her clothes she has out grown and she really needs some. Pants XL child or 14/16 Shirts 14/16 Shoes 5
91 4/3/2018 Family
F 31 Clothing for children, hygiene items Young mom needs help with clothing for her children pants, 2 shirts. Boy 5T: pants, 1 shirt. Boy 5T/6: pants, 2 shirts. Girl 7/8: 2 leggings, 3 shirts, 3 undies-4/13/18
92 4/8/2018 Daughter F 8 Clothing This little girl Is in desperate need of clothing Girls 7/8 2 leggings, 3 shirts, 3 undies
93 4/8/2018 Son M 2 Clothing and shoes This little boy is growing so fast.. Really needs clothing and shoes Clothing 5 T and 6 Boys ; size 10 shoes pants, 2 shirts. Shoes (10T), 2 pr. socks, 3 shirts 5T
94 4/8/2018 Son M 3 Clothing This little boy is in desperate need of Clothing Boys size 5T pants, 1 shirt
95 4/8/2018 Foster Son M 4 clothing This little boy is in desperate need of clothing Boys 4 T pants, 2 shirts
96 4/3/2018 Family
F Diapers size 5, baby wipes, household and hygiene items This family is in need of some assistance with the basics
97 4/3/2018 Family
F Dish soap, laundry soap, toilet paper ,food Grandmother out of Everything needs help!
98 4/2/2018 Family
F 43 laundry & dish soap, shampoo & conditioner, body wash, toilet paper, socks, clothing for the children Family would greatly appreciate some assistance
99 4/2/2018 Granddaughter F 3 clothing, socks pants size 5T; hoodie size 6T
100 4/2/2018 Daughter F 21 clothing, socks favorite color is purple sweat pants size 18 plus size; zip-up hoodie size 3X plus size
101 4/2/2018 Daughter F 17 clothing, socks and shoes pants size 16 women; shoes size 10 wide (basketball/tennis shoes)
102 4/2/2018 Family
M 61 A pair of tennis shoes..the pair he has now have holes in them. Oliver is very grateful that his needs were met recently but is still in need of tennis shoes. Thank you! jeans 38x32 shirts 3X shoe 13 high top tennis shoes (black) jacket 3X
103 3/30/2018 Family
F 31 Summer clothing for children, Graduation clothes for son, blankets, towels, sheets - 2 queens, l full & l twin Hygiene Products & pantry food She is starting again and wants her children to be happy.....she said they are good kids and are trying really hard at school.
104 3/31/2018 Son M 3 summer clothes, sneakers, socks This little boy is attending head start this year and loves it. He loves to play with cars, trucks & action figures Shorts 5 Shirts 6 sneakers 9
105 3/30/2018 Daughter F 13 summer clothing - basketball shorts, t shirts, panties, hi-tops hygiene articles This 13 year old 7th grader is 5'11", plays basketball, a A student and is treasurer of her class at school... Mens large basketball shorts, T Shirts XL Hi tops 11
106 3/30/2018 Son M 14 Graduation clothes - pants, dress shirt or tucedo shirt, high tops & bow tie Basketball shorts, t shirts...... This young man is 5'9", is a top student and is VP of student body. He loves basketball. Pants 32/32 shirts Large Hi tops 8 1/2 or 9
107 3/29/2018 Family
M 43 Clothes and high tops. This single dad really needs some help with clothes and high tops for his two sons. Summer clothes would be really helpful. This family is struggling and really needs some help.
108 3/29/2018 Son M 15 Summer clothing and high tops. This young boy really needs some summer clothes and high tops. His dad is a single parent and is struggling. Pants; 32 x 32. Shirt; Large, men's. Shoe; 10.
109 3/29/2018 Son M 16 Clothing and shoes. This young lad really needs some summer clothes and high tops. His single dad is raising him and its a struggle. Pants; 32 x 30. Shirt; Large, men's. Shoes; 9.5
110 4/16/2018 Family
F 27 baby items, Dreft laundry soap, clothing for the New Mom baby in need of clothing and care items. New Mom would appreciate help with clothes for herself, too. FOR BABY: clothing size 3-6 months, diapers size 1; FOR MOM: Plus-Sizes...pants size 18 petite; shirt size 2XL
111 4/7/2018 Family
F 32 toilet paper, paper towels, food & pantry items, dish & laundry soap, pine-sol, trash bags Mother asking for some help with basic items needed.
112 4/13/2018 Family
F 37 Household items. Clothes and shoes. Household cleaning items, laundry tablets, washing up liquid, etc. Pants, shirts and shoes. This lady could really use some help with the above items, Pants; 34. Shirt; Medium. Shoes; 7 sneakers, 2 shorts, 2 s/s tees, 1 l/s tee; laundry, dish and bar soap
113 4/7/2018 Family
F 32 clothing & socks for the children, shampoo & lotion, Qtips, towels & washcloths, bedding for queen bed, dental care items, laundry & dish detergent, toilet paper, food & pantry items, Vicks Parents are seeking assistance, primarily for their children. 1 twin sheet set and 1 matching pillowcase 1 twin sheet set with 2 matching pillowcases-4/16/18
114 3/26/2018 Son M 7 clothing, socks pants size 10 husky; shirt size 14-16 boys; shoe size 8w child; underwear size 10-12 boys; hoodie size 14-16 boys
115 3/26/2018 Son M 5 clothing, socks pants 8 husky; shirt size 10-12 (L) boys; shoe 4w child; socks; underwear 8 boys; hoodie 10-12 (L) boys
116 3/26/2018 Son M 1 clothing and sleepers, diapers, baby hygiene items clothing 3T; Diapers 5; shoes 7w infant
117 3/26/2018 Son M 0 baby clothes, socks, diapers & wipes, Dove sensitive skin/fragrance-free head-to-toe baby wash & lotion clothes 6-9 months; LUV'S diapers size 3 (sensitivity to other brands)
118 4/8/2018 Family
F 35 SPACE HEATER, food & pantry items, toilet paper, laundry & dish soap, blankets, socks & clothing Space heater is urgently needed. Would also greatly appreciate help with much needed items sports bra size 34c; underwear size 7
119 4/4/2018 Family
F 34 food & pantry items, toilet paper, laundry & dish soap, body wash, socks, clothing Would greatly appreciate receiving much needed items SELF: sports bra size 32c; underwear size 7; DAUGHTER: sports bra size 32b; underwear size 6; DAUGHTER: training underwear size 3T
120 3/26/2018 Family
M 33 Struggling family could really use a hand up. XL pants and shirts, 10.5 shoes
121 4/9/2018 Daughter F 4 Size 4T clothing, size 11 shoes sneakers
122 4/9/2018 Daughter F 7 Size 6 girls clothes, size 2 shoes sneakers
123 4/9/2018 Daughter F 2 Size 3 luvs diapers, wipes, 3T clothing, size 10 toddler shoes has twin sister 1 box (186-count) size 3 diapers
124 4/9/2018 Son M 0 Size 3 Luvs diapers, wipes, 3-6 month clothing 1 box (186-count) size 3 diapers
125 4/9/2018 Daughter F 2 Size 4 Luvs, wipes, 3T clothing, size 10 Toddler shoes Has twin sister 1 box (160-count) size 4 diapers
126 4/9/2018 Son M 13 Graduating 8th grade this year an needs an outfit for the ceremony. Black pants and red shirt XL. Size 12 shoes. pants, shirt
127 3/24/2018 Family
F 41 food & pantry items, pillows, blankets & sheets (full size), space heater, socks, toilet paper, shampoo, dental care items, body wash and cream, laundry & dish soap, household cleaning items Mother raising her four children on very limited income. she would greatly appreciate some basic items. An answered prayer would be having a sewing machine and beading supplies to use to earn income.
128 4/18/2018 Family
F 45 clothing items for twin granddaughters graduating from Kindergarten; healthy after school snacks, Ramon noodles, mac-n-cheese, fruits, pantry/food items Grandparents are so excited and proud that their twin granddaughters (age 6) will be graduating from Kindergarten May 3. These 2 little ones have worked really hard at school. The grandparents cannot afford to buy, but would love for the girls to have special leggings, and sandals for their "Big Day" to go along with the "Special Dresses" that someone has already promised to send. Granddaughter 1: leggings/tights size 8-10; sandals size 2.5; Granddaughter 2: leggings size 8-10; sandals size 12.5 2 spring/summer dresses for each girl 1st grade readiness workbook Colored pencils 2 books. 4/18/18
129 4/18/2018 Granddaughter F 6 clothing and socks pant and shirts size 8
130 4/18/2018 Niece F 10 clothing, socks GIRL SIZES: pants size 12; shirt size 14; underwear size 12; bra size M; shoes size 5
131 4/18/2018 Niece F 11 clothing ADULT SIZES: leggings/basketball shorts size XL; tops size XL; slip-on shoes size 9; underwear size 6; sports bra size 38
132 4/8/2018 Family
F Clothing, shoes, hygiene articles for her children A mother just got housing and now she and her girls have their own home.....She likes her girls to look nice and wear dresses or capriis. These girls are not allowed to wear short shorts or skippy clothing. dress size 10 Top and leggings 10/12
133 4/8/2018 Daughter F 8 Summer clothing - dresses, skirts, capriis, bermuda shorts, shirts socks, sandals & sneakers this little second grader is growing by leaps and bounds and needs some summer clothing. Dresses 10/12 child Pants 10/12 Shirts L Shoes 3 3 girls dresses size 12. 2 pair leggings, 2 hoodies, top and skirt size 10 dress, top and leggins
134 3/22/2018 Daughter F 10 Summer clothes - dresses, skirts, capriis, bermuda shorts, sneakers, socks, sandals sports bra This 5th grader really needs some summer clothes - she has grown alot from last year - and has no clothes. Dresses ll, Pants 11, shoes 8 Tops XL
135 3/22/2018 Daughter F 14 Clothing for summer - dresses or skirts, capris, bermuda shorts, sports bras sneakers, low socks and sandals. Vanity mirror for her room. hygiene articles She finally gets to live with Mom and she is so excited. She needs summer clothing and would love a vanity mirror for her room. Dresses - size 9 Shorts 9/10 , tops Med......Shores 8 1/2
136 3/27/2018 Family
F 47 toilet paper, laundry and dish detergent, trash bags, cleaning products, paper towels, wood burning stove Grandmother raising her grandson. In urgent need of help with basics necessities
137 4/20/2018 Family
F Personal hygiene products, toilet paper, pantry items...flour, shortening, rice, beans, canned vegetables, hoodies and socks for 2 boys and 3 girls, size 4 diapers. A very large family of 20 people living in the household is reaching out for help. They are really struggling at the moment and any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! hoodies 18 boys hoodies L jrs. socks 9-11 size shoe for boys 0 double rolls Scott's to, 96 oz Bisquick, 80 oz unbleached flour, 4 lb lard, 18 oz Cinnamon, 24 oz syrup, 106 oz whole kernal sweet corn,32 oz northern beans, 48 oz spaghetti (pack of 2), 32 oz macaroni (pack of 3), 10 lb long grain rice, 15 bean Cajun soup mix, 67 oz Prego spaghetti meat sauce
138 4/16/2018 Family
F 85 toilet paper, Kleenex, dish and laundry soap, pantry items, bath & dish towels Elder would appreciate help with some basics. Thank you for the seeds for the vegetable garden!! sweater size 20-22
139 4/17/2018 Family
F 30 pantry items and food, electric skillets, cleaning items, blankets, air mattress, large containers for hauling water, laundry and dish soap, toilet paper, shampoo, body wash Diana and her children are in need of basic necessities. Pine sol; tp; scrubber; Fabuloso ; laundry detergent; sugar; oil; pancake mix; syrup; bread mix; oatmeal; pb; rice; skillet; blanket; air mattress
140 4/13/2018 Family
F 42 food and pantry items, healthy snacks, toilet paper, laundry soap, body wash, dental care items Family would appreciate assistance with basic needs. food box
141 4/13/2018 Son M 17 clothes, socks sweats size 4X; Tshirts size 4X Tall; basketball shoes size 15; underwear size 44 3 pr size 15 socks
142 4/13/2018 Son M 19 clothes, socks sweats size XL; Tshirt size L; underwear size 34 2 L tees, 3 boxers
143 4/13/2018 Son M 13 clothing, socks MEN SIZES: sweats size XL; Tshirts size XL; underwear size 36 1 XL tee, 2 pr socks
144 3/20/2018 Granddaughter F 2 clothing, socks underwear size 4T; shoes size 9c
145 3/20/2018 Grandson M 2 shoes, diapers and wipes shoes size 8c; diapers size 5
146 3/23/2018 Family
F Premier or ensure protein shakes (chocolate and strawberry), puddings, cheese soup...anything high in protein but easy to swallow. Karen's oldest daughter was recently diagnosed with throat cancer and is reaching out for help. And to make matters worse, Karen lost her job due to taking too much time off of work to take her daughter to Doctor appointments. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!! Pants size 7; Shirt size Large; shoe size 8 12 pk of ensure