The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN URGENT NEEDS FOR THE KITCHEN: Large cake pans, Large muffin pans, Large baking pans, Large cookie sheet pans, loaf pans, dish towels, flour, yeast, vegetable oil, Sweet-n-Low packets, coffee, coffee creamer, coffee cups, aluminum foil, disposable serving gloves, plastic containers for collecting dirty dishes, toilet paper, paper towels & napkins, food storage containers; CLEANING SUPPLIES: Pine-Sol, Dawn dish soap, Clorox Clean-up, disposable vinyl gloves size L, 30 gallon trash bags, kitchen broom. Wopila tanka.

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No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 7/16/2018 Family
F 71 Cleaning supplies, trash bags, dish soap, laundry detergent, shampoo/conditioner, body soap...etc. This elderly couple has fallen on hard times. They are in desperate need of cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. Thank you!
2 7/16/2018 Family
F 20 Arie is asking for clothing, pantry food and hygiene articles for her a very meager existence and children often go to bed hungary. A single young mother, whose own mother died of cancer last year is trying to start a life on her own with her children. She is trying hard but is finding it hard....she has just recently taken in a niece that needed a place to call home. any help would be very appreciated. This young mother has asked for nothing for herself - I added the sizes as she has very little. Clothing 2X - Sport Bras 2XL shoes 10 Prefers spandex or stretchy pants
3 7/16/2018 Daughter F 1 Clothing everything - 2T months - pants, shirts, shoes, socks, hoodie or sweater diapers size 5 - small toy would be appreciated This 14 month old little girl has very little clothing and could really use help. clothing 2T shoes 6
4 7/16/2018 Niece F 13 School clothes, jeans, t Shirts, socks, panties , personal hygiene articles hoodie, sneakers and socks no show or low, back pack - school supplies pencils #2, pens, markers, highlighters, calculator, compass, small binder, loose leaf paper, 3 notebooks and back pack This young girl just came to live with her Aunt. She arrived with very little and is going to a boarding school during the week. She loves skinny jeans and tries hard to look nice but says sometimes it is hard. It would be wonderful if she was able to go to school with enough clothing. Jeans 5 Jr. shirts Med shoes 7
5 7/16/2018 Son M 3 Clothing - pants, shirts, shoes, socks, hoodie and underwear. Plus a back pack with some crayons and scissors This little boy is long legged and has very little clothes. He would love to have some nice clothes for school He would also love a toy Pants 4T shirts 4T shoes 9C
6 7/14/2018 Family
F 24 clothing, cowboy boots (that's what she wears) and cleaning items Bridget received nothing in her last listings. Young lady with no income lives with relatives while going to college. jeans size 32x30; sports pants/shorts size M (men); shirt size M (men); cowboy boots size 9D
7 6/14/2018 Family
M 49 jeans, t shirts, sneakers, socks and hygiene articles He walks everywhere and his shoes have given out. He is disabled and could use a helping hand. He likes to look nice and his clothing is wearing out. Pants 33/32 Shirts 2X , sneakers - size 10
8 7/16/2018 Family
F 37 clothing, socks, laundry & dish soap, body wash, shampoo, tooth brushes & paste, trash bags, toilet paper & paper towels, food & pantry items This family did not receive anything during last listing. Family would greatly appreciate assistance with much needed basics PLUS-SIZES: pants/capris/shorts size 18 petite; shirts size 1X; underwear; shoe boots (looks likes Ughs) size 10wide Tooth paste & 4 brushes, women's and men's deodorant, shampoo, hand soap. Tooth paste & 4 brushes, women's and men's deodorant, shampoo, hand soap.
9 7/16/2018 Son M 15 clothing, socks pants size 36x30; shorts size L; shirts size XL; shoes size 10wide; undies size 36 2,t-shirts, 2 underwear, socks
10 7/16/2018 Son M 10 clothing, socks BOY SIZES: pants/shorts size 14-16 husky or XL; shirts size 14-16 husky or XL; undies size 14-16; shoes size 5 2 t-shirts
11 7/16/2018 Daughter F 12 clothing, socks pants/shorts size 9 junior; shirts size XL junior; shoes size 8 women; undies size XL junior Size 9 junior jeans, one top, socks
12 7/10/2018 Daughter F 1 clothing, diapers, baby wipes, baby body wash/shampoo/lotion, socks clothing size 18-24 months; diapers size 4; shoes size 3infant
13 7/6/2018 Family
F 53 In desperate need of a fan. This elder has no a/c and the one fan she had to try and keep cool no longer works. Thank you for any assistance! 20" Lasko Box Fan-7/11/18
14 7/5/2018 Family
F Cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, toilet paper, laundry detergent. Mother of 5 with no income is in desperate need of basic necessities. Shampoo (2), Laundry detergent, toilet paper, dish detergent, body wash (2 pack), 6 pack of soap.
15 7/4/2018 Family
F 30 Summer clothes and shoes. This single mother is in need of help with summer clothes and shoes. Its only her second time on the OKINI. Shirts; 3XL. Pants; 3XL. Shoes; 9
16 7/11/2018 Daughter F 7 Summer clothes and shoes. This young girl really needs some summer clothes and shoes. She lives with her single mother, its only the second time her mother has asked for help. Shirt; 7/8 years. Pants; 7/8 years. Shoes; 12 Children. size 8 jeans, two tops, size 12 summer sneakers
17 7/11/2018 Son M 11 Summer clothes and sneakers. This young lad really needs some summer clothes and sneakers. Nothing fits him from last summer, he lives with his single mother who tries very hard to keep the children clothed. Pants; 32 inch waist in mens. Shirts; Medium in mens. Shoes; 9 32" jeans, two medium men's shirts, size 9 sneaker
18 7/14/2018 Family
M Tank tops, basketball type shorts. sneakers and socks. HIS SHOES HAVE FALLEN APART....HE IS DESPERATE. Hygiene articles - shampoo, body wash, deordorent, razors and pantry food. Homesless man who uses other peoples kitchens needs food that keeps or has long shelf life. He is in need of clothing....He is always very grateful for whatever he gets - he wanted to make sure people know how very thankful he is. He has no income and tries to do odd jobs. He does not qualify for food stamps as he has no permanent home address but has a permanent mailing address. pants 42 shirts 3xl shoes 11 1/2 2shirts, 2 shorts, sneakers, sox, razors, shaving cream, deodorant, bodywash/shampoo, 2 pk mac and cheese, beef jerky, peanut butter, crackers, granola bars, box and can chicken noodle soup, instant oatmeal, 2 5-pk ramen noodles, beef stew, spaghetti
19 7/14/2018 Family
F 57 Fans - Hygiene articles - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, tooth paste and toothbrushes hand soap, cleaning supplies - disinfectant, laundry soap and mop, broom & dust pan, Desperate for toilet paper. snack foods would be appreciated such as ramen noodles The windows of thi house are broken since winter storms and still waiting for them to get fixed - house gets very warm A very loving and caring grandmother who has 14 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren living with her is asking for help for some help. THIS FAMILY OF 18 PLUS PEOPLE ARE REALLY DESPERATE...DAILY HYGIENE ARTICLES, LAUNDRY SOAP, CLEANING SUPPLIES, SNACK FOODS WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.. They have no income this summer but is promised a job this fall. THIS GRANDMA WANTS TO THANK ANYONE WHO HELPS HER AND HER FAMILY.- Dawn, laundry pods, 2 bars of soap, 4 pk toothbrushes, 2 toothbrushes, 2 shampoos, 2 deodorants, 10 pencils, cute erasers, 4 pcs sidewalk chalk, and a bottle of bubbles-7/16/18
20 7/10/2018 Husband M elder Fans - healthy foods - dried fruit, brn bread, brn rice, canned vegetables, canned chicken, sausage, dried beans for soups, stewed tomatoes sunflower seeds, Doctor told him he has to eat healthier. He askes for very little for himself - his life is devoted to taking care of his grandchildren but this past year he has been diagnosis with a life life threatening disease....His doctor has told him he needs to eat healthier but he is greatly suffering from the heat and would appreciate a few fans.
21 7/9/2018 Family
F 27 Layette and baby care items This 27 year old is having her first baby - a little boy. DUE July 21. She has nothing for him and would really appreciate if someone could help her. diapers, wipes, baby wash, 2 receiving blankets, 7 onesies, 2 sleep/play, 2 pants
22 7/6/2018 Family
M 38 clothes and socks would greatly appreciate receiving some much needed clothes pants size 32x30; shirt size L; work boots size 10.5; brief size 32; hoodie size XL
23 6/29/2018 Family
F 40 clothes Would appreciate assistance with much needed clothes Pants size 18; Shirt size 1X plus size; Shoe size 8 wide
24 6/29/2018 Family
M 47 clothing, socks, diapers & baby hygiene items for the grandchildren, food & pantry items, toilet paper, laundry & dish soap, cleaning supplies & trash bags, towels, washcloths Grandparents seeking assistance with basics, especially the need for diapers for the little ones
25 7/16/2018 Granddaughter F 0 clothing, socks, diapers & baby hygiene items clothing size 3 months; diapers size 2 or 3 Baby blanket Baby hooded bath towel
26 6/29/2018 Grandson M 2 clothing, socks, diapers & wipes clothing size 5T; diapers size 6; shoes size 7.5
27 6/29/2018 Grandson M 3 clothing, socks, diapers clothing size 4T; diapers size 6 Parent's Choice (sensitivity to other brands); shoes size 7.5
28 6/29/2018 Grandson M 6 clothing and socks clothing size 10-12 boys; underwear size 10; hoodie size 12; shoes size 3
29 6/29/2018 Grandson M 3 clothing & diapers clothing size 4T; diapers size 6; shoes size 7.5
30 6/30/2018 Family
F 41 Food items, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, feminine pads. A single mother with 5 children have fallen on hard times. They could really use some help. Thank you!
31 6/29/2018 Family
M 26 For infant daughter: diapers, baby wipes, body wash, lotion Parents would greatly appreciate assistance with basics for their baby daughter diapers size 3
32 6/29/2018 Family
F 25 For infant daughter: diapers, baby wipes, body wash, lotion Mother would greatly appreciate assistance with basic needs for her baby girl. diapers size 5
33 4/5/2018 Son M 3 clothing and socks, diapers, hat, scarf, gloves clothing size 5T; diapers size 6; hoodie size 6T; boots size 11T
34 7/10/2018 Family
M 79 Any kind of food items, dishes, towels, clothing Ken's wife Audrey suffered a heart attack in early May and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. Upon returning home they discovered their house had been broken into. A lot of things were stolen and they do not have the resources to replace everything. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! pants 32x30 shirts M western style coat M shoe 9 2 boxes pancake mix, 1 can sweet potato corn chowder, 1 can chicken corn chowder, tomato paste, pasta sauce, 1 can pinto beans, 1 can black beans, 2-5lbs. flour, 1 can garbanzo beans, 1 can kidney beans, 1 can great northern beans, 2 cartons oatmeal, pasta shells, 2 boxes fusilli, cheese pasta sauce, syrup, graham crackers, 2 jars peanut butter,
35 7/5/2018 Spouse F 65 Any food items, dishes, towels, personal hygiene products, clothing. pants 2XP shirts 3X coat 4X shoes 8
36 7/7/2018 Family
30 Pantry items. Cleaning materials. Hygiene Products. This single mother of 3 children is really struggling. Its the first time she has asked for help. Peanut butter, crackers, coffee, hand soap, women's & men's deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste and brushes. 2 summer outfits two XL tshirts summer dress, shorts and top and panties-7/9/18
37 7/4/2018 Daughter F 9 Clothes and shoes for the summer. This little girl really needs some summer clothes and shoes. Its the first time this family has been on the OKINI listing. Shoes; 4. Shirts; 10/12 years or medium girls. Jeans; 10/12 years. summer dress, shorts and top and pantries
38 7/4/2018 Son M 10 Clothes and shoes. This young lad needs summer clothes and shoes. First time this family has asked for help. Shoes; 10.5. Jeans; 38 x 32. Shirts; XL mens. two XL tshirts
39 7/4/2018 Daughter F 4 Clothes and shoes. This little girl really needs some summer clothes and shoes. This is the first time this family have been on OKINI. Jeans; 5T. Shirts; 5T. Shoes; 10. 2 summer outfits
40 6/26/2018 Family
F 56 Clothing. Homeless with no income right now! Most of her clothing was taken while she was in the hospital recently. 3X shirts; 18 pants; shoe size 10 wide; coat 3X
41 6/26/2018 Family
F Pantry Items. Cleaning materials. Hygiene products. This single mother needs help with clothing for her two boys, who are growing fast. She also needs pantry food, cleaning materials and hygiene products.
42 6/26/2018 Son M 15 years Clothes and shoes for the summer. This young lad really needs some clothes and shoes for summer. Last years clothes and shoes are too small now. Pants; 32 x 34 Shirts; XL,white round neck shirts. Shoes' 11
43 6/26/2018 Son M 12 years Clothes and shoes This growing lad needs clothes and shoes for summer. Last years summer clothes don't fit any more. Pants; 36 x 34 Shirt; XL Shoes; 11.5
44 7/11/2018 Family
M elder Pantry Food and Hygiene Articles A concerned sister called to ask for help for her brother....she said he really needs a helping hand....she tries to help him as much as she can but she is having a hard time too. He is an elder who is almost blind and deaf and is desperate for pantry food and hygiene articles. Often he runs out of food. His grown son moved back with him to help care for him, but they are really struggling. Shampoo conditioner body wash 3 each; Moisturizing lotion 2 each; Deodorant 2 each; toothpaste 2 each; toothbrushes; alka-seltzer; advil; antiseptic ointment; first aid cream; 4 bars of bath soap; beef bouillon; coffee; tea; candy Pancake syrup;Mac and cheese; fruit and nut snack mix; jams; instant potatoes; dry bfast cereal como pack;non-fat dry milk; instant oatmeal; powder cheddar cheese; nut mix pancake mix
45 7/4/2018 Family
F 37 Any kind of food items, twin and full size sheets/blankets, personal hygiene products and summer clothing for the children. This family moved to Pine Ridge Village from a different part of the Reservation 3 months ago. They purchased a run down trailer in hopes of making it livable, which takes the majority of their resources. Any help for this family would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! joggers or capris 3X tops 3X shoes 10.5 hoodies/jackets 3X 1 full sheet set; 1 twin sheet set Two XL white t-shirts Girls jean shorts Boys t-shirt-7/7/18
46 7/4/2018 Son M 4 This little boy is in urgent need of clothing. pants 6 l/b, shirts 6 l/b, shoes 12 or 1, hoodies 6 l/b t-shirts flip flops
47 7/4/2018 Daughtere F 8 This young school girl is in urgent need of clothing. She is being supported by her grandmother. jeans 8 girls, tops 8 girls, shoes 2, underwear 6, hoodies 8 girls jean shorts sneakers
48 7/4/2018 Daughter F 10 Urgent need for clothing for this child. Her grandmother is supporting her, jeans 9 girls, tops 8 girls, shoes 3, underwear 7, hoodies 8 girls jean shorts sneakers
49 7/4/2018 Son M 15 This young man is in urgent need of clothing. His grandmother is supporting him. jeans 28x32, t-shirts XL Mens, shoes 10 high tops, hoodies/coat XL Mens Two XL white t-shirts two tops
50 7/4/2018 Spouse F 29 In need of clothing and personal hygiene products. jeans 40x32 mens, t-shirts 3X mens, tennis shoes 9.5 mens (high tops) 1 top
51 6/29/2018 Family
M 40 Pantry items...rice, beans, canned vegetables/fruits, canned meats, etc. John's truck broke down so he missed out on commodities this month. Not only is he trying to provide for his family of 5 but they have taken in family members with no where else to go. They are in DESPERATE need of food. Thank you! pants 36x34 shirts 2X shoes/boots 10.5 wide/11 coat 2X Can chicken,8 chicken broth, 3 PKG northern beans, 10 lbs rice, 2 Bisquick s, 2 spams, peanut butter, 2 46 oz applesauce, minute oatmeal, 2 sweet corn, 48 oz veg. Oil, grape jelly,salt, 6 sml cans smoked ham, 8 cans cream of chicken, 4 cans cut beans-7/10/18
52 6/28/2018 Family
F 34 baby wipes, baby powder, diapers sizes 4 & 5. Mother of 8 with 3 little ones is in desperate need of diapers and baby things. shirt size XL; leggings pants size 18; tennis shoes size 7.5
53 7/16/2018 Family
M 36 FANS; For the 4 toddlers: DIAPERS, wipes & powder; For older daughter: sanitary pads with wings; For family: Corelle plates & bowls (family of 8), toilet paper, liquid laundry & dish soap, paper towels Family is taking care of Elder parent who is in poor health. Heat is oppressive and makes breathing extremely difficult, especially for this Elder. diapers sizes 4, 5, 6
54 5/24/2018 Family
F 22 Huggies diapers, wipes, milk, clothing, socks, baby tearless head-to-toe body wash Mother would greatly appreciate help with diapers, milk and basics for her precious son. He needs to have "Huggies" diapers due to skin sensitivity to all other brands. Huggies diapers size 5; clothing size 18 months boys
55 6/20/2018 Family
M 49 shoes for the family, ankle & tube socks, shorts for the children, laundry & dish soap, toilet paper, paper towels, shampoo & conditioner, hand soap & body soap, hygiene and dental care items, sanitary pads with wings, food and pantry items This family survives on very limited income. Seeking help with clothing and the basics tennis shoes size 8.5
56 6/21/2018 Wife F 48 shoes tennis shoes size 9 women or size 8 men
57 6/21/2018 Daughter F 14 shorts & shoes shorts size 18; tennis shoes size 7 boys
58 6/21/2018 Son M 10 shorts & shoes shorts size 16-18; tennis shoes size 8 boys
59 6/21/2018 Daughter F 17 shorts & shoes shorts size 18; tennis shoes size 7 boys
60 7/16/2018 Family
F 43 FOR GRANDCHILDREN: clothing, umbrellas, diapers/pull-ups, baby wipes, baby body wash/lotion/powder, 1 regular & 2 toddler toothbrushes; towels & washcloths, paper towels Grandmother raising several grandchildren needing help. clothes for 2 girls size 3T and 4T; pull-ups size 2-3T and 3-4T; baby clothes size 3-6 months; diapers size 2 2 bars of soap, 2 deodorants, 1 adult shampoo, 1 kids shampoo
61 7/16/2018 Granddaughter F 2 clothing, socks pants size 4/5T elastic waist; shirt size 4/5T; shoe size 8
62 7/16/2018 Granddaughter F 3 clothing, socks pant size 5/6; shirt size 5/6; shoe size 9; pull-up size 6
63 7/16/2018 Grandson M 7 clothing, socks pant size 8; shirt size 8; shoe size 2; underwear size 8
64 7/16/2018 Grandson M 9 clothing, socks pant size 12; shirt size L boys; shoe size 5 boys; underwear size 12
65 7/16/2018 Grandson M 10 clothing, socks pants size 14-16 boys; shirt size L boys; shoes men size 5; underwear size 14-16
66 7/16/2018 Grandson M 5 clothing, socks pant size 6/7; shirt size 6/7; shoe size 1.5; underwear size 6/7
67 7/16/2018 Granddaughter F 5 clothing, socks pant size 6/7; shirt size 6/7; shoe size 12T, underwear size 6
68 7/16/2018 Granddaughter F 8 clothing, socks pant size 10 girls; shirt size M/10 girls; shoe size 2; underwear size 10