The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.


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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

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ORGANIZATIONS -- If you can help these organizations, please get in touch!
Organization City Needs Contact
ALLEN YOUTH CENTER ALLEN URGENT NEEDS: hand-held mixer, large capacity (64 oz.)blender capable of blending ice BOOKS, BOOKS, BOOKS The new program director at the Allen Youth Center is asking for your help in getting books into the hands of the Allen children. Specifically requested are the Junie B. Jones series and Newbery Award books. Stay tuned for more titles...... The center could also use: Games such as playing cards, Uno Cards, Jenga, Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, Checkers. The center also needs toys: dolls with clothes, and building blocks. And as usual cleaning supplies, and office supplies such as a pack of large envelopes, Sticky notes, dry erase markers for boards, easel roll drawing paper, construction paper, snacks, and cases of bottled water would be appreciated. TO MAKE A CASH DONATION to the Allen Youth Center, please donate through the One Spirit website The center cannot process your cash donation.

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 2/23/2019 Family
F 70 Out of propane, urgent need for space heaters. Also needs double size comforters, towels, pantry food, hygiene items, laundry detergent An elder is asking for help with household/pantry items and clothing for herself and her grandson. Her basement had a leak and all of her towels and some clothes got ruined. Her grandson especially loves ravioli, graham crackers and Kool-Aid. She really appreciates any help! Pants size 18 (stretchy waistband, she has to sit for long periods for dialysis), Black Jacket size 3X, Blouses size 3X, Slip on sneakers size 9, heavy sox
2 2/23/2019 Grandson M 8 Winter clothing and shoes This young man is growing fast and needs some new winter clothes Pants size 10 Husky, Shirt size L/XL, Sneakers size 4, Sox, Underwear size 10/12, Hoodie size XL
3 2/22/2019 Family
M Elder pillows, bath towels (burgundy ), bed sheets queen size This family is in in great need of help with some household basics
4 2/22/2019 Family
F In need of winter clothing Currently staying at her brother's house and raising her grandchildren, this is their first time on Okini Jeans size 9, shirts size L/XL, snow boots size 7 1/2, winter jacket size XL
5 2/22/2019 Grandson M 9 In need of winter clothing Could really use some winter items Jeans size 10, shirts size 10/12, sneakers size 5
6 2/22/2019 Granddaughter F 4 Needs winter clothing Has outgrown her winter clothing and it is still cold outside Winter jacket size 6, jeans size 5, long sleeved shirts size 5, snow boots size 9
7 2/23/2019 Family
F 34 Any kind of food items, diapers size 4 & 5 This young mother of 8 children is struggling. She constantly runs out of food and will go without eating herself to make sure the kids have something to eat. Any help for the children will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! 7# steel cut oats, 2# pasta, 28 oz. Parmesan cheese, almond butter, 28 oz. blueberries, nail files, hair bands, laundry bag
8 2/21/2019 Family
F 54 Space heater, blankets, pantry food, snowboots and winter jacket Grandmother raising 2 small children with no source of income is in need of help with some basic necessities. It is still cold on the reservation! Jacket size M, snowboots size 5 1/2
9 2/21/2019 Granddaughter F 6 Winter clothing Grandmother raising 2 small children with no source of income except food stamps is in need of winter clothes for them Leggings and warm shirts, size 12
10 2/21/2019 Granddaughter F 9 Winter clothes & snow boots Grandmother raising 2 small children with no source of income except food stamps. Snowboot size 3, leggings and warm shirts size 14
11 2/21/2019 Husband M Hiking boots Needs something to keep his feet dry and warm Hiking boots size 8 1/2
12 2/21/2019 Family
M 69 pants, s/s T shirts, socks and pantry food He has been burning his clothes to stay warm and now needs some clothes and pantry food. Pants 38/32 t shirts XL
13 2/21/2019 Family
F 61 Winter boots, sweaters, shampoo, body soap, dish soap, laundry detergent, food items...pasta, pasta sauce, canned meat/vegetables, cereal, etc. An elder is currently watching over her 3 grandchildren while the parents are absent. She has no means with which to feed the children. She is in desperate need of some help. Thank you! Shoes/boots size 8, sweaters 16-18 women's (pull over & button up)
14 2/21/2019 Family
F 21 Childrens clothing & shoes and personal hygiene products. Pantry Food A single mother who is living with relatives is asking for your help in getting clothing for her children. she said she tries to only ask for help when she is really in need. This family often runs low on food and really good use some pantry food.
15 2/20/2019 Son M 3 Winter clothing, pants, shirts, shoes, socks, hoodie Winter Coat, hat & gloves and snow boots He is three and a big boy - he loves to play with trucks and cars. Clothing size 5T shoes 10
16 2/20/2019 Daughter F 5 Shoes, socks, pants, shirts,& panties, hoodie Winter Coat, hat, gloves and boots This little girl loves to look pretty and is the typical little girl.. Pants 5T, Shirts 5/6T, shoes 9, Coat 5/6
17 2/20/2019 Son M 6 School clothing - pants, shirt, socks, panties, hoodie, winter coat, hat, gloves and snow boots This little boy loves to play - escpecially with cars. He goes to head start but does not have appropriate clothing for winter. Pants 6T, shirts 6 Shoes 1
18 2/20/2019 Family
F 57 Laundry soap, dish soap, shampoo, body soap, combs/brushes, hair ties, baby lotion, pantry items...pasta, pasta sauce, canned meat/vegetables/ fruits, etc. Two sisters are living together raising their children and grandchildren. They have no source of income and are in desperate need of help. They run out of food constantly! Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
19 2/23/2019 Niece F 13 This young girl is in need of clothing and shoes/boots. jeans 6 women's, shirt/sweater/coat M women's, shoes 7 Medium Woman’s Coat
20 2/20/2019 Grandson M 9 In need of pants and hoodies. BOYS SIZES: 10-12, shoe size 4
21 2/20/2019 Grandson M 10 In need of pants and sweatshirts. BOYS SIZES: 14 shoes size 5.5 youth
22 2/20/2019 Grandson M 11 In need of pants and hoodies. BOYS SIZES: 13 husky, shoe 7 1/2 youth
23 2/20/2019 Granddaughter F 14 In need of pants. pants 5 jrs., tops medium jrs., shoes 7.5
24 2/21/2019 Family
F 49 clothes for Grand kids, pantry food and hygiene articles. This wonderful grandma is raising a large brood of grandchildren. Their house is small and old but it chucked full of love......She hopes someone will be able to help with clothing for the kids and some pantry food.
25 2/21/2019 Grandson M 10 SCHOOL CLOTHES - JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, HOODIE , UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS this 9 year old little boy who will be turning 10 soon has really grown over the summer and needs some clothes for school. He especially would love some hi tops. JEANS 14, T SHIRTS 14/16 SHOES 6
27 2/20/2019 Granddaughter F 0 Clothing and shoes The youngest girl in the family and she really needs clothing. 18 months clothing shoes 4/5
29 2/20/2019 Granddaughter F 3 Winter clothe - pants, shirts , shoes, socks and Huggie diapers #5 this little girl needs some winter clothes and huggie diapers size 5. Stretchy pants that pull on would be best. she is a little chunky Clothing 6T Huggies #5 - can only wear this brand shoes 9 T
30 2/20/2019 Granddaughter F 10 SCHOOL CLOTHES - SKINNY JEANS, T SHIRTS, SNEAKERS, UNDERWEAR AND SOCKS SHE HAS GROWN ALSO - AND NONE OF HER CLOTHES FIT. SHE REALLY WANTS TO LOOK NICE - all of her pants are too short. This little girl loves to run as fast as the wind. skinny jeans 14 child shirts 16 shoes 6
31 2/20/2019 Grandson M 1 winter clothes, shoes, socks, pants and shirts This little boy is really in need of winter clothing. He has grown alot since summer clothing 2T Shoes 7 toddler
32 2/20/2019 Granddaughter F 12 REALLY NEEDS school clothes - pants, t shirts, socks, sneakers, panties. Her sneakers are falling apart. This little girl is learning disabled but loves to live with grandma. She is a little chunky but has a beautiful smile. Would love a pair of jeans with a little stretch to them. XL in shirts pants large or 13/14 (ladies or juniors) 9 wide sneakers
33 2/20/2019 Family
M Elder Pantry food Elder needs a helping hand with food
34 2/21/2019 Family
F 36 Diapers (size 5 & 6),laundry soap, dish soap, blankets. Clothes and boots for the children. This family is new to the program. Her mother-in-law left the home suddenly (she helped with the utility bills) and they are raising their 2 small children and disabled nephew. All three children currently have the flu. Her nephew has a traumatic brain injury and has learning disabilities and difficulty speaking. Mother is pregnant, but is asking for help for the children only. She is grateful for any help. 4 year old nephew-size 8 pants, size 10-12 shirts, size 1-2 boots 18 month old daughter-size 5 boots infant son-size 6 month clothes
35 2/20/2019 Family
F Winter jacket for her son. This Elder is asking for a warm jacket for her son who is in hospital at the moment, This mum and son have never been on the OKINI before.
36 2/23/2019 Son M Warm Winter jacket. This man has returned to live with his mum. He is in hospital at the moment with pneumonia, it would be really great if he had a warm jacket to come home too. Jacket; Large. Large Insulated jacket, large fleece zip-up shirt
37 2/20/2019 Family
F 79 This elderly couple is in urgent need of winter coats, snow boots, sheets and blankets for full and twin size beds. This elderly couple could use some help. They have gone through some tough times lately with Floyd's cancer treatment, which took a lot out of him. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Coat size: LP; snow boots size 7
38 2/20/2019 Husband M 77 Winter coat and boots....regular boots, not snow boots please. Coat size: XL (42), boots size 9 jeans, shoes, dress shirt, 2 flannel shirts
39 10/22/2018 Adopted Son M 40 clothing He has major health problems and is on dialysis. He needs clothing. pants, 32x30, shirts L, coat XL, shoes 10 men's coat, light sweater, pr. shoes, 2 jeans, dress shirt, 2 flannel shirts.
40 2/22/2019 Family
F 34 This young mother with a 6 year old daughter is in desperate need of food/pantry items such as rice, beans, soup, canned vegetables, canned meats, etc. The recent government shutdown has made food uncertainty a reality. Although this mother receives EBT, she has already received her February benefits but only has about 7 days' worth of food left and doesn't know when she will receive her March EBT benefits. This family also needs toiletry items including sanitary items such as pads, household items and clothing items. mother: shirts 2XL; pants 2XL sweatpants requested; hoody/coat 2XL; shoe size 9 1/2 6 yo daughter: shirts XL (15-16); pants L (14-15) stretch pants requested; hoody/coat L (15); shoe size 6; underwear size 4/5 6 cans black beans, large box fruit snacks, sanitary pads
41 2/19/2019 Family
F 70 healthy snacks, coffee, "Equal" brand sweetener, non-dairy creamer, snow boots, coat Any assistance is greatly appreciated. snow boots size 8; warm winter black coat size L women Winter boots, size 11, 12,12
42 2/19/2019 Great Granddaughter F 5 snow boots, warm mittens, clothes, socks GIRL SIZES: snow boots size 12; warm pants size 10; undies size 10
43 2/19/2019 Family
F Needs clothing, shoes, pantry food, toiletries and comforters This single mom could really use some help with some basics. Also needs queen sized comforters. She is very appreciative of anything she gets. Shoes size 9 1/2, Sox, Pants size 14, Shirts size 1X
44 2/19/2019 Son M 3 Needs winter clothing and shoes It is still cold out and this young boy needs some warm clothing Pants size 4T, Long sleeved shirts size 4T, Winter jacket size 5T, Shoes size 11 1/2, Sox
45 2/19/2019 Son M 17 Urgent need for shoes. Also needs winter clothing His shoes are almost worn out completely and could also use some help with winter clothing Jogging pants size 2X, Jacket size 3X, Underwear size XL, Shoe size 13, Sox
46 2/18/2019 Family
M 59 Heavy duty winter jacket. This gentleman has an eye problem but does odd jobs when he can find them. He really needs a heavy duty winter jacket, his zip has broken on the jacket he has now, Jacket; 2XL.
47 2/21/2019 Family
F Clothes and shoes for her 2 children. This single mum asks nothing for herself She is struggling to bring the children up on her own, she really needs some help with clothes for them. winter scarf
48 2/21/2019 Daughter F 5 Warm clothes and shoes. This little girl could really do with some clothes and shoes that fit her. Mum is struggling to buy them. Pants; 7 years. Shirt; 7/8 years. Shoes; 13c. Girl 5- sneakers, 2 l/s tshirts Girl 5- hoodie, l/s T-shirt, T-shirt, hair bands
49 2/21/2019 Son M 3 Warm clothes and shoes. This toddler is growing fast and now needs some new clothes to fit him. Mum is struggling to buy them. Pants; 4T. Shirt; 5T. Shoes; 9c. Boy 3- long pants, l/s T-shirt, T-shirt 3- sneakers, hoodie
50 2/20/2019 Family
F 67 Winter clothing, blankets, household items, pantry food Elder needing help, could really use some winter clothing, queen size sheets and blankets, bath towels, household supplies and pantry food, the grandkids especially love pasta! Jeans size 20 Long, shirts size 2X, Jacket size 3X, Shoes size 11 Wide winter boots, shoes
51 2/20/2019 Spouse M 70 Clothing Elder waiting for sponsor, could really use a helping hand with some winter clothing Pants/jeans size 36x34, shirts size XL, Shoe size 11 winter boots, shoes
52 2/18/2019 Son M 38 Clothing and hygiene items Currently waiting for sponsor and is in need of Winter clothing and shoes- Any help is greatly appreciated! Shoe size 13 1/2, jacket size 5X, pants size 36X40
53 2/19/2019 Family
F 36 clothes (jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, underwear & sports bra) shampoo, conditioner & body wash household items & cleaning supplies This lady is moving into a new apartment soon and looking for a job. She is in need of clothes (jeans, shirts, sweaters, shoes, underwear & sports bra) as well as shampoo, conditioner and body wash. She is also requesting household items and cleaning supplies for her new apartment. PETITE PLUS SIZES: jeans pants size 15 bell bottoms or wide legs; shirt size XL; shoes size 8.5; pullover hoodie size 1X
54 2/18/2019 Daughter F 15 clothes, socks, winter gloves LADIES SIZES: pants size 14; shirt size XL
55 1/14/2019 Son M 18 clothing, socks, winter gloves MEN SIZES: pants size 38 (height 5'9"); sweatpants/joggers size 38; shirt size XL
56 2/18/2019 Family
F 24 clothing, socks, laundry soap & dryer sheets, shampoo, body wash, deodorant, paper towels & toilet paper needs pants please jeans size 32x30; cowboy boots men size 8.5D; thermal underwear tops men size M-L; sports bra size M
57 2/23/2019 Family
F 68 OUT OF PROPANE. Blankets, space heaters (oil filled if can be shipped to PO Box) food items. This kind elder is also supporting her only nephew and his family while he tries to find employment on her small monthly SS check. She has never asked for help before but has found herself in a position where she must. She will be extremely grateful for any help. Thank you! oil -filled heater
58 2/19/2019 Family
M OUT OF PROPANE! In urgent need of blankets, space heaters, pantry items...rice, beans, canned meats/vegetables/fruits, cereal, flour, powdered milk, etc., shampoo, body wash, laundry detergent, dish soap. Alden has not been able to find employment since moving back to the reservation to take care of his mother before her passing. He, his wife and 2 teenaged boys are currently being helped by his Aunt who shares her small SS check with them. He is not used to asking for help but could really use it at the moment. Thank you for any assistance for this family! Space Heater - Twin Size Blanket Walmart - Shampoo - Powered Milk - 2 Pack of 10lb Rice - 8 cans of corn - 8lbs of Beans - 4 cans of chicken - 12 fruit cups - laundry detergent
59 2/17/2019 Family
F 55 Winter outwear for grand daughter and some snacks A grandmother called for help with some outwear for her grand daughter. She wants to go outside and play with her cousins but she has no winter outer wear.
60 2/22/2019 Granddaughter F 2 winter jacket, snowpants & boots, mittens & hat This little girl lives with her grandparents and wants to go play outside with her cousins... Coat & pants 5 T Boots 7 coat
61 2/17/2019 Family
F 20 Oil filled space heaters, blankets, pantry food, hygiene products, winter jacket, sneakers New family to Okini, Mom was only going to ask for things for her 2 little girls but when pressed said she could use some things as well. This little family could really use some help. Jacket size L, shoe size 9
62 2/22/2019 Daughter F 10 months Diapers, wipes and sox Urgent need for basics Diapers size 4 1 package size 5 diapers 1 package size 4 diapers Wipes Baby powder 4 baby washcloths Baby socks Baby shoes 1 baby outfit Toothbrush
63 2/17/2019 Daughter F 2 Diapers, wipes, powder, clothing and shoes This little lady could use some help with basic essentials Clothes size 4T, shoes size 7, diapers size 6
64 2/19/2019 Family
F 61 Food, towels, dinnerware, pillow, space heaters, personal hygiene items, blankets, clothing This Grandma reaches out to us for help. Food is always running low and the grandkids are outgrowing all their clothes. They are currently out of propane so are in urgent need of space heaters and blankets. They also need pantry food, the grandkids especially love graham crackers, towels, Ivory soap, brushes, cucumber seeds for her garden and dinnerware, they currently have a set of 4 plates/bowls for 10 people. Jogging pants size XL, sox Jerillyn- 3# dried apricots, toothpaste, 2 kids cereal bowls, beanie, 2 washcloths, 28 soap Grandson 3- ski pants and hooded jacket, 2 tshirts Granddaughter 3- long pants, 2 T-shirts Daughter 14- leggings, beanie, sports bra, 3 pr. socks, scarf, cardigan, sweater -2/22/19
65 2/17/2019 Daughter F 14 Really could use some clothes New to Okini List Size 12 pants, sox leggings, beanie, sports bra, 3 pr. socks, scarf, cardigan, sweater
66 2/17/2019 Granddaughter F 3 Clothing This little girl is in need of clothing Jeans size 5 slim, shoes size 10 long pants, 2 T-shirts
67 2/17/2019 Grandson M 3 Clothing and diapers size 6 Very energetic little boy needs some basics Diapers size 6, sweatpants size 4T, shoes size 10 - ski pants and hooded jacket, 2 tshirts
68 2/16/2019 Husband M 70 Clothes Elder needing help with some basics Pants size 34X32, sox
69 2/16/2019 Granddaughter F 1 Diapers and bottles This baby girl could use a few necessities Diapers size 5
70 2/16/2019 Granddaughter F 2 Pampers, bottles and some clothing This baby girl is growing fast. In need of diapers and clothing Sweatpants and t-shirts size 4T, Shoes size 9, Pampers size 5
71 2/16/2019 Son M 16 Needs some clothes New to Okini List and could use some help Jogger pants size XL, sox
72 2/16/2019 Son M 36 Needs some clothes Has no winter jacket right now and it is still cold, new to Okini List Jacket size XXL, Pants size 34X32, Sox
73 2/16/2019 Son M 30 Could really use some clothing New to Okini List Jacket size XXL, Pants size 32X34, Sox
74 2/18/2019 Family
F 32 Blankets, toilet paper (lots), shampoo/conditioner, body soap, tooth paste & brushes, laundry detergent, dish soap, pantry food items and clothing for the children. A used laptop for the kids to use for homework. A single mother and her daughter have had to move in with other family members after their home was broken into and much of what they owned was stolen. There are 3 families living together trying to help each other out during these difficult times. The children are their main priority and so they ask nothing for themselves. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Marie- toothpaste, nail polish etc, hair bands and ties, 32 oz shampoo/conditioner, herbal cream, baby lotion Girl 7- jacket, l/s top, 2 tshirts Girl 14- sneakers, 2 pr long pants, ski pants, 2 panties, ankle socks Boy 17- hooded jacket -2/22/19
75 2/18/2019 Nephew M 17 This young man has a heart condition and suffered brain trauma as a young child due to a car accident. According to his Aunt, he is the sweetest soul on earth. Very much in need of clothes and shoes. pants 30x32, T-shirt/hoody/coat M mens, shoes 9 hooded jacket
76 2/18/2019 Daughter F 15 In need of clothes, shoes. Most of her clothing and personal items where stolen when her and her mom's house was broken into recently. pants 7 jrs., tops M jrs.(solid colors), shoes 11 sneakers, 2 pr long pants, ski pants, 2 panties, ankle socks
77 2/18/2019 Niece F 7 This little girls hasn't had new clothes or shoes in a while. GIRLS SIZE: pants/shirts/coat 7, shoes/boots 2 youth Girl 7- jacket, l/s top, 2 tshirts
78 2/17/2019 Nephew M 1 In need of winter clothing. Clothing sizes 2T
79 2/17/2019 Nephew M 9 This young boy has had a recent growth spurt. Really needs clothes that fit him. BOYS SIZES: pants/t-shirts/hoody/coat 10, shoes/boots 3 youth
80 2/17/2019 Nephew M 12 This young man has grown out of most everying that he has. Is in desperate need of clothes and shoes that will actually fit him. pants 32x32, T-shirt/hoody/coat L mens, shoes 9.5 (low top)
81 2/23/2019 Family
F Urgent need of blankets and space heaters, pantry food, winter jacket and shoes Family struggling to make ends meet could really use some assistance right now. They have just run out of wood and need a way to keep warm. She is very thankful for any help! Jacket and shirts XL, Shoes 8 1/2 oil filled heater
82 2/23/2019 Husband M Winter jacket, shirts, sneakers It is still cold and he really could use some warm winter clothing XXL Jackets and shirts, 10 1/2 sneakers
83 2/23/2019 Son M 19 URGENT NEED for diapers and newborn items, XXL Jacket and shirts, 10 1/2 shoe This young man could really use a helping hand. He needs some winter clothing and will also be having a baby soon, urgent need for newborn items, diapers, etc. XXL Jacket and shirts, 10 1/2 shoe. Also needs newborn layette items, especially diapers
84 2/20/2019 Family
M 43 Queen size Blow up mattress, blankets and sheets Oil heater for house, winter coat, hat and gloves and a battery operated radio and batteries. A man who is sleeping on the floor really needs a blow up mattress and blanket. He is getting cold and would really appreciate a helping hand. He also needs a jacket - would love a western style jkt. Coat 3 X queen air mattress
85 2/13/2019 Family
F 69 Queen size Blow up mattress, sheets, blankets, towels, kerosene lanterns and 3 oil heaters for house, snow shovel vacuum and skillets This 68 year old grandmother is asking if anyone could help her with a blow up mattress and bedding and some heaters. .She does not have any and she is often cold. She often loses electric and is worried that they will freeze without any heat. There are three bedrooms in the she is hoping someone will be able to help her. There are approximately 3 families who live with her.
86 2/22/2019 Family
M 47 Jeans, shirts, shoes, socks, underwear, hoodie, coat, hat, gloves and snow boots Oil Heater and hygiene products This single man is trying hard to keep things going - He is looking for work but helps anyone he can if they have a problem with their car. He lives next to his elderly Mom and always tries to do everything he can to help her. He has very little and does not even have a winter coat. His house is often cold and could really use an oil heater. jeans 40 x 34 t hirts 2x coat & hoodie 2x shoes 11 One set Coveralls, one pair work jeans hoodie, 2 pr sox, toothbrush & paste, razors, 2 bars soap-2/22/19
87 2/12/2019 Family
F 38 clothing, socks, food/pantry items Family asking for help with clothing and basics while going through a difficult time. pants size 18; shirts size 2XL
88 2/12/2019 Grandson M 1 clothing, socks clothing size 4T; shoes size 7T; underwear size 3-4
89 2/12/2019 Daughter F 18 clothing, socks JUNIOR SIZES: pants size 5; shirt size M
90 2/12/2019 Daughter F 19 clothing JUNIOR SIZES: pants size 5; shirt size M
91 2/12/2019 Son-in-law M 20 clothing, socks pants size 30x32; shirt size L
92 1/19/2019 Son M 15 clothing, winter boots, socks YOUTH SIZES: pants size 14; shirt size M; boots/shoes size 7; boxer underwear size M
93 2/23/2019 Family
F 34 Clothing for children, hygiene products and pantry food A mother called asking for clothing for her children and food... The children have very little clothing and they are often short of food. She would appreciate any help she can get.....This last year has been a rough one for her and she is trying her hardest. Rice a Roni variety 10 pk, cracker barrel Mac n cheese 3 pk, UNO cards, pancake/baking mix, gal, vegetable oil, 45oz Swiss Miss hot cocoa mix, 2 lg cans Bush's baked beans. toothpaste, cleanser, nail polish, chapstick, scrub sponge, pantry items
94 2/23/2019 Son M 13 hi tops, socks, shirts boxers and T shirts This little boy really needs some sneakers - he is wearing his mothers as he has no shoes that fit.....He would be so happy if if could have hit tops as he loves to play basketball He would also love some new t shirtss, Sneakers 8 1/2 T shirts mens large Boxers 18/20 3 prs. boxers Sneakers size 8 1/2
95 2/22/2019 Son M 1 All clothing and shoes - diapers size 5 This little boy is 20 months old could really use some clothes He keeps growing and has grown out of a couple of toys would be great. clothing 3T Shoes 6 Diapers size 5 Wipes Car/plane toys
96 2/22/2019 Daughter F 15 jeans, t shirts sneakers, socks, hoodie and panties... This 9th grader is into sports, and loves to work on the computer in school. she is bright, intelligent and loves to play vollyball and basketball. She would really love some new clothes as her clothing is worn out. Pants 11/12 shirts Large Ladies shoes 9 hoodie ladies x large Athletic pants hoodie, T-shirt, sports bra, 2 Pr. Long pants, 3 Pr socks, winter scarf
97 2/22/2019 Daughter F 7 skinny jeans, t shirts, shoes, socks and panties and a hoodie This little girl who loves to play with barbies really needs some nice clothes for school....She wanted everyone to know that she loves school Pants 7 shoes 8 shoes l Barbie hoodie, 2 Pr socks, 3 tshirts
98 2/21/2019 Family
F 57 FOOD & pantry items, warm comforters & sheets to fit 2 twin & 2 queen beds, warm stocking hats & gloves, socks & clothing for family Grandmother raising several grandchildren and would greatly appreciate any assistance given, especially with food & pantry items. sweatpants size L (no elastic around ankles); short sleeve Tshirts size XL; shoes size 7W; undies size 9; bra size 36C (no under wires) Hats, gloves, scarves
99 2/14/2019 Grandson M 4 clothing sweatpants size M; shoes size 2Y
100 2/14/2019 Great Granddaughter F 3 clothing clothing size 4T; jacket size 5T; shoes size 11C
101 2/13/2019 Grandson M 6 clothing sweatpants size M; shoes size 2Y
102 2/13/2019 Granddaughter F 8 clothing pants size 7-8; shoes size 13Y
103 2/13/2019 Grandson M 9 clothing YOUTH SIZES: sweatpants size 14; shoes size 7 boys
104 2/19/2019 Family
F 69 Has urgent need for pantry items, blankets and clothes Lovely grandmother raising her granddaughter needs some help. She would love a pretty patterned double size blanket as well as some clothes. She is on a small fixed income and after the bills are paid there is not much left to survive on Jeans size 18 average length, t-shirts size 2X, shoes 9W (prefers low top), sox, underwear size 10, bra size 46C pads with wings, 4 pr size 10 undies, oatmeal, 2 # flour, 1 lb pinto beans, 1 lb rice, spaghetti & sauce, 2 Spam singles, can of ham -2/22/19
105 2/19/2019 Granddaughter F 14 Urgent need for hygiene products and sweaters Sweater size Medium pads with wings
106 2/22/2019 Family
M 32 Winter coat, clothes, shoes, socks, underwear, school supplies...notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, sticky notes and markers. An Army veteran, currently residing at the Veteran's Center and going through a divorce has reached out for help. He goes to school fulltime and helps out around the Center where ever he can while still trying to find time for running. He is in desperate need of clothing as all he has now are his military uniforms and items given to him by friends/family are too small. Let's show this Vet some LOVE! Thank you! pants 36x32, t-shirts/sweater/coat 2XL, shoes 10 (running shoes) 2XL winter coat, 2 towels Hanes hooded pullover sweatshirt; sweatpants with pockets; long-sleeve Henley; 6-pack socks. -2/18/19
107 2/12/2019 Family
F Clothes and snow boots for her son. This single mum really needs our help with clothes and snow boots for her son. She hasn't been on the OKINI list for a long time because she really tries to be independent and strong.
108 2/17/2019 Son M 3 Warm clothes and snow boots. This little lad really needs some warm clothes and snow boots. His mum is single and tries very hard to do her best for him, its a long time since she has asked for our help. Pants; 5T. Shirts; 5T. Shoes; 10C Snowboots, Snowpants, 3 longsleeve shirts, Lego, chocolate
109 2/16/2019 Family
F 36 Blankets, space heaters, personal hygiene products, pantry items,, winter clothing. Jennifer lost her job and home last year. She and her daughter have been living place to place until they were taken in my an elderly Aunt. In total there are now 10 people living in the household but they try to make it work. Any assistance for this single mom would be very much appreciated. Thank you! jeans 24, joggers/ tops 2X, coat 3X, shoes 8.5 Jennifer - fleece pullover, scarf Daughter - 2 L/S tops, winter jacket, scarf, gloves 2 towels, 2 washcloths, 4 packages of instant potatoes -2/19/19
110 2/16/2019 Daughter F 9 This little girl is in need of winter clothing, coat and snowboots. GIRLS SIZES: pants/tops/sweaters 14-16, coat 16, shoes/boots 7 youth 2 L/S tops, winter jacket, scarf, gloves
111 2/13/2019 Family
F 48 clothing for grandson, dog food Grandmother is asking for help with clothing for grandson and dog food. Grandmother does craftwork, and could use things from Singing Horse Trading Post-buffalo horns, tan buckskin leather, size 11 hanks of seed beads-pearl white, dark yellow, bright orange, dark red, and black. 32x32 carpenter pants, flannel shirts-blue or black, underwear-size 6, shoes/steel toes-size 7 1/2 2-25# bags Merrick dry dog food; 12 cans Merrick wet food-2/20/19
112 2/13/2019 Grandson M 11 pants, hoodies, clothing Young man growing quickly, needs clothing Boys 14 pants, shirts/hoodies size 12, Shoes-size 5, boxer shorts, knee socks
113 2/20/2019 Family
F 69 Food and household supplies Elder new to OKINI needs some help dish soap, 1 bar soap, 1# pinto beans, 1# rice, barley, 1 can each of black beans, corn, green beans, ham, pineapple, tomatoes, 2 Vienna sausage, 2 Spam singles, chicken bouillon cubes
114 2/19/2019 Family
F 22 jeans Mom and son are requesting help with a few items of clothing. skinny jeans size 9 Size 6 boots - brown leather 3 pairs socks -2/21/19
115 2/5/2019 Son M 5 shoes shoes size 11c
116 2/22/2019 Family
F Jeans, Underwear, warm socks, sneakers, blankets ( 2 double and l single) & a warm sweater Pantry food and hygiene articles This elderly soft spoken grandmother is asking for some clothing for herself and grandchild. She has very little clothing and is desperate for blankets as hers were runined by someone who stayed with her. .. She could really use some pantry food as she often runs out. This is the first time she asked for help...She just found out about Okini Pants 6 Shirts Med. l/s and S/S sneakers 5 1/2 she is very Petite. ljVitamins (2 bottles), vaporub, toothbrushes & toothpaste, Tylenol (2 bottles), dental floss, shampoo, body wash, calendar, handwarmer leggings, bra, 9 pr socks, 4 undies, 2 pr gloves, hat, scarf, slippers, toiletries bag with toiletries Food: pancake mix, hot choc pkgs, asstd teas, oatmeal pkgs, 4 pkg rice mix, 2 pkg chicken noodle soup, box granola bars, can ham, can chicken flakes, teddy grahams, goldfish crackers, chocolates, 5 juice boxes 2 queen-sized blankets-2/20/19
117 2/22/2019 Grandson M 5 joggers, shoes, socks, underwear, shirts, hoodie and snowboots A little boy who has lived with his grandma most of his life would love some new clothes and a warm single blanket..... Pants 5 Shirts 6 Shoes 13 2 Avengers LEGO sets Boys hoodie 5 shirts, 1 Pr boxers, zip up hoodie, 2 Pr short pants, 3 Pr socks
118 2/7/2019 Family
F 23 clothing, socks, body wash, toothbrushes Mother would greatly appreciate help with some clothes & basics jeans size 12; shoes size 9
119 2/1/2019 Daughter F 6 clothing & socks pants and shirts size 7-8
120 2/8/2019 Family
F Clothing and shoes. This is a new family to OKINI, They are struggling. Please help this mum with some warm clothes and warm boots. Pants; 10/12. Shirts; Extra Large. Shoes; 8.5 Marla- 2 pr long pants, cardigan, top, winter scarf, 2 pr socks, toothpaste Son- size 10 weatherproof shoes, baseball hat -2/12/19
121 2/17/2019 Significant other M Clothes and shoes. Pleas help this family, they are struggling. He would love some warm clothes and a pair of shoes. Pants; 4XL. Shirt; 4XL. Shoes; 11.5 size 11 tennis shoes, pair of sweatpants 4xl, 2 long sleeve shirts 4xl
122 2/8/2019 Son M 18 Clothes and shoes. This teenager really needs some clothes and shoes. His family are new to the OKINI. Pants; 32 x 34. Shirts; Large. Shoes; 10. size 10 weatherproof shoes, baseball hat
123 2/22/2019 Family
F 28 diapers, baby hygiene items (wipes, tearless body wash, Desitine, baby powder), socks Loving family is hoping for assistance with some of the basics for their growing twins. jeans size 13; shirts size L; shoes size 9 2 baby wash 1 LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table 1 box wipes (800 count) laundry detergent 2 baby powders 1 diaper rash 1 box diapers (222 count) -2/22/19
124 2/21/2019 Son M 0 diapers diapers size 3; clothes size 12 months
125 2/21/2019 Daughter F 3 clothing, shoes & socks clothing size 5T; shoes size 9T
126 2/21/2019 Daughter F 1 clothing, shoes & socks clothing size 2T; shoes size 5; diapers size 5
127 2/21/2019 Son M 0 diapers diapers size 3; clothes size 12 months
128 2/7/2019 Family
F 36 Personal hygiene products, laundry detergent, household cleaning supplies, panty food items. Young mother of 2 young girls recently lost her job at IHS due to the government shut down. Not knowing if she will be called back to work, she has reached out for help with basic necessities. Thank you for helping this little family! pants 1 jrs., tops/hoody/coat M womens, shoes 7 size 3 & 4 snowboots-2/22/19
129 2/8/2019 Daughter F 10 This young girls is in need of a winter coat, snow boots, underwear and socks. GIRLS SIZES: pants 7-8, tops/hoody/coat 8, underwear 10, shoes/boots 3 snowboots, 1 pr leggings, l/s, fleece pullover, 6 pr panties... coat, 2 pair girls jeans, one pink coveralls (insulated)
130 2/8/2019 Daughter F 11 This young girls is in need of a winter coat, snow boots, underwear socks. GIRLS SIZES: jeans 10-12, shirts/hoody/coat 14, underwear 12, shoes/boots 4 snowboots, coat, 2 pr leggings, 6 pr panties, 4 pr socks...
131 2/23/2019 Family
M 36 MICHAEL IS VERY GRATEFUL FOR THE CLOTHING DONATIONS! blankets, household cleaning supplies and personal hygiene products. Mike's sister passed away recently. She left him her trailer but the family members that lived there took all of her possessions when they moved out. He has nothing as far as furniture, including beds, so they are sleep on the floor. Mike is raising his sister's oldest boy and they are very much in need of help. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! jeans 40x34, shirt/coat 4X, shoes/boots 12 One 4XL Sherpa Hoodie Queen size flannel sheet set, 2 standard pillows, 2 vellux fleece queen size blankets -2/22/19
132 1/26/2019 Nephew M 16 This young man is in urgent need of clothes, winter coat and shoes. jeans 32x34, t-shirts/hoody/coat L mens, shoes/boots 11.5 1 Army cold weather Parka 2 XL LS Henleys (shirts) 3 pair crew socks 1 pair cold weather gloves 1 winter hat 1 inflatable air mattress 1 wool blanket
133 2/19/2019 Family
F 29 coffee, sugar, vegetable oil, hamburger helpers, cereal, bread, fruits, veggies, snacks, ramen noodles, Kool-Aid, diapers, baby hygiene products, clothing & socks, full size white sheets, toilet paper, dish soap, cleaning items, carpet fresh, Clorox, trash bags Single mom trying her best to provide for her family would greatly appreciate assistance. jeans/joggers size 11; shirts size XL
134 2/19/2019 Son M 2 socks, warm sleepers, diapers & sensitive skin wipes, baby body wash/shampoo warm sleepers size 4T; diapers (Huggies due to skin sensitivity) size 6; boots size 6T
135 2/19/2019 Son M 0 diapers, Destine, sensitive skin baby wipes, baby wash/shampoo, baby powder diapers size 1
136 2/19/2019 Daughter F 7 clothing, socks enjoys music jeans size 7-8; shirts size 7-8; underwear size 7-8; winter coat size 7-8
137 2/19/2019 Daughter F 8 clothing, socks enjoys painting and drawing jeans size 10-12; underwear size 10-12
138 2/14/2019 Family
F 52 pantry items, crackers , peanut butter jelly, flour, beans , Rice , Toilet Paper, laundry soap, dish soap, pantry items, hygiene supplies Elder caring for her many grandchildren is in need of basic necessities. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thank you! $200 worth of propane delivered 2/14/19
139 2/6/2019 Family
M 50 food & pantry items, toilet paper, laundry soap, fabric softener, paper towels & napkins, hand soap & body wash, shampoo & conditioner This family is seeking help with urgently needed basics. Thank you. trail mix, spaghetti and sauce, 1 lb pinto beans, 2 Spam singles. Shampoo, conditioner, laundry soap, 3 bar soap -2/15/19