The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN Shoes and socks, sandals and flip-flops, for girls and boys, for little feet to larger feet, from size 3 child to size 13 men, for the children running around without shoes, because they have none. There is also the need for activity books, games, toys, thick puzzles and books for "the younger little ones". Wopila

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 6/26/2017 Family
F 61 cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, summer clothes Grandmother raising granddaughter and greatgrandson on a very limited income. Is in urgent need of cleaning supplies and summer clothes. pants/capris size 4 T-shirt/tank tops size m spring jacket size m shoe size 7
2 6/26/2017 Granddaughter F 25 Tashauna is in urgent need of some new clothes. She is currently unemployed but does receive food stamps. Grandmother raising granddaughter and greatgrandson on very limited income. jeans size 20 t-shirt size 2x tennis shoe size 9 underwear XL-size 7 socks
3 6/26/2017 Family
F 32 Only asking for clothes and shoes for her 3 children. Mother of 3 children and 1 on the way is only asking for clothing for her children. Family is on a very limited income.
4 6/26/2017 Daughter F 11 Clothes and shoes. pants/shorts 16 l/g shirts 16 l/g shoes 6 l/g bra 34A underwear 10-12 l/g
5 6/26/2017 Son M 0 Clothes, shoes and diapers. pants/shorts 12-18 months shirts 12-18 shoes 4t diapers size 3
6 6/26/2017 Son M 5 clothes and shoes. pants/shorts 7 l/b shirts m l/b shoes 13 l/b underwear 5 l/b
7 6/24/2017 Family
F 19 clothing, dental and hygiene items for her children, pantry items, paper products, cleaning supplies Young mother asking for help for her 3 daughters
8 6/24/2017 Daughter F 5 clothing; dental and hygiene care items; towel and washcloths pants and shirts 5T; shoes 9; hoodie 6T
9 6/24/2017 Daughter F 3 clothing, dental and hygiene care items, towel and washcloths pants and shirts 5T; shoes 9; hoodie 6T
10 6/24/2017 Daughter F 2 clothing, dental and hygiene care (Cetaphil due to skin issues) items, towel and washcloths pants and shirts 4T; shoes 7; underwear 3T; hoodie 5T
11 6/24/2017 Family
F 45 clothing, hygiene and dental items, pantry and paper items, toilet paper, towels and washcloths Family with no income. Husband has serious disability. Riva is trying to make income by selling hand made items, but needs supplies in order to do this. jeans 22; Tshirts 2X; walking shoes 9; hoodie 2X
12 6/24/2017 Granddaughter F 3 clothing, dental care items, Aveno hygiene products (due to skin issues) pants and shirts 6-7T; shoes 10; underwear 5; hoodie 8
13 6/24/2017 Son M 18 clothing jeans 36x34; Tshirts XL; shoes 11.5; underwear 36; Hoodie XL
14 6/24/2017 Husband M 55 clothing; hygiene and dental care items jeans 34x34; shirts XL; shoes 9.5; underwear 34; hoodie XL
15 6/23/2017 Family
F 63 Food, hygiene items, cleaning supplies and a Fan . This Grandmother on a very limited income, is need. Most of their resources are going towards utility bills and gas money to drive there daughter to her dialysis appointments several times a week. Any assistance would make a huge difference.
16 6/23/2017 Family
F 27 diapers and baby wipes for her two children (Please, no LUVS brand due to skin sensitivity) This family barely has enough from month to month. They are reaching out for help. diapers sizes 4 and 6
17 6/23/2017 Daughter F 1 diapers, and baby wipes Please, no LUVS brands as they cause skin irritation Huggies size 4 shoes
18 6/23/2017 Son M 2 diapers, and baby wipes Likes to play with blocks, trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, and likes to fix things. diapers size 6
19 6/13/2017 Brother M 10 clothing, hygiene products pants/shorts 16; shirts 14/16; boxers L; socks; shoes 6.5 boys
20 6/21/2017 Family
F elder Personal hygiene articles toilet paper, pantry food & material to make quilts & muslin or sheet for backing A elder tries hard to support herself and her family by making quilts - but finds it hard to get material. At the moment she is running low on basic needs.
21 6/21/2017 Family
F 56 Clothing for Grandchild & hygiene articles for child and family A little girl has come to live at her grandma's and came with very little.
22 6/27/2017 Grandchild F 4 summer clothes, shoes, socks & toddler hygiene articles & wipes A little girl has come to grandmother and she has very little to wear - this grandmother would greatly appreciate some help. Clothing 4T Shoes 7 2 pants, 1 leggins, 1 shorts - 2 t-shirts, 1 sweater - 1 pair of sandals, 1 pair of boots (for fall) - 5 pair of socks
23 6/27/2017 Family
M microwaveable food, no show socks, tank tops Homesless man who uses other peoples kitchens needs food that keeps or has long shelf life. He is in need of socks and tank tops......He is always very grateful for whatever he gets. pants 38/32 shirts 3xl shoes 11 1/2 6 pack No Show Socks 4 cans Chicken 4 can Beef Ravioli in Tomato & Meat Sauce 2x Mens Tank Top size 3XL
24 6/27/2017 Family
M 51 Pantry food and hygiene articles An elder who lives alone - is often running out of food and could really use help. He said he is tired of going to bed hungary.
25 6/21/2017 Family
F 58 Food, Diapers, Household supplies, hygiene items, dental care, and a Fan. This Grandmother is on a very limited income and is Is caring for her 10 Grandkids. She could use a helping hand with basic needs. They are in desperate need of diapers size 5 and 6 .
26 6/27/2017 Family
F Desperate for fans This Elders sight is failing. It would be great to make her life more comfortable. Her daughter and grandchildren live with her. Stanley 655704 High Velocity Blower Fan, Yellow Lasko 2521 Oscillating Stand Fan, 16-Inch, Black
27 6/22/2017 Family
F 48 Cleaning products, hygiene products, clothes for grandchildren. Sonia's grandchildren were dropped off to her about a month ago with only the clothes they were wearing. This family could really use a helping hand.
28 6/24/2017 Granddaughter F 14 Urgent need of clothes and shoes jeans/shorts 16 t-shirts 16 shoes 8.5 socks 8-10 3 l/s tops, dress, 2 long pants, 3 shorts, 2 summer pjs, hoodie, 3 pr socks, sneakers, 2 pairs women's sneakers
29 6/22/2017 Grandson M 7 Urgent need of clothes and shoes. jeans/shorts 7 t-shirts 8-9 shoes 3.5 socks 4-6 3 Henley tshirts, 6 pr briefs, 2 pr socks, sneakers
30 6/13/2017 Family
F Pantry items, dish soap, laundry soap, paper towels, coffee, creamer, tea, hygiene items, household cleaning supplies, house slippers and a pair of jeans. This mother has no income and asks for a helping hand. Her adult Son works odd jobs to help out when he can. shoe size 8.5; Jeans size 6 petite
31 6/23/2017 Family
F 24 food, pantry items, paper products, clothing Young single mother raising her son that has a disability. Samantha has a job but funds do not stretch far. She is also taking care of her uncle, her younger brother and his children, as well as her baby brother. Their mother recently passed.
32 6/13/2017 Son M 3 clothing, socks pants/shirts 2T; shoes 7c
33 6/13/2017 Brother M 22 clothing, socks, hygiene items pants/shorts 38x32; shirts 2XL; shoes 12
34 6/13/2017 Nephew M 3 clothing, socks, hygiene items pants and shirts 5T-6T; underwear M; shoes 13 youth
35 6/13/2017 Nephew M 1 clothing, socks, diapers, hygiene items pants and shirts 2T-3T; shoes 7; diapers size 6
36 6/13/2017 Nephew M 0 clothing/sleepers, socks, baby hygiene items, diapers, Enfamil; Dreft laundry soap baby clothes 6-9 & 9-12 months; diapers size 4
37 6/13/2017 Uncle M 42 clothing, socks, hygiene items jeans 34x34; shirt 1X; work boots 9.5
38 6/21/2017 Family
F 84 house dresses, apple juice, block cheese, fresh fruit Precious Elder would greatly appreciate having a few house dresses. dress size 20 3 house dresses
39 6/27/2017 Family
F 55 summer clothing, toilet paper and paper products, laundry and dish soap; hygiene items Grandmother, working part-time, is raising her granddaughter and grandson, as well as her own son, and her brother that has a disability. They are in great need of assistance. Tshirts XL; tennis shoes 7.5
40 6/27/2017 Granddaughter F 7 summer clothing pants, shirts and underwear 8; shoes 1.5, hoodie 10 1 hoodie, 3 t-shirts, 3 underwear, 3 socks
41 6/27/2017 Grandson M 6 summer clothing pants, shirts and underwear 8; shoes 1.5; hoodie 10 sandals
42 6/12/2017 Son M 27 clothing pants 32x34; shirt 1X; tennis shoes 10.5; boxer underwear 32
43 6/12/2017 Brother M 59 clothing and a baseball cap pants 32x30; button shirts L; tennis shoes 8.5; underwear 32; hoodie L or XL; baseball cap
44 6/26/2017 Family
M 35 clothing, hygiene items, paper products Father raising his 5 children. He works odd jobs to help with their financial needs, but earnings don't go very far. jeans 34x36; Tshirts 2X; socks; tennis shoes 11; boxer underwear 34 men's 2xl shirt, 2xl tank tops, boxers, heavy hoodie, 2 pr. Socks, 2 combs ladies large Columbia jacket, Panties, socks, duffle bag, bar soap
45 6/12/2017 Son M 10 clothing, socks, hygiene items relaxed fit jeans 14; Tshirts 14; shoes 6.5; underwear briefs 14; hoodie 16
46 6/12/2017 Daughter F 12 clothing, socks, hygiene items pants/shorts/running shorts/shirts 16; tennis shoes 7.5; hoodie 18
47 6/12/2017 Son M 6 clothing, socks, hygiene items pants, shirts underwear 7; shoes 13, hoodie 10
48 6/12/2017 Son M 5 clothing, socks, hygiene items pants, shirts, underwear 6; shoes 12; hoodie 8
49 6/12/2017 Daughter F 3 summer clothing, socks, hygiene items pants, shirts 5; shoes 10; hoodie 7
50 6/25/2017 Family
F Is only asking for summer clothing for children A mother only wants some summer clothing for children....she has very little & needs a helping hand coat, jeans, 3 tshirts, polo shirt, 3 pr. boxers, sneakers, 2 tshirt, tank top, shorts, 3 pr. boxers, 8 tops, pants, 3 pr. panties, sneakers, 6 pr. socks, basketball, 2 toothpaste, floss, soap, lotion
51 6/25/2017 Son M 15 Basketball shorts, tank tops, no show socks & high tops Graduating 8th grade - would love a sponsor Pants 16 Shirts 18 or mens. med. shoes 8 1/2 or 9 down jacket, skinny jeans, 3 tshirts, polo shirt, 3 pr Boxers, sneakers
52 6/25/2017 Son M 9 Basketball shorts, t shirts, underwear, no show socks, sneakers & sandals that can get wet. This little boy would love some basketball shorts and sandals he can where in creek for summer. Turning 10 in July - would love a sponsor Pants 10 Shirts 10/12 Shoes 5 2 tshirts, tank top, athletic shorts, 3 pr boxers
53 6/25/2017 Daughter F 13 shorts, jeans, underwear & sneakers A petite athletic 12 year old needs summer clothing. Loves basketball, vollyball and math. Pants l Jr. shirts s/m Jr. shoes 7 1/2 8 tops, pants,3 pr panties, sneakers
54 6/23/2017 Family
F 46 diapers and baby wipes for granddaughter that lives with her Mom is on disability and food stamps. diapers size 4 and wipes
55 6/23/2017 Family
F Food, canned meats, dried fruits, , toilet Paper, house hold cleaning supplies, dental care. This Grandmother is in desperate need and reaches out for some assistance. She does not have a Stove or Refridgerator , and only has a microwave to warm food. A Hot Plate to cook on would make a such a difference. fleece blanket, 2 electric burners, 8 rolls toilet paper, 4 rolls paper towels, clothing and one pair athletic shoes, 3 pr socks, 3 briefs, pr jeans, one sweatpants, 2 pr shorts, 3 s/s t-shirts, 3 l/s t-shirts, one fleece pullover
56 6/18/2017 Grandson M 4 Summer clothing, dental care, blanket, hygiene items This little boy is need of summer clothing and shoes Boys Size 5/6 Shoe size 12 clothing and shoes for the grandson (one pair athletic shoes, 3 pr socks, 3 briefs, pr jeans, one sweatpant, 2 pr shorts, 3 s/s t-shirts, 3 l/s t-shirts, one fleece pullover
57 6/20/2017 Family
F 54 summer clothes for grandson & DOOR kNOBS for front and back door - they have no way of locking doors. Grandma is asking for help clothing her precious grandson....and for some door knobs - her door knobs have fallen apart and they are unable to lock door.....
58 6/10/2017 Grandson M shorts, t shirts, socks, pull ups little boy being raised by dad and his grandparents is in need of help with summer clothing. shorts 5 shirts 6 Pull ups 5
59 6/10/2017 Family
F 21 Summer clothes for son, shoes, diapers and hygiene articles A young mother is raising her son by herself is asking for help....
60 6/27/2017 Son M 0 summer clothes, shoes, diapers, baby care items & hygiene articles. Little boy is growing fast and has no clothes that fit. Clothing size 18 mo - 24 mo. shoes 4 Diapers 5 1 pair sandals size 4, 2 t-shirts, 1 undershirt
61 6/22/2017 Family
F summer clothing and shoes for grandchildren Grandmother is only asking for grandchildren who she loves. 2 girls tank tops, 2 pr. adult crew socks, 2 prs child sneakers and 6 pair socks
62 6/22/2017 Grandson M 0 summer clothes, shoes & socks. Little boy has just arrived with Grandma with very little - grandma really needs help. Clothing 4T shoes 9
63 6/19/2017 Grandson M 2 summer clothes and shoes Pants 2T Shirts 2T Shoes 5 or 6 boys pjs, 4 tshirts, jeans, swim trunks, shorts, 2 pr. Briefs, 4 pr. Socks, zip. Up hoodie
64 6/8/2017 Granddaughter F 8 summer clothes, shoes, socks Another child who has outgrown her clothes. Grandmother only asking for children Needs stretchy clothes as chubby Pants 10 Shirts 10/12 Shoes 3 sneakers and 3 pair socks
65 6/8/2017 Grandson M 4 summer clothes, shoes, socks He has out grown all his clothes Pants 4T shirts 4 or 5T shoes 9 sneakers and 3 pair socks
66 6/27/2017 Family
F 76 Pantry items, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, shampoo and conditioner, toilet paper and paper towels. Elder who cares for her many grandchildren reaches out for a helping hand. On a very limited income and is constantly running low on food and household items. Shirt size 3x ; Pant sixe 2x; Wears Croc shoes size 9-11 2 adult toothbrushes, 1 child toothbrush, 1 tube toothpaste, 2 small combs, 2 nail clippers, colored pencils, 1 pens, markers, hair clip, 1 lip balm, 1 jump rope, 1 small bag, 1 ruler solar calculator, 1 ace bandage, 1 game tablet, 1 graph paper journal, 2 pg stickers, 1 jar garlic, 3 pks kook-aid, 10 teabags
67 6/27/2017 Grandson M 1 Clothing , diapers, wipes In desperate need of diapers and wipes Clothing size 12- 18 Months ; Shoe size 12 9 prs. socks
68 6/27/2017 Granddaughter F 5 Clothing, shoes Needs some summer clothing Size 7 Pants; shoe size 12;shirt size 7; 1 pink jeans, 1 pr grey pants, 1 pr sweatpants, 1 l/s shirts, 5 s/s shirts, 1 sweater, 1 hoodie
69 6/27/2017 Granddaughter F 15 Clothing, Hair care, shoes Needs some summer clothes Skinny Jeans size 10,shoe size 8, medium top, medium sports bra, 5 pr underwear, 3 sleeveless shirts, 3 s/s shirts, 1 pr slacks, 1 pr jeans, 2 padded bras, 1pr sweatpants, 1 pr warm leggings, 1 l/s, hoodie, 1 pr trainers, 2 tank sleeveless
70 6/26/2017 Family
F 56 URGENT NEED FOR FOOD - ALMOST OT OF FOOD. Asking only for clothing for children and hygiene articles. A grandmother raising 12 grandchildren and 3 great children is asking for help. She is out of propane and cooking on a campfire. Her husband is extremely ill. Really needs a helping hand. She said she is only asking for clothing for the most needyof children. Ramen noodle soup, mac & cheese or anything she can cook easily would be a blessing. Beulah White Crane- kids snow boots size10, 2 backpacks, girls panties large, women's Slippers, socks, bar soap, shower gel, 6 toothbrush/2 toothpaste, 12 combs, Duffle bag, 2 large skirts, manicure set, Silver earrings, size 10 ladies shoesWomen's large hooded jacket, 3 summer tops, 1 l/s hoodie, mittens salami log, lotion, Soap bars, 3 easy cook pouch meals, 2 washcloths, 2 sponge 4 box pancake mix, large syrup, 3 cans tuna, 5 lb flour,2 peanut butter, 4 lb. spaghetti, 3 cans tomato, Parmesan cheese, Italian Seasoning, chocolate syrup, jar of salsa, 4 pair crew socks, 2 writing tablets,
71 6/25/2017 Granddaughter F 10 NEEDS MET - THANK YOU. FANTASTIC NEWS - SHE GOT A SPONSOR Little girl has out grown all her clothes and is desperate for sneakers. Pants 8 or 10 slim shirts 10 Shoes 2 sneakers, pants, t-shirt, tank top,
72 6/25/2017 Granddaughter F 15 NEEDS MET - THANK YOU. Grandma said for some reason this child never receives anything..... Pants 9 Jr. Shirts L Shoes 8 2 boxes of clothes for 15 yr. old girl (pants, tops, tshirts, hoodie) high top sneakers, 4 pair socks,
73 6/23/2017 Grandson M 13 Basketball shorts or cut offs , t shirts, basketball sneakers, boxers & socks A tops student who is part of a large family is really desperate for clothes. He is a top student and loves sports, hiking & archery Pants 34/30, Tops XL underwear large Shoes 9 sneakers,
74 6/23/2017 Great Granddaughter F 1 summer clothes, shoes, & pampers size 5 First set of twin in family and grandma would love to have matching outfits. Clothing size 2T Shoes 6 1 x short set 2 x dresses Sneakers for girl age 2
75 6/20/2017 Husband M elder Urgent Need - Fans He is extremely ill and needs two fans.
76 6/1/2017 Great Granddaughter F 1 summer clothes, shoes & diapers #5 Grandma would really love matching outfits - first twins in family. clothes 2T Shoes 6 1 x short set 2 x dresses
77 5/30/2017 Great Granddaughter F 2 summer clothes, panties & shoes A beautiful little girl has outgrown all her clothes clothing 4T Shoes 9
78 6/23/2017 Family
M 47 Pantry/food items, hygiene and dental items, clothing and shoes, cleaning products Loving family, struggling to make ends meet, but would help anyone who asks them for help, is seeking help with the basics. carpenter jeans 34x34; Tshirts XL; shoes 11
79 6/23/2017 Son M 14 clothing and hygiene items jeans 28x30; Tshirt L; shoes 9.5; hoodie XL; underwear 28 pr jeans, 1 shorts, 2 Tshirts, s/s shirt
80 6/18/2017 Granddaughter F 2 clothing, hygiene items clothing and underwear 6T; shoes 8 child shoes, 2 t-shirts, 2 shorts, pr. shoes, 1 l/s & 1 s/s dress, hoodie, l/s shirt, 2 s/s shirts, 2 pr pants, 1 pr shoes
81 6/18/2017 Wife F 44 clothing and hygiene care items jeans 18; shirt XL; shoes 8.5 Shoes, s/s shirt, l/s shirt, 2 pr jeans, 2 pr capri pj pants, 7 pr panties
82 6/18/2017 Grandson M 4 clothing and hygiene items clothing 6T; shoes 1 child shoes pr pants, swim trunks, pr shoes, 5 pr socks
83 6/18/2017 Daughter F 15 clothing and hygiene items jeans 14; Tshirt L; shoes 9; hoodie XL; underwear 14 pr jeans, 1 shorts, 1 Tshirt, underwear, 2 s/s shirts, thermal shirt, hoodie, l/s shirt, 2 shorts, 2 jeans, 7 pr panties
84 6/27/2017 Family
F 22 Clothing and some toys for children Their mother called and asked if anyone could help with some clothes for her children and a few toys. They have outgrown everything.
85 6/27/2017 Stepson M 10 Pants, summer clothes & shoes Has outgrown is clothes Pants 12 Shirts 12-14 Shoes 5 2 socks, 1 t-shirt
86 6/27/2017 Son 1 Summer clothes and a few educational toys Family has very little and needs help clothing children.... Pants 2T Shirts 2T Shoes 6 2 baby-toys
87 6/27/2017 Daughter F 5 pants, summer clothing & a few toys The little girl has outgrown all her clothes and has been waiting for a sponsor for a long time. Pants 6T shirts 6 shoes l 1 longsleeve shirt, 3 t-shirts - 1 leggins, 3 prs socks, 3 girls slip
88 6/27/2017 Family
F 19 jeans, tops, panties, bras, shoes, sandals & hygiene articles A single mother is asking for help clothing herself and child. She loves ragged jeans and skinny jeans. Pants 2 Tops 2/3 Panties 5 Shoes/sandals 7 Bras 32-34 padded
89 6/27/2017 Daughter F 2 summer clothes - pants, shirts, shorts, summer dresses, shoes, jkt or hoodie & pull ups Little girl is growing and has no clothes that fit. Clothes 3t Shoes 5/6 Pull UPS - 5 jkt 3T or 4T 1 sweater, 2 longsleeve shirts, 1 leggins, 3 socks
90 6/26/2017 Family
F 37 clothes for summer Mother and her 2 children just moved and have very little. While moving, their clothing was accidentally thrown out. They seek help with clothing and basic items. capri pants 2X or 18-20; Tshirt, tank tops 2X; tennis shoes 10; pullover hoodie 3X 6 pair crew socks, size 10 Uggs, Size 10 shoes, panties, 2 backpacks, 2 writing pads, 3 combs, 3 toothbrush/ 1 toothpaste, manicure set, bar soap women's sneakers, 2 bras, 2 long pants, 2 tops, 3 girls tops, sneakers 2 boys shorts, tshirt, hoodie, sneakers 2 washcloths, bar soap, shampoo, flosses, pareau, queen fitted sheet ( shorts are on back order and won't arrive until Jul 7) 3 panties, 2 boxers,
91 6/21/2017 Daughter F 6 clothes for summer dresses, pants and shirts 7-8; shoes 3 youth; underwear 7-8; jacket 8 3 tops, sneakers, 3 panties
92 6/21/2017 Son M 8 clothes for summer pants and shirts 14-16; shoes 5.5 youth; boxer underwear 14-16; hoodie 16 2 shorts, tshirt, hoodie, sneakers, 2 boxers
93 6/23/2017 Family
M 25 clothing - jeans, t shirts, underwear, socks, shoes or boots House hold items, hygiene articles A single father who is raising is son alone is asking for help for he and his son. Pants 38/34 Tops XXL shoes 13 Underwear 38 Socks size 10- 13 sneakers, 2 pair socks, men's sneakers, pullover sweater, tshirt, baseball hat, goggles, toothpaste, toothbrush, sponge, 2 dish towels, dried Apple rings
94 6/22/2017 Son M 5 pants, shorts, t shirts, underwear, socks and sneakers or boots and hoodie or jkt. Little boy is getting big like Dad and has ourgrown everything. Pants 8/10, T shirts 10 Shoes l or 2 Jkt. or hoodie 10 Son- high top Converse sneakers, 2 pair socks, hoodie
95 6/23/2017 Family
F 47 toilet paper, laundry and dish detergent, pantry items, toiletries, paper products Grandmother raising her grandson. In urgent need of help with basics necessities Ajax Dishwashing Liquid, Triple Action, Orange, 28 Ounce, Angel Soft Toilet Paper, 48 Double Rolls, Bath Tissue (Pack of 4 with 12 rolls each), Concentrated Powder Detergent, 150 Uses, Aspirin; eye drops; Brillo wipes; dish towels; sponges;razors;dental floss; tooth paste, tooth brushes; deodorant; skin lotion;chocolate bars; scrubbers; peanut butter; jam; instant coffee
96 6/3/2017 Family
F 23 Food and clothing Grandmother, mother, and father, and 1 child living on food stamps. The father is attending college in hopes of finding a job. Mother, Shanna, would like to study accounting. Shoe size: 9- needs boots; Coat size: 2X needs coat winter boots
97 5/23/2017 Family
F 52 Children in need of shoes, basketball short, t-shirts, & socks A mother who is living with her inlaws and taking care of them is in need of clothing help for her children - especially sneakers.
98 6/17/2017 Son M 16 Running Sneakers, socks, basketball shorts, socks. & t Shirts He wants to run in the Sacred Heart Hoop(500 miles) race around the rez....and has no running sneakers - can anyone help him. This is an URGENT. Race is 6/25/17 Pants 36 Shoes 11 shirts XL 4 T shirts, 4 shorts, 6 pairs of socks, 2 flip flops and the running shoe.
99 6/10/2017 Daughter F 11 running sneakers, basketball shorts, t shsirts & socks Wants to run in the 500 mile race around rez....needs help She and Her brother want to do it together....She has no running sneakers. URGENT..... shorts 14 adult, shirts XL shoes size 10 1/2
100 5/30/2017 Son M 6 summer short, t shirts, underwear, shoes & socks Pants 10 shirts 10/12 Shoes 2
101 5/27/2017 Daughter F 9 summer shorts & shirts, underwear, shoes & socks Pants 10/12 child shoes 7 1/2 adult
102 6/23/2017 Family
M 48 work boots (no steel toes), summer clothing, toilet paper, paper towels, plates and napkins Father works part time and does not use any federal programs. He tries to find work everyday to provide for his family. Shirt size: L mens; Pant size: 32x32; work boots: 8 sports bras, shorts, pants, tops
103 5/31/2017 Son M 17 summer clothing, work boots (no steel toe) Just got a summer job and needs work boots and pants for the job Shirt: 42 3XL; Pants: 36x32 carpenter pants; Work boots: 10.5
104 6/23/2017 Family
F 66 laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, paper towels, cleaning supplies. Family of 5 in desperate need of basic cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, dish soap, paper towels, body soap and shampoo.
105 6/27/2017 Family
F 74 plus clothing, hygiene articles An elderly grandmother is asking for help for herself and her family....She asks very little and only when there is great need. For herself she is asking for pants, tops, undies & shoes and a long sundance skirt. Pants 10 Tops Med. shoes 7 Undies 6 2 pr jeans, 1 l/s shirt 5 pr socks, 6 pr panties
106 6/18/2017 Husband M 68 clothing, socks, shoes, t shirts jogging pants - size med., hygiene article and razors He is a veteran an has been in and out of hospital. Pants med. shirts XXL Shoes 10 1/2 1 s/s shirt
107 6/18/2017 Grandson M 22 tshirts (black, grey or white), jeans, socks, sneakers or boots, underwear hygiene articles A single father who has raised his son since a baby needs help with clothing for he and his son. Please label box with his name. Pants 34/32 T shirts XXL underwear Med. shoes 11 3 pr underwear
108 6/18/2017 Great Grandson M 5 pants, t shirts, hoodie, sneakers or boots Little boys grow and he did - nothing fits. Please label box with his name = as many live in house. Pants 10 Tshirts 10/12 shoes 2 underwear 10 1 pr pants, 2 s/s shirts
109 5/31/2017 Family
20 Summer clothes for her child A young mother living with extended family is asking for help. Is only asking for clothes for her daughter.
110 5/30/2017 Daughter F 2 Summer clothing and shoes child has no summer clothes and shoes shorts 4T Shirts 4T Shoes 8
111 5/31/2017 Family
F 68 shoes, toilet paper, coffee, dish and laundry soap, pantry items, hygiene items, dog food, 3 medium size buckle collars and flea & tick dog collars Family is in urgent need of help and barely surviving on very limited income. shoes size 8 slip on canvas; jacket size L box of various books
112 6/6/2017 Grandson M 19 clothing, ankle socks, shoes, hygiene, first aid and dental care items, thin blanket & sheet set pants size 2XL sweats (no elastic at bottoms of legs), Tshirt size XL; shoes size 11; underwear size 38 boxers; hoodie size 2XL jacket, underwear
113 6/6/2017 Son M 51 clothing, socks and shoes, hygiene, first aid and dental care items, thin blanket & sheet set jeans size 40x30; Tshirt size 3XL; tennis shoes size 12; underwear size 40 boxers; crew socks; hoodie size 3XL jacket, underwear
114 6/6/2017 Husband M 68 clothing, socks, shoes, hygiene, dental, Ben-Gay arthritis cream jeans size 40x32; Tshirt size 2XL; tennis shoes size 11; underwear size 40 briefs; hoodie size 2XL jacket, underwear
115 6/6/2017 Great Granddaughter F 4 summer clothing, socks, tennis shoes pants size 7-8 girls; Tshirt size 7-8; shoes size girls 11w; underwear size 7-8 girls; hoodie and polartec vest size 10 jacket, underwear, tops and shoes
116 5/29/2017 Nephew M 31 summer clothing, ankle socks, shoes, hygiene, first aid and dental care items, thin blanket & sheet set jeans size 36x34; Tshirt size XL; shoes size 9.5; underwear size 36 boxers; hoodie size XL jacket, underwear
117 4/27/2017 Son M 45 clothing, socks, shoes, towel & washcloth, sheets, thin blanket pants size 3XL or 46x34 cargo pants; Tshirt size 3XL; socks; boxer underwear size 46; shoes size 13; hoodie size 3XL underwear