The Pine Ridge and Cheyenne River Reservations in South Dakota are part of a larger territory established for the Lakota in 1868 by the United States government and later parceled out to non-Native homesteaders and broken up into smaller tribal reservations. Today, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to about 40,000 Native Americans and Cheyenne Reservation about 20,000. According to the US Census Bureau, the reservations lie within the poorest counties in the United States.

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PANTRY ITEMS ARE: Flour, sugar, salt, pancake mix, bread mix, spices, peanut butter, jelly, milk (dried/canned), potatoes, rice, eggs (dried), etc... Please send new and/or clean (like new) clothing. No stains, rips, tattered fabric, worn out shoe soles. *NO WEAPONS*

The ONE SPIRIT Okini list is maintained by an international network of volunteers who are in direct personal contact with the people of Pine Ridge. Okini is a Lakota word meaning "to share material things".

If you are interested in making a donation to families listed below, please contact us! Select a family from the list (click your choice) and let us know what you would like to do.

No Date Family M/F Age Needs Comments Clothing sizes Items donated SELECT
1 3/29/2017 Family
F 64 Grandmother needs sleeping bags for her grandchildren who are living with her. Grandmother, who used to work as a Head Start teacher, now receives a disability check, from which many in this extended family depend. Grandmother said one grandson only recently came to her door. She is trying to raise the boy, while the father is away--searching for a job and trying to get his GED. Grandmother is in a wheelchair. needs five sleeping bags for children ages 8 (girl), and boys 5, 8, 10, 8 and 3.
2 3/26/2017 Family
F 60 Summer clothting A grandmother who just lost her job is asking for help in getting her grandchildren who she is raising for summer clothes and shoes. She has had these children for a long time and is really worried how they will get summer clothing. Size 18 capris with elastic waist and loose - has a bad knee and waiting for surgery Shirts xl or 1X short sleeve white shirts
3 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 8 shorts, tank tops and sandals Would love summer clothes Pants 16, Shirts 16 shoes 3
4 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 7 shorts, T shirt and sandals Would love to have some summer clothes Pants 12 Shirts 12/14 Shoes 2
5 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 15 Capriis or knee length shorts, tops, flip flops and sneakers She said thank you - to anyone who sends her clothes Pants 13, shirts Xl Shoes 9
6 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 12 Capriis, tank tops & sandals or flip flops Would love to have some summer clothes Pants 11, Shirts med. or ll jr. shoes 8
7 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 13 Short shorts and tank tops, sandals or flip flops Needs some summer clothes....She is a girly girl she says Pants ll junior shirts med or 11 jr. shoes 7
8 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 7 Shorts, tank tops and sandals Would love some summer clothing Pants 14 child shirts 14/16 Shoes 2 1/2 or 3
9 3/26/2017 Granddaughter F 9 capris, shorts, short sleeve t shirts and sandals Pants 7 shirts 8/10 Shoes 7
10 3/26/2017 Family
F 86 Food blankets This elder only receives her SSI monthly income and would love to have a sponsor. She was a Foster mother for 30 years and retired 10 years ago. She is no longer able to drive. She was driving up until she was 78. Shirt size: 16W; Pant size: 16W; Shoe size: 8.5; Underwear size: large; Coat size: X Lg
11 3/25/2017 Family
F 49 Pantry, hygiene items, blankets, This family is living on food stamps, and help from the energy office. She went to MI to get her license as a nurse assistant and is hopefully she will find employment soon. Darla has been on the okini list since early February and has received nothing.
12 3/28/2017 Family
F 28 Clothing for children, hygiene articles and pantry food A single MOm who just got out of the hospital is asking for help clothing her children and she said hygiene articles and pantry food would be greatly appreciated.
13 3/28/2017 Daughter F 10 pants, shorts, shirts, shoes & socks She really needs some clothes. pants 12, shirts 12/14 shoes 6
14 3/28/2017 Son M 13 pants, shorts, shirts, socks & Shoes He just had a huge growth spurt and really needs clothes - nothing fits. pants 14. shirts 14/16 shoes 7
15 3/28/2017 Son M 8 pants, shirts, shorts, socks and shoes He has outgrown his clothes and really needs clothes for school Pants 12, shirts 12/14 Shoes 7
16 3/28/2017 Son M 5 pants, shorts, shirts, shoes & socks A little boy who loves music really needs clothing. Pants 7, Shirts 8 Shoes 1
17 3/25/2017 Family
F 47 Family does beading to help pay bills. All kinds of beads and jewelry making needed. Also pantry and hygiene items. Family of 4 does not have an income. This family has been on the list since Feb. Can you lend them a hand? Shirt size: 2x; Pant size: 20; Shoe size: 8 1/2
18 3/24/2017 Family
F Judy and her sons desperately need shoes and the grandchildren need diapers. Judy is a diabetic mother who sews things to sell to make money to support her children and grandchildren. walking shoes, size 8.5 women's, diapers size 3 and 6 for grandchildren who live with her. Their ages are 1 and 3.
19 3/21/2017 Son M 17 sneakers size 12.5 mens Teen needs sneakers sneakers, size 12.5 mens
20 3/21/2017 Son M 16 sneakers Shilo is in need of sneakers sneakers, size 12 mens
21 3/18/2017 Family
F 29 clothing and socks, towels and wash cloths, hygiene and dental care items, pantry items Single mother, hoping to get her GED, along with her 5 children have moved in with family. They have no income other than food stamps and no car. They are experiencing a very rough go at this time and would appreciate any assistance that comes their way. capri pants size 13; black or grey Tshirt size L; black hoodie size L; flip flop sandals size 8; underwear size 8
22 3/16/2017 Son M 8 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items Enjoys playing football and soccer. Hopes to get new equipment. pants size 12 boys; shirt size M boys; hoodie size M boys; shoes size 4.5 childs; boxer underwear size 7 boys
23 3/16/2017 Daughter F 10 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items Enjoys playing basketball and soccer and could use some new equipment. pants size 11-12 junior; shirt size S; hoodie size M; shoes size 4.5 child; underwear size 7 women; sports bra size 9-10
24 3/16/2017 Son M 6 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items Would really like to have some baseball equipment pants size 8; shirt size S boys; hoodie size S boys; boxer underwear size 6 boys; shoes size 1.5 toddler
25 3/16/2017 Daughter F 13 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items Enjoys playing volleyball and basketball. Would appreciate new equipment pants size 16-18; shirt size L; hoodie size L; shoes size 8; underwear size 7; sports bra size 14-16
26 3/16/2017 Daughter F 5 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items Would love to have some puzzles, coloring books and crayons pants size 6T; shirt size 6T; hoodie size 6 girls; shoes size 10 toddler; underwear size 6 girls
27 3/18/2017 Family
F 25 clothing, pantry items, hygiene, first aid and dental care items Single mom raising her son with very little income that she can earn from working odd jobs when work can be found. She receives food stamps. She is hoping for help with needed items for her son. She asks nothing for herself.
28 3/24/2017 Family
F 20 hygiene and dental care items, blankets and diapers for the baby Stay-at-home mom raising her three children and needs help. 1 big pack of diapers Little Ones size 6 (which is actually size 5) - 1 big pack of Huggies size 6 - 3 tootbrushes for kids - 3 Aim toothpaste, - Little Ones baby shampoo -VO5 Family lime shampoo.
29 3/28/2017 Son M 2 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items pants 4T, shirts 3T, shoes 11, diapers 6, jacket 4T shoes
30 3/28/2017 Daughter F clothing and socks, hygiene care items, Johnson & Johnson baby products, blankets, diapers pants and shirts, 12-18 mos., diapers size 5, jacket 12-18 mos.
31 3/28/2017 Son M 3 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items pants and shirts 5T, shoes 12, underwear 4, jacket/hoodie 6T shoes
32 3/12/2017 Family
F Pantry and Hygiene items, winter blankets, all bedding - her mattress had to be thrown out due to bedbugs. She has 2 twin mattresses on the floor now. Dilaha's daughter , Grace Two Hawks lives in a trailer next to Delilah. Grace does not have electricity- she runs a cord from Delilah's trailer. Neither of the trailers have running water. They haul water from an outside facet in church yard. Recently Delilah broke her leg ( 12-17-16) and she had to have her ankle replaced with a metal part. She can not walk now- she hopes to be able to use a walker soon. Delilah has suffered an extreme emotional setback when her good friend 's trailer , close to hers, burned to the ground with the man caught inside. No one was able to help- they watched the trailer burn. Shirt size: 12 women; Pant size: 12 women; Shoe size: 11- feet are swollen; Coat size: 14-16 women hard-sole slippers, shoes, jeans, girls coat, size 7-8
33 2/4/2017 Daughter F 24 Grace lives next to her mother in a trailer that does not have running water or electricity. They share an electrical code that allows them to have some power- floor heater and a light. They have an outhouse, and food stamps. Grace started a job in food preparation, but it is only part time.
34 3/28/2017 Family
F 68 Elder, caring for her grandchildren, is seeking help with clothing, food, pantry items, hygiene and dental care items, laundry items, towels and washcloths, sponges. Would appreciate having an electric heater. Elder caring for her grandchildren pants 12 petite jeans, shirt XL, shoe 8, underwear briefs 7, hoodie XL favorite colors are blue and black heater, flour, baking powder, baking soda, vegetable oil, rice, beans, peanut butter, coffee, tea, sugar, pancake syrup, lentils, bread mix, 2 word books, jeans, sneakers, fleece coat, box of Harlequin novels. 6 pr. women's ankle socks
35 3/28/2017 Granddaughter F 11 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items pants 12-14 youth, tops 12-14 youth, shoes 8 youth, underwear briefs 12-14, hoodie size L girls girl's 10 pack socks
36 3/28/2017 Grandson M 12 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items pants and shirts, 12-14 youth, shoes 8, underwear 12-14, hoodie size L
37 3/28/2017 Grandson M 16 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items pants size 38 long; Tshirt size XL; shoes size 11; underwear size 38; hoodie size XL 12 pk socks
38 3/13/2017 Family
F 50 Food, hygiene items Violet is working as a teacher at Headstart, -school for young children. She has 6 people that depend on her paycheck. shoes, shirt, blazer shirt
39 3/28/2017 Family
F 66 clothing – women sizes, socks for diabetics, toilet paper, pantry items, hand soap, towels and washcloths, Dove deodorant, shampoo, Johnson & Johnson baby powder, baby body wash, Gold Bond lotion for diabetics, dishtowels and sponges, laundry and dish detergent, trash bags. Precious Elder Irene is not able to move about freely. She has family and friends that will visit with her throughout the day to help her with her needs and to keep her company. It would be lovely to have a few jigsaw puzzles and word find books for enjoyment and to help pass the time. She would also appreciate puzzle glue since she likes to use the completed jigsaw puzzles as artwork around the house. sweat pants size 1XL women; shirt pullover V neck size 2XL; jacket/hoodie size 2XL; diabetic socks; shoes size 8.5 wide width canvas slip-on; underwear size 9 nylon
40 3/14/2017 Family
F Family needs assistance with pantry and hygiene items--laundry soap and trash bags and especially shampoo and clothing. Mother is working as a cook's helper. This is a program that provides training for 1 year--then the employee must find a position elsewhere. There are 5 children and 2 adults in this family. They depend on food stamps and the mother works as a babysitter whenever possible. The adults in this family are trying to find employment. This family would love to have a sponsor. 2X sweater, 10.5 women's shoes laundry detergent, big shampoo, 5 lbs. flour, coat & boots, 12 baby washcloths
41 3/14/2017 Stepson M 18 mos. All baby things shorts and pants 24 months (big boy), all paper supplies, diapers, size 4 toddler blalnket
42 3/14/2017 Adopted Daughter F 4 mos. All baby things 3-6 months or larger toddler blanket
43 3/14/2017 Daughter F 12 7th grade pants, 14, shirt L, sport socks, shoes, 7.5 top
44 3/14/2017 Son M 13 Likes math and electronics pants, 30X32. shirt XL, black socks men's large, underwear XL briefs 3 shirts
45 3/14/2017 Daughter F 18 11th grader, quiet girl, hospitalized for for 3 months pants 16, shirt XL, shoes 11 women's, underwear 7, XL sports bra sports bra, top, boots
46 3/14/2017 Undefined M 29 clothing, shoes pants 34x34, shirt XL, shoes 13 mens coat
47 3/22/2017 Family
M 46 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, pantry items, towels and washcloths, toilet paper, kitchen towels Would appreciate items for his craft work: sandpaper; Stanley hacksaw blades HS1224, 12" 24T; wood files; wood chisels pants size 34x35; shirt size 2XL; steel toe work boots size 10.5
48 3/22/2017 Wife F 44 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth, kitchen towels and sponges Would appreciate supplies for her beading crafts pants size 13; shirt size L; shoes size 9; underwear size 7
49 3/22/2017 Grandson M 1 clothing and socks, baby items; baby hygiene items Would love to have some toys to play with clothing size 3T; diapers size 5
50 3/22/2017 Grandson M 2 clothing and socks, hygiene items; towel and washcloth would love to have some books, crayons and coloring books, games, sketchboard clothing size 5T; diapers size 6; shoe size 9
51 3/22/2017 Daughter F 24 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items; washcloth and towel pants size 15-16; shirt size XL; shoes size 9.5
52 3/22/2017 Son M 23 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth, auto mechanic tools so that he can work Would greatly appreciate tools so that he can do work on cars: Craftsman 85 piece universal max axcess mechanics tool set; Craftsman 56 piece universal mechanics tool set/wrench set pants size 36x36; shirt size 2X; Brahma waterproof work boots size 10.5 (NO STEEL TOE); work gloves size L; hoodie size 2XL; 56-piece mechanical set
53 3/22/2017 Grandson M 5 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items clothing size 8T jogging pants; underwear size 6; shoe size 2
54 3/22/2017 Daughter F 19 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth pants size 13-14; shirt size XL; hoodie size XL; shoe size 8.5
55 3/22/2017 Grandson M 1 clothing and socks, diapers, baby hygiene items would appreciate toy blocks, baby books and games clothing size 3T; diapers size 5
56 3/22/2017 Daughter F 20 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth pants size 14-15; shirt size XL; underwear size 7; shoe size 8
57 3/22/2017 Grandson M 10 months clothing and socks, baby items, baby hygiene items, teether, towels and washcloths would appreciate having baby toys, blocks, books clothing size 12 months; diapers size 4
58 3/22/2017 Grandson M 1 clothing and socks, baby hygiene items, towels and washcloths Would appreciate having a few books, blocks and toys. clothing size 5T; shoes size 1; diapers size 6
59 3/22/2017 Grandson M 5 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth clothing size 10; shoes size 3; underwear size 7
60 3/22/2017 Granddaughter F 4 clothing and socks; hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth clothing size 10T; shoes size 2; underwear size 7
61 3/22/2017 Son M 25 clothing and socks; hygiene and dental care items, towel and washcloth pants size 44x38; shirt size 4XL; work boots steel toe size 13.5w; boxer underwear size 44
62 3/22/2017 Daughter-in-law F 23 clothing, hygiene and dental care items pants size 3-4; shirt size M; shoe size 7; underwear size 5
63 3/18/2017 Family
M 64 Food- blankets- heater This elderly couple have 5 grandchildren that they are responsible for. They constantly run out of food and would love to have a sponsor. 5 blankets
64 3/21/2017 Family
F Winter clothing and underwear Grandmother is supporting her grandchildren, all in urgent need of clothing. pants L, shirt 1XL, shoes 8.5-9, underwear L, coat 1XL 7 backpacks, 6 Coats 5 pr shoes 5 sets underwear 14 shirts/tops 5 pants Basketball 5 lb flour
65 3/26/2017 Son M 29 This young man is in a wheelchair and would really benefit from some clothes. He has a limited income and very limited mobility. Going out is a huge issue, so he does'nt go out very much. Life can be hard on the reservation, add to that being in a wheelchair with very limited mobility........... The young man could really do with some help and maybe even a sponsor. Clothes are his biggest issue and some hygiene products would be really helpful. Pants size; 2 XL Shirt size; 2 XL Shoe size; 12 winter jacket, shirt and pants and Axe body wash
66 3/23/2017 Family
F This lady has a sponsor for herself but is asking for help for her two grandchildren. There is a very limited income into this home and the two young children are growing all the time as children do. This grandmother is supporting her two grandchildren and really needs some help with their clothing and diapers. This Elder has a sponsor now.
67 3/23/2017 Grandson M 10 months Diapers and clothes for this baby who is being supported by his Grandmother. His grandmother has a sponsor but the children are really in need of clothing and diapers. This baby is being supported by his grandmother and is really in need of clothes and diapers. A sponsor would be good to help this small family. Diapers size; 4 Clothes size; 18 months.
68 3/22/2017 Granddaughter F 1 year old Diapers and clothes are needed for this toddler who is being supported by her Grandmother. Her grandmother has a sponsor but the children are in desperate need of clothing and diapers. This toddler is in need of clothes and diapers, she is being supported by her grandmother. Her grandmother has a sponsor and it would be really good if we could fine a sponsor for the two small children. Diapers size; 5 Clothes size; 2 year old.
69 3/28/2017 Family
F 47 clothing, socks, towels and washcloths, sheets, kitchen towels and sponges, cleaning items, laundry soap and dish detergent, hand soap, first aid, hygiene and dental care items, food and pantry items and paper products, coffee and non-dairy creamer Lisa and her grandson (whom she has custody of) are in urgent need of help. She does construction work for farmers, but there have been no jobs for quite awhile and they are barely making ends meet. Her need for construction boots are dual purpose: due to having had both of her ankles broken, Lisa daily wears construction boots for the added ankle support, as well as they are used for when she does have construction work. Her need for carpenter pants is because she wears them for both work and non-work. She doesn't have the luxury of non-work clothing. pants size 32x34 carpenter pants (men size); jogging pants size M ladies; work boot steel toe shoe size 7.5 men or 9 women; underwear size 8; sports bra size 36c or L
70 3/28/2017 Grandson M 9 clothing and socks, hygiene and dental care items